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Black Diamond Engagement Bands

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Halo 18K Gold Designer Black Diamond Engagement Ring 3.42ct

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These rings have a magnetizing and mysterious allure thanks to their sultry black diamonds. Each of our black diamond engagement rings is expressive and unique, taking the expected and making it something new. Black diamonds are ideal for making an eye-catching and stylish statement, expressing the individuality of your one and only bride-to-be.

When paired with white diamonds on a platinum or white gold band, black diamonds provide a stunning contrast. Consider setting a large black diamond as the center stone on display, or choose a cluster of small black diamonds surrounded by a ring of white diamonds. Either way, our wide variety of striking designs is sure to catch eyes and draw compliments. Black diamond engagement rings complement any outfit beautifully and are the perfect choice for your future fiancée.

Each ring comes beautifully gift-wrapped with free, fast shipping. Each shipment is fully insured and requires signature upon delivery, ensuring that your ring of choice arrives safely. You can be confident your engagement ring will arrive exactly as expected, glittering with high-quality diamonds in strong, secure settings. If you cannot stop by our New York City Store, feel free to contact us today with any questions about the diamonds or settings. Happy shopping!

How much do Black Diamond Engagement Rings cost?

The average cost of Black Diamond Engagement Rings is $1,190.00.

How to choose Black Diamond Engagement Rings?

When choosing Black Diamond Engagement Rings, you should pay attention to the following characteristics: Price, Width, Metal, Gold Color, Carat Weight, Gemstone Clarity, and Gemstone Color.

What are the most popular Black Diamond Engagement Rings?

Many people don’t know that natural black diamonds exist. Black diamonds are real diamonds, but you hardly see them in jewelry. Since they’re harder than white diamonds, up until recently, their primary use was in industrial cutting. We’re glad that fashion trends have finally come to embrace the sultry elegance of a black diamond engagement ring; they’re the perfect choice for those who want something totally different to wear on their finger.

From a little black dress to a black suit and tie, something about black is timeless. A unique black engagement ring is the perfect way to elevate your style, while fondly thinking of the one you love. Our ItsHot certified black diamond engagement rings are even more entrancing with our vast array of unique designs.

Benefits of Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Since black diamonds are even harder than white diamonds, they’re not only durable, but can represent the strength you have as a couple.

Black diamonds don’t sparkle the same way that white diamonds do, but they have their own magnificent appeal. They’re glamorously lustrous; they have an intriguing sheen to them. Vintage engagement rings with black diamond accents can have a bolder composition to them than those without. If you’re someone who likes to wear black and white or other bold colors, they’ll match your style splendidly. Even if you like wearing pastel colors, a rose gold black diamond engagement ring might be the perfect complementary statement accessory to complete your look.Different Styles of Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Before the 1990s, only relatively underground jewelry brands touched black diamonds. Once the trailblazing designers paved the way in the 90s, many unique and innovative engagement ring designs for black diamonds have developed. Now, it’s easy to find beautiful black diamond engagement rings for women and men that live up to the aesthetic standards of their more popular counterparts.

Here are some of the different types of black diamond engagement rings for sale at ItsHot:

  • Antique black diamond engagement rings
  • Black diamond halo engagement rings
  • Black diamond princess cut engagement rings
  • Three stone black diamond engagement rings
  • Black and white diamond engagement rings
  • Solitaire black diamond engagement rings
  • Cluster black diamond engagement rings
  • Tear drop black diamond engagement rings
  • Unique black diamond engagement rings
  • Luxurman designer black diamond engagement rings

For every design, choose from real 10K, 14K, and 18K gold in three colors: white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold. We also offer inexpensive sterling silver black diamond engagement rings. We offer many different diamond cuts, from the traditional round brilliant cut, to fancy diamond shapes, such as emerald cut, cushion cut, princess cut, oval cut, and pear cut. Furthermore, we also offer different cluster setting styles, from square to curvy.

Because black diamond engagement rings are less popular, they’re also more affordable than white diamond engagement rings. So, if you’re looking for a cheap 3-carat diamond engagement ring, you may want to check out black diamonds for your center stone. We offer simple and affordable styles, as well as extravagant and more expensive black diamond engagement rings.

Tips on Choosing a Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Black diamonds are graded on a different scale than white diamonds, and it doesn’t factor in as much in the price. Here are some tips for deciding which black diamond engagement ring to buy:

  1. Pick a style: There are large and glamorous black diamond engagement ring styles, as well as minimalist and simple ones. Figure out what size works best, and consider the thickness of the band. You can filter your search by size to see different styles in that range. You should also consider if you want something modern or antique; we offer a variety of engagement rings in both categories. Antique black diamond engagement rings are more ornate and decadent than many of the sleek modern styles, but you can also find fancy designs in the newest trends. For a contemporary look, consider setting a large black diamond as the center stone on display, or choose a cluster of small black diamonds surrounded by a ring of white diamonds.
  1. Pick a metal type: We offer three gold colors that bring out the beauty of black diamonds differently. When paired with white diamonds on a platinum or white gold band, black diamonds provide a stunning contrast. Rose gold black diamond engagement rings provide versatile elegance that can work with darker and lighter clothing. Yellow black diamond engagement rings have a vivid and luxurious appearance. Sterling silver bands provide an antique look and are much cheaper.
  1. Think about matching wedding bands: Do you want a matching black diamond wedding band for him and for her? Or do you prefer simple gold wedding bands? It’s a good idea to make sure the diamond colors complement each other, and the wedding band metal types should be the same. If you want to wear your engagement and wedding rings together, opt for a thinner band for both. If you wish to wear your engagement ring on a separate hand or finger, you may want a bigger or fancier ring.

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