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Diamond Tennis Bracelets, Diamond Bangle Bracelets and other Ladies Diamond Bracelets at Guaranteed Lowest Prices.

Our fabulous ladies diamond bracelets are carefully selected to offer you the latest designs in diamond jewelry fashion. From classic diamond bracelets for women to one of a kind white gold diamond bracelets, all of our unique womens bracelets are intricately crafted from solid 14K or 18K gold and adorned with high quality white diamonds or a combination of fancy color diamonds. Choose a diamond bracelet that will make a perfect gift for yourself or that special someone. Each women's diamond bracelet bracelet listed is available in 14k or 18k white gold, rose gold or yellow gold.
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Luxurman 14K Gold Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet Half Bezel Setting 6ct

Luxurman 14K Gold Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet Half Bezel Setting 6ct


Regular Price: $20,408.00

Special Price $7,794.00

Luxurious, chic, eye-catching, and glamorous—there are many reasons why women’s diamond bracelets have remained iconic throughout the years. One reason has little to do with the bracelet itself, and everything to do with the captivating, confident women who like to wear fine jewelry as an elegant form of self-expression.

Decades of changing fashion eras have spawned a diverse array of breathtaking diamond bracelets for women. From the Art-Deco Era’s unique diamond charm bracelets to the luxe diamond tennis bracelets of the 1980s, today’s real diamond bracelets for women represent a mélange of iconic vintage styles and innovative modern designs.

At ItsHot, we provide a vast array of high-quality women’s diamond bracelets for sale for the best prices online, featuring our wholesale price deals of up to 80% off. Encrusted in authentic natural diamonds available in a variety of different diamond cuts, settings, and styles—our platinum, sterling silver, and 10K, 14K, or 18K gold diamond bracelets for women are truly works of wearable art.

Benefits of Diamond Bracelets for Women

One of the best things about diamond bracelets is that they can add a certain je ne sais quoi to your outfit, whatever the season, whatever the occasion. If you’re looking to personalize your style and make it more “you,” the dazzling sparkle of an authentic diamond bracelet not only makes your outfit more memorable, but it tells people something about you.

Wearing a finely crafted diamond bracelet is a sure-fire way to stand out from the crowd, which is something that provides many benefits itself. Just as its radiant diamonds and distinct design express your individuality and lifestyle, you may also find that wearing such a charming bracelet may help you feel more confident.

Whether you’re wearing your women’s diamond bracelet at work, to a party, at a wedding, ceremony, celebration, or job interview—it serves as a casual reminder that you know who you are, and you don’t need to change. After all, diamonds form under intense heat and pressure, and they come out incredibly strong. The natural beauty of a diamond speaks for itself, year after year.

The gorgeous appearance and relevant symbolism of a diamond bracelet make it a great piece of meaningful jewelry for women today and an excellent heritage gift to pass on to daughters.

Different Styles of Women’s Diamond Bracelets

Since our ItsHot NYC store is located in Manhattan’s diamond district, we’re perfectly positioned to keep up with the best jewelry styles for women each year after year. Whether you’re looking to buy white gold diamond tennis bracelets to add a luxury touch to your wardrobe, or you want to buy women’s hip hop style diamond bracelets to add a dash of bling to your look, we’ve got plenty of options to browse to find your match.

Here are some of the different styles of diamond bracelets for women for sale at ItsHot:

  • Diamond bangle bracelets
    • Thin bangle bracelets with diamonds
    • Wide diamond bangle cuff bracelets
  • Diamond charm bracelets
    • Diamond heart charm bracelets
    • Evil eye charm bracelets with diamonds
    • Diamond butterfly charm bracelets
    • Diamond cross charm bracelets
  • Women’s hip hop style bracelets with diamonds
    • Full diamond pavé bracelets
    • Diamond Cuban link chain bracelets for women
    • Diamond cut chain bracelets for women
  • Women’s diamond tennis bracelets
    • Classic diamond tennis bracelets
    • Multiple rows diamond tennis bracelets
    • Stackable diamond tennis bracelets
    • Sapphire tennis bracelets
  • Diamond bead bracelets for women
  • Diamond ankle bracelets
  • Unique diamond bracelets
    • Colored diamond bracelets
    • Gemstone and birthstone diamond bracelets
    • Two tone diamond bracelets
    • Diamond pearl bracelets
    • Vintage diamond bracelets
  • Friendship and Anniversary diamond bracelets
  • Designer diamond bracelets for women
  • Custom diamond bracelets for women

In addition to selecting your style, you can choose your metal type—pick from our high-end affordable sterling silver diamond bracelets, our exquisite platinum diamond bracelets, and our versatile classic women’s gold diamond bracelets. Our real gold diamond bracelets for women come in three different karats (10K, 14K, and 18K) and three different gold colors (rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold).

Our unique diamond bracelets for women feature various diamond cuts (such as round cut, princess cut, emerald cut, cushion cut, baguette cut diamonds, etc) and setting styles, such as a halo setting, bezel setting, cluster setting diamond tennis bracelets, etc. We sell a variety of diamond carat counts (ranging from less than 1 carat to 23 carat bracelets) encrusted with fine-cut diamonds with your choice of clarity grade, such as VVS, VS1, SI, S, etc.

To find the best diamond bracelets for the price range specific to your budget, you can filter your search by price, bracelet width, diamond grade, total carat weight, newest styles, and more. You can browse our diamond charm bracelets, or check out our other women’s diamond charms for sale to personalize your bracelet.

Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

Our fabulous ladies diamond bracelets are carefully selected to offer you the latest designs and best quality craftsmanship available. At ItsHot, we have over 20 years of experience manufacturing our own diamond jewelry made in the USA. Since we manufacture most of our own diamond jewelry (designer watches are an exception), we’re able to provide low prices on our women’s diamond bracelets for sale.

All of our unique womens bracelets are intricately crafted from genuine sterling silver, real platinum, or solid 10K, 14K or 18K gold. We carefully adorned our bracelets with high quality white diamonds or a combination of fancy color diamonds, each one cut with precision. Our dedication to working with fine materials with expertise allows us to provide authentic women’s diamond bracelets that are affordable but look expensive as luxury brands.

We provide diamond certificates furnished with the diamonds’ lab grades and proof of authenticity for the metal type, so you can be certain of the quality caliber materials in your diamond bracelet. We strive for complete customer satisfaction, so here at ItsHot we provide a 1-year warranty and a 30-day return policy on our diamond jewelry, making it easy to return your order if you decide it’s not the best bracelet style for you.

Tips for How to Pick a Diamond Bracelet for Women

Diamond bracelets make for a great affordable luxury gift for a girlfriend, wife, or other women or for yourself. With so many styles available, it can be hard to decide which is the best one for you.

First of all, it’s important to consider the cost of a diamond bracelet. The diamond grade, metal type, intricacy of design, and total carat weight can all affect the price of women’s diamond bracelets. You can save money if you know how to manipulate the diamond’s 4C’s and the metal type. For more tips on finding the best diamond bracelet prices, check out our guide to diamond bracelet cost factors.

Next, you’ll want to explore the different styles of women’s bracelets available, as well as types of gemstones and the different diamond colors. It’s the small and elegant details that help elevate the whole outfit, so you’ll really want to make your bracelet meaningful to you. Check out our guide to the top 5 diamond bracelet styles for more tips for how to pick a bracelet design.

Lastly, when figuring out what size bracelet to get for women, you’ll want to know how to measure your wrist or how to estimate women’s wrist sizes if you’re buying a bracelet as a gift for her. You’ll find our guide on how to find your bracelet size useful for both cases.

Add Charm to Your Look with our Unique Women’s Diamond Bracelets

From classic diamond tennis bracelets to intricate diamond bangle bracelets and one of a kind white gold diamond bracelets, our decadent collection at ItsHot is sure to hold your next trademark style accessory. Whatever your personal style, there’s an ItsHot diamond bracelet waiting to become a part of your distinct look.

Our NYC gem-cutters and jewelry designers are committed to providing quality diamond jewelry that’s designed to turn heads. That’s why we have so many celebrity customers—including Meghan Markle, Zendaya, Kim Kardsahian, Michael B. Jordan, and Neil Patrick Harris—who come to ItsHot to buy diamond jewelry to enhance their personal wardrobe. Be strong, be bold, be driven—wherever you go, be you.

If you have any questions about any of our women’s diamond bracelets or other fine diamond jewelry for sale, drop a comment on the product page or contact us by email at sales@ItsHot.com. Or, talk to our experts immediately via our 24/7 live chat feature. If you happen to be in New York City, you can also stop by our showroom to view our collection in person and talk to our experts face-to-face.

What is the top styles/types of Womens Diamond Bracelets that are trending right now in 2022?

The top styles/types for Womens Diamond Bracelets are: Diamond Tennis Bracelets and Bangle Bracelets.

How much do Womens Diamond Bracelets cost?

The average cost of Womens Diamond Bracelets is $4,735.00.

How to choose Womens Diamond Bracelets?

When choosing Womens Diamond Bracelets, you should pay attention to the following characteristics: Price, Width, Carat Weight, Metal, and Diamond Quality.

What are the most popular Womens Diamond Bracelets?

Updated on 05/10/22

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