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Gold Diamond Belly Button Rings: 18K and 14k at Discounted Prices is offering discounted solid 14k gold belly rings to those who like a little sparkle in their life. These belly rings can be made from 14k white gold, yellow gold or rose gold, diamond belly rings are also available. There are multiple styles and patterns to choose from; we are sure you will find the gold belly ring that suits your personality and style. Designs you may see on our website will include simple, elegant, dazzling, or breathtaking.

Whichever your taste, we are sure you will not be disappointed in our selection. The amount of money that you save when purchasing a belly ring from is astonishing. These rings have been discounted up to 70%! only allows diamonds that have been cut and polished to perfection to be placed in their jewelry.

Because of the way these rings have been cut, only color and brilliance are able to shine through. These gold diamond belly rings give you a chance to proudly show off your stylish personality. If you have any questions or concerns, offers a twenty-four seven available support line for those who have inquiries. If you are in NYC please stop by to visit our store, we are sure you will not disappointed in our selection, or order online and we will have your favorite gold or diamond belly ring shipped and delivered to your doorstep. Start shopping today!

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Although the history of body piercings and jewelry dates back millennia, the navel piercing first entered mainstream modern fashion in 1993 when model Christy Turlington walked in a London fashion show. Bearing her midriff between an off-white cut-out knit shirt, much of the fashion-forward world was instantly captivated by her navel ring.

As a matter of fact, the next day, when Naomi Campbell revealed her gold navel ring, the jewelry industry suddenly faced a significant demand for real gold belly button rings. To some, the belly button ring trend was an homage to world cultures. To others, the meaning of belly button rings took on a punk rebellion and spiritual symbolism. Furthermore, many simply found navel piercings to be a great way to express their identities, individuality, and personal style.

Today, belly button piercings are one of the most popular forms of body piercings. As the jewelry trends shift towards personalization and self-expression, many new and innovative styles of navel piercings have become available to buy online, including small diamond stud navel piercings, two-tone solid gold belly rings, and real diamond belly rings.

Here at ItsHot, we supply some of the best gold and diamond belly button rings for sale online and in our NYC store. Our high-quality gold navel jewelry is on sale at manufacturer prices, providing some of the best deals on belly button rings made in the USA.


After earlobe piercings, navel piercings are the second most common kind of piercing, especially for women! While there are many reasons why belly button piercings are popular, one of the most obvious is that they look fantastic. Although jewelry trends come and go, diamond and gold belly button rings remain popular due to their status as a unique form of self-expression.

Many women and men with belly button piercings wear them to reflect their distinct personality, personalized interests, lifestyle, goals, and life philosophy. The best belly button rings are those that amplify your wardrobe by providing an artistic or meaningful touch. A gold diamond belly button ring is a surefire way to turn heads or start conversations, either with people who are curious to get to know you or others interested in body modification jewelry.

Whether you choose white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold, 14K gold belly button rings are a good choice of metal for a navel piercing. 14K gold offers a balance of luxury and durability, allowing you to wear your belly button jewelry for years to come. It’s also a nice nod to the various world cultures that have preferred solid gold body jewelry for its rarity, purity, and social status.


Whether you’re looking to buy cute and small belly button rings, flashy big diamond belly button rings, elegant and sexy belly button rings with diamonds, or unique belly button rings that are hard to find elsewhere—our famous collection of ItsHot belly button rings is sure to hold something in store for you. Choose from 14K gold body rings, or 18K gold body rings, with or without diamonds, in three gold colors and in unisex or women’s styles.

Here are some of the different types of gold body rings for sale at ItsHot:

  • Diamond dangles
  • Barbell piercings
    • Straight
    • Curved
  • Microdermal implant piercings
  • Unique
  • Pavé
  • with round diamonds
  • with white and pink diamonds
  • Designer

Since we’re located in NYC’s Diamond District, ItsHot has an advantage when it comes to offering the latest belly button piercing trends and styles. We offer many popular bellybutton ring styles for sale, from basic belly button rings to unique navel piercings with charms.

