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Gold Diamond Cocktail Rings

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  1. Item Code: 804020, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 19 ct.
    From our ladies diamond rings collection This fabulous and very unique 18k gold white and black diamond cocktail ring for women features a modern and graphic dome shape design with the alternating stripes of black and white round...
  2. Item Code: 870109, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 13 ct.
    This bewitching 18K Gold 13 Carat Unique Diamond Right Hand Ring For Women features a one of a kind intricate design and is simply mesmerising. Right hand rings are status symbols for women all over the world. The band of this...
  3. Item Code: 870107, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 11 ct.
    From our ladies diamond rings collection: this very unique black diamond panther head ring for women in 18k gold showcases 11 carats of striking black round diamonds and two bright red marquise cut rubies which adorn this...
  4. Item Code: 803257, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 2 ct.
    New in our diamond rings for women collection, this Ladies Round and Baguette Diamonds 14K Gold Ring by Luxurman makes a very unique wedding wand and presents a sophisticated combination of different diamond cuts. Meticulously...
  5. Item Code: 100481, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 1.3 ct.
    From our ladies diamond rings collection: This Unique White Blue Black Diamonds Cocktail Ring for Women is made in solid 14K Gold is a gorgeous example of a cocktail ring. A cocktail ring is a piece of jewelry that is larger than...
  6. Item Code: 018283, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 1.6 ct.
    New in our Custom Jewelry Collection: This Diamond Emerald and Aquamarine Cocktail Ring for Women in 14K Gold will catch anyone's eye. With precious and semi-precious stones glittering seductively against the intricate double...
  7. Item Code: 803264, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 4 ct.
    This Large Ladies Engagement Ring with 4 Carat Round Diamonds in 14k Gold is featuring impressive carat weight of dazzling natural diamonds masterfully prong set in 14K solid gold. A scintillating split band style gracefully...
  8. Item Code: 802634, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 9.7 ct.
    This Unique Vintage Style Emerald and Diamonds Ring 9.7 Carats in 18K Gold is truly unique with a base in 18k gold decorated with 2.7 carats of sparkling round diamonds and a massive 7 carat synthetic emerald in the center....
  9. Item Code: 802629, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 23.5 ct.
    This fantastic 24 Carat Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Cocktail Ring Right Hand Ring For Women in 18K Gold is brilliant and feminine. The color pink is the color of universal love of oneself and of others. Pink tourmaline represents...
  10. Item Code: 802087, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 1 ct.
    This Unique 1 Carat 14K Gold Baguette Round and Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring presents an array of multi shape white diamonds weighing full carat. The designer band measuring 5/16in (7mm) wide features 2 horizontal rows of...
  11. Item Code: 205227, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 1.5 ct.
    Right Hand Rings collection: This Fabulous Women's Diamond Right Hand Ring in 14K gold from our cocktail jewelry collection showcases 1.5 carats of sparkling round diamonds and is available in 14K white, yellow and rose gold....
  12. Item Code: 803214, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 0.8 ct.
    From our women's diamond rings collection this stunning 14k Gold ladies diamond cocktail ring features popular Cuban Link Chain design and uses pave setting with the numerous dazzling genuine diamonds covering the surface of an...
  13. Luxurman Women's Oversized Fashion Cocktail Ring with Diamonds 3.75 14k Gold

