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What We Buy

WE BUY Pretty much anything made of solid precious metals, including SOLID GOLD, PLATINUM, and large SILVER items (flatware sets, candlesticks, tea sets, etc.)

If you are not sure or have any questions about whether your items qualify for purchase by ItsHot.com, please contact us, and one of our knowledgeable representatives will gladly assist you.

Examples of Jewelry Items and Accessories Made of Precious Metals:
Chains: chain necklaces, chain bracelets, ankle bracelets, anklets, belly chains
Charms & Necklaces: charms and lockets, religious jewelry, dog tags, medals and medallions
Bracelets: bangle bracelets cuff bracelets, charm bracelets and ID bracelets, bracelets with gemstones and diamonds, tennis bracelets
Rings: women's and men's rings, children's rings, wedding bands & anniversary rings, engagement rings and eternity bands, diamond and gemstone rings, mother's rings, class rings, braided/woven rings and toe rings
Earrings and Stud Earrings: pierced and clip-on earrings, hoop and chandelier earrings, stud earrings
Pins and Brooches: brooches and pins, class/school pins
Men's Jewelry: cufflinks and shirt studs, tie bars, tacks and clips, collar stays
Medical Jewelry: medical ID bracelets and pendants
Other Accessories: money clips, key chains, toothpicks, body jewelry
All Damaged and Broken Scrap Jewelry: Broken Accessories and Jewelry of All Types: broken, kinked, knotted and tangled chains; broken chain and bracelet links, loose clasps, lobster claw clasps, spring rings; loose findings, empty ring mountings without stones; single and mismatched earrings, loose earring backs
Investment Metals: bars, bullion, ingots, domestic and foreign coins
Miscellaneous: dental and scrap gold, gold flakes and nuggets
Silver Items: solid silver candlesticks, flatware, and trophies
Watches: solid gold watches, solid gold pocket watches as well as non-gold, high-end luxury watches

Items containing little or no precious metals, with minimal market value. Examples of jewelry and items that we DO NOT buy include: costume jewelry, gold electroplate, gold electroplated or G.E.P., gold filled or G.F., gold plate, gold plated or G.P., rolled gold plate, rolled gold plated or R.G.P., gold leaf, gold overlay, silver plate, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, pewter, stainless steel, titanium, and tungsten among others. We also DO NOT buy any small silver items of insufficient value, for example, silver jewelry items. Received items that are tested by us and discovered not to be gold, platinum, or silver, will be returned to the customer via First Class mail, and a handling fee of $15 will be charged. We also DO NOT buy any items that are not appropriate for melting down (like items with great sentimental value and antiquities with intrinsic value beyond their precious-metal content.) Under no circumstances do we knowingly buy any stolen jewelry or other merchandise.

If you have any questions about whether your item qualifies for purchase by ItsHot.com, please feel free to contact us, and one of our knowledgeable representatives will gladly assist you.

This basic guide is provided for some help with identification of items with valuable precious-metal content. You do not have to determine the specific type of gold, platinum, or silver that your jewelry items are made of. Simply send them to us as they are (no need to clean of fix the items). Your sent-in items will be weighed and tested (with a video recording of the process) using standard industry methods.

Solid Gold items are stamped (or marked) based on the amount of parts-per-24 of pure, solid gold; for example: 14 karat gold is 14/24th's pure gold, by weight. Gold is often alloyed (mixed) with other metals. (Gold alloys under 10K are not regulated in the U.S.) Pure gold is usually naturally yellow in color, while gold alloys may be white gold, yellow gold, green gold, rose gold or other gold colors. Solid white gold with rhodium plating is valued as gold. Some gold jewelry pieces consist of several colors (two-tone or tri-color gold, etc), or multiple metals (gold with silver or platinum). The most common gold types are:

  1. 10 Karat or Kt or K (10/24th's gold), or .416 (in Europe)
  2. 12 Karat or Kt or K(12/24th's gold), or .500 (in Europe)
  3. 14 Karat or Kt or K (14/24th's gold), or .585 (in Europe)
  4. 18 Karat or Kt or K (18/24th's gold), or .750 (in Europe)
  5. 22 Karat or Kt or K (22/24th's gold), or .916 (in Europe)
  6. 24 Karat or Kt or K (24/24th's gold), or 1.000 (in Europe)

