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Men's Black Diamond Rings are a fresh alternative to the monotonous everyday style of other stones. Bold and with a touch of class black diamond rings really shine and turn the spotlight on you as well. Whether it's an invisibly set mirror-like finished pinky ring for men or a Black Diamond Wedding Band we have got you covered. Black Diamonds are a flawless fashion statement and compliment any style of dress.. carries an extremely varied selection of Men's Black Diamond rings, sure to please even the most finicky of shoppers. Since we are manufacturers we can also custom make any ring for you with black or any other color diamonds (whether you saw it on our site with all white diamonds or anywhere else). Contact our sales team and we will be happy to assist you to purchase your perfect mens black diamond ring!
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Mens Black Diamond Ring in Sterling Silver 1.30ct

Mens Black Diamond Ring in Sterling Silver 1.30ct


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When it comes to statement rings, diamond rings are the boldest, flashiest choice—their hardness and brilliance is unmatched. Black diamonds (a.k.a. Carbonado diamonds) are different. They don’t sparkle like white diamonds, they don’t demand attention in the same way. Black diamonds are like the guy at the back of the party, minding his own business, giving off a vibe that makes everyone doubt if they’re even cool enough to look directly at his sunglasses.


Nobody really knows how black diamonds were formed. Only found in Brazil and the Central African Republic, geologists theorize that they could have been produced by a meteor that hit Earth 2.3 billion years ago, or that they were formed in interstellar space, from a supernova or asteroid.


Black diamonds don’t need to announce anything, they’re effortlessly suave. Rarer than white diamonds and less popular (some believe that they’re possessed or cursed), they’re even more durable than white diamonds, making them the hardest substance on earth. They’re perfect for the guy that doesn’t need to announce he’s cool; he simply is.


History of Black Diamonds

The history of men’s black diamond rings began far after their discovery in 1840 by Brazilians (they called them “carbonados,” after the Portuguese word for burnt or carbonized. Carbonados have a polycrystalline structure that gives them their color, and makes them incredibly durable. They’re so hard to cut and polish that jewelers didn’t have the technology to facet them until the 1990s, so for most of their history, they’ve been used for industrial cutting and grinding.


The most famous black diamond is the Black Orlav Diamond, which was originally a 195-carat uncut diamond that can be traced back to 19th century Pondicherry, India. The stone was one of the eyes in a statue of Brahma, the creator god in Hinduism. When a monk stole it out of the statue, it allegedly became cursed; its next three owners jumped to their deaths for vague reasons. The diamond was later bought and cut into three pieces by a jeweler to break its curse.


In 1996, the Swiss Jeweller Grisogno released a collection of carbonado watches and jewelry, kicking off the slow rise of men’s black diamond rings. They’re becoming more popular today, though many people still don’t even know about black diamonds.


If you’re looking at buying a men’s ring with black diamonds, you’re choosing a statement piece that stands out. The Black Sheep of the gemstone world, black diamonds are a perfect symbol for someone who’s been through hardship or strife. Black diamonds don’t draw a lot of attention to themselves, but their incomparable durability and mysterious glean says a lot.


ItsHot is one of the top producers of gold and diamond watches and jewelry in not only New York (NYC) but in the country. Celebrities shop here for the hottest, unique luxury styles. Our black diamonds rings are customizable by diamond color and gold color. Solid 10K and 14K gold and platinum bands crafted by experts assure the greatest protection and durability for our high-quality black diamonds. If you want cheap luxury rings that are 100% genuine and respected amongst jewelers, ItsHot online is the place to shop.



Black diamond rings are a great choice for men’s rings because you can find options for bold statement rings, as well as subtle, sleek options for dressed-up styles. You can filter our black diamond rings online by price, width, carat weight, diamond quality, and metal type. Here’s a guide to some of our favorite black diamond men’s ring styles:



Just because black diamonds don’t sparkle like white diamonds doesn’t mean you can’t find flashy, eye-catching rings with them. Whether you’re a rapper, athlete, actor, or street-smart fashion legend, a black diamond statement ring will help you stand out from the crowd.

  • Black Diamond Initial Ring: Personalize your look with your initial in 14K gold.
  • Iced-Out All-Black Hip Hop Ring: Hip hop style iced-out in 20ct black diamonds in 14K gold.
  • Celebrity Black and White Diamond Ring: This massive ring is bedizened in a suave pattern of black and white diamonds, fit for the red carpet.
  • Luxurman Black and White Statement Ring: The perfect black diamond statement ring, ft. a striking geometric design.
  • Gold, White, Yellow and Black Diamond Ring: Why pick one diamond color when you can have four?
  • Luxurman Yellow Gold Black Diamond Ring: Black and yellow, black and yellow…a classic.


Not as bright and blingy as our statement rings, our sleek styles of men’s rings black diamond pieces work for the gritty rock n’ rollers, esteemed business professionals, and intellectual artists.

  • Gold: Coated in a luxurious black rhodium plating.
  • Intricate Black Diamond Paved Ring: Elegant and bold, artistic and rugged.
  • Black and White Diamond Men’s Pinky Ring: A yin-yang design ring spices up any suit.
  • All-Black Pave Black Diamond Ring: Simple yet masterfully crafted men’s black diamond ring.

Wedding Rings

Finding the perfect men’s wedding ring with black diamonds online isn’t easy, but shopping our collection is. Choose the perfect men’s wedding band to wear every day. Stand out, be seen, represent your relationship, and show off your style.

  • Men’s black Diamond Wedding Band: Real 14K gold decked out in diamonds, at an incredibly cheap price.
  • Luxurman Black Gold Black Diamond Band: Designer men’s wedding bands black diamonds never looked so sleek.
  • Modern Three Row Black Diamond Ring: Stylish and elegant look for the modern man’s black diamond wedding band.
  • Unique Men’s Diamond Wedding Band: Fancy colored diamonds in blue, yellow, and black.

Funky Black Diamond Rings

One-of-a-kind, unique styles that look like no other ring in your collection. Great for those with bold styles who don’t like to conform.

  • Unique Men’s Designer Black Diamond Ring: Highly polished, expertly crafted 14K gold with a center black diamond and two white diamond sides.
  • White, Yellow, Black Diamond Ring: Sporty and artistic designed men’s ring.
  • Basketball Black Diamond Ring: This men’s sports ring mimics the look and feel of a basketball. Great for serious, stylish ballers.
  • Soccer Ball Black Diamond Ring for a man: Feel like a champion on and off the soccer field.
  • 1K Men’s Black Diamond Ring Band: Can also work as a sleek style, but choosing 14K rose gold mixes things up.

Be Ahead of the Game

Men’s black diamond rings are perfect for trendsetters, because they’re just on the cusp of reaching the popularity they deserve. Male black diamond rings are easy to style, and make the perfect choice for those who wish to lead, not follow. The best cheap men’s black diamond rings are right here at ItsHot. Browse our online men’s luxury rings selection, check out our clearance deals, and get it while it’s hot. Our customer service works 24/7 to answer any of your questions, customization needs, and more. We offer a 30 days money back guarantee. The only curse our black diamonds will give you is the regret you’ll have for not buying one.

How much do Mens Black Diamonds Rings cost?

The average cost of Mens Black Diamonds Rings is $1,710.00.

How to choose Mens Black Diamonds Rings?

When choosing Mens Black Diamonds Rings, you should pay attention to the following characteristics: Price, Width, Carat Weight, Metal, and Diamond Quality.

What are the most popular Mens Black Diamonds Rings?

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