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A pinky ring is worn on the little finger, usually by men. These rings are made with various precious gemstones including diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire, and others, usually encrusted in precious metals such as gold, sterling silver or platinum. If you are the kind of person who likes to receive compliments for your dressing style, then pinky rings are the way to go. At ItsHot.com, we offer a great selection of Diamond Pinky Rings for men that will add a royal touch to your collection of jewelry accessories.

What goes into making the collection of Men’s Diamond Pinky Rings that we offer?

Colored (from black to yellow to green to chocolate diamonds) and white diamonds, weighing between 0.3 ct all the way to 12 ct, are encrusted in pure 10K, 14K Gold, 18K gold, Platinum or Sterling Silver are used to make our new royal-looking assortment of Diamond Pinky Rings for men.

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Why Do Men Wear Pinky Rings?

In today's day and age, Diamond Pinky Rings are worn as a style statement by men. In most cultures, they do not have any religious or cultural significance. However, originally, they were worn by the nobles of society. Their house emblem would be engraved on the ring and such a ring would be passed down from one generation to the next. This tradition is still followed by the royal family of England. On several occasions, Prince Charles has been spotted in the media, showing to the public the pinky ring. Some universities give these jewellery items to the graduating students as a keepsake.

Since the little (pinky) finger is easy to miss due to its size, any ring worn on this finger will make an eye-catching impression. There are no set rules to style a pinky ring. It is one of those items that can be worn with any outfit, for any occasion, and a men's diamond pinky ring would make the wearer look stylish and royal. It can become a perfect gift for your man. Shopping for jewellery has become easier than ever before. Get the best deals by joining our email list. Find the variety of bracelets, necklaces & earrings from our featured collections on the site to emphasize your personal style.

If you’re looking for a flashy and eye-catching ring, this type of ring is a perfect choice. Since their early history, men’s gold pinky rings were meant to be noticed. Wearing a men’s diamond pinky ring sends a message of confidence to the world, instantly elevating your style.

Historically, pinky rings have served as an identity and status symbol. Typically, men of high stature would wear one to announce their social status. The pinky finger has no specific meaning; you can interpret the symbolism of a diamond pinky ring yourself. That being said, there are some reasons why men wear them.

One reason men may wear pinky rings on the right pinky is to symbolize graduating with a college degree, or commemorating successful entry into a profession or career. Men’s diamond pinky rings make a great gift for college grads, high school grads, or any men who are in a transition phase. They’re also a great gift to celebrate an achievement. You can always customize pinky rings to symbolize something important to you.

In some Western countries, men wear a pinky ring on the left hand as a sign of family and tradition. It’s a tradition amongst royalty to wear a men’s wedding ring or engagement ring on the pinky finger, or a pinky promise ring. Pinky rings are often passed down for generations. Other men often wear a statement ring on their left pinky finger, which is often iced-out or encrusted in gems.

Here at ItsHot, we have many real gold diamond pinky rings for men for sale. We also offer unisex pinky rings for women and men. We manufacture our own diamond pinky rings, so we cut out the cost of the middleman, providing deals up to 80% off.


Diamond pinky rings are perfect for showing off your personality and unique sense of fashion. You can choose to wear them with a traditional meaning, or you can ascribe whatever symbolism you like. If you want a chunky iced-out diamond ring to show off, the pinky is the perfect place for it because it stays out of the way when you’re working with your hands.

Iced-out examples for men are popular in hip hop culture. Many rappers accessories with flashy statement rings on the pinky to match their gold chain or Cuban link bracelets. In media, pinky rings are also famously worn by mob bosses, real and fictional. Since ItsHot products are made right here in New York City, they’re the perfect choice for the next big rapper or New York gangster (hopefully in film and not real life…).

Even if you don’t want a large and flashy diamond pinky ring, we offer a variety of size options and styles, with many surprisingly cheap deals on them. Whatever your budget, you can find a cool pieces of jewelry here at ItsHot.

Different Styles of Diamond Pinky Rings

Pinky rings with diamonds are always a confident, masculine ring for men who know their style. That being said, there are many different types of them for men available online.

Here are some of the different styles of diamond pinky rings for sale at ItsHot:

  • Iced-out diamond pinky rings
  • Pavé diamond pinky rings
  • Unique pinky rings with diamonds
  • Designer diamond pinky rings
  • Colored diamond pinky rings
    • Black diamond pinky rings
    • Black and white diamond pinky rings
    • Blue diamond pinky rings
    • Yellow diamond pinky rings
  • Gemstone diamond pinky rings
  • Vintage diamond pinky rings
  • Hip hop diamond pinky rings
  • Men’s diamond engagement pinky rings
  • Men’s diamond wedding band pinky rings
  • Iced-out Cuban link chain pinky rings

From sparkly white diamonds to unique colored diamonds (from black to yellow to green to chocolate diamonds) and birthstone gems like amethyst, we have many different carats available. Our diamond pinky rings range from between 0.3 carats all the way to 12 carats. The diamonds are set in pure solid 10K, 14K Gold, 18K gold, Platinum, or Sterling Silver. We offer three colors of gold: yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold for most of our diamond pinky ring styles.

You can filter your search by size, carat weight, diamond grade, metal type, and more to find the best deals and your favorite styles. Since we’re located in NYC, we update our inventory frequently and often add diamond pinky rings to our clearance section for incredible deals.

Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

With over 20 years of experience manufacturing fine diamond jewelry, our ItsHot jewelers and artists have a wealth of knowledge on making decadent men’s diamond pinky rings. Our diamonds are cut to perfection—whether round diamonds, princess cut, cushion cut, or more. 

We use only real natural diamonds and gemstones, as well as real gold, platinum, and sterling silver. In a diamond ring, you don’t want to settle for anything less than the best. After all, you wouldn’t put cheap tires on a Ferrari, would you? That’s how we feel about the composition of our diamond pinky rings. We provide a certificate of authenticity for the diamonds and metal type, giving you all the information you need to be an informed buyer.

We stand by the quality of all of our diamond rings, including our pinky rings for men, by providing a 1-year warranty and 30-day return policy. We also offer 24/hour customer support and a fast response time to answer any questions you may have about any of our engagement rings for sale.

Tips for ChoosingThe whole point of a diamond pinky ring is to represent something about the wearer’s personality. They tell a story, what do you want your ring to say about you? Here are some tips on how to buy this type of jewelry.

  1. Consider what you want your ring to mean or represent: cultural significance, personal meaning, family tributes, status symbol, or allegiance?
  2. Decide what size ring will be most comfortable for you to wear according to your lifestyle. Pinky rings are great for daily wear, but if you work a lot with your hands, you may want a smaller or narrower pinky ring.
  3. Consider what other rings or men’s jewelry you will wear with it. If you wear multiple rings on one hand, figure out how you want to play around with different colors and sizes.
  4. If you’re wearing a pinky ring with a gold chain, diamond tennis bracelet, or diamond studs, consider matching your metal type and color or your diamond color in all of your jewelry for a sleek look. You can also go with a mix-matched look if that suits you.
  5. For a men’s engagement ring, consider something unique and luxurious that will complement your wedding band or your spouse’s engagement ring. Figure out which finger best shows off a statement ring, or which finger should have a more subtle or thinner style ring.

Because it’s the farthest from the body, a pinky ring is going to be very noticeable, so it’s important to find the best design to express yourself. These rings are ideal for wearing something flashy like an intricate design, or an ornate, bulky stone. They make a great gift for recent grads or new professionals, who will benefit from the confidence they provides.

Browse Our Famous Collections

If you are the kind of person who likes to receive compliments for your dressing style, then diamond pinky rings are the way to go. At ItsHot.com, we offer a great selection that will add a royal touch to your collection of fashion statement pieces.

There’s a reason why ItsHot is popular with celebrity shoppers—we’re seasoned specialists in the art of fine diamond jewelry. We’re famous not only in NYC but all over the USA for our professional standards and customer service.

We provide a 24/7 live chat feature to answer any questions you have about our real diamond pinky rings. You can also contact us via email at sales@ItsHot.com, or give us a call. If you’re in New York City, feel free to stop by and check out our Manhattan store for an unforgettable jewelry shopping experience.

How much do Diamond Pinky Rings cost?

The average cost of Diamond Pinky Rings is $3,312.00.

How to choose Diamond Pinky Rings?

When choosing Diamond Pinky Rings, you should pay attention to the following characteristics: Price, Width, Carat Weight, Metal, and Diamond Quality.

What are the most popular Diamond Pinky Rings?

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