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Sterling Silver

sterling silver

Sterling Silver:  Although silver jewelry has always been popular, Sterling silver has been used metallurgy for a very long time. Almost a thousand years. Found in europe (germany) around the 10th - 11th century as well as in england at approximately the same time mostly used for trade as a form of money (norman pennies), It wasn't until the 1800's (1870-1920) that a silver "craze" ensued. Commonly enough in those days for a family or restaurant to have upwards of a 100 piece silverware dining set. Around this same time sterling silver was also utilized for jewelry manufacturing. However, since the price of gold keeps increasing, sterling silver has become a viable option not only for inexpensive purchases such as gifts but also for a wide variety of larger, even custom made and very intricate items.

The most common silver derivative used in jewelry is sterling silver. It consists of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper. Hence the well know hallmark 925. Silver with its brilliant white metallic luster allows for a high degree of polish. This is why it has such a beautiful finish.

silver dog tag pendant  sterling silver diamond key pendant  sterling silver diamond cross pendant

Silver, as opposed to other metals used in jewelry manufacturing can and will tarnish due to Oxidation. So you should give it some light regular upkeep is very much recommended to keep your silver jewelry looking its best for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Make sure you look for either a 925, 92.5, Ster or Sterling silver stamp on your silver jewelry. This will insure you are getting the highest quality

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