Solid Platinum jewelry pieces are marked based on the amount of parts-per-thousand of pure platinum metal; for example: 850 Platinum is 850/1000th's (85%) pure platinum, by weight. (Platinum items under 850/1000th's pure solid platinum are not regulated in the U.S.) The most typical platinum designations are:

850 Plat or Pt (850/1000th's platinum)
900 Plat or Pt (900/1000th's platinum)
950 Plat or Pt (950/1000th's platinum)
Platinum or Plat or Pt (at least 950/1000th's platinum)

Other "Platinum Group Metals" (PGM) are Iridium (Irid. or Ir.), Osmium (Osmi. or Os.), Palladium (Pall. or Pd.), Rhodium (Rhod. or Rh.), and Ruthenium (Ruth. or Ru.). At times, platinum is alloyed (mixed) with other platinum group metals and marked: 600Pt.350Ir., 550Pt.350Pd.50Ir., etc. (PGM alloys with total PGM under 950/1000th's and platinum under 500/1000th's, or other types of platinum alloys such as "585 platinum", "karat platinum", etc., are not regulated in the U.S.)

Silver items may be stamped as Silver, Solid Silver, Sterling Silver, Sterling, Ster., or .925, which means 925/1000th's (92.5%) pure, solid silver, by weight. (Silver pieces under 925/1000th's pure silver, and Coin Silver under 900/1000th's, are not regulated in the U.S.) The most common silver types are:

Sterling Silver or .925 (925/1000th's silver)
Coin Silver (at least 900/1000th's silver)
Vermeil (sterling silver base; plated with at least 10K gold) – vermeil is valued as silver because of the negligible gold content.

What We Pay

To keep our customers up-to-date regarding current precious-metals pricing, this chart is updated daily based on the morning London Fix.

Don't be fooled by other gold-buying websites which do not post their prices, or which are vague about how much they'll pay. Many websites do not tell you how much they pay for amounts below a certain weight threshold and then pay only a fraction of what your items are really worth. We have seen instances where other gold buyers pay as little as 10% of the actual precious metal value.

Don't forget! In addition to your payment, we'll send you a Free ItsHot.com Gift Card valued at an extra 20% of your payment amount. For example: If your payment amount is $500, you'll receive $500 plus a $100 Gift Card, for a total value of $600! If your payment amount is $1,000, you'll receive $1,000 plus a $200 Gift Card, for a total value of $1200! The ItsHot.com Gift Card may be redeemed towards any of our thousands of NEW fine jewelry items and name-brand watches, and may be given to a friend or relative to use. The entire Gift Card can be applied to a single order, or it can be spread out between multiple smaller orders - No Expiration Date.

Prices are quoted in U.S. Dollars ($ USD), and are per pennyweight (dwt). A pennyweight is 1/20th of a troy ounce, or approximately 1.555 grams.

Today we are paying:

10K Gold
Weight Range Your Cash Payment (per dwt) +
Bonus Gift Card! (per dwt)
Your Total Value! (per dwt)
0.01 to 20 dwt $ 9.60 $ 1.92 $ 11.52
20.01 to 100 dwt $ 10.40 $ 2.08 $ 12.47
100.01 to 200 dwt $ 11.99 $ 2.40 $ 14.39
200.01 to 1000 dwt $ 15.39 $ 3.08 $ 18.47
1000.01 to 5000 dwt $ 15.99 $ 3.20 $ 19.19

14K Gold
Weight Range Your Cash Payment (per dwt) +
Bonus Gift Card! (per dwt)
Your Total Value! (per dwt)
0.01 to 20 dwt $ 13.44 $ 2.69 $ 16.12
20.01 to 100 dwt $ 14.56 $ 2.91 $ 17.47
100.01 to 200 dwt $ 16.79 $ 3.36 $ 20.15
200.01 to 1000 dwt $ 21.55 $ 4.31 $ 25.86
1000.01 to 5000 dwt $ 22.39 $ 4.48 $ 26.87

