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How Much Is a Diamond Tennis Bracelet?

How Much Is a Diamond Tennis Bracelet?

Whether you’re ordering a Manhattan cocktail in the finest local French restaurant, taking a brisk morning stroll through the park, or cheering on your favorite basketball team in the front row seats—wearing a diamond tennis bracelet pairs a luxurious look with practical durability.

On the court and off, a diamond tennis bracelet’s lavishness is not defined by your outfit or your location. It simply remains a high-end accessory. It’s surprisingly low-maintenance too—it’s able to go from a bodega to an exclusive rooftop lounge as effortlessly as you are.

But how much does a tennis bracelet cost? And how much does a diamond tennis bracelet cost with real natural diamonds? To help you determine how to find a good deal on tennis bracelets, here’s a guide to the factors that affect the cost of a diamond tennis bracelet, with tips for saving money,

What Does a Diamond Tennis Bracelet Look Like?

A diamond tennis bracelet is recognizable from other diamond bracelets due to its unique design. The original diamond tennis bracelet consists of a single row of symmetrical diamonds that are connected by a thin chain of precious metal. Typically, the metal is gold, platinum, or sometimes sterling silver.

Different Tennis Bracelet Styles

  1. Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet in White Gold Yellow Gold Rose Gold 1.5ct 10K

    Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet in White Gold Yellow Gold Rose Gold 1.5ct 10K

    Regular Price: $3,431.00

    Special Price $1,770.00

    Earn 8,850 ItsHot Reward Points
  2. 10K Gold Bezel Set Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet 1.65ct by Luxurman

    10K Gold Bezel Set Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet 1.65ct by Luxurman

    Regular Price: $6,485.00

    Special Price $2,874.00

    Earn 14,370 ItsHot Reward Points
  3. Affordable Diamond Tennis Bracelet in Sterling Silver 0.2ct

    Affordable Diamond Tennis Bracelet in Sterling Silver 0.2ct

    Regular Price: $664.00

    Special Price $299.00

    Earn 1,495 ItsHot Reward Points

In addition to the basic diamond tennis bracelet style, there are many new tennis bracelet styles today that are slightly different from the original.

Here are some of the most popular different styles of tennis bracelets:

  1. Bezel-Set Diamond Tennis Bracelets
  2. Multi-Colored Diamond Tennis Bracelets
  3. Black-Diamond Tennis Bracelets
  4. Unique Designer Tennis Bracelets
  5. Men’s Diamond Bracelets
  6. Stackable Diamond Tennis Bracelets
  7. Sapphire Tennis Bracelets
  8. Multiple Rows Tennis Bracelets

Different types of tennis bracelets put a new and unique spin on the timeless tradition. Some tennis bracelets have diamonds in different sizes, cuts, and shapes, as well as different settings, such as prong-set cluster diamonds, or 3 rows of diamonds.

Popular styles of men’s diamond tennis bracelets feature 3 or more rows of diamonds to provide a cuff-style tennis bracelet. Some diamond tennis bracelets feature cluster designs, different-sized diamonds, or black diamonds.

As the tennis bracelet continues to grow in popularity, there are likely to be new developments in tennis bracelet styles, such as other colored gemstone tennis bracelets, and new shapes and designs.

Tennis Bracelet Cost Factors

The cost of a tennis bracelet depends on several factors. The designer, brand name, exclusivity, and gemstone type are some of the additional factors that can affect tennis bracelet cost.

The cost of a diamond tennis bracelet ranges between $1,000 to $100,000. The average cost of a diamond tennis bracelet is $9,5000 for a 14K gold tennis bracelet with a total carat weight of 8.0ct diamonds (mid-range quality).

That said, you can find diamond tennis bracelets for much cheaper, as well as much more expensive. The price of a tennis bracelet is based on the type of metal, the shape, cut, color, and clarity of diamonds, and the carat weight.

Metal Type

Real diamond tennis bracelets are usually set in precious metal. The most popular metal for tennis bracelets is gold, followed by platinum, then sterling silver.


Platinum tennis bracelets are the most expensive out of all of the metal types. The market values of precious metals fluctuate, so gold is sometimes more expensive than platinum. You can determine which is more expensive by checking gold vs platinum prices on websites that provide a comparison chart which they update regularly.

and vice versa.

