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Disco Ball bracelets – also called fireball bracelets or shambala style bracelets - have their roots in simplistic design. Wearing a Disco Ball Beaded bracelet is said to bring peace and happiness to the wearer. Hand woven macramé and shimmering beads molded into trendy bracelets that were originally used as an aid in meditation have literally exploded on to the hip hop jewelry and fashion scene. Celebrities and tastemakers have forced designers to take this seemingly unassuming Buddhist tradition to their limits, creating disco ball bracelet styles with black and/or white diamonds, rubies and sapphires, not to mention simply irresistible and affordable cz’s and high quality, sparkling crystals. Rhinestone Disco Ball bracelets are conveniently adjustable in size and are available in a multitude of bead, colored stones and diamond variations. With over 100 different styles of Disco Ball Jewelry - including disco ball rosaries, rings and disco ball necklaces with diamonds or crystals - we are sure you will find a style and color combination to suit any outfit, style or budget; custom designs are also available.
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How much do Disco Ball Beaded Bracelets cost?

The average cost of Disco Ball Beaded Bracelets is $925.00.

How to choose Disco Ball Beaded Bracelets?

When choosing Disco Ball Beaded Bracelets, you should pay attention to the following characteristics: Price, Width, Carat Weight, Metal, and Diamond Quality.

What are the most popular Disco Ball Beaded Bracelets?

Updated on 05/10/22

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