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Hip Hop Chains: Iced Out Diamond & Gold Chains

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1 Kilo Inch Wide Solid Cuban Link 14k Gold Men's Diamond Chain 60 Carats

1 Kilo Inch Wide Solid Cuban Link 14k Gold Men's Diamond Chain 60 Carats

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Wearing iced-out chains provides more benefits than just savvy style. “Bigger is Better” is the attitude embraced by many famous artists and they often compete with each other by wearing custom, over-the-top diamond bling. The iced-out chains rappers wear often cause as much of a stir as their music. From the beginning, hip-hop was an art form for the oppressed and the marginalized, people of color and lower income groups. It’s true roots aren’t in materialism and extravagant parties; it’s in solidary resistance.

When hip-hop artists and low-income athletes managed to break into the ranks of wealth and success, they placed an emphasis on flaunting their new status for the world. In the rap world, gold chains and real diamond necklaces symbolize overcoming that struggle. Critics who dismiss these extravagant diamond chains fail to realize that this jewelry has more significance than basic materialism. Iced-out drip contains a political undertone—in some sense, it’s about reclaiming an industry built using African resources and black labor.

Big, chunky real gold chains have been worn by royals since the time of ancient civilizations. Donning a clunky and robust gold chain was a way of showing off success in the society. However, now, the niche of hip-hop rapper chains and necklaces has evolved and is worn by people on a daily basis as a personal style statement. Wearing such bling items shows that you are bold and outgoing when it comes to your styling choices. Our range of funky solid or hollow gold hip-hop chains features a variety of gold chains made for the flamboyant dresser.

Impressive iced out chains

Thick iced out chains will help you to stand out in the crowd. Covered with diamonds and other gemstones, they attract a lot of attention. We offer rappers' diamond chains and necklaces at best prices, because as a manufacturer, ItsHot can set the lowest price possible for the items. Additionally, we have free US shipping for most of our orders.

How much do Hip Hop Chains cost?

The average cost of Hip Hop Chains is $17,527.00.

How to choose Hip Hop Chains?

When choosing Hip Hop Chains, you should pay attention to the following characteristics: Price, Width, Carat Weight, Metal, Gold Quality, Gold Color, Type Of Gemstone, Gemstone Clarity, and Gemstone Color.

What are the most popular Hip Hop Chains?

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