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What Is a Tennis Bracelet and Why Is It Called Like That?

What Is a Diamond Tennis Bracelet?

If you’ve ever seen a crime show, chances are you’ve never seen a detective find a diamond bracelet left behind at a scene and declare, “ah yes, a tennis player. I’ll head out to the local park and interview the tennis club members to see if they know who owns this bracelet.” On another note, if you’re on a date and your date walks in with a glamorous diamond tennis bracelet on and sits across from you, don’t try to impress them with your deduction skills by saying “oh, so you play tennis?” Take it easy, Holmes.

First of all, you might not know what a diamond tennis bracelet looks like. You could very well be looking at a gold baguette diamond bracelet. Second of all, your date might not even know who Roger Federer is, let alone play tennis. Well, then why do they call it a tennis bracelet? If you’re feeling betrayed, here’s the story of how the diamond tennis bracelet got its name, and why it’s one of the top bracelets in style right now for 2021 and onward, even if you’re not into sports.

Tennis Bracelet Definition


If you’re looking for the exact definition of a tennis bracelet, the answer is that in its simplest and original form, a tennis bracelet is a bracelet featuring a single row of symmetrical diamonds that are connected by a thin chain of precious metal. Typically, the metal is gold, platinum, or sometimes sterling silver.

Today, there are many different styles of diamond tennis bracelets. Some feature gemstones, such as blue sapphire tennis bracelets. Others feature multiple rows of diamonds. Popular styles of men’s diamond tennis bracelets feature 3 or more rows of diamonds to provide a cuff-style tennis bracelet. You can also find diamond tennis bracelets that feature cluster designs, different-sized diamonds, or colored diamond tennis bracelets. The traditional diamond tennis bracelet is the one that originally led to the name “tennis bracelet” to refer to all similar styles of diamond bracelets.

Why Is It Called a Tennis Bracelet?

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Back in the 1980s, bigger was better. Not only in terms of hair, air pollution, or shoulder pads, but jewelry as well. Cocktail-style engagement rings with colored gemstones, extravagant diamond chandelier earrings, chunky chain choker necklaces, and diamond bracelets were highly representative of the 80s jewelry trends.

Easy to notice and hard to forget, the diamond tennis bracelet was largely popular with many celebrities, more so actors and actresses than athletes. Originally, people called tennis bracelets ‘line diamond bracelets.’ So how and why is a tennis bracelet called a tennis bracelet?

Chrissie Evert’s Show-Stopping Bracelet

The tennis bracelet got its name thanks to 1980s tennis star Chrissie Evert. Tennis is often associated with chic and classy fashion statements, and Chris Evert frequently wore a diamond bracelet with her tennis clothes, even during matches.

Chris Evert wore a diamond bracelet as an accessory to show off her personality, as well as a good luck charm. It might sound unusual that she wore a luxurious diamond bracelet while playing tennis matches, but the tennis bracelet is one of the most durable types of bracelets.

The diamond tennis bracelet got its name during an important match that people around the world were watching closely. Part-way into the match, Evert noticed that her tennis bracelet wasn’t on her wrist. She stopped playing to announce that she dropped her bracelet, and the officials kindly paused the match for her so she could find her precious diamond bracelet. 

The world watched as the match was put on hold, waiting for her to find her bracelet. When she put it back on, people noticed the brilliance and elegance of the diamond bracelet, which caused it to surge in popularity in the 1980s and into the 1990s.

People remembered this unique occurrence in tennis history, and more and more of them started calling it a tennis bracelet. Ever since that moment, bracelets like the one Chrissie wore—featuring an inline array of diamonds—have been called tennis bracelets.

Diamond Tennis Bracelets Today


Today, diamond bracelets are in-style again, big time. Although many tennis stars are fond of the bracelet—including Serena Williams (one of our famous customers), who has her own line of them—many people, from celebrities to fashion followers, are wearing new styles of tennis bracelets.

The diamond tennis bracelet is an iconic fashion statement that you can style in many different ways. You can wear a diamond tennis bracelet casually, whether at the basketball courts (no, they won’t start calling it a “basketball bracelet” no matter how many three-point shots you make), at the art museum, or at lunch.

You can also style a diamond tennis bracelet more formally by pairing it with other diamond jewelry, such as designer diamond watches, and nice clothes. Before styling a diamond tennis bracelet, you’ll want to know what different styles of tennis bracelets are available.

Tennis Bracelet Styles

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  3. Emerald Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet 16ct Platinum

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There are many different styles of diamond tennis bracelets that feature new innovations on the classic tennis bracelet’s single row of diamonds. Here are some of the top tennis bracelet styles right now:

Single Row Diamond Tennis Bracelets


The classic tennis bracelets have a single row of diamonds. Within this style of tennis bracelets, there are sub-styles.

