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Gold Chain Buying Guide: 10 Things to Consider

Gold Chain Buying Guide

Versatile and durable, it’s no wonder why people have been wearing gold chains since civilizations arose. In fact, archaeologists found chains and other jewelry remnants in Babylon in 1700 B.C. Even more surprising is that jewelers in ancient times kept pieces of gold jewelry around for centuries in case they needed it for repairs.

Some people just fail to understand how many different styles and uses a chain necklace has. People sometimes associate chains with rappers, athletes, and NYC socialites, the fact of the matter is that hip-hop culture now influences high-end fashion as well as mainstream style.

Whether you’re buying a gold chain for the first time, or you’re looking to know how to choose a gold chain to add to compliment the other chains in your collection, here’s our gold chain buying guide with buying tips and tricks for saving money.

Set Your Budget

The price of a real gold chain necklace can vary. Here at ItsHot.com, we have them ranging from $70 to $79,950. You want to first set a budget to choose the best chain necklace you can find for a price you can afford. Then, it’s easy to shop for a necklace by price—you can filter your search from low price to high, or apply a search filter.

Our search filter allows you to view all of the chain styles available for your price requirements. This saves you time when shopping online because you’ll be able to only look at the chain necklaces within your budget. So, if you want to purchase inexpensive chain, you won’t have to be tempted by the expensive chains.

Further filters, such as width, carat weight, gender, metal, and diamond quality can help you select an affordable chain that fits your style preferences. The different elements of the chain style will affect the price.

Tips for Buying Inexpensive Gold Chains

If you’re on a budget, you’ll want to make sure that you’re buying the best affordable chain you can. This means you want to make sure the gold is real and the craftsmanship is of high quality. Here are some tips when looking for a good chain necklace:

  1. Opt for solid over hollow gold if possible. What is better, a hollow 14K chain or a solid 10K chain? Well, if you want to wear your chain every day, it’s important to get a solid gold chain. It’s more durable and will save you money in the long run because it will last longer, cutting down repair costs.
  • If you do decide to wear a hollow gold chain, you need to be more careful when you wear it and make sure to clean and care for it every day, since they tend to break or get dented.
  • It’s more difficult to repair hollow chains than solid one.
  1. Choose real gold chains. Plated gold chains are cheaper, but the thin plating will wear off after some time, exposing the primary metal underneath. This can react with water and cause the chain to wear down. You will need to have the chain replated if you want to restore its color, which can be a pain.
  • Gold-plated chains can cause allergic reactions if you have sensitive skin or metal allergies.
  1. If you have metal allergies, choose 14K or higher. The higher the karat, the more pure the metal. Pure 24K is hypoallergenic, but other ones alloys may not be. Opt for 14K at the minimum, but consider 18K.
  • White gold is also hypoallergenic, but you will need to get it re-plated in rhodium (a precious hypoallergenic metal added for strength and shine) when it wears off. This is inexpensive.
  1. Shop for chains that are on sale. Shopping for chain necklaces on clearance or in closeout sales is a great way to save money. Here are just a few examples we have on sale at ItsHot.com:
    • Diamond Cut Curb Chain
      • Diamond-shaped links
      • Sleek, masculine style
      • Real 14K gold is available in three colors: rose, yellow and white
      • Amazingly cheap price for such a chain, it’s on sale at wholesale price
    • 14K Bismarck chain
      • On sale, and it’s under $300
      • Highest degree of craftsmanship in an affordable necklace
      • Lobster claw clasp is durable and keeps the chain secure
    • 14K anchor chain
      • Strong type of chain with a quality design
      • Both sleek and durable style
      • Great chain for pendants
    • 14K Cuban link chain
      • Save money with a thinner style of Miami Cuban link chain
      • Masculine design that’s also good for a minimalist look
      • Excellent chain to wear every day or with a pendant

For more options of affordable gold chains, check out our real gold chains under 500 dollars. Saving money is important if you plan on having additional costs, such as a diamond pendant, or creating your own custom pendant or necklace charms.

If you have a higher budget, it