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Diamond Angel & Wings Necklace Pendants

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This simple yet powerful piece of jewelry symbolizes an Angel of protection and guidance. Having one of these beautiful pendants will not only add to your existing jewelry collection but also serve as a protective charm to protect and guide you with the charming sparkle of the diamonds acting as the guiding light. Even if you are not the religious type, a diamond angel pendant piece will definitely be a conversation starter in anywhere you flaunt it.

What goes into making our stunning collection of diamond baby angel pendants?

Crafted by our master craftsmen in pure 10K or 14K gold, our range of angel pendants is studded with beautiful white or color diamonds ranging from 0.25cts to 1.5cts.

How much do Angel Pendants cost?

The average cost of Angel Pendants is $1,475.00.

How to choose Angel Pendants?

When choosing Angel Pendants, you should pay attention to the following characteristics: Price, Metal, Gold Color, Width, Length, Carat Weight, Pendant Type, Diamond, Gemstone Clarity, and Gemstone Color.

What are the most popular Angel Pendants?

The Roots in History

The term ‘Angel’ means messenger and is derived from the Greek word Angelos. A depiction of the Angel of God in the form of a baby or cherub with wings signifies purity where the wings on the baby angel are considered a symbol of the evolution of the soul and spiritual mobility. This symbol also strongly symbolizes protection, courage, love, and harmony. When gifting this beautiful pendant to anyone, it shows the receiver that you care deeply for them.

For millennia, people from civilizations around the world have worn protective pendants and other jewelry. Although guardian angels are the most prominent in Western culture, other cultures around the world often have their version of a protective spirit or angel. Whether you’re religious or not, a diamond angel pendant necklace is a beautiful accessory that symbolizes protection, guidance, and the ancestral roots of humanity.

Found in religions around the world, guardian angel figures, or “tutelary deities” are spirits whose role involves acting as a guardian to keep an individual safe from harm. Some examples of spiritual guardians from around the world are the personal spirit Ehi in African religion, the Ishta-devata in Hinduism, Seonangshin in Korean shamanism, Diwata in Philippine animism, Yidam in Buddhism, Genius and Juno in Ancient Roman mythology, and the Leshi in Slavic mythology.

Even if you’re not religious, you can find your own personal meaning in diamond angel pendants. Whether you want to acknowledge your heritage or remind yourself to stay on a safe path in life, a diamond angel wing pendant, medallion, or figure is a stylish way to embody that meaning.

Here at ItsHot, we have a new inventory of 10K and 14K gold diamond angel pendants in a variety of sizes and styles to choose from.


Simple yet powerful, the meaning of a diamond angel necklace is to guide and protect the wearer. The symbolism of this figure also includes the materials of the charm—real gold and natural diamonds.

Gold is one of the first metals known to mankind; in many cultures, gold is associated with prosperity, royalty, wisdom, health, and unification. Being malleable enough for jewelry, gold also symbolizes flexibility in life—no matter what it goes through, it can always be re-molded back into shape.

Diamonds are one of the hardest materials in the natural world. Billions of years of intense heat and pressure are what makes diamonds so strong and brilliant. Thus, diamonds can symbolize overcoming challenges and obtaining mental clarity after stressful times. Life may throw some hard times your way, but in the end, you’ll end up stronger and more polished for it. The scintillating sparkle of diamonds can serve as your guiding light through life’s challenges.

Wearing an angel wings diamond necklace can give you reassurance when facing difficulties. It also sends a message to the world of success, perseverance, and self-confidence.


From small praying diamond angel pendants to lustrous gold angel medallions, this type of pendants for necklaces come in an array of shapes and styles. Our diamond angel pendants are relatively new to our collection, but we offer an interesting variety of them in an affordable price range for men and for women.

Here are some of the different types of angel pendants with diamonds for sale at ItsHot:

  • Unique diamond angel wing necklaces
  • Mini diamond angel pendants
  • Iced-out hip-hop style angel pendants
  • Solid gold diamond angel medallions
  • Diamond baby angel pendants
  • Diamond angel wing heart pendants
  • Colored diamond angel pendants
    • Canary yellow diamond angel pendants
    • Fancy pink diamond angel pendants
    • Blue diamond angel pendants
    • Black diamond angel pendants
  • Custom diamond angel pendants

Crafted by our master craftsmen in solid 10K or solid 14K gold, our selection of diamond angel necklace pendants is studded with beautiful white or color diamonds ranging from 0.25cts to 1.5cts.

