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Hamsa Pendants made with Gold, Diamond and Silver

The Hamsa charm, an ancient talisman shaped as a hand, has been a part of the religious iconology for centuries acting as a symbol of protection, good fortune, and health. Pair your favorite diamond Hamsa pendant from our stunning collection with a silver or 14k gold chain for men from our massive inventory and be surrounded with good vibes always.

Crafted with the finest sterling silver, 10K or14K gold, our collection offers a wide variety of metals and styles to choose from. Each pendant in our inventory comes studded with the finest white diamonds ranging from 0.02ct to 2.85ct in weight. All you have to do is pick the one you feel most drawn to.

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Historical Roots

Originating in the Middle East, the Hamsa Hand has been around for almost 1800 years with its roots deeply set in the Jewish and Islamic faiths. After this symbol was recognized as one of religious significance, it wasn’t long before it was used as a decorative motif in making jewelry. Pendants with this symbol are now considered one of the most protective symbols representing the Hand of God.

It is said that this symbol brings good fortune, health, happiness, and luck to those who wear it. It is also believed that if you gift such a pendant to a near and dear one, it means that you care immensely for that person and will always be there to protect them from any harm.

How much do Diamond Hamsa Jewelry | Hamsa Hand Necklaces cost?

The average cost of Diamond Hamsa Jewelry | Hamsa Hand Necklaces is $932.00.

How to choose Diamond Hamsa Jewelry | Hamsa Hand Necklaces?

When choosing Diamond Hamsa Jewelry | Hamsa Hand Necklaces, you should pay attention to the following characteristics: Price, Width, Carat Weight, Metal, and Diamond Quality.

What are the most popular Diamond Hamsa Jewelry | Hamsa Hand Necklaces?

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