Whether you’re looking for luxury belly button rings or cheap real gold belly button rings at wholesale prices, you can filter your search to find the best real gold and diamond belly button piercings for your budget. Search by price, carat weight, gold karat, gender, diamond grade, and more to find the best styles of navel rings for your budget.

The Different Types of Gold in Body Jewelry

Considered by many to be one of the best metals for navel piercings, solid 14K gold is a beautiful precious metal with many benefits. First of all, it is possible to repair and resize a gold belly button ring, whereas stainless steel body jewelry (or other non-precious metals) cannot be as easily repaired.

Additionally, 14K gold offers a balance of affordability, luxury, and durability compared to other gold karats. 14K gold body piercings are excellent for keeping diamonds and other gemstones secure in their setting. Since real solid gold is easy to clean, the upkeep and maintenance required for navel piercings are reduced compared to other metals.

At, we have over 20 years of specializing in manufacturing and selling gold and diamond jewelry. Located in NYC’s Diamond District, we offer high-quality white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold belly piercings for sale. We provide both plain solid gold belly button rings for sale and gold navel piercings with real natural diamonds.

To stand by the authenticity of our diamond body jewelry, every diamond jewelry item sold for $500 to $1,500 comes with a certificate of authenticity stating the metal, approximate carat weight, quality of diamonds, and the appraised value. If you buy ItsHot jewelry for $1,500 and above, you will receive a free appraisal certificate from an independent gemological lab.

Choosing Tips

Here are some tips for buying gold and diamond belly button jewelry, as well as a helpful body jewelry metal guide for finding which gold karat and color to get.

Gold karat comparison:

  • 14K yellow gold is slightly paler in color than 17K gold, but not as pale as 10K gold.
  • 14K rose gold is cooler in color than 18K rose gold, but not as rosy as 10K.
  • 14K white gold has a whiter hue than 18K white gold, but at ItsHot, we coat our white gold in rhodium—one of the rarest precious metals. All of our 10K white gold belly button rings will have that platinum look.
  • 14K gold is softer than 10K gold but has higher purity. 14K gold is harder than 18K gold but contains less pure gold.

In general, when picking a metal type for a belly button ring, most people tend to stick to 14K gold or 18K gold, due to the higher purity.

Hypoallergenic properties:

  • If you have metal sensitivities, 18K gold body jewelry is more hypoallergenic than 14K gold due to the higher gold content.
  • Our white gold body jewelry is hypoallergenic for 14K or 18K, because we add a rhodium coating to create a whiter gold finish. Rhodium is a pure precious metal that’s safe for metal allergies.

Once you decide on the best type of belly button ring for your style and metal allergy specifications, you can enjoy all the versatile ways you can style a belly button ring. Our diamond jewelry is famous across the country, so if you want to turn heads, you’re in the right place.

We offer both unisex belly button rings for men and for women, as well as women’s gold belly button rings with diamonds and without. Select whatever navel piercing style you like; all that matters is that you feel confident and authentic.

Famous High-Quality Gold Navel Rings for Wholesale Prices

At ItsHot NYC, we take a lot of care in manufacturing our gold and diamond jewelry with exquisite craftsmanship to meet the desires of our customers. As one of the first online jewelry stores to pioneer urban and hip-hop jewelry sales online, we really value how jewelry supports individuality and the freedom of expression.

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy browsing our beautiful collection of real diamond navel rings, all handcrafted with brilliant, high-quality diamonds and solid 14K gold. Our wholesale prices are cheap for such quality belly button piercings, which is something we strive to constantly maintain. All of our jewelry is made in the USA and features a 1-year warranty and 30-day return policy.

Still did not find the belly button stud or navel ring you were looking for? Contact our customer service through our 24/7 live chat feature or by email at You can even give us a call, and we will make a customized diamond belly button ring to your exact specifications!

How much do Gold Belly Button Rings cost?

The average cost of Gold Belly Button Rings is $853.00.

How to choose Gold Belly Button Rings?

When choosing Gold Belly Button Rings, you should pay attention to the following characteristics: Price, Width, Carat Weight, and Diamond Quality.

What are the most popular Gold Belly Button Rings?

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