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Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Mother of Bride Jewelry

Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Mother of Bride Jewelry

The jewelry for the mother of the bride is just the step below the jewelry for the bride herself! Making sure that the mother of the bride is happy is the most sure-fire way to make sure that the wedding goes smoothly. But, like searching for bridal jewelry, trying to find the right accessories for her can be like trying to navigate an endless maze of cut, color, and metal options that just add to the stress of planning a wedding. Below is a detailed guide on how to make sure that jewelry shopping for the matron of honor is one less stressful wedding planning chore.

Get Her the Mother of the Bride Something to Stand Out, but Goes With Her Outfit

Jewelry and clothing go together like accents and languages. They work together to create something unique and telling. Find out her outfit plans for the big day. If she has a different dress as the matron of honor that works to separate her from the bridesmaids, then it should follow that her jewelry should also be different from the bridesmaids’ jewelry.

Perhaps she wears the same dresses that the bridesmaids do when she stands with them by the altar. If that’s the case, then jewelry will be the thing separating her from the others. If the bridesmaids are each wearing pearl necklaces that go with their bridesmaid dresses and shoes, the mother of the bride could have a necklace that has diamonds or even a combination of pearls with diamonds. You can find more jewelry accessories in our store.

It is always nice to put a symbolic touch into earrings or rings jewelry choices, even if no one else ever notices. You notice, and that’s all that matters. Those minor but meaningful details are the things that help make weddings so much more magical than every other day in a person’s life. Even if the differences are subtle, they should be there.

If you have all of your bridesmaids wearing earrings of one color, maybe white or whatever the wedding colors are, then getting the mother of the bride a piece of jewelry that is a different color is a great way to distinguish her from the other wedding guests. You can get her jewelry that is a different shade of the same color, or get her a piece of jewelry that is complementary to the jewelry of the bridesmaids.

Complementary colors are colors that literally sit opposite of one another on the color wheel, and there are three pairs of complementary colors: green and red, yellow and purple, and blue and orange. Whichever primary color is left out of the secondary color in the pair is the complement of the secondary color, if you want a fancier definition. This allows for there to be a more noticeable difference between the mother of the bride and the other primary members of the wedding party.

Of course, you should only be considering these sorts of accessories after you figure out the color of her own outfit. Don’t pair colors that don’t look well together, for instance making her a washout of green and orange might not look the best in the wedding photos.

Think About Her Own Taste in Jewelry

This is the step that is going to involve you the most effort of the three because it requires you to get to know the mother of the bride if you don’t know her already. You can decipher her taste in jewelry by simply noticing what she wears with her outfits. This way, you can be sure that you get her a piece of jewelry that will work not just with the outfit she has planned for the wedding day, but with all of her outfits. She will appreciate a versatile necklace more than some fancy bracelet, although she would probably appreciate it very much if you bought her both.

Don’t just ask her what her preferences would be for the big day, let her reminisce about some of her favorite jewelry pieces from the past. It can be amazing to see how nice vintage jewelry pieces look good on such important days, especially as a contrast from some of the more modern items that guests and bridesmaids will undoubtedly wear simply from their own jewelry boxes. Plus, vintage jewelry is in, so it could even serve as a theme for the entire wedding party if that is something that the happy couple would like.

When you talk to her about her taste in jewelry and embark on a trip down memory lane, it might be thoughtful to invest in a piece of jewelry that will remind her of her past. Ask her what she wore on her wedding day so that she can relive some of the happiest moments of her life with you and consider getting her a piece of jewelry that hearkens back to that happy day. That’s one of the gift ideas to choose from if you want to show your love.

Some pieces of jewelry that she probably wore never go out of style, like a simple pair of pearl earrings , diamond rings or a classy bejeweled bracelet. These timeless classics are sure to go with whatever the lovely mother decides to wear on the wedding day, so getting her a classic, versatile piece is a move that you know can be for the win.

One of the best ways that you can ensure that you will find the piece to go with the mother of the bride’s taste in jewelry is to take her shopping with you. This could be especially useful if you do decide to use vintage jewelry pieces in the wedding because she may have lived through some of the times when those pieces were actually popular.

Her input is valuable when it comes to modern jewelry decisions, too. She has a good eye for deciding if a gemstone pendant is too much when paired with a chunky bedazzled bracelet, or if it is just the right amount of personality for one wedding outfit.

Nothing solidifies a relationship quite like someone in the relationship buying jewelry gifts for the other, so there is no real way for this trip to go awry!

Get Her Something to Go With the Bride’s Jewelry

For the mother of the bride, the wedding day can be a very difficult day because her daughter is growing apart from her in a very public way, and that can be hard to deal with. So in order to make sure the mother of the bride can feel confident about her relationship with the bride and the happy couple going forward, you can get her something that goes with a piece of the bridal jewelry set. It would also be precious to see the mother of the bride and the bride herself sporting the same bracelet, for example, just with differently colored gems or a different colored metal. That way, both matron and bride can be sure that even though they are different, they always share something, and they always will share something until the end of time.

Plus, think of all the cute wedding photo opportunities for the mother of the bride and the bride herself as they sport the same piece of jewelry!

Even if the jewelry piece is something small, it will still mean a lot to the mother of the bride. Even the smallest stud earring that she can share with her daughter will be a lovely memory that they can pass on to new members of the family that come about because of this lovely wedding.

It also stands that this jewelry can be something borrowed that the mother of the bride gives the bride on her wedding day. That way, the bride can wear a super classy bracelet, but not have to worry about keeping up with her mom’s new favorite piece of jewelry throughout her first years of marriage, either, and Mom gets to be happy with her new piece, too!

If only planning the rest of the wedding was as easy as following the above guidelines. Hopefully, this article will help you have one less thing to worry about so that you can enjoy the happiest day of your life in absolute peace of mind. It puts the happy couple in good standings with this woman who has a lot of influence in the relationship and is part of the reason that this relationship can even exist today.

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