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Engagement Rings for Men

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Here at ItsHot, our 20+ years of experience manufacturing fine diamond jewelry means that each of our men’s engagement rings is made for exceptional style and longevity. We use real solid gold, real sterling silver, and real platinum bands to keep our natural diamonds secure. Our craftsmen are experienced in creating men’s engagement rings up to par with the latest trends and innovations, all made in the U.S.A.

There are many affordable men’s diamond engagement rings in our inventory; you can even find them at wholesale prices. We hand-pick our diamonds and cut them to the best standards to bring out their decadence. You can browse by price, style, gender, width, or diamond clarity, or color grade. We provide diamond certificates from labs to verify their grade and authenticity. We stand by the quality of all of our jewelry, providing a 1-year warranty and 30-day return policy. We also offer 24/hour customer support and a fast response time to answer any questions you may have about any of our engagement rings for sale.

How much do Men's Engagement Rings cost?

The average cost of Men's Engagement Rings is $9,433.00.

How to choose Men's Engagement Rings?

When choosing Men's Engagement Rings, you should pay attention to the following characteristics: Price, Metal, Metal Color, Width, Carat Weight, Diamond, Ring Style, and Gemstone Clarity.

What are the most popular Men's Engagement Rings?

One of the fastest-growing trends in men's jewelry is diamond engagement rings for men. They really took off in 2020. Historically, men have worn all kinds of jewelry around the world, as much if not more as women have. Before men's engagement rings with diamonds became a thing, there were other unique men's engagement rings, although they didn’t hold that title.


There are numerous benefits of engagement bands for men. Firstly, it’s a nice surprise to receive a ring after making a proposal. This can make the upcoming marriage and the symbolism of rings even more exciting.

In addition, if your spouse decides to opt for only an engagement ring and not a wedding band, you can also choose to wear a more dazzling men's engagement ring instead of a plain gold band. There are many styles of men's engagement bands that look similar to wedding rings for men, but more luxurious and eye-catching. You could even choose to buy sets for women and men to coordinate your jewelry.

Furthermore, this piece of jewelry are not only meaningful in representing your relationship, but they’re a luxe fashion statement. Wearing a men's engagement rings on hand can elevate any of your outfits, adding an interesting touch of decadence.

While gay couples have been buying men's engagement rings for years as a meaningful symbol of their love, in heterosexual couples, many women enjoy giving their man an engagement ring after or during a proposal. Independent women may find value in reciprocating their ring gift by buying one for him, as a move towards gender equality.


You can find cheap and simple diamond engagement rings, as well as lavish ones. Men's engagement rings and bands come in varying widths: thin (4mm), medium (6mm), or wide (8mm) thicknesses. Figure out which finger you want to wear it on, and if you’d like a statement engagement ring styles or a thinner, more subtle ring.

Here are some of the different styles for sale at ItsHot:

  • Simple diamond engagement bands
  • Unique men's diamond engagement rings
    • Luxurman designer diamond engagement rings
    • Gemstone men's engagement rings
    • Modern engagement ring designs
    • Colored and black diamond engagement rings
  • Engagement ring sets for him and her
  • Antique and vintage men's engagement ring styles
  • Diamond pavé engagement rings for men
  • Cluster diamond engagement rings for men
  • Hip hop engagement rings for men
  • Custom engagement rings for men

We offer a choice of metal type—platinum and gold are the most popular choices for men's engagement rings, but sterling silver is an inexpensive choice. If you choose gold, select your color: rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold in 14K or 18K gold. Choose from brilliant round diamonds, elegant princess, cushion, or emerald cut diamonds and classic baguette-cut accent diamonds.

Tips for Picking out an Engagement Ring for Men

With the wide range of prices and style choices, it can be difficult to know what to look for. Here are some tips:

  1. Choose your width: Do you want a large and eye-catching black or white diamond engagement ring, or something thinner? Consider the man’s lifestyle, personal fashion preferences, job, and personality. You can filter your search by width, so you view only the rings that suit your size preferences.
  2. Choose your metal type: Platinum is the most expensive choice of metal for jewelry, but it is very durable and hypoallergenic. Gold is versatile, coming in three colors. Yellow gold is great for antique ring styles; white gold engagement rings are quite popular and modern and hypoallergenic choice (our men's engagement rings in white gold are rhodium-plated); rose gold is an unusual color for men, but a great way to stand out. Sterling silver a good option for cheap men's engagement rings, still providing the benefit of resizing down the road due to it being a precious metal.
  3. Choose your style: Do you want a unique engagement ring for men that is distinct from men's wedding bands, or do you want more of a classic type? Vintage styles are also an interesting choice; especially if you opt for colored diamonds. Black diamond engagement rings are masculine and a little edgy, perfect for the man who likes to be different.
  4. Make it meaningful. Do you want to get your men's engagement ring engraved? Or do you want to create your own custom example? Maybe a sapphire one is a perfect choice for men with September birthdays since it’s their birthstone. Perhaps you can make your choice meaningful by coordinating it with your own engagement ring or wedding ring, to match your partner.

Although finding the perfect engagement rings for him is no small task, we hope to make it easier here at ItsHot. Look for the style that best suits your preferences using our search filter. You can filter your search by price, carats, diamond quality, width, gender, newest or oldest designs, and more.

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