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The Right Hand Ring


The Right Hand Ring: Right hand rings are a screaming status symbol and statement for independent women all over the world. Originally known as dress rings or cocktail rings, Right-hand rings used to be worn only for special occasions. The Diamond or Gemstone right hand ring allows you to express your unique individuality. Now the most dazzling of diamond rings are no longer reserved for just the married and engaged women. The beauty of right hand rings is that there are so many ring styles to choose from. And with right hand rings you're not limited by convention or tradition. You can choose whatever design you like, A style that shows your freewheeling personality.

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Why the right hand?

To make a clear and bold statement. The concept of the right hand ring is that women who are not married or engaged no longer need to miss out on the stunning beauty of sparkling diamond rings. Engagement rings and wedding rings are normally worn on the left hand. Women wearing a right hand ring are free-thinking and unbound by convention. Right hand rings are a new way of looking at a category of ring style. The right hand ring is a diamond or gemstone ring that is worn on the right hand. Long bogged down by society’s opinion of Engagement and Wedding Band style rings must be worn by married women only.

designer diamond flower ring  designer right hand diamond ring  gemstone jewelry: ladies diamond ring

A New Tradition

The Right Hand Ring was most commonly chosen by women who are not married or engaged. As today’s women are well aware that marriage is a choice and until they make that choice, want to wear a similarly styled and sometimes oversized diamond/gemstone covered ring. As a reward for your ambition, A Right Hand Diamond Ring is a ring that you buy for yourself. It symbolizes your independence and your good fortune in life. A diamond right-hand ring isn't a diamond ring that you have to wait for or use to make a major commitment. To view our selection of right hand rings please click here.