    Luxurman Women's Oversized Fashion Cocktail Ring with Diamonds 3.75 14k Gold


    Regular Price: $11,880.00

    Special Price $3,594.00

    Earn 17,970 ItsHot Reward Points
  14. Item Code: 018039, Metal: Gold.
    From our birthstone jewelry collection this This gorgeous ladies 14K Gold Cocktail Ring with Gemstones 2.5ct was custom made for a client showcasing 4 gemstones (birthstones) 5mm each - Garnet for January - Amethyst for February...
  15. Item Code: 804023, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 3.4 ct.
    From our women's diamond rings and unique jewelry collections this gorgeous and highly unique Pear Shape Yellow Diamond Cocktail Ring with White Diamonds is made in 18K Gold and features 1.7 carats of round white diamonds and...
  16. Item Code: 803172, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 2 ct.
    This unique Cushion cut Blue Sapphire Diamond Engagement Ring 18K Gold will work wonders for the exciting moment of proposal and look great as a cocktail ring as well. The timeless beauty of the cushion cut accentuates the...
  17. Item Code: 000956, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 7 ct.
    From our diamond eternity bands and ladies diamond anniversary rings collection: This stunning Unique 18K Gold Diamond Eternity Band for Women showcases the dazzling charm of 7 carats of naturally mined round cut diamonds pave...
  18. Item Code: 802628, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 13.22 ct.
    From our ladies cocktail rings collections: This truly amazing blue sapphire and diamond ring features timeless silhouette of the oval sapphire with a beautiful deep blue colour while the diamond halo creates a scintillating...
  19. Item Code: 802633, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 29.33 ct.
    This unique 18K Gold Diamond and Blue Sapphire Ring for Women features a delicate design with a huge 28.04 carat radiant cut synthetic blue sapphire in the center in secure and beautifully done double prong setting with 1.29...
  20. Item Code: 802850, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 2.7 ct.
    This Unique Luxurman Diamond Blue Sapphire Cocktail Ring for Women showcases one carat of dazzling high quality round diamonds and 1.7 carats of blue sapphires masterfully set in solid 14K gold base. This ladies gemstone diamond...
  21. Item Code: 802854, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 6.2 ct.

    Blue Topaz Engagement Cocktail Ring 2.2ct 14K Gold

    Ladies Diamond Cocktail Rings: This Diamond and Blue Topaz Engagement Ring by Luxurman showcases 2.2 carats of dazzling white diamonds and a 4 carat oval blue topaz gemstone in center. This designer women's diamond ring makes a...
  22. Item Code: 802859, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 2.6 ct.
    This Luxurman Diamonds and Ruby Ladies Cocktail Ring showcases 1 carat of dazzling round diamonds and 1.6 carats of red rubies masterfully set in 14K gold base. Wonderful design and outstanding craftsmanship makes this gorgeous...
  23. Item Code: 001204, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 14.15 ct.
    This unique 14K Gold Large Diamond Amethyst Cocktail Ring for Women by Luxurman weighs approximately 16 grams and showcases a 12.95 carat beautiful amethysts and 1.2 carats of sparkling round diamonds. Featuring a unique design...
  24. Item Code: 890971, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 2 ct.
    The delightful design of this diamond cocktail ring for women by LUXURMAN is accentuated with six pear cut blue sapphire gemstones each masterfully set in halo diamond frame with two round sapphires in the middle showcasing two...
  25. Item Code: 000885, Metal: Platinum, Carat Weight: 10 ct.
    From our diamond eternity bands and anniversary rings collections This astonishing Platinum Designer Diamond Ring for Women is truly unique featuring a particularly intricate elongated ultra modern design and 10 carats of F color...
  26. Item Code: 803153, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 2.2 ct.
    From our unique ladies diamond bands and cocktail rings collections This hypnotizing Women's Designer Cocktail Ring made in 14k white Gold with 2.2 carats of prong set diamonds & blue sapphires is incredibly feminine. Precious...
  27. Item Code: 803148, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 4 ct.
    From our diamond cocktail rings collection: A modern and graphic design, this 4 carat Diamond and Blue Sapphires Ring for Women by LUXURMAN features a particularly intricate band design, two lines of sparkling white round...
  28. Item Code: 803168, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 2 ct.
    This amazing white and yellow diamond cocktail ring for women in 14K gold by LUXURMAN showcases a classy crossover design and 2 carats of round natural round white and baguette cut yellow diamonds diamonds. The two lines in the...
  29. Item Code: 803169, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 1.35 ct.
    Unique Ladies Diamond Rings collection: This amazing white and yellow diamond cocktail ring for women in 14K gold by LUXURMAN showcases a unique swirl design and a combination of white round pave set diamonds and yellow baguette...
  30. Item Code: 803152, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 3.5 ct.
    Unique Women's Rings Collections: This luxurious 3 Row Sapphire Diamond Wedding Band for Women by Luxurman is made in 14K gold and decorated with 3.5 carats of sapphires and diamonds. This amazing ladies ring features a row of...
  31. Item Code: 001229, Metal: Gold.
    This stylish and very unique 14K Gold Butterfly Wings Cocktail Ring for Women by Luxurman weights approximately 10gr and showcases an edgy butterfly wings design and a shiny 14K gold polish. This stunning ladies ring is perfect...
  32. Item Code: 803110, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 1.25 ct.
    This Vintage look 18K Gold Cluster Diamond Flower Ring for Women by Luxurman showcases vintage yet classy round flower design accentuated with 1.25 carats of high quality sparkling diamonds petals and the cluster setting center....
  33. Item Code: 000774, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 5 ct.
    This Vintage Style Custom Made Amethyst and Diamonds Ring by Luxurman is truly unique design with a massive base in 14k gold decorated with 5 carats of sparkling round diamonds with Amethyst set in the center. Featuring a highly...
  34. Item Code: 001093, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 4.65 ct.
    Luxurious Custom Made 14K Gold Diamond Ring with Black Onyx weighs approximately 17 grams and showcases a beautiful black onyx and sparkling, pave set round diamonds. Featuring a highly polished gold finish, this exceptional...
  35. Item Code: 803074, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 3.75 ct.
    Luxurman Women's Diamond Rings: This unique looking Fashion Diamond Cocktail Ring features an intricate oversized design with several rings attached together on different levels for a highly unique fashionable look, this ladies...
  36. Item Code: 803083, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 2.75 ct.
    Luxurman unique women's diamond rings collection: this Full Finger Articulated Chain Linked Diamond Double Ring for Womenn by Luxurman features two very unique diamond rings in delicate art deco design linked with a double chain...
  37. Item Code: 803062, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 1.5 ct.
    This Unique 14K Gold Diamond Cluster Flower Ring for Women by Luxurman showcases classy yet unique round flower design and is decorated with 1.5 carats of 113 sparkling diamonds set in a unique design; this ladies diamond cluster...
How much do Cocktail/Fashion Rings cost?