  • Cost of a 16-carat platinum diamond tennis bracelet: $37,887

Even when gold is more expensive than platinum, as it is at the moment, platinum jewelry will almost always be more expensive than white gold and all gold colors because platinum is rarer than gold, and due to its lower demand in industry, far less platinum is mined every year.’

Also, platinum is denser than gold. This is why platinum tennis bracelets are much heavier than gold or silver bracelets. The heavier total weight increases the price of the metal.


  1. 3 Row Diamond Tennis Bracelet 1 ct Sterling Silver

    3 Row Diamond Tennis Bracelet 1 ct Sterling Silver

    Regular Price: $3,025.00

    Special Price $1,095.00

    Earn 5,475 ItsHot Reward Points
  2. Eternity Line Ladies Diamond Tennis Bracelet 4 Carats 14K Gold

    Eternity Line Ladies Diamond Tennis Bracelet 4 Carats 14K Gold

    Regular Price: $5,634.00

    Special Price $2,955.00

    Earn 14,775 ItsHot Reward Points
  3. Unique 18K Gold Round & Baguette Diamond Tennis Bracelet for Men & Women

    Unique 18K Gold Round & Baguette Diamond Tennis Bracelet for Men & Women

    Regular Price: $71,480.00

    Special Price $32,270.00

    Earn 161,350 ItsHot Reward Points

The price of gold per ounce/gram depends on its karat purity. The higher the karat, the higher the pure gold content. 18K gold tennis bracelets will be more expensive than 10K gold tennis bracelets.

  • Cost of a 6.69-carat 18K gold diamond tennis bracelet: $6,995
  • Cost of a 6-carat 14K gold diamond tennis bracelet: $6,495
  • Cost of an 8.5-carat 10K gold black diamond tennis bracelet: $4,495

As you can see, the price of gold tennis bracelets goes up with its karat number. The 10K gold tennis bracelet is significantly cheaper, despite having a higher total-carat weight of diamonds. This shows how much diamond color and quality can affect the price. Although black diamonds are rarer, their demand is much lower, so they are less expensive.

We offer rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold tennis bracelets. Many stores will charge more for white gold because it’s typically plated in rhodium, a very rare precious metal. So this can affect tennis bracelet price. However, at ItsHot, we offer all three gold colors for a consistent rate.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver tennis bracelets are a much more affordable option than gold or platinum. Sterling silver is a cheaper precious metal, due to it being less rare than gold or platinum. It’s still a much better choice than gold-filled, gold-plated, platinum-plated, etc.

  • Cost of a 1.0-carat sterling silver diamond tennis bracelet: $1,095

Sterling silver will tarnish over time, so it requires a bit more maintenance and routine cleaning than gold or platinum. Sterling silver consists of 92.5% pure silver, hence the “.925” hallmark.

Diamond Shape

Different shapes, such as round cut, princess cut, and emerald-cut—affect the price of a diamond tennis bracelet. Certain diamond shapes require higher expertise in cutting and take longer to do.

The reason why some diamond cuts and shapes cost more than others for a diamond of the same carat weight is that it’s harder for the diamond cutter to achieve some shapes without losing parts of the raw diamond in the process.

Here are the different prices for different diamond shapes for a 1-carat diamond.

Name1-Carat Diamond PriceDifference (USD)Difference (%)

Now, the most common diamond shapes for a tennis bracelet are round-cut diamond tennis bracelets, princess-cut diamond tennis bracelets, cushion-cut diamond tennis bracelets, and baguette-cut diamond accents for a tennis bracelet.***Most diamonds on a tennis bracelet are not going to be one-carat each, so keep that in mind when using the chart to estimate tennis bracelet cost.

Diamond accents, or melée diamonds, are much cheaper than larger diamonds. They are typically under 1-carat in size. Because diamond cost goes up exponentially with individual diamond carats, accent diamonds in any shape are affordable. They add a lot of brilliance to a diamond tennis bracelet without increasing the price too much. Baguette-cut accent diamonds are a good choice because they make the diamonds look quite large for their carat weight.

