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Reasons to Get Onboard with the Rose Gold Jewelry Trend

Reasons to Get Onboard with the Rose Gold Jewelry Trend

Rose gold, one of the hottest trends in jewelry in the past few years, is, like Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way. With that said, there are a few things that everyone should know about the gorgeous new jewelry metal on the scene.

1. It Has Always Been a Popular Metal

Although only emerging onto the trend scene a few short years ago, the reality of rose gold is that it has a deep history. Often credited to Fabregé, the copper-infused metallic beauty was first used in Victorian wedding bands in the late nineteenth century. Only the wealthiest of the wealthy could afford a metal that had to be made with so much time and energy, so it has always had connotations of wealth and status.

Because of the fact that it is a copper blend, rose gold is also often noted for its historic durability. While all metal strengths are measured in carats, you know that the carats of rose gold jewelry will really hold up because its fusion makes it stronger.

2. It Looks Great in Natural Designs

Some of the most popular rose gold designs are more bohemian and less traditional. For instance, some common jewelry pieces that have rose gold in them are leaves and tree branches. This does not mean that whatever piece you get has to be natural-looking rose gold, it is just that rose gold conveys a natural beauty that these designs tend to bring out. However, you do not have to wear literal tree branches to make the most out of this rose gold natural beauty trend.

This can be even more subtle in that your piece of rose gold jewelry can be rooted in nature without having to be deer antlers or anything of the like. If you are buying a ring, look at the stones to see if there are any that look like leaves. You can also get a pendant necklace that has a pearl inside of a flower or a floral arrangement of stones for the same natural inspiration behind the aesthetic of the necklace.

3. It Looks Good With Warm Skin Tones

Rose gold looks good on everyone, but especially people with warm skin tones or warm skin undertones. This is seen in the color of the veins, especially if the veins are more purple in color on the wrist. The warmth of the rose gold brings out the warmth of the skin tone and helps the wearer glow to their absolute full effect.

Rose gold also looks good on people that pair it with warm outfits. This is what helps make rose gold the perfect fall accessory. Maroon, orange, yellow, brown, and white tops would all look great when paired with a rose gold necklace or bracelet. The warm touches of the rose gold complement the warm shade that the person is wearing and it all works together to create one cozy, cohesive look. This is not to say that rose gold is not good for other seasons. In fact, it can help bring warmth to a dreary winter look, or it can help a summer look pop even more than it already does.

4. It Pairs Well With a Variety of Stones

Rose gold, like other good metals for making jewelry, looks good with a variety of different stones. It can help bring out the rich redness of rubies and complement the coolness of sapphires and emeralds very easily because of its warm tone. This means that, although not the most traditional of options to choose from, rose gold provides a new, special way to make any piece of jewelry pop.

This versatility with stones also means that rose gold is the perfect metal for a piece with multiple types of stones. This would be the ultimate metal to do a rainbow ring in that showcases colored gemstones and colored diamonds all in the same piece. It would be a piece of jewelry that could never be boring. A ring with diamonds and emeralds will look wonderful, and it will pop from any traditional yellow gold or silver ring. You can never go wrong with such classic materials, but rose gold provides an option that you had possibly not previously thought of.

If you like to play with colors and ideas like this, then even consider creating your own rose gold masterpiece! This way, you know that everything about the piece will be absolutely perfect. This can also help you decide whether or not to mix rose gold with other metals in the same piece, because rose gold is unique in that it looks good when paired with other metals. With most other metals on the market, it is noticeable and lacks a put-together feeling when all of your jewelry is not the same metal. But an accent of rose gold is the opposite, making that piece stand out as new and trendy and helping you look new and trendy too!

5. It Looks Good in Any Situation

Rose gold is so wonderful because unlike the other metals that have been on the jewelry scene for ages, it carries with it whatever feeling you want it to. It can look perfectly fancy when paired with a pearl necklace for a night on the town, but it can also look like a cute accent piece when paired with the bracelets that you never take off, either. This balance means that it can go well with any look that you choose to wear it with.

Rose gold also has an edge because it can be paired with other metals as part of the same outfit. This can help give you an artsy, trendy edge that other metals just can’t give you. No matter what outfit you decide to wear it with, it will help you look even more gorgeous than you already are.

6. Hollywood Wears It All the Time

Hollywood lives for this new rose gold trend. Everyone from Lauren Conrad to Blake Lively has worn a rose gold accessory not even just on the red carpet, but even just out and about. They love the fact that it helps make them look trendy, so they have worn it as every conceivable accessory imaginable. Mostly, they wear the engagement rings, but this has not stopped them from wearing necklaces, bracelets, and even dying their hair rose gold to look as trendy as they possibly can for award shows and for any day beyond.

Not only that, but Hollywood also helped create the fashion trend that is rose gold on rose gold on rose gold, which is wearing rose gold clothing with rose gold jewelry and rose gold makeup. Though you might think it drowns you out in soft pinks, but it highlights the life and rosiness of the cheeks and looks good on everyone. You can do this at home by wearing a pink shirt with all rose gold jewelry, like a nice bracelet or pair of pendant earrings, then doing a little bit of rosy highlight.

7. It is One of the Most Popular Engagement Ring Metals

Lately, with the new trend of barn and bohemian-style weddings, rose gold has risen in popularity with the a-traditional wedding scheme. This does not mean that the metal cannot have traditional class or features, but instead can complement a wedding or a bride that is unlike anything that has ever come before it and is ideal for the bride who wants to stand out from all of the rest.

One reason that rose gold makes for such a good engagement ring is the fact that it pairs well with not just a classic white diamond, but it looks brilliant when paired with other accent gemstones around the diamond as well, or even colored diamonds. The metal also looks wonderful when it surrounds any cut of diamond or stone, not just one over the other. Round or princess, emerald or teardrop, any stone would be brilliant against the rosy background. Again, one of the best ways to be sure that rose gold works in your favor is to design it yourself, however there is a multitude of pre-designed rose gold engagement rings that your bride-to-be would absolutely be thrilled to flaunt.

Rose gold engagement rings even work if the bride’s jewelry is not all entirely rose gold. Not to be repetitive, but the versatility of this metal is absolutely unparalleled. It stands out on her hand apart from the simple silver necklace or pearl studs that she may wear on her big day, so do not let the fact that it may be her only rose gold piece of jewelry deter you from buying her such a beautiful, rosy engagement ring.

With all of this in mind, it is easy to see how rose gold became the hottest metal of the past few years. It is versatile, durable, and super stylish. No matter what jewelry piece you invest in, as long as it is made from rose gold, you know you are getting a high quality piece of jewelry.

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Denis Stepansky is a founder of ItsHot, a diamond jewelry and watches store based in NYC. He has been in the jewelry business for about 20 years and owns such high-end jewelry brands as Luccello and Luxurman. As a jewelry expert, he has citations on well-known magazines and newspapers like Insider and Daily Mail.

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