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Single and Multiple Gemstones Rings for Women

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  1. Item Code: 018401, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 2.8 ct.
    From our ladies rings collection this 2.8 carat diamonds and oval ruby ring for women by Luxurman in 18k gold can be a unique engagement ring or an anniversary ring with 2.3 carat oval red ruby and 0.5 carats of VS quality...
  2. Item Code: 000937, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 2 ct.
    From our eternity bands and anniversary rings collection: This fascinating Unique 14K Gold Diamond and Emerald Eternity Band for Women demonstrates an endless line of glimmering white round diamonds and vibrant deep green round...
  3. Item Code: 018283, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 1.6 ct.
    New in our Custom Jewelry Collection: This Diamond Emerald and Aquamarine Cocktail Ring for Women in 14K Gold will catch anyone's eye. With precious and semi-precious stones glittering seductively against the intricate double...
  4. Item Code: 802634, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 9.7 ct.
    This Unique Vintage Style Emerald and Diamonds Ring 9.7 Carats in 18K Gold is truly unique with a base in 18k gold decorated with 2.7 carats of sparkling round diamonds and a massive 7 carat synthetic emerald in the center....
  5. Item Code: 802629, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 23.5 ct.
    This fantastic 24 Carat Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Cocktail Ring Right Hand Ring For Women in 18K Gold is brilliant and feminine. The color pink is the color of universal love of oneself and of others. Pink tourmaline represents...
  6. Item Code: 000816, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 4.5 ct.
    A unique wedding band style by Luxurman from our bridal collection featuring beautiful round blue sapphires and sparkling princess cut white diamonds. Sapphires are believed to symbolize wisdom, virtue and good fortune. In a...
  7. Item Code: 018039, Metal: Gold.
    From our birthstone jewelry collection this This gorgeous ladies 14K Gold Cocktail Ring with Gemstones 2.5ct was custom made for a client showcasing 4 gemstones (birthstones) 5mm each - Garnet for January - Amethyst for February...
  8. Item Code: 804024, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 56.05 ct.
    From our fine gemstone jewelry and ladies diamond rings collections: featuring a particularly intricate design and fine craftsmanship, this 18K Gold Citrine Diamond Right Hand Ring was definitely made to capture attention....
  9. Item Code: 803172, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 2 ct.
    This unique Cushion cut Blue Sapphire Diamond Engagement Ring 18K Gold will work wonders for the exciting moment of proposal and look great as a cocktail ring as well. The timeless beauty of the cushion cut accentuates the...
  10. Item Code: 890977, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 3.5 ct.
    This Royal Halo Diamond and Ruby Ring for Women by Luxurman showcase elegance and chic. It’s round shape design accentuated with magical combination of 3.5 carats radiant sparkling white round diamonds and marquise cut red ruby...
  11. Item Code: 890972, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 3.5 ct.
    This Royal Halo Diamond and Sapphire Ring for Women by Luxurman showcases vintage yet classy round shape setting design accentuated with miracle combination of 3.5 carats shimmering round diamonds and marquise cut sapphire...
  12. Item Code: 802628, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 13.22 ct.
    From our ladies cocktail rings collections: This truly amazing blue sapphire and diamond ring features timeless silhouette of the oval sapphire with a beautiful deep blue colour while the diamond halo creates a scintillating...
  13. Unique Halo Diamond and Ruby Engagement Ring in Platinum 1ctd 1.35ctr

    Unique Halo Diamond and Ruby Engagement Ring in Platinum 1ctd 1.35ctr


    Regular Price: $7,250.00

    Special Price $3,845.00

    Earn 19,225 ItsHot Reward Points
  14. Item Code: 802633, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 29.33 ct.
    This unique 18K Gold Diamond and Blue Sapphire Ring for Women features a delicate design with a huge 28.04 carat radiant cut synthetic blue sapphire in the center in secure and beautifully done double prong setting with 1.29...
  15. Item Code: 000468, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 1.75 ct.
    This classy and Affordable Women's 1 1/2 Carat Garnet and Diamond Engagement Ring showcases 0.25 carats of natural diamonds on sides with 1.5 carat garnet center stone. This garnet engagement ring is a great choice - elegant and...
  16. Item Code: 802890, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 0.81 ct.
    This unique ladies diamond ring with sapphires showcases 0.46 carats of dazzling diamonds and 0.35 carats of blue sapphires. This diamond and sapphire ring for women features a lovely circle design and a highly polished gold...
  17. Item Code: 802850, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 2.7 ct.
    This Unique Luxurman Diamond Blue Sapphire Cocktail Ring for Women showcases one carat of dazzling high quality round diamonds and 1.7 carats of blue sapphires masterfully set in solid 14K gold base. This ladies gemstone diamond...
  18. Item Code: 802854, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 6.2 ct.