Cut Quality

In addition to shape, there are different cut grades for diamond earrings. The GIA cut grading scale applies to the most popular tennis bracelet diamond cut—the standard round brilliant.

There are five cut grades: Excellent (EX), Very Good (VG), Good (G), Fair (F), and Poor (P).

Excellent Cut: The diamond is very bright. It’s cut in an even pattern with good contrast between light and dark spaces, making its reflections appear crisp and balanced. This means that the person who cut it used the best part of the rough diamond.

Good Cut: The diamond isn’t as bright. Its reflections aren’t as crisp and there are more dark/dull areas in the diamond.

Poor Cut: The diamond shows prominent dark areas or dullness throughout. Most people would prefer EX cuts or G cuts to this cut. A poor cut will result in a cheaper cost of tennis bracelet styles.

Sometimes, it’s hard to achieve an excellent cut with certain shapes, so a Very Good or Good cut is sufficient.

Here are the other terms used to describe diamond cuts:

  • Shallow cut: the light is lost out the sides and the diamond loses its captivating brilliance.
  • Deep cut: When a diamond is cut deep, the light escapes out the bottom and the diamond appears dark.
  • Ideal cut: The ideal cut allows the light to travel freely through the diamond and exit in a rainbow of sparkles.

Average price for 1ct diamonds per cut:

  1. Super ideal cut: $3,024
  2. Ideal cut: $2,812
  3. Very good cut: $2,502
  4. Good cut: $2,374

Not every diamond lab certificate uses the same scale as GIA’s, so it’s useful to know both. Additionally, most diamonds in a tennis bracelet will be cheaper, since they will be under 1-carat in terms of their individual carat weight.

All ItsHot.com diamonds are carefully cut to perfection to emphasize the dazzling beauty of a diamond. A skillful diamond cut can do a lot for a diamond, even if its other grades aren’t very high.

Diamond Color

The color grading scale is important for diamond tennis bracelets. Diamonds are graded on a color scale from D to Z, which indicates how much of a tint is noticeable in the diamond.

D is the highest color grade, which describes a completely clear diamond without any brown or yellow. A diamond with a color grade of Z has a noticeable yellow or brown tint to it. Here are the color grades of a diamond in more detail:

  • D, E, and F – colorless diamonds (all appear colorless to the untrained eye)
  • G, H, I, and J – near-colorless (most common diamond choices; they still appear colorless to the eye)
  • K, L, M – faint (these diamonds have a slightly visible tint)
  • N, O P, Q, R – very light (a more noticeable tint)
  • S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z – light (brown or yellow tint is very noticeable)

Here are the prices of two different tennis bracelets with different diamond color grades.

  1. 14K Gold 2.2-carat Diamond Tennis Bracelet (diamond color G/H): $1,999
  2. Sterling Silver 0.2 Diamond Tennis Bracelet (diamond color I) $219

Even more valuable than D color diamonds are rare fancy colored diamonds: reds, blues, and green diamonds are quite rare, so they’re worth the most. Fancy colored diamonds are graded on a different color scale than white diamonds.

Popularity and rarity also play a role in the price of fancy colored diamonds. For example, a black diamond is a very rare color, but its demand is lower than white, so black diamond tennis bracelets are cheaper per carat than white diamond bracelets. You can buy black diamond tennis bracelets for under $5,000.


The clarity grade of a diamond is determined by the number of flaws a diamond has and the visibility of the flaws. Flaws can either be cloudy areas or dark spots (less reflective). There are 11 main clarity grades that can affect the value of tennis bracelets. They can be broken down into six easy to understand categories:

Clarity grades:

  • FL – Flawless No internal or external flaws; incredibly rare and valuable in natural diamonds.
  • IF – Internally Flawless No internal flaws, but some surface flaws; still very rare and valuable.
  • VVS1, VVS2 – Extremely slight inclusions Slight internal flaws; difficult to see even with 10x magnification.
  • VS1, VS2 – Very slight inclusions Slight internal flaws that are just barely visible with 10x magnification. Flaws are not typically visible to the naked eye.
  • SI1, SI2 – Slight inclusions Slight internal flaws that are visible with 10x magnification; they may be visible to the naked eye.
  • I1, I2, I3 – Inclusions You can see these inclusions with the naked eye. These Inclusions may affect the diamond’s brilliance and clarity.