  1. Round Diamond Tennis Bracelets: Round-cut diamonds amplify the brilliance, making this style of tennis bracelet one of the sparkliest.
  2. Bezel-Set Diamond Tennis Bracelets: A variation of the round-cut diamond tennis bracelet, but the diamonds are mounted in protective bevel settings, making them the perfect bracelet for active lifestyles and a great gift for athletes.
  3. Emerald Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelets: Quite a unique tennis bracelet, emerald-cut diamonds appear larger than they would in a round cut for the same carat weight. These provide a retro 80s look in terms of boldness and glamor, without losing the timeless elegant look.
  4. Princess Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelets: A timeless and classy tennis bracelet, bar-set princess cut diamonds provide a look that’s perfect for anyone who wants a simple diamond bracelet, with significantly eye-catching luster. It’s available in 14K white, yellow and red gold.

It’s tough to beat the simple beauty of a single row of handcrafted diamonds that encircle your wrist. Classing one-row diamond tennis bracelets come in a variety of metals (yellow, white, and rose gold, platinum) and with a number of carat weight options for diamonds. They are the perfect bracelet for everyday wear as well as special occasions.

Multiple Row Tennis Bracelets


These types of tennis bracelets feature multiple rows of diamonds. More glitter, more glamor, and available at ItsHot for affordable prices.

  1. Two-Row Black Diamond Tennis Bracelet: Two rows of rare black diamonds in a men's diamond tennis bracelet provide an edgier, modern look that contrasts with the old-school white diamond bracelets.
  2. Three-Row Diamond Tennis Bracelets: Three row diamond tennis bracelets are a popular style of tennis bracelet for men and women. You can even pick a unique tennis bracelet pattern with black diamonds and white diamonds.
  3. Diamond Tennis Cuff Bracelet: 3-8 rows of diamonds provide a chunky diamond cuff bracelet. These are some of the most popular men’s diamond tennis bracelet styles for right now.

Whether the tennis bracelet has two rows, three rows, four rows or more—it remains a timeless style of a diamond bracelet. Some people find meaning in different numbers of rows; for example, you may choose a one-row diamond tennis bracelet as a gift for a one-year wedding anniversary, a two-row tennis bracelet for a two-year anniversary gift, and so on.

Stackable Tennis Bracelets


Whether you’re stacking multiple diamond bracelets or buying a set of stackable diamond tennis bracelets, you’re sure to stand out. Highly luxurious and confidently modern, here are some options for stackable tennis bracelet styles.

  1. Stackable Multicolor Gold Tennis Bracelet: This diamond tennis bracelet features three bracelets in one—a yellow gold tennis bracelet, rose gold tennis bracelet, and white gold tennis bracelet for a unique bracelet choice.
  2. Affordable Diamond Tennis Bracelet: Being a pretty cheap real diamond tennis bracelet, (it’s only $219) why not purchase multiples and stack them?

Stackable tennis bracelets are really popular with all generations right now. You can choose to pick all the same color of gold tennis bracelets, or stack different metal types for a mixed-metal layered bracelet look. You can also wear a diamond tennis bracelet on the same wrist as your watch to add intrigue to your outfit.

Unique Tennis Bracelets


These unique diamond tennis bracelets really show off modern design and fine craftsmanship. A unique tennis bracelet can have special meaning for the wearer; it’s a great way to really show off your style.

  1. Cluster Diamond Tennis Bracelet: The cluster setting of these diamonds provides a great amount of luxury in a unique style. Multiple round diamonds are set in a way that maximizes sparkle and really attracts the eye throughout the design.
  2. White and Blue Diamond Tennis Bracelet: Multicolor diamonds are a special way to make your diamond bracelet stand out from the crowd. Canary yellow diamonds, blue diamonds, and white diamonds complement each other aesthetically in this piece of designer jewelry.
  3. Baguette and Round Diamond Tennis Bracelets: These unique diamond bracelets veer away from the classic tennis bracelet by featuring two shapes of diamonds rather than identical diamonds.
  4. Sapphire Diamond Tennis Bracelet: Whether you like blue sapphire, or have a September birthstone, this sapphire tennis bracelet is a great meaningful gift.

Unique and meaningful, these interesting tennis bracelet styles are the perfect way to elevate your fashion style in the 2020s. They are really good for wedding jewelry, whether worn as a gift for a bride or a bridesmaid’s bracelet. If you have a favorite color or cut of diamond, a favorite gemstone, or color of gold—unique tennis bracelets can pair excellently with your other unique jewelry.

  1. Luxurman 14K Gold Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet Half Bezel Setting 6ct

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The Latest Styles of Tennis Bracelets

The luxurious appearance and long-lasting durability make tennis bracelets a perfect bracelet for people who want beautiful and practical jewelry to wear every day. Diamond tennis bracelets are stylish for any age, gender, and lifestyle, making them one of the best jewelry gifts of all time to celebrate special occasions.

Here at ItsHot, we offer the finest and newest diamond tennis bracelet styles made by experienced craftsmen and designers. For high quality, and low prices, check out our selection of women’s diamond tennis bracelets, available in yellow gold, rose gold, sterling silver, and platinum. Also, check out our diamond bracelets for men for high-quality, durable, masculine diamond bracelet styles.  

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