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Diamond Dog Tag Necklace Pendants

Gold Diamond Dog Tags Military Necklaces Custom & Personalized Diamond Dog Tag w Name Engraving or Pictures

Browse our large selection of Solid 14k Gold Diamond Dog Tags. Our diamond dog tags can be customized and personalized with name or initial engraving or even with printing your favorite picture (not available on all dog tags, please contact us for details). A gold diamond dog tag is among the best options if you are looking for special gifts for men. All of our diamond and gold dog tags are made from solid 14k gold and with real natural diamonds. From military style diamond dog tags to bling personalized dog tag pendants, your dog tag jewelry can be customized with different patterns of fancy color diamonds (available with canary yellow, blue, and black diamonds).
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Iced Out 14K Solid Gold Dog Tag Pendant With Diamonds 2ct

Iced Out 14K Solid Gold Dog Tag Pendant With Diamonds 2ct


Regular Price: $5,495.00

Special Price $1,995.00

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A staple of military chic fashion, dog tag necklaces began as simple pieces of military-style jewelry. The first dog tag necklaces in history were worn by Roman legionnaires. Known as a “signaculum,” these early dog tags featured a lead disc with the soldier’s name on it, tied to a leather string and worn on the neck.

The ball chain dog tag necklace style comes from European and American soldiers. First, during the Civil War, many soldiers chose to wear ID plate necklaces for the practical purpose of identifying their bodies. Since it was such a good idea, they became an official military requirement during WWI. Soldiers in many countries around the world, such as Canada, Denmark, the UK, Mexico, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, South Africa, and Italy, now wear dog tag necklaces, all with different variations.

Dog tags have remained popular in military-inspired fashion since youth could first get their hands on them. While the 90s style dog tags were simpler than the current styles, many musicians, especially rappers, would create their own personalized custom dog tag pendants. The most recent dog tag necklace trend is luxury dog tag pendants. Instead of stainless steel, the high-end style is a real gold dog tag necklace, often with personalized engravings, encrusted diamonds, and unique designs.

Benefits of Diamond Dog Tag Necklace Pendants

There are many benefits to choosing to wear a men’s gold dog tag pendant necklace. From their durability to their versatility, they will never go out of style—there are so many ways to personalize them for self-expression. Popularized by urban youth and the hip-hop community, engravable diamond dog tags are popular meaningful necklaces for men; they work with any outfit, any style preference.

The most popular way to style diamond dog tag pendants is with a ball chain necklace, also called dog tag bead chains. Within the types of dog tag bead chains, you have different styles of real gold link styles, such as moon-cut bead chains, ball chain necklaces, diamond cut chains, bead and ball chain necklaces, etc. Dog tag pendant necklaces provide a masculine and confident edge to any look, which can elevate your whole outfit.

The variety of chain styles, paired with the wide variety of gold diamond dog tag pendant styles, means that you can really fine-tune this type of pendant chain necklace to fit your personality. Dog-tag bead chain necklaces in real 10K and 14K gold are also one of the strongest chains for pendants. This makes custom dog tags for men one of the best men’s everyday wear necklaces you can buy.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for special gift ideas for men, a gold diamond dog tag is among the best options for men’s jewelry gifts.

Different Styles of Diamond Dog Tag Necklace Pendants

The latest men’s jewelry trends right now reflect the massive changes in men’s jewelry styles. The new styles of men’s necklaces move away from typical “trends,” instead placing an emphasis on personalization, unique designs, versatility, significance and meaning, and longevity. The newest dog tag pendant styles come in many varieties to show off your personality.

Here are some of the different styles of gold diamond dog tags for men we offer at ItsHot:

  • Custom gold dog tags for men
    • Personalized name engraving dog tags with diamonds
    • Custom diamond number engraved dog tags
  • Colored diamond dog tags
    • Multicolor diamond dog tag pendants
    • Black diamond dog tag pendants
    • Yellow diamond dog tag pendants
    • Champagne diamond dog tag pendants
    • Blue diamond dog tag pendants
  • Unique diamond dog tag pendants
    • Designer dog tag pendants with diamonds
    • 24K Gold Bar Pamp Suisse diamond dog tag pendants
    • Rubies and diamonds gemstone dog tags
    • Roman numerals bar dog tag pendants
    • Celtic cross pendant diamond dog tags
  • Hip-hop style diamond dog tag pendants
    • Iced-out diamond dog tags
  • Diamond cross pendant dog tags
  • Sterling silver diamond dog tags

We offer our gold diamond dog tag pendants in three colors of solid gold: rose gold diamond dog tags, yellow gold diamond dog tags, and white gold diamond dog tags. We also offer a variety of diamond colors.

