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Diamond Watch Buyer’s Guide

luxurman watches review

When shopping for a diamond watch, you should keep a few key details in mind. Depending on how much you’re likely to spend, you need to know you’re getting a great deal. For many people it comes down to how the watch looks and feels, which depends on the quality of the materials used in the manufacturing process, but the reliability of any watch and especially a diamond watch is also a highly important factor. Let explore some of these details.

The Diamonds

Obviously the size, quality and quantity of the diamonds will affect the cost and look of a diamond watch. they range from decently sized diamonds of impeccable quality, cut, and clarity to smaller stones with less shine and shimmer. So if you can afford go for the watch with larger diamonds. The ratio between the number of diamonds and ctw (total carat weight of diamonds) is a preliminary indication of the quality of the diamonds. More expensive diamond watches will have a smaller number of diamonds but impressive ctw. Diamond watches usually come in different combination to suite your budget and style: diamond bezel watches (with diamonds only on the bezel and sometimes on the lugs), diamonds on the dial/face only, diamonds on the bezel and sides of the case and fully iced out watches, these watches have diamonds on the bezel, sides, lugs and even on the band for the ultimate luxury look.


The most common material you will find in the watch industry is stainless steel. it is strong, versatile, and can accommodate any type of finished: polished, brushed, etc. It can also be plated with precious metals like yellow and rose gold, or it can be coated with any color pvd (physical vapor deposition) like black for example. But not all cases are created equal. For the best quality cases, make sure the watch describes the material as “all stainless steel”. This means that the full case was forged from stainless steel, which enhances the durability and overall structure of the watch as opposed to "stainless steel back" which means that only back of the case was made from stainless steel. This gives the watch a lighter, cheaper feel on the wrist and will reduce the quality of the watch as well as plating might start having a problem only after few times the watch is worn. Unless you’re dealing with superlight but quality materials like titanium, you’ll want your watch to have some heft.


The movement is the heart and soul of a watch. The most sought after and prestigious movements come with the “Swiss” label, but they are very expensive and are usually found in high end brands like Rolex, Chopard, and Audemars Piguet. Quartz watches are battery powered, they are extremely reliable and are accurate within milliseconds per day! The quality of a movement determines how resistant they are to damage and defects. Chinese quartz movements are the cheapest and least reliable on the market; these are not recommended. Watches with the label “Swiss quartz” or "Swiss movement" on the dial and/or back means that the movement was manufactured by a Swiss company, usually Isa or Ronda; they are some of the best in the industry. Japanese quartz movements are comparable in quality and reliability, since the quartz movement was invented in Japan. While Swiss companies adhere to traditional methods of building these movements, refining them to be better and better without losing its historical value, their Japanese counterparts have moved forward toward more modern and technological functionalities. They each have their own merits, pros, and cons, but both are excellent when it comes to watch making. If you are looking for a quality diamond watch under $3,000, we recommend Joe Rodeo or Luxurman watch brands as these watches are quality made, all stainless steel constructions and feature either Swiss or Japan movements.

Dial Design

For many watch collectors, the dial design of a watch makes or breaks the deal. It’s the part of a timepiece most people are familiar with, both in name and in knowledge, and it’s the first part people see. It’s called the “face” of a watch for a reason! The most common watch dial material is brass. The softness of this metal allows a watchmaker to achieve incredibly detailed dial patterns, which is highly desirable in dress watches. other, more exotic materials include genuine mother-of-pearl, which has a beautiful iridescent sheen, carbon fiber, and even meteorite.


Finally you have to look at the strap. Many consider the strap to be a minute detail because they can be swapped out, but the default strap of a timepiece is very important! It speaks volumes about what the original designer and manufacturer intended for the watch. Leather strap with alligator emboss? It’s most likely a dress watch. Silicone rubber strap? Casual or sport. Genuine alligator or some other exotic material? Then it’s a specialty timepiece deserving of the finest and most expensive materials. Currently watches with metal straps are most popular as they proved to be the most versatile and durable, but a lot of people love wearing leather bands as well, hence a lot of diamond watches we sell we include two extra leather or polyester bands in different colors. These watches have quick release pins so you can easily switch bands from stainless steel to different color leather bands right at your home without going to a watch shop.

Our recommended brands for quality Diamond Watches: Rolex Diamond Watches, Luxurman Diamond Watches, Joe Rodeo Diamond Watches, Gucci Diamond Watches.

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