    Blue Topaz Engagement Cocktail Ring 2.2ct 14K Gold

    Ladies Diamond Cocktail Rings: This Diamond and Blue Topaz Engagement Ring by Luxurman showcases 2.2 carats of dazzling white diamonds and a 4 carat oval blue topaz gemstone in center. This designer women's diamond ring makes a...
  19. Item Code: 802859, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 2.6 ct.
    This Luxurman Diamonds and Ruby Ladies Cocktail Ring showcases 1 carat of dazzling round diamonds and 1.6 carats of red rubies masterfully set in 14K gold base. Wonderful design and outstanding craftsmanship makes this gorgeous...
  20. Item Code: 001204, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 14.15 ct.
    This unique 14K Gold Large Diamond Amethyst Cocktail Ring for Women by Luxurman weighs approximately 16 grams and showcases a 12.95 carat beautiful amethysts and 1.2 carats of sparkling round diamonds. Featuring a unique design...
  21. Item Code: 890971, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 2 ct.
    The delightful design of this diamond cocktail ring for women by LUXURMAN is accentuated with six pear cut blue sapphire gemstones each masterfully set in halo diamond frame with two round sapphires in the middle showcasing two...
  22. Item Code: 000567, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 0.58 ct.
    This 14K Gold Diamond and Sapphire Ring for Women features a beautiful design and 0.25 carats of high quality G-H/VS round cut white diamonds with 0.33 carats of emerald cut blue sapphires. This ladies diamond and sapphire ring...
  23. Item Code: 803153, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 2.2 ct.
    From our unique ladies diamond bands and cocktail rings collections This hypnotizing Women's Designer Cocktail Ring made in 14k white Gold with 2.2 carats of prong set diamonds & blue sapphires is incredibly feminine. Precious...
  24. Item Code: 803148, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 4 ct.
    From our diamond cocktail rings collection: A modern and graphic design, this 4 carat Diamond and Blue Sapphires Ring for Women by LUXURMAN features a particularly intricate band design, two lines of sparkling white round...
  25. Item Code: 000774, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 5 ct.
    This Vintage Style Custom Made Amethyst and Diamonds Ring by Luxurman is truly unique design with a massive base in 14k gold decorated with 5 carats of sparkling round diamonds with Amethyst set in the center. Featuring a highly...
  26. Item Code: 802730, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 1 ct.
    Luxurman Diamond Rings! This Unique 14K Gold Pear Shape Diamond and Red Ruby Women's Ring Drop Design showcases gorgeous drop cluster design with masterfully pave white diamonds and red rubies. Featuring a fabulous design and...
  27. Item Code: 802714, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 1 ct.
    This Pear Shape Design Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring for Women showcases a unique drop design, masterfully pave set white diamonds and blue sapphires. Featuring a fabulous pear design and highly polished gold finish, this...
  28. Item Code: 770009, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 2.3 ct.
    Designer Jewelry Collection: This Luxurman Fashion Ladies Garnet Diamond Ring in 14K gold features a unique design and makes a great right hand ring, it weighs approximately 14 grams and showcases a fabulous oval shaped bordeaux...
  29. Item Code: 770010, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 0.26 ct.
    Right Hand Diamond Fashion Rings from our designer jewelry collection: This Luxurman Onyx and Hearts Ring in 14K gold features a delicate and intriguing design, weighs approximately 10 grams and showcases oval shaped onyx...
  30. Item Code: 001050, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 2.5 ct.
    This 14K Gold Emerald Diamond Sapphire Unique Engagement Ring by Luxurman showcases a beautiful 1 1/2 carat emerald cut diamond in the center, 1 carat of round diamonds and 0.6 carats trillion cut blue sapphires on the sides;...
  31. Item Code: 890930, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 0.3 ct.
    This Diamond Tanzanite Engagement Ring for Women in 14K Gold features a 1.5 carat round tanzanite in the center with its luxurious hue enhanced by 0.3 carats of white round diamonds on the sides. This diamond and tanzanite ring...
  32. Item Code: 000317, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 0.5 ct.
    Unique Round Cut Tanzanite and Diamond Engagement Ring 18K White Gold features 1/2 carats of round diamonds on the sides and a 1.25 carat round tanzanite in the center. This unique engagement ring with diamonds and tanzanite is...
  33. Item Code: 802599, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 2.73 ct.
    Designer Gemstone Jewelry: This Unique Ladies Diamond and Sapphire Ring in 18K gold features a unique design and is decorated with 2.73 carats of dazzling diamonds and 2.18 carats of enchanting blue sapphires. This diamond ring...
  34. Item Code: 000295, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 0.33 ct.
    This Channel Set Princess Cut Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 14K Gold showcases 0.15 carats of sparkling diamonds and 0.18 carats of blue sapphires. This sapphire and diamond band is available in Platinum, 18k or 14k yellow, rose,...
  35. Item Code: 000167, Metal: Platinum, Carat Weight: 1 ct.
    This Unique Halo Diamond and Ruby Engagement Ring in Platinum weighs approximately 7 grams and showcases a 1.35-carat AAA oval shaped ruby and 1 carat of dazzling round side diamonds. This unique engagement ring is available in...
  36. Item Code: 000239, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 1.75 ct.
    You deserve this Ladies 14K Gold Peridot Quartz Gemstone Diamond Cocktail Ring from our Gemstone Diamond Rings collection. The 1.75 carats of Round cut diamonds set in solid 14K gold frame provides beautiful decoration to this...
  37. Item Code: 802520, Metal: Platinum, Carat Weight: 2.9 ct.
    From our Vintage Estate Jewelry Collection: You deserve this Unique Women's Platinum Star Sapphire DIamond Ring. Trylly unique one-of-a-kind high-quality piece of treasure that will last you a life time. This unique Star...
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How much do Gemstone Rings cost?

The average cost of Gemstone Rings is $4,242.00.

How to choose Gemstone Rings?

When choosing Gemstone Rings, you should pay attention to the following characteristics: Price, Width, Carat Weight, Metal, Gold Color, Type Of Gemstone, Gemstone Clarity, and Gemstone Color.

What are the most popular Gemstone Rings?

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