If you’re looking for a unique charm to add to a chain necklace, our variety of solid gold diamond dog tags for men is a great way to upgrade your style. We offer many different sizes and shapes of diamond dog tags—from large, diamond-encrusted statement dog tags, to small dog tag pendants with diamond borders, we’ve got the latest trends covered.

Located in New York City, we keep up with all of the hottest fashion trends. Located in the heart of hip hop’s roots, we offer some of the best genuine hip hop style dog tags for sale online, and in our NYC store.

High-End Quality and Materials

Here at ItsHot, we’ve been making fine diamond jewelry for over 20 years. All of our diamond dog tag pendants are made in the U.S.A. by experienced jewelers. We’re located in the heart of the NYC diamond district, one of the world’s biggest diamond trade centers, so we know what a quality-cut diamond looks like.

Not only are each of our diamonds hand-picked and cut to ideal standards, but we also offer a diamond certificate of authenticity for every item sold for $500 to $1,500 that states the metal, approximate carat weight, quality of diamonds, and the appraised value of the item, which is typically sufficient for jewelry insurance. Our Jewelry items sold for $1,500 and above will come with a free appraisal certificate from an independent gemological laboratory.

Each of our gold diamond dog tags features real solid gold, available in 10K gold and 14K gold in three colors: white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold. We also offer affordable real sterling silver diamond dog tags You can filter your search by metal type, carats, width, price, and more, to find the best styles for you and the best deals on dog tag pendants for men.

Because we manufacture our own jewelry and cut out the retail cost of the middleman, our prices are considerably cheap—we’re able to sell at wholesale prices for deals up to 80% off on dog tag pendants.

Tips On How To Choose a Dog Tag Pendant for Men

If you’re deciding on which diamond dog tag pendant to get for your necklace, or you’re getting one as a meaningful and cool gift for men, there are a few buying tips to know when choosing a diamond pendant.

  1. Match the size to your necklace chain. If you have a thick gold ball chain necklace, a larger pendant size will stand out better. For a thinner necklace, opting for a smaller or thinner diamond dog tag pendant will still look good.
  2. Match the gold color to your other jewelry. If you have a yellow gold chain, you may wish to pick a yellow gold pendant (the same thing for other colors). Some people like to mix and match metal colors, and if you pull off this look, we recommend at least matching diamond color to your necklace.
  3. Decide if you want a personalized engraving. Many of our dog tag styles include personalized name or number engravings, but some styles are better for personalizing with a name, number, or picture than others. For example, our 24K Suisse gold bar dog tag makes for a unique and luxurious gift for men, but it’s a style that speaks for itself; it’s not as ideal for unique customization. Our diamond border customizable dog tags, on the other hand, are perfect for engraving your name, a meaningful number, or any other word for an ID necklace that’s unique to you.
  4. Consider your budget. While we offer sales deals on our diamond dog tag pendants at exceptional prices for real gold dog tags, the prices will vary depending on diamond great, total carat weight, gold karat, and more. For a cheap diamond dog tag, consider 10K solid gold dog tags or sterling silver men’s dog tags for an even lower price. You can also sort your price low to high to find deals on dog tags, or use the price search filter feature.
  5. Choose the right chain length. Long dog tag chains work well for making a statement; shorter dog tag chains are more out of the way for daily wear. Our gold dog tag chains come in customizable lengths. We offer real gold dog tag chains for under $300 as well, if you need to buy a chain to go with your pendant.

Even if you don’t find your perfect match, returns are easy with our 30-day return policy. We also provide a 1-year warranty on our jewelry.

Unique Customizable Dog Tag Pendants

You don’t have to visit our ItsHot store in New York City for the best dog tag necklace pendants for men; we offer our extensive selection of dog tags online. Enjoy browsing our large selection of solid 10K and solid 14K gold diamond dog tags for sale.

You can customize diamond dog tags right here on our website; personalize your dog tag with a name or initial engraving, or even with printing your favorite picture (not available on all dog tags, please contact us for details). From military-style diamond dog tags to blingy personalized dog tag pendants, you can also customize our dog tags with different patterns of fancy color diamonds (available with canary yellow, blue, and black diamonds).

Feel free to ask us any questions through the comments section on each piece. You can also contact us through our ItsHot email: We also have a 24/7 customer service live chat feature you can use to contact us any time.

Custom Dog Tags for Men

Shop jewelry online with confidence: all diamond dog tag pendants we sell are guaranteed to be quality made and come with 30 days money back guarantee and one year warranty. We are offering free shipping on all orders $150 and over. All diamond dog tag pendants/necklaces are shipped by safe, fully insured FedEx mail with signature confirmation, with each diamond dog tag pendant carefully packed in a nice gift box.

The average cost of Dog Tags Pendants is $1,550.00.

When choosing Dog Tags Pendants, you should pay attention to the following characteristics: Price, Width, Approx. Carat Weight, Metal, and Diamond Quality.

Updated on 01/18/22

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