The average cost of Cocktail/Fashion Rings is $3,330.00.

How to choose Cocktail/Fashion Rings?

When choosing Cocktail/Fashion Rings, you should pay attention to the following characteristics: Price, Width, Carat Weight, Metal, Gold Color, Type Of Gemstone, Gemstone Clarity, and Gemstone Color.

What are the most popular Cocktail/Fashion Rings?

Image yourself walking into a glamorous party. Your elegant dress reflects your discerning tastes and the flashy ring on your finger reveals that you're bolder than most. People can't help but turn their heads wondering, who is she? You've captured their attention; you're ready to catch them off guard with a clever joke, enrapture them with a story, or show off your skills in the art of sarcasm.

Cocktail rings are not for the faint of heart—they're designed for capturing gazes; they're made to boldly complement beauty. Their history dates back to the Roaring Twenties when women's empowerment and these female diamond rings merged to elevate ladies' style. The gorgeous, large rings symbolized independence and fearlessness—cocktail rings meant you're ready to party.

Of course, it really took a degree of audacity to wear a diamond cocktail ring. After all, they were introduced during the period of Prohibition, when alcohol was banned, and people held lavish parties in secret. Women who wore such rings were rebels—not only did they drink when it was illegal, but they also pushed for women's suffrage and freedom in fashion. A cocktail ring embodied the desire to be seen, the desire to be listened to. You can't ignore a lady with such a ring.

What Are Cocktail Rings?

We've already covered a portion of the history of these jewelry accessories, so let's get into their definition. A cocktail ring is ​​an oversized ring for ladies that typically features a large center stone and is often surrounded by diamond accents or smaller gemstones. These rings also became known as "dinner rings" once Prohibition ended and became associated with high-class dinner parties.

The most popular style of vintage gold cocktail rings were diamond cluster rings. Typically, these vintage rings would feature a real diamond at the center, surrounded by baguette diamonds or round diamonds. Rebellious by nature, such rings refused to become a short-lived trend. The number of their styles expanded through the years, leaving an everlasting impression on fashion today.