18K Gold
Weight Range Your Cash Payment (per dwt) +
Bonus Gift Card! (per dwt)
Your Total Value! (per dwt)
0.01 to 20 dwt $ 17.28 $ 3.46 $ 20.73
20.01 to 100 dwt $ 18.72 $ 3.74 $ 22.46
100.01 to 200 dwt $ 21.59 $ 4.32 $ 25.91
200.01 to 1000 dwt $ 27.71 $ 5.54 $ 33.26
1000.01 to 5000 dwt $ 28.79 $ 5.76 $ 34.55

22K Gold
Weight Range Your Cash Payment (per dwt) +
Bonus Gift Card! (per dwt)
Your Total Value! (per dwt)
0.01 to 20 dwt $ 21.11 $ 4.22 $ 25.34
20.01 to 100 dwt $ 22.87 $ 4.57 $ 27.45
100.01 to 200 dwt $ 26.39 $ 5.28 $ 31.67
200.01 to 1000 dwt $ 33.87 $ 6.77 $ 40.64
1000.01 to 5000 dwt $ 35.19 $ 7.04 $ 42.23

24K Gold
Weight Range Your Cash Payment (per dwt) +
Bonus Gift Card! (per dwt)
Your Total Value! (per dwt)
0.01 to 20 dwt $ 23.03 $ 4.61 $ 27.64
20.01 to 100 dwt $ 24.95 $ 4.99 $ 29.94
100.01 to 200 dwt $ 28.79 $ 5.76 $ 34.55
200.01 to 1000 dwt $ 36.95 $ 7.39 $ 44.34
1000.01 to 5000 dwt $ 38.39 $ 7.68 $ 46.07

950 Platinum
Weight Range Your Cash Payment (per dwt) +
Bonus Gift Card! (per dwt)
Your Total Value! (per dwt)
0.01 to 20 dwt $ 26.20 $ 5.24 $ 31.44
20.01 to 100 dwt $ 28.38 $ 5.68 $ 34.06
100.01 to 200 dwt $ 32.75 $ 6.55 $ 39.30
200.01 to 1000 dwt $ 42.02 $ 8.40 $ 50.43
1000.01 to 5000 dwt $ 43.66 $ 8.73 $ 52.39


How can I safely get my gold jewelry to ItsHot.com?
First, make sure to fill out our simple registration form on the right. For help with filling out our online application form or if you have any questions about the process, please directly call one of our helpful representatives in US at 1-212-398-3123 .

If you printed your our own shipping label, simply package your gold scrap and jewelry along with a copy of your email confirmation in a firm padded shipping pack or box, and attach your shipping label. If you received your shipping packet from us by mail, simply follow the enclosed directions.
As soon as your package is ready, just drop it off at any UPS/FedEx location or give it to a UPS/FedEx driver, or call 1-800-Go-FedEx or 1-800-Pick-UPS to schedule a pick-up.

Do I have to pay shipping fees for sending my jewelry items to ItsHot.com?
No! You will not have to pay for shipping your items to ItsHot.com. We will provide you with a free, insured shipping label.

What if I want to send my jewelry items by another shipping service?
Please note that we are only able to accept shipments from pre-registered customers who have obtained their exclusive ItsHot.com ID from us either online or over the phone. If you prefer to ship your jewelry items to us on your own, please use the contact us form or live chat to contact us or call us at 1-212-398-3123 , and let us know your name, mailing address, email address and phone number so we can contact you once we receive your items. We will create an account for you and provide you with instructions, after which you can use your own insured shipping method. All authorized shipments should be sent to:

ItsHot.com - Refinery
48 West 48th St.
Suite 302
New York, NY 10036

May I sell my gold jewelry items to ItsHot.com if I live in Canada? How do I do that?
Yes, even if you live in Canada, you can get Cash for Gold by selling us your unwanted gold items. Please contact us, and request your exclusive ItsHot.com Seller ID along with a Free Appraisal Kit without a shipping label. After that, simply ship your package using your chosen insured shipping method. To compensate your shipping cost, we will add $10 to your total payment. All authorized shipments should be sent to:

ItsHot.com - Refinery
48 West 48th St.
Suite 302
New York, NY 10036

Is there a limit on how much material I can send to ItsHot.com?
We will accept and buy as much precious metal scrap and as many jewelry items (including gold, silver, platinum and palladium) as you wish to sell us. The more you send us at once, the higher price we will be able to offer you. We will make it hassle-free for you to send us any gold scrap and jewelry items to instantly receive "Cash for Gold". If you estimate that your items are worth more than $500 (or if your package is relatively large or heavy), please contact us via live chat, website contact form or by phone: 1-212-398-3123 to receive special shipping arrangements. If you need to pay the shipping fee up front at the time of shipping your package to us, we will simply add this shipping fee amount to your total payment.