Once you select your design, you can choose either yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold for your metal color. You can also choose white diamonds or colored diamonds. If you create your own pendant you can select your diamond color as well as the design.

You can filter your search by carat weight, gold purity, men’s or women’s (or unisex), price, and size.

Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

How is an angel pendant supposed to protect you if it falls apart? Here at ItsHot, we create our gold diamond angel pendants to last for years. Made in the USA by experienced jewelers, we manufacture our diamond pendants ourselves and sell them directly to consumers. This means that we are able to offer deals up to 80% off, giving you wholesale prices.

Being the manufacturer, we know our diamond pieces inside and out and can attest to the high quality of the materials and designs. Located in NYC’s diamond district, we’re in the perfect location to stay up-to-date with the latest diamond jewelry styles and techniques. We pick our diamonds based on their quality and beauty and cut them to perfection. Our diamond angel pendants come with a certificate of authenticity, showing the diamond grade and the gold authenticity.

To assure customer satisfaction, we offer a 1-year warranty and a 30-day return policy on our jewelry. Feel free to ask us any questions before you buy, or after purchasing your jewellery product.

Tips for Choosing a Diamond Angel Pendant

A diamond angel pendant is a meaningful gift for someone special—whether it’s for yourself or a gift for a girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, or new graduate. This means that the design should represent your personality and unique style so that it can share the story you want to tell with the world.

Here are some tips for figuring out how to pick an angel pendant with diamonds:

  1. Decide between 10K and 14K gold: While both solid 10K gold and solid 14K gold are excellent metals for a diamond angel pendant, here are some things to consider. A 10K gold angel pendant is cheaper than a 14K gold angel pendant, but 14K gold is a better investment. 10K yellow gold is lighter in color; 14K gold has a richer golden tone. 10K rose gold is going to have a richer red/rose color than 14K rose gold, which is warmer in color. Both 10K and 14K white gold look similar since they’re both coated in rhodium, a rare precious metal that adds strength to gold jewelry. Either type of white gold is better for a hypoallergenic necklace pendant because the rhodium coating that touches your skin is an allergy-free metal.
  1. Pick a diamond color: White diamonds are the most sparkly diamond color—they reflect light splendidly. Colored diamonds can add a meaningful touch if you pick your favorite color or care about the symbolism of colored diamonds. Pink diamonds are associated with love, hope, creativity, and intuition. Yellow diamonds represent wisdom, intellect, contentment, and financial success. The meaning of blue diamonds centers around unity, peace, truth, loyalty, and spirituality. Black diamonds represent charisma, strength, mystery, power, and eternal love.
  1. Pick a design: Diamond angel pendants come in many styles and shapes. A diamond wings necklace pendant has a more organic and bohemian shape, perfect for adding an elegant touch to your style. Gold diamond angel medallions pay tribute to the black musicians of the 60s–80s who inspired generations with their perseverance and success. Mini angel figure pendants add an aesthetic triangular shape that can make your wardrobe ensemble more artistic and intriguing. Diamond heart pendants with angel wings are a cute fashion accessory that adds charm to your style. Baby angel pendants can represent your inner child and your personal growth as you develop self-confidence, self-love, and healing from loss or heartache.

If none of our available diamond angel necklace pendants speak to you, you can always customize your own pendant. Maybe you want an angel wing dog tag pendant or letter initial with angel wings. Feel free to browse our other diamond pendants for men and for women’s diamond pendants to get a feel for what you would like your guardian to look like.

Protect Your Neck with An Angel Necklace Pendant

The Wu-Tang Clan says “you best protect ya neck,” and here at ItsHot, we think that buying a personal guardian angel pendant symbolizes this mentality. Having this piece of jewelry is a great way to remind yourself that you can handle tough times with confidence and style.

Our famous New York City store is popular with celebrity customers for our high-quality, exceptionally stylish gold and diamond jewelry. We’re dedicated to helping customers from all walks of life find fine diamond jewelry that suits their style. Contact us any day any time through our 24/7 live chat feature if you have any questions. You can also give us a call, or contact us at sales@ItsHot.com. Or, if you’re in the Big Apple, you can stop in our New York store in Manhattan’s diamond district.
If you’re interested in other diamond jewelry or religious jewelry, go ahead and check out the other categories on our website. If you need a necklace for your pendant, check out or a real gold chain necklaces for thick and thin chains for sale at manufacturer prices.

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