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Gold & Diamond Cuban Link Bracelets

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Solid 14k Gold Men's Miami Cuban Link Diamond Bracelet by Luxurman 9ct 17mm

Solid 14k Gold Men's Miami Cuban Link Diamond Bracelet by Luxurman 9ct 17mm


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A variation of the classic chain, a men's cuban bracelets is also crafted from the same popular interlocking links but made to fit perfectly on your wrist. Check out our exclusive range of Miami Cuban link bracelets made with solid yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and studded with authentic, finely cut diamonds to give you or your loved one the joy of luxurious accessorizing.
How much do Cuban Link Bracelets cost?

The average cost of Cuban Link Bracelets is $5,349.00.

How to choose Cuban Link Bracelets?

When choosing Cuban Link Bracelets, you should pay attention to the following characteristics: Price, Width, Carat Weight, Metal, Gold Color, Gemstone Clarity, and Gemstone Color.

What are the most popular Cuban Link Bracelets?

Miami Gold Cuban link bracelet are one of the hottest trends for men's fashion. Inspired by hip-hop fashion, real gold cuban link bracelets, especially the ones inlaid with the real diamonds, have all the boldness and glamour of the Cuban link chain, with even more versatility. While other men's jewelry styles fade away and never return, the cuban bracelet is here to stay.

History context of Cuban Link Bracelets

The Cuban link style took the world by storm around the 2010s, when rappers were frequently wearing such jewelry onstage, athletes were wearing it off the court, and all kinds of rich and famous were wearing it to exclusive parties in Miami. This style is rooted in Italian jewelry design; the links flow into each other elegantly, while the diamond cut of the links gives it a strong design. Available in a variety of widths, its structure makes it highly versatile, giving it the ability to elevate any outfit.

Diamond Cuban Link bracelet is a small piece of jewelry which you can wear on your wrist with a gold chain or on its own. Different styles, types of gold, and widths means that it can work with any outfit. Its versatility makes it more popular amongst many types of fashion-savvy people, proving that rapper jewelry is a powerful influence on mainstream style.

Styles and Materials

We offer all the style varieties to suit your needs. Here’s a guide to some of our styles and some tips for choosing a gold cuban link bracelet for men.

Yellow gold

  • Yellow gold Miami Cuban Link bracelets are the most reminiscent of the classic curb chain. While yellow gold chains fell in popularity to platinum chains during the late 90s, it never really left (yellow gold will never become uncool).
  • Yellow gold jewelry works really well with skin tones that are olive or darker, but yellow gold chains are also great to pair with black outfits. A simple yellow gold cuban bracelet can make a $20 black t-shirt look luxurious.

For sleek styles, we recommend: 4MM 14K Gold Cuban Link Bracelet: Weighing 9 grams, this thinner bracelet still features a pretty big chunk of solid gold. Wear it on its own for a subtle look, or layer it with other chain bracelets or watches.

For bold styles, we recommend: Half-kilo Miami Cuban Link Bracelet: A monster of a gold chain bracelet, you’re bound to get a forearm workout just wearing this thing.

Pair it with: 80% off Luxurman gold watch in our clearance section to get a luxury watch for an insanely cheap price.

White Gold

  • White gold became the most popular color of gold overall in contemporary fashion since the 2010s. It has the look of platinum, while being a bit more affordable, allowing more money to be spent on uniquely-crafted designs, multiple gemstones and various colors of diamonds, and higher karat-weight chains.
  • White gold works well for all skin tones, and is a particularly stunning choice for iced-out jewelry, since the color enhances the sparkle of high-quality white and colored gemstones. White gold works well for lighter-colored clothing.

For sleek styles, we recommend: 3MM 14K Miami Cuban Link Bracelet: It’s thin and subtle, yet impossible to ignore. 

For bold styles, we recommend: 14K Luxurman Cuban Link Bracelet: A designer diamond cuban link bracelet that’s iced out in 9 carats of white gemstones (or customize your gemstone color).

Rose Gold

  • Rose gold is the newest trending color of gold. Rose gold  is an instant hit color associated with luxury and expensive styles. Rose gold initially saw more popularity with women, but it’s now gaining widespread popularity amongst male athletes and rappers, such as Lil’ Baby.
  • Rose gold adds an extra je ne sais quoi to any outfit. Whatever your outfit, the color increases the status of it. Wearing multiple jewelry pieces in rose gold can make the look even more dazzling.

For sleek styles, we recommend: 5.6MM Men’s Cuban Link Bracelet: For a more subtle but still heavy, solid gold bracelet.

For bold styles, we recommend: 14.5MM Men’s Colossal Rose Gold Chain Bracelet: For a colossal, heavy solid rose gold bracelet.

Pair it with: Diamond Star Pinky Ring: To keep up with the latest rapper fashion trends, this big statement pinky ring in rose gold is like no other.

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