Here are some examples of how clarity can affect the price of 1-carat diamond earrings:

  1. 14K gold 8-carat diamond tennis bracelet (clarity grade: VS-S1): $9,895
  2. 10K gold 10-carat diamond tennis bracelet (clarity grade: SI): $7,995

As you can see, even though the 10-carat diamond tennis bracelet has a higher total carat weight, the individual clarity grades of the diamonds are lower, which makes this tennis bracelet cheaper than the one with a better clarity grade.

How to Save Money When Buying a Diamond Tennis Bracelet

  1. 14k Gold Baguette and Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet for Men & Women 14CT

    14k Gold Baguette and Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet for Men & Women 14CT

    Regular Price: $38,247.00

    Special Price $17,364.00

    As low as: $15,764.00
    Earn 86,820 ItsHot Reward Points
  2. Emerald Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet 16ct Platinum

    Emerald Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet 16ct Platinum

    Regular Price: $49,000.00

    Special Price $37,887.00

    Earn 189,435 ItsHot Reward Points
  3. Round Diamond 14K Gold Women's Tennis Bracelet 4.70ct

    Round Diamond 14K Gold Women's Tennis Bracelet 4.70ct

    Regular Price: $10,079.00

    Special Price $4,591.00

    Earn 22,955 ItsHot Reward Points

Even though the average price of a diamond tennis bracelet is around $9,000, if you shop smart, you can buy a good diamond tennis bracelet for much cheaper. It’s good to know how to find affordable tennis bracelets because they make such a good gift for men and women, whether for celebrating a special milestone, a marriage, birthday, or a wedding anniversary.

  1. Communicate with the seller—ask any questions or concerns you have in regards to its metal and diamonds and metal types upfront. Good sellers should communicate quickly, displaying their knowledge of their products.
  2. Get a diamond certification. GIA offers diamond grading reports to better determine what a diamond tennis bracelet is worth based on its diamond grade. Some stores offer diamond certificates with their engagement ring, which saves money so you won’t need to get one in the future. If the store doesn’t offer a certificate on the diamonds’ quality, keep in mind that if you do decide to get your own, you may end up paying a lot of money. If it’s something like a cheap diamond tennis bracelet for around $200, this might not be wise because the certificate could end up costing almost as much as the bracelet itself.
  3. Shop online. This is a great way to compare prices of diamond tennis bracelet prices. Shopping in stores is a good way to see diamond bracelets in person and try jewelry on, but it’s harder to compare prices of diamond tennis bracelets side-by-side, and it’s tough to your selection. Shopping for diamond tennis bracelets online will help you filter your search by carat, metal, and price range.
  4. Read reviews. This is a good way to tell if a seller is reputable or not and if their diamond bracelets are high-quality. People are usually quick to leave a bad review if their tennis bracelet breaks (on the tennis court or off), or if they have bad customer service. Be wary of sellers who only have 5-star reviews—they could be fake reviews. Look for a good mix of 3, 4 and 5-star reviews (but mostly 5-stars).

Reputable Manufacturer, Quality Tennis Bracelets

Whatever diamond tennis bracelet cost fits your budget, you shouldn’t have to pay. Diamond tennis bracelets are durable and long-lasting; their versatility pays for itself. You can save money by having one tennis bracelet that fits all of your needs.

Diamond tennis bracelets are stylish for any age, gender, and lifestyle, making them one of the best jewelry gifts of all time for graduations, holidays, anniversaries, and more. When someone gets a tennis bracelet, they have an accessory to wear that will instantly upgrade their look into high-fashion, whether worn with a t-shirt and jeans, a suit and tie, or a black dress.

Here at ItsHot, we offer the finest and newest diamond tennis bracelet styles made by expert craftsmen and brilliant designers. For high quality, and low prices, check out our selection of women’s diamond tennis bracelets, available in yellow gold, rose gold, sterling silver, and platinum. Also, check out our diamond bracelets for men for high-quality, durable, masculine diamond bracelet styles. You also should check our guide on how to tell if a diamond tennis bracelet is real.


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