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Top 5 Gold Diamond Bracelet Styles

Top 5 Gold Diamond Bracelet Styles

What types of bracelets are in style right now for men and women? 2020 introduced a new shift in jewelry styles. Today’s bracelet styles are emphatically suited for self-expression and versatility, making this year better than ever to shop for bracelets online that will last you years.

Back in the mid-2000s, in-style bracelets typically followed a certain “look” that you either liked or didn’t. This was especially true for bracelet styles for men, which were limited, harder to style, and pretty underwhelming.

Fortunately, the top bracelet styles in 2021 are diverse enough to suit any personality and personal fashion preferences. Here’s our guide on the different bracelet styles that are in right now, on the cutting edge of modern jewelry fashion.

  1. 14K Gold Miami Cuban Link Chain Diamond Bracelet for Men 11.05ct

    14K Gold Miami Cuban Link Chain Diamond Bracelet for Men 11.05ct

    Regular Price: $29,164.00

    Special Price $13,124.00

    Earn 65,620 ItsHot Reward Points
  2. Solid 14k Gold Men's Miami Cuban Link Diamond Bracelet by Luxurman 9ct 17mm

    Solid 14k Gold Men's Miami Cuban Link Diamond Bracelet by Luxurman 9ct 17mm

    Regular Price: $37,542.00

    Special Price $16,894.00

    Earn 84,470 ItsHot Reward Points
  3. 10K Yellow Gold Miami Cuban Link Curb Chain Bracelet 9mm 7.5-9in

    10K Yellow Gold Miami Cuban Link Curb Chain Bracelet 9mm 7.5-9in

    Regular Price: $1,955.00

    Special Price $1,034.00

    Earn 5,170 ItsHot Reward Points

The Cuban link chain necklace started making a comeback in 2018, and it fully became a popular in-style mainstream fashion accessory in the new decade. Even more recently, however, Miami Cuban link bracelets have become the most popular of chain bracelet link styles.

2021 is considered the Renaissance of men’s jewelry by fashion experts, industry leaders, and jewelry buyers. The Cuban link bracelet represents the height of innovative gold bracelet styles for men. It’s also a popular bracelet for women this year—as seen in Vogue magazine 2021 jewelry trend report.

As one of the strongest types of chain links, it’s a worthy investment that will last for years. Here are some tips for choosing the best Cuban link bracelet for an affordable price and a style that you can wear often.

Opt for solid gold for better durability

Even though Cuban links are incredibly strong, solid gold is always going to be stronger. The purity of gold (karats) also plays a role in the bracelet’s longevity. The clasps should be made of solid gold as well.

14K gold Cuban link bracelets have a more luxurious appearance and are less demanding in maintenance. That said, solid 10K gold Cuban link chain bracelets are still a great choice if you’re looking for a cheaper price.

Pick the gold color you will wear most often

Here at ItsHot we offer three colors of real gold Cuban link chain bracelets. You can select your color for each style. Deciding on what color gold bracelet can be difficult, but here are some buying tips for gold color.

  • Yellow gold is in style in 2021, and it’s great for pairing with black or dark clothing, and it compliments darker skin tones beautifully.
  • White gold Cuban link bracelets are also stylish, and they make a good choice for those with paler complexions, or if most of your other jewelry is silver-toned. White gold really makes high-grade diamonds pop.
  • Rose gold Cuban link bracelets are a growing trend in the 2020s. This color is popular with women, but now it’s also as popular for men. Rick Ross wears his rose gold chain with a rose gold diamond watch, and rapper Nas goes full out with the rose gold chain, watch, and rose gold rosary.

Here at ItsHot.com, we allow shoppers to filter their search by color, karats, gender, and size. Thicker mm widths make a bolder statement, while thinner Cuban link bracelets are more subtle.

  • For sleek styles, opt for a thinner width of Cuban link bracelet, such as the: 4MM 14K Cuban Link Bracelet: Weighing 9 grams, this thinner bracelet still features a pretty big chunk of solid 14K gold. Wear it on its own for a subtle look, or layer it with other chain bracelets or watches.
  • For bold styles, we recommend the Half-kilo Miami Cuban Link Bracelet, which is a total beast of a gold chain bracelet.