Please note that certain transactions may be subject to Federal reporting requirements for the Patriot Act Compliance purposes.

Is my Free Kit shipment insured? What happens if the package is lost in the mail?
Your free, pre-paid shipping label is conveniently insured for $500. If you think the total value of your scrap and jewelry items is over $500, please call us at 1-212-398-3123   or use LifeChat or contact us form so that we may arrange for more insurance on your shipment.

We have a great safety record of successfully receiving our customers' shipments. Please note that ItsHot.com is not liable or responsible for any shipments that are delayed, damaged, or lost in transit to us. While occasionally shipments may be delayed or lost in transit, you have nothing to worry about since every shipment through our Free Kit is insured for $500.

How do I know when ItsHot.com receives my Appraisal Kit shipment?
We will email you a confirmation as soon as your shipment is received by our processing department at ItsHot.com.
You can also conveniently track your package online

For security purposes, we will document on video the unpacking, weighing and gold purity testing of your sent-in items. This video footage is available to you upon request; this way you can be sure that every item you sent in to ItsHot.com has been received and tested.

Here's the money question: How much will I be paid for my jewelry items?
These three major elements determine how much cash you can get for your jewelry items:
  1. Precious metals' purity (percentage value or Karat weight);
  2. Total metal weight of your items (not including any stones, gems, etc.);
  3. Current market price (based on the London Fix) of the type of precious metal.
Basically, the higher the precious metal content of your jewelry items, the more cash you can receive for them. Weight-wise, the more you send in, the higher rate we are able to offer you for your items.
As a valued ItsHot.com Seller, not only will you receive the best competitive price for your scrap gold (as well as platinum, silver, and palladium) and gold jewelry items, but you will also get a free ItsHot.com Gift Card worth 20% of your total payment offer.

Can I send jewelry items that contain diamonds, pearls, or semi-precious gemstones?
At ItsHot.com, we buy mostly precious metals. Any small diamonds or precious gemstones under one quarter carat will not be taken into consideration, while jewelry with diamonds over one quarter carat (per single diamond or precious gemstone) will be appraised and a fair market value quote will be added to your precious metal quote. Please note that we do not buy semi-precious stones.

How and how soon will I receive my Cash For Gold payment from ItsHot.com?
At your convenience, you can choose from the following payment options we offer:

  1. Company check sent by First Class Mail (you have 10 days for payment acceptance) - FREE
  2. Company check sent by overnight mail (you have 10 days for payment acceptance) - $15
  3. Electronic PayPal Deposit - PayPal fee may apply
  4. Same-day transfer to your bank account - $15

Please note, that if you choose a payment option via PayPal or wire transfer, you give us permission to immediately terminate and melt down your sent-in items; therefore, they will not be returnable.

If I choose a check payment option, can I find out what the offered amount is before I receive the check?
Once we determine your total payment offer, we will email you the amount result regardless of which payment option you chose. If you have any questions, please call us toll-free in US at 1-866-423-6262   or email us at sellgold@itshot.com

What if I am not satisfied with the payment amount after I receive my check?
You have 10 calendar days from the check issue date to let us know that you would like to decline the settlement offer and mail us back the un-cashed check. We must receive your notification, and your envelope must be postmarked, up to 11:59 PM on the 10th day (the check issue date being day #1). Contact us via live chat, contact us form on our website, or call us at 1-212-398-3123 . If you do not contact us by that time, then on day #11 your transaction and settlement will be closed, and your sent-in items will be terminated and melted down, and can no longer be returned to you. As long we are notified in time, we will set your items aside and return them at to you for free, insured for the amount of the check, within two weeks of receiving your un-cashed check.

Within the 10 day period, if either (1) your check is cashed/deposited, or (2) your gift card is fully or partially redeemed at ItsHot.com, we will consider your settlement payment as accepted and your transaction as closed, and your sent-in jewelry will be no longer returnable.

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