You can tell by now that women's cocktail rings are powerful accessories that display your confidence, personality, and lifestyle. They pair exquisitely with a wide variety of dresses, shoes, purses, earrings, necklaces, and other jewelry. Diamond rings of this type are exceptionally sparkly and can elevate your entire look.

The diamond dinner rings for sale at ItsHot are among the best women's rings you can buy. They are designed and made in the USA—New York City, to be more precise. We work with high-quality materials, including real diamonds and gemstones, to make our jewelry unique and long-lasting.


ItsHot provides breathtaking, high-quality diamond jewelry to a wide audience, including a number of celebrity customers. We believe that jewelry is more than just something you wear; it's an art form and a means of self-expression. For that reason, we offer a vast number of exclusive ring styles.

Some different styles of ladies' real gold cocktail rings for sale at ItsHot include:

  • Real diamond cluster
  • Real colored diamond
    • Black diamond
    • Yellow diamond
    • Pink diamond
  • Designer
  • Solitaire diamond
  • Real gemstone and diamond
    • Blue sapphire
    • Pink sapphire
    • Purple amethyst
    • Blue topaz
    • Ruby
    • Emerald
    • Citrine
    • Orange aventurine
    • Pearl
  • Diamond pavé
  • Iced-out
  • Vintage diamond
  • Custom

ItsHot excels in crafting unique cocktail rings for women of many different tastes. We want each ring to be special for the wearer, so we work with a variety of natural gemstones and diamonds. Every diamond is natural and cut to ideal standards, whether diamond baguettes, pear-shaped diamonds, round diamonds, emerald diamonds, marquise diamonds, cushion-cut diamonds, princess-cut diamonds, or more.

Metals Used

At ItsHot, we believe in using only the finest materials to make our rings. Our artisans specialize in creating glamorous designs that are best brought out using authentic gold and platinum. Our white gold cocktail rings are also coated in rhodium, a hypoallergenic and corrosion-resistant precious metal.

Our gold diamond rings are available in real and solid 14K and 18K gold in three luxurious colors—rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold.

The Gemstone Quality

It wouldn't make sense to put a fake diamond in a beautiful platinum ring, would it? Of course not! Our gemstones are of the same high-quality caliber as our cocktail ring designs, and precious metals are. We work with real natural diamonds, authentic gemstones, and natural pearls.

Any jewelry item sold for $500 to $1,500 will come with a certificate of authenticity stating the metal, approximate carat weight, quality of diamonds, and the item's appraised value, which is typically suitable for getting your ring insured. Any jewelry items sold for $1,500 and above will come with a free appraisal certificate from an independent gemological laboratory that's GIA-certified.

Choosing Tips

With so many beautiful and unique rings for sale on our website, it can be tricky finding the right one. Here are some tips to help you choose which diamond cocktail ring to buy:

  1. Determine your budget. We offer a price filter that allows you to search from low prices to high. Use the filter to narrow your search!
  2. Decide on what matches your outfits and other jewelry. The size of the ring, color of the gemstone, and the metal color are all factors that play a role in how the ring will complement your style.
  3. Think about what style suits your personality. Are you into the classic look of vintage cocktail rings? Do you like the sleek and shiny appearance of the pavé diamond rings? Or do you want something that is modern and bold?
  4. Consider metal type. Platinum, 14K white gold, and 18K white gold look similar but have different prices and properties. Rose gold and yellow gold have different tones at different karat levels.
  5. Check out our jewelry education section for a comprehensive guide to metal types, diamond shapes, price guides, and more!

Our great selection of exclusive rings is sure to hold something magnificent in store for you or a loved one. Feel free to take your time to find the perfect match!

Display Your Personality

Now it's time for the fun part—you get to browse our famous collection of ladies' rings and find which style speaks to you! Our luxurious ladies' diamond cocktail rings are remarkably unique; they're made and perfected by our skillful in-house team!

You won't find such beautiful gold cocktail rings for sale at such unbelievable prices anywhere else. They're available in platinum and solid 14K and 18K white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold, making these rings a worthy investment suitable for passing down. Since we manufacture our own diamond jewelry, even our diamond rings are priced 65-80% below retail, 365 days a year!

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