Consider diamond bracelet styles

Iced-out gold Miami Cuban link chain bracelets are a popular way to glamorize your look. Popularized by rappers, diamond Cuban link bracelets, such as the Diamond Cuban Link Bracelet by designer Luxurman, are a great way to show off your personality.

Androgynous and unisex jewelry is really popular right now, and men’s styles and women’s styles aren’t that different for many types of bracelets. Unisex Cuban Link Bracelets are basically the same as men’s, but typically a bit thinner in their width measurement.

Designer Rubber and Gold Bracelets

    Rubber bracelets are a bracelet trend that has evolved over the years. From Silicone cause bracelets to colorful rubber beaded bracelets, the rubber bracelet has taken many forms. The most popular type of rubber bracelet right now is an elevated style—it combines rubber with real gold.

    Make no mistake—rubber and gold bracelets aren’t a cheap fashion trend. The rubber and gold bracelet styles are elegant; they’re made by luxury jewelry designers. They are luxurious and elevate your look while providing the comfort and durability of high-quality rubber. Here are some tips for choosing the best Rubber and Gold bracelet for an affordable price and a style that will elevate your outfits.

    Look for high-quality rubber and gold

    The whole point of the rubber in these designer bracelets is to provide a high-quality material that’s waterproof and durable. Some sellers may provide products that are similar in appearance, but of cheap quality. Avoid bracelets that use glue or gold-plating. If it seems too cheap to be quality, chances are, it is.

    For a personalized bracelet, customize an ID tag

    Rubber and gold bracelets make an excellent personalized gift. You can customize the gold ID tag to say a name, meaningful word, expression, coordinates, etc. Unisex gold and rubber ID bracelets are good personalized bracelets for men, as well as customizable 18K gold and rubber bracelets for women. Getting both would be a great matching couple’s bracelet.

    Look at different style options

    In addition to customizable ID gold and rubber bracelets, there are other styles of this growing trend. One other style is the 18K white gold and rubber bangle bracelet for women. This style is great for women who like to wear a variety of outfit styles. Its design makes it go well with street style, formal clothing, sporty/athletic clothes, and anything in-between.

    Beaded Bracelets

    1. Hip Hop Disco Ball Diamond Necklace 0.85ct

      Hip Hop Disco Ball Diamond Necklace 0.85ct

      Regular Price: $1,148.00

      Special Price $599.00

      Earn 2,995 ItsHot Reward Points
    2. Disco Ball Sterling Silver and Diamond Bracelet for Men and Women 1 Carat

      Disco Ball Sterling Silver and Diamond Bracelet for Men and Women 1 Carat

      Regular Price: $1,331.00

      Special Price $699.00

      Earn 3,495 ItsHot Reward Points
    3. Disco Ball Diamond Necklace 0.85ct

      Disco Ball Diamond Necklace 0.85ct

      Regular Price: $1,137.00

      Special Price $512.00

      Earn 2,560 ItsHot Reward Points

    Beaded bracelets are some of the most popular styles of bracelets of all time, around the world. Their versatility and capabilities as layering bracelets mean that they’re an accessory that never gets old. This year, the beaded bracelet has gone up a notch in terms of styles and appearance.

    There are many different styles of beaded bracelets, so finding the right one for your preferences is a matter of knowing the different types of beaded bracelets that are in style right now, and choosing your favorite. The most popular style of beaded bracelet is a meaningful bracelet—the Shamballa bracelet, also called the disco bead bracelet. Here’s our buying guide for beaded bracelets, beaded bracelet styles, and tips to consider when choosing a beaded bracelet for men or women.

    Consider the meaning behind beaded bracelet styles.

    Anyone can get a beaded bracelet from any random gift shop; the key to choosing a beaded bracelet that’s in style and expresses yourself is by choosing a nice beaded bracelet that’s meaningful to you.

    Shamballa beaded bracelets: Also called Disco Ball Bracelets, These are a popular type of bracelet style for men and women. The word ‘Shamballa’ represents the mythical kingdom that most Tibetan Buddhists believe stands for enlightenment, peace, and perfection. The origin of Shamballa bracelets is based on the concept of the traditional Catholic Rosary Beads which are used for praying and meditating. Shamballa bracelets are available in an assortment of different colors, each representing a spiritual meaning.

    Here at ItsHot, we offer quality shamballa beaded bracelets that feature precious metals and unique gemstones, such as Sterling Silver, 10K or 14K Gold. Some are encrusted with 1ct to 5.5ct of real diamonds.

    Pick gemstone colors that suit you

    Both our beaded bracelets for women and our men’s beaded bracelets come in a variety of unique styles, with different gemstones. You could go for a unique and meaningful beaded bracelet, such as a brown evil eye beaded bracelet, or choose a more simple and minimalist look like a black beaded bracelet.

    If you’re fond of colored gemstones, the Dragon Eye Agate bracelet might be your go-to bracelet to boldly complement your outfits. If you’re looking for a gift to represent your friendship with someone, opt for matching gemstone bracelets.

    Quality matters

    Although all beaded bracelets look nice when they’re brand new, the cheaper ones won’t last as long as you want them to. You can get a really nice beaded bracelet for under $20, but the materials have to be strong. Poor-quality strings will fray and lose the beads.

    This is why it’s important to look at product reviews and consider a seller’s reputation and experience. You don’t want to lose gemstones or diamonds due to a manufacturer cutting costs on the other materials.

    Diamond Tennis Bracelets

    1. Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet in White Gold Yellow Gold Rose Gold 1.5ct 10K

      Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet in White Gold Yellow Gold Rose Gold 1.5ct 10K

      Regular Price: $3,311.00

      Special Price $1,690.00

      Earn 8,450 ItsHot Reward Points
    2. 14K Gold Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet for Women 1 3/4ct G/VS

      14K Gold Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet for Women 1 3/4ct G/VS

      Regular Price: $4,211.00

      Special Price $1,995.00

      Earn 9,975 ItsHot Reward Points
    3. 14K Gold Princess Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet for Women 4.83ct

      14K Gold Princess Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet for Women 4.83ct

      Regular Price: $12,583.00

      Special Price $5,994.00

      Earn 29,970 ItsHot Reward Points

    The tennis bracelet is especially in style now, first gaining popularity in 2020 and gaining even more interest in 2021. Listed by Vogue magazine as one of the best pieces of jewelry to invest in this year, it’s no wonder why the diamond tennis bracelet is popular with fashion-forward celebrities around the world, including Serena Williams (who happens to be one of our famous customers.)

    Diamond tennis bracelets are a popular luxurious and versatile bracelet for men and women. It’s made with real diamonds, set in a flexible band that’s suitable for everyday wear.

    Here are some tips for choosing the best tennis bracelet at a price that fits your budget. Choosing the right tennis bracelet is important, because you can wear it with basically any outfit to add interest and elegance to your style.

    Look at diamond quality and type of metal

    Whether white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold, tennis bracelets should be set in precious metal to deliver the durability necessary to last years.

    After you choose which metal suits you best, you’ll want to consider the 4C’s of the diamonds. If you’re buying a diamond bracelet on a lower budget, you can get away with smaller diamonds that are lower in quality, as long as their inclusions aren’t visible to the naked eye.

    For men’s diamond bracelets, consider cuffs or black diamonds

    While there are many unisex styles of diamond tennis bracelets, the new golden age of men’s jewelry has led to many new designs of tennis bracelets for men. The most popular of these men’s gold bracelet styles are the cuff-style tennis bracelets, as well as black diamonds.

    There are many new diamond tennis bracelet styles. While the classic diamond tennis bracelet features one row of identical diamonds, this isn’t the only style of tennis bracelet right now. This was the most popular style when it first had its golden age in the late 1980s and 1990s, but now, modern innovations give these bracelets a fresh look. Here are some of the most popular different styles of tennis bracelets:

    1. Bezel-Set Diamond Tennis Bracelets
    2. Multi-Colored Diamond Tennis Bracelets
    3. Black-Diamond Tennis Bracelets
    4. Designer tennis bracelets
    5. Men’s Diamond Bracelets
    6. Stackable Diamond Bracelets
    7. Sapphire Diamond Bracelets

    If you prefer the classic diamond tennis bracelet, don’t worry—these will never go out of style.

    Bangle Bracelets

    1. Solid 14K Gold Diamond Bangle Bracelet for Women 2ct by Luxurman

      Solid 14K Gold Diamond Bangle Bracelet for Women 2ct by Luxurman

      Regular Price: $5,544.00

      Special Price $2,495.00

      Earn 12,475 ItsHot Reward Points
    2. 14K Gold Designer 2 Carat Diamond Bangle Bracelet for Women by Luxurman

      14K Gold Designer 2 Carat Diamond Bangle Bracelet for Women by Luxurman

      Regular Price: $5,388.00

      Special Price $2,425.00

      Earn 12,125 ItsHot Reward Points
    3. Designer Luxurman 14K Gold Pave Diamond Bangle Bracelet for Women 1.25ct

      Designer Luxurman 14K Gold Pave Diamond Bangle Bracelet for Women 1.25ct

      Regular Price: $4,433.00

      Special Price $1,995.00

      Earn 9,975 ItsHot Reward Points

    While the mid-2000s gave rise to popularity in simple bangle bracelets, the popular bangles of today are much more interesting. Men’s bangle bracelets are typically decked-out in diamonds for a bold look. Women’s styles have grown to become much more versatile.

    Thin bangles are usually layered, but to put a new spin on them, consider a charm for your bangle bracelet or select one with not ordinary design, like this Leopard Bangle Bracelet with CZ Crystals. The most popular style right now is one or two thick, large statement bangle bracelets, such as those worn by Kim Kardashian to complete her simple yet expressive outfit featuring gladiator sandals and a diamond ring.

    Multi-color diamonds make a great statement bangle

    If you’ve never been interested in bangle bracelets for men in the past, things might be different now. There are unique bangle bracelets for men, some featuring colored diamonds in 14K white gold. There are new, bold and masculine styles as well. In terms of women’s bangle bracelets, there are many unique and eye-catching designs, such as a sterling silver leopard bracelet. Designs like this really show how far this bracelet style has come.

    Unique gemstone options make bangles more expressive

    You no longer have to layer ten different simple bangle bracelets to make a statement. New options such as mother-of-pearl bangle bracelets and birthstone bangles, such as sapphire bangle bracelets have elevated this bracelet up to par with the tennis bracelet.

    Save money on diamond bracelets by looking at total carat weight

    If you like the look of a diamond tennis bracelet but are looking for something cheaper, diamond bangle bracelets are the perfect compromise. These bracelets are a bit thinner in width, so smaller diamonds look large on the diamond bangle. Instead of looking at the individual carats of each diamond, the total carat weight is a good measure of how sparkly the diamond bangle bracelet will look. Here at ItsHot, you can filter your search by karats, as well as metal type.

    How to Choose Diamond Bracelet Styles

    When buying a diamond bracelet as a gift or for yourself, it’s important to consider the cost and quality. You will save money in the long run if you buy men’s and women’s diamond bracelets that are not only made of quality materials, but put together with expertise.

    It’s the small and elegant details that help elevate the whole outfit. A cheaply made gold-plated bracelet will not look the same as a 14K gold bracelet with real diamonds. The new styles of jewelry are about self-expression, versatility, and longevity—quality is a necessity.

    To help decide what style of a diamond bracelet is right for you or a loved one, shop around. Check out our newest styles of diamond bracelets if you want to get a feel for the latest fashion. Our ItsHot store is located in NYC’s Diamond District, so keeping up with the trends is easy. We continuously update our inventory to reflect the trends, with a customer-first approach that includes a 1-year warranty and 30-day money-back returns.


    ItsHot LogoDenis Stepansky
    Founder of ItsHot.com

    Denis Stepansky is a founder of ItsHot, a diamond jewelry and watches store based in NYC. He has been in the jewelry business for about 20 years and owns such high-end jewelry brands as Luccello and Luxurman. As a jewelry expert, he has citations on well-known magazines and newspapers like Insider and Daily Mail.

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