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Diamond Anniversary Rings

Anniversary Rings Top Picks

5 Stone Platinum Men's Diamond Wedding Ring 2.45ct VS Anniversary Band

Regular Price: $22,217.00

Special Price $9,998.00

Earn 49,990 ItsHot Reward Points
from $347/month
Platinum Radiant Cut Diamonds Eternity Band G/VS 6.6 Carat Anniversary Ring

Regular Price: $24,433.00

Special Price $10,995.00

Earn 54,975 ItsHot Reward Points
from $382/month
VS Round & Princess Cut Diamond Wedding Ring for Men 14k Gold Anniversary Band 1.5ct

Regular Price: $5,250.00

Special Price $2,495.00

Earn 12,475 ItsHot Reward Points
from $87/month
Black 14K Gold 3 Stone Anniversary Ring Diamond Men's Wedding Band 0.15ct

Regular Price: $2,580.00

Special Price $1,320.00

Earn 6,600 ItsHot Reward Points
from $83/month
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Platinum Radiant Cut Diamonds Eternity Band G/VS 6.6 Carat Anniversary Ring

Regular Price: $24,433.00

Special Price $10,995.00

Earn 54,975 ItsHot Reward Points
from $382/month
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At ItsHot, we have over 20 years of experience manufacturing fine diamond jewelry in the U.S.A. We’re located in N.Y.C.’s diamond district, the hub of diamond experts and diamond ring trends. Our collection of real diamond anniversary rings are made to last for years, making them the perfect anniversary gift for her or him. Our beautiful diamond anniversary rings are made from solid 14K, and 18K gold in three colors, as well as platinum.

Our anniversary diamond rings feature select diamonds with information on carat weight, clarity, and color grades to put the knowledge in the customer’s hands. We provide a lab diamond certificate of authenticity for each ring. Our expert artists have years of experience creating. We put care and precision into creating the anniversary rings’ settings and design elements, assuring the best security possible for our diamonds. It’s hard to beat the price of diamond rings straight from the manufacturer; we offer deals up to 80% off. We also provide a 1-year warranty and a 30-day return policy on our jewelry, which is famous even amongst celebrities.

How much do Anniversary Rings cost?

The average cost of Anniversary Rings is $5,418.00.

How to choose Anniversary Rings?

When choosing Anniversary Rings, you should pay attention to the following characteristics: Price, Metal, Metal Color, Width, Carat Weight, Diamond, Ring Style, Type Of Gemstone, Gemstone Clarity, and Gemstone Color.

What are the most popular Anniversary Rings?

One of the best anniversary gifts for a wife or husband is a dazzling and unique diamond anniversary ring. It's a fun gift to give in commemoration of your wedding—there aren’t any rules on when to give an anniversary ring, or what styles to get.

Many people choose a simple diamond band as a 1 year wedding anniversary gift. For other milestones, such as the 10th, 15th, 20th anniversary (or so on), you can always choose another style of diamond anniversary ring to wear on another finger, or a different choice of diamond jewelry, such as a diamond charm necklace. Couples can opt for matching anniversary rings, mix and match them, or choose only a single one for wife or husband.

Whether you decide to renew your vows, or you want to reminisce over your memories together, presenting a diamond anniversary band is a wonderful way to start the conversation. In fact, many different styles of diamond anniversary rings have their own symbolism and meaning. The number of stones or designs can all provide you something to talk about and remember whenever you look at your ring. Here at ItsHot, we manufacture diamond anniversary bands and sell them directly to the consumer, giving you a better deal, as well as personalization options for metal type and color.

Different Styles

There are many different types of anniversary bands with diamonds—they can range from simple and small to big and glamorous. The symbolism and meaning of anniversary bands can change depending on the style you pick, but no matter what you choose, it’s a sentimental gift to give to celebrate your love.

Here are some of the different styles of women’s diamond anniversary rings and men’s diamond anniversary bands for sale at ItsHot:

  • Three stone anniversary bands
  • Five stone anniversary bands
  • Colored diamond
    • Black diamond
    • Yellow diamond
    • Custom
  • Gemstone
    • Sapphire
  • Unique
    • by Luxurman
    • Round and baguette diamond
    • Blingy diamond
    • Double halo diamond
  • Eternity diamond anniversary bands
  • Pavé diamond anniversary bands
  • Love and friendship diamond rings
  • Diamond anniversary rings for her and him

In our collection, you’ll find decadent marquise-cut diamond, sparkly round diamond, lavish princess-cut, and much more diamond anniversary rings. Our diamonds come in fancy shapes and ideal cuts, and our unique anniversary ring designs are meaningful and unique.

To find a wide diamond anniversary band to wear on its own, or a thin anniversary band to match your wedding or engagement ring, filter your search by width. You can also use our search filters for price, total carat weight, gender, diamond grade, and more. Once you know what design you like, choose from platinum or 14K and 18K gold in three colors: rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold.

How to Pick Out an Anniversary Ring

Whether you’re looking for a 10 year, 25th anniversary ring, or any other year; knowing the symbolism of each style is important. Here is a brief guide on some of the different anniversary ring meanings for various styles.

  1. Three-Stone Rings: Perhaps one of the most popular anniversary ring styles right now, three-stone rings for anniversaries are known for their symbolism. The three diamonds represent the different stages of a relationship: past, present, and future. Three stone anniversary rings look great with wedding rings and engagement rings; you can choose a thin three stone ring to wear on the same finger as an engagement ring, or a thicker style to wear on another finger.
  2. Diamond Anniversary Bands: Another classic anniversary ring, a diamond band can feature a row of pavé diamonds, prong-set diamonds, or more innovative styles. A diamond band is another exceptional choice for celebrating your anniversary. The diamond eternity ring is a style of anniversary band, which symbolizes eternal love and a neverending marriage. Some styles are highly durable, making diamond anniversary bands a great anniversary gift for men and women who work with their hands or have active lifestyles.
  3. Gemstone Anniversary Rings: Gemstone anniversary rings can add a dash of color to your jewelry. They’re also meaningful as birthstone rings; if you were born in September, why not enjoy wearing your birthstone? If you plan on wearing your anniversary ring on the same hand as your diamond engagement ring or wedding band, make sure it complements your other ring and fits with it. Otherwise, you can always wear it on another finger or on your right hand.
  4. Colored diamond anniversary rings: Another meaningful anniversary gift, the different diamond colors can add their own meaning to anniversary rings of every style. Men’s black diamond anniversary rings can symbolize the strength of your relationship—black diamonds are even harder than white diamonds! Yellow diamonds are a luxurious type of fancy diamond, popular with royalty. They symbolize love and romance, as well as happiness. If you want champagne diamonds, blue diamonds, pink diamonds or any other unique diamond color for your anniversary ring, check out our custom ring option to create your own design and pick your diamond color (or other gemstone types).

It’s important to pick a style that speaks to your relationship—anniversary rings are a great everyday-wear ring or something special to put on for celebrations. Our anniversary rings with diamonds are made to last; they’re perfect for couples who cherish their relationship.

Pick Something Special as Your Anniversary Gift

Knowing what to get your wife or husband for their anniversary gift can be tricky. A diamond anniversary ring isn’t something people always think of, but it’s a wonderful gift that can get a lot of use. We update our anniversary ring styles frequently to provide the latest high-end designs that just may be the perfect symbol for your marriage.

If you have any questions about any of our anniversary bands with diamonds for men or women, feel free to ask questions on the product page, or contact us directly. We offer a 24/7 live chat feature for customer support. You can also contact us via email at sales@ItsHot.com.

If you happen to be in New York City, feel free to visit our showroom open Mon-Fri 11 am-7 pm EST to view and buy your anniversary rings in person. If you’re looking online, enjoy browsing our collection, and feel free to check out our other diamond wedding rings in our bridal collection.

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