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What Is a Franco Chain?

What Is a Franco Chain?

Of all the different styles of gold chains, the gold Franco chain ranks among the most iconic. Know for their bold and sleek Italian design. Franco chains are a popular masculine necklace in hip-hop culture and streetwear. There are many things to love about a solid gold Franco link chain, and when made by a true professional, a Franco chain can last many years without ever going out of style.

Now, if you’re a new gold chain enthusiast, you may have several questions regarding this luxurious type of gold necklace. What exactly does a Franco chain look like? What’s the difference between a Franco chain and a Cuban Link chain? Is a Franco chain strong? As one of New York City’s most famous gold chain stores, it is our pleasure to present this comprehensive guide.


First things first, what makes a Franco chain a Franco chain? The Franco chain definition is “a type of Italian curb chain with very tightly woven chevron links. These v-shaped links have two faces; one side features a continuous chevron design while the other has a more boxy appearance, more like a plain curb link chain.”

Thus, you can ultimately style a Franco chain in two different ways, depending on the side of the necklace you show. You can wear it with the chevron links facing outward or the boxier side facing outward. In a sense, the Franco link chain is a “reversible” chain necklace—you basically get two chain styles for the price of one.

The design of the Franco link chain makes it strong and compact. The Franco chain is similar to a Foxtail chain, as both possess chevron links. However, compared to the Foxtail chain, a Franco chain only features chevron links on two of its four sides, while the Foxtail chain has four chevron sides.


The origins of the Franco chain are pretty interesting. Several decades ago, an Italian designer named Franco invented the Franco chain as a necklace with a distinct style that wouldn’t get tangled.

He drew inspiration from the Miami Cuban link chain—which was known for its immediately recognizable appearance—and focused on devising a link pattern that wouldn’t tangle or pull out hair. The Franco chain quickly gained popularity and is still purchased widely today.


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Franco chain links have a pattern of tightly woven chevron links that not only look cool but make it strong for daily wear. Making the best gold Franco chain necklaces requires a highly skilled craftsman to make. Low-quality Franco links will lack the durability and elegant appearance that make the Franco link chain so exquisite.

To make a Franco chain, two or four well-made curb chains are placed against each other on their flat sides and then interlocked. This creates not only the trademark chevron link pattern and the boxy sides, but it makes the Franco chain strong, thick, and sturdy.


The aforementioned design of the Franco chain is ingenious. The interlocked chevron links are remarkably strong, making the Franco chain one of the top 10 strongest types of chain necklaces. Franco chain strength is renowned in the jewelry world, and the compact and durable nature of the necklace means that a Franco chain is one of the best chains for pendants, including heavy, solid gold pendants.


There are actually two types of Franco chain designs, the regular Franco chain and the diamond cut Franco chain. The difference between a diamond cut Franco chain, and a standard Franco chain is that the diamond cut Franco chain has a more rounded appearance due to its diamond-angled links, whilst the regular Franco chain is more box-like.

The whole point of the diamond cut Franco links is to add geometric angles that reflect light, adding to the metal’s luster. Hence, not only does the diamond-cut Franco chain feature diamond-angled links, but it’s shiny like a diamond. The plain gold Franco link chain is still lustrous and flashy but appears more subdued and classic.

If you’re looking to buy a quality yet cheap Franco chain, a diamond-cut sterling silver Franco chain has a lot to offer, as the link design emphasizes the luster of the real silver. It is a good necklace for layering chains or elevating your style with ease and elegance.

Franco vs Cuban

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  2. 15 Carats Real Diamond Cuban Link Chain Choker Necklace Real 14k Gold 12mm Wide
  3. Hollow 10k Gold Cuban Link Chain For Men Miami 8mm Wide

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As you now know, the Franco chain’s design (shown above, top) was invented after the Miami Cuban link chain (bottom picture). Both are masculine chain necklaces that are popular around the world amongst rappers, athletes, celebrities, and streetwear enthusiasts.

The main difference between a Franco Chain and a Cuban link chain is that the former one has an extra four sides and have a distinct, interlocked “V” link/chevron pattern. In general, a typical Franco chain is a bit more compact and sturdy than a Cuban link one.

Remember that Franco was inspired by the incredibly recognizable and bold design of the Cuban link chain; he wanted to create something as eye-catching as the Cuban chain, but with tangle-free links. So, if you’ve got some luscious locks to protect, the Franco chain might be a safer bet for your hair. Overall, however, both chains are iconic in their own way, and they can be layered in different thicknesses.

Franco vs Curb

  1. LUXURMAN Solid 10k Gold Curb Chain For Men & Women Comfort 2.8mm Wide

    LUXURMAN Solid 10k Gold Curb Chain For Men & Women Comfort 2.8mm Wide

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  2. Hollow 10k Gold Curb Chain For Men 5.5mm Wide

    Hollow 10k Gold Curb Chain For Men 5.5mm Wide

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  3. Hollow 14k Gold Curb Chain For Men & Women 6mm Wide

The Franco chain is a beautiful and masculine type of curb chain, which is a broad category that encompasses many popular chains, including the Cuban link chain. The Franco link chain differs from a basic gold curb chain due to its v-shaped links and much more intricate design. Curb chains are known for their strength, and the Franco chain has all of the strength of the basic curb chain with a more definitive style.

If you’re looking to style a Franco chain, adding other, smaller curb link chain styles in a layered look is a fantastic way to go. You can play around with different textures in other curb link chains, as well as widths and lengths.


A gold Franco link chain clearly looks expensive, but how much does it cost on average? Well, the average cost of a real gold chain varies a lot thanks to a variety of factors, such as metal type, size, and gemstone grade. Typically, the cost to buy a real gold Franco chain will be higher than how much it costs to buy gold rope chains and gold box chains of the same weight and gold purity.

Why? Well, it takes a lot more time, effort, and experience to make a gold Franco chain than it does with simpler gold link chains. A solid gold Franco chain, especially with diamonds, can cost a pretty penny. The average cost of a gold Franco chain is around $2,750 for a solid 10K gold Franco chain at 3.5mm width, 30-inch length.

Of course, the most sought-after Franco chain necklaces are those in solid gold. However, these are also the most expensive ones. Many stores even charge more for white gold items due to the added expense of precious rhodium plating, which gives the chain a platinum finish.

That being said, a hollow gold Franco chain is just as authentic, cheaper, and more lightweight. Even more affordable are sterling silver and stainless steel Franco link jewelry accessories. All of these options are preferable to silver-plated, or gold-plated ones, which have poor longevity and are almost always overpriced - gold-plated chains contain hardly any real gold, as the thin gold plating covers a cheap base metal that can corrode in water.

However, you can still find good deals on real solid gold chains, especially if you buy one online from the manufacturer rather than from a regular retail store. In other words, to find the best price on a real gold franco chain, buy it from a manufacturer, like ItsHot, to cut out the cost of the middle man.

If you think you’ve found the best gold chain for your personality and you want to know where to buy a high-quality gold Franco chain, you’re in luck - you’re on the website of one of New York City’s most renowned gold and diamond jewelry stores. ItsHot, we have over 20 years of experience manufacturing and selling real gold and diamond jewelry. Being headquartered in the Big Apple, we’re located in the heart of hip-hop culture, and we excel in making classic and cutting-edge gold chain designs.

Numerous celebrities have chosen ItsHot as the place to buy their iconic gold chains and diamond pendants, and we strive to offer a wide and affordable selection of the finest-made jewelry to customers across the country. So please, enjoy browsing our jewelry for sale - available in rose gold, yellow gold, white gold with rhodium plating, and more - to add a touch of art and excellence to your getup. Feel free to contact our 24/7 support via email, phone, or live chat for any questions.

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