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Men's Diamond Cross Pendants

Mens Diamond Cross Pendants & Necklaces at Guaranteed Lowest Prices

Our beautiful collection of men's diamond cross pendants features intricate diamond cross pendant designs, ranging from classic to contemporary styles, crafted from solid 10K, 14K or 18K rose, yellow or white gold or sterling silver and encrusted with sparkling, genuine diamonds.. ItsHot offers diamond cross necklaces for men, women and items that will perfectly fit any gender. As a manufacturer we are able to set the lowest price for the diamond cross necklace pendants. You can shop online or visit our store directly in NYC to find the perfect jewelry for you.

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Perhaps one of the most popular pendants for men of all time, the cross necklace has both historical and cultural ties. It has been worn by Christians since the 6th century to express their faith and symbolize protection from evil. It’s also a popular pendant in hip-hop history—many people credit the Notorious B.I.G. with popularizing religious pendants for chain necklaces, but many rappers have worn a cross pendant before him and after him. It’s also a meaningful pendant for many athletes, who are reminded of its symbolism during games and matches.

The history of the cross pendant actually predates Christianity. Although today it is mainly worn as a symbol of the Christian faith, in ancient times it was worn in the Middle East during the Babylonian empire, in ancient Africa, such as in Egypt (the Ankh cross), and in Europe by ancient Romans, where it was used as a symbol believed to drive away evil.

A men’s diamond cross necklace is a bold, eye-catching style accessory that not only complements every outfit but adds meaning to your look. It’s a great gift for men, whether as a gift for husband, boyfriend, father or male friend. Men’s diamond crosses will never go out of style, and they’re perfect for self-expression. Here at ItsHot, we have many high-quality men’s diamond cross pendant styles for every man.

Benefits of Diamond Cross Pendants for Men

Diamond cross pendants are a highly popular form of meaningful jewelry for men. Wearing a men’s gold diamond cross necklace can elevate your style while telling a story about yourself. Diamonds and real gold chains are durable pieces of men’s jewelry, making a diamond cross necklace for men the perfect everyday wear accessory.

If you already own a men’s gold chain necklace, adding a diamond cross pendant is a great way to make your chain make an even bigger statement. Diamond cross pendants work well with a variety of men’s chain necklaces—from Miami Cuban link necklaces to Figaro chains, curb chains, rope chains, and more, it’s also a great centerpiece for a layered chain look.

Here at ItsHot, we have the perfect men’s diamond cross pendant for any chain. We offer real gold in three colors: yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold cross pendants, as well as sterling silver diamond cross pendants and platinum diamond cross pendants.

Different Styles of Men’s Diamond Cross Pendants

Finding the right diamond cross pendant for your necklace chain isn’t always easy, but fortunately, we offer many different styles of cross pendants for men, so you’re sure to find the perfect match for your personal style.

Here are some of the different styles of diamond cross pendants for men we offer at ItsHot:

If you’re looking for a cross pendant for a necklace, you’re in the right place. You can filter your searches by carat, metal type and gold purity, price, width size, and more.

If you’re looking for a diamond cross necklace for men and you don’t want a separate pendant, check out our men’s cross rosary necklaces for a vast selection of diamond rosaries in real gold. We also offer plain gold cross pendants for men and women, with equally exceptional quality.

Quality Cross Pendants with Professional Craftsmanship

Here at ItsHot, we have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing fine jewelry. We’re located in New York City, the home of hip-hop culture, and the top diamond trade center in the world. So we know our stuff when it comes to diamond cross pendants. As a manufacturer, we are able to set the lowest price for the diamond cross necklace pendants.

Our entire selection of men’s diamond cross necklace pendants is crafted by some of the best jewelers in the diamond jewelry business. We hand-pick our diamonds, each cut to perfection, and provide a clarity and color grade for customers to have all the information they need while shopping.

We use only real diamonds, as well as real 10K gold and 14K gold in our men’s diamond cross pendants. We offer a 1-year warranty as well as 30-day returns, to assure your absolute satisfaction. You can ask us any questions on any particular diamond cross piece, or contact us on our 24/7 customer service live chat feature.

Tips for Choosing A Cross Pendant for Men

When deciding which diamond cross pendant to get for yourself, or as a gift for men, the first thing you’ll want to consider is what type of necklace chain you’re going to attach it to. For thick gold chains, opt for a chunky or large cross pendant so that it stands out. For thinner chains, you can go with small cross pendants for men or thinner crosses. Finding the right size diamond cross pendant for your chain necklace is easy with our search filter that allows you to pick a width range for each mm measurement.

When deciding on a style, consider what metal type matches your necklace, or what color speaks to you. If you want to go traditional, yellow gold cross pendants are great for classic gold chain necklaces, and it’s also a great option for Egyptian Ankh cross necklaces. For a more modern look, white gold is a popular choice, with the added durability of rhodium plating. Platinum cross pendants are a great way to pay homage to the 90s rappers or to match a platinum Cuban link chain necklace. Rose gold cross pendants are really taking off in contemporary men’s style, and they’re a bold and luxurious choice as a status symbol.

For personalized style, consider choosing colored diamonds. Black diamond cross necklaces are surprisingly affordable, and as a fun fact, black diamonds are even harder than white diamonds. Black cross pendants provide a masculine and slightly edgy look, which can really elevate your game. We have more traditional diamond cross pendants, as well as unique cross pendants for men. Located in NYC, we have a wide selection of hip-hop style diamond cross pendants that are perfect for streetwear style.

If you’re buying a men’s gift, you may wish to buy a diamond cross pendant and leave the necklace chain choice up to the recipient. Or, you can check out our men’s gold chains for under $300 for an affordable gold diamond cross necklace pairing.

Unique Diamond Cross Pendants at Manufacturer Prices

Here at ItsHot, we have some of the boldest cross pendants around, and we’re able to offer them for surprisingly inexpensive prices. Because we manufacture our own diamond cross pendants and sell them directly to the customer, you can access wholesale cross pendant prices with deals up to 80% off.

You can sort our diamond cross pendants by price low to high, newest to oldest, featured, best-sellers, and more. You can also use the more specific filters on the side to find your perfect and meaningful diamond cross pendant.

You can shop online or visit our store in NYC to find the perfect diamond jewelry for you.

The average cost of Mens Cross Pendants is $1,819.00.

When choosing Mens Cross Pendants, you should pay attention to the following characteristics: Price, Width, Approx. Carat Weight, Metal, and Diamond Quality.

Updated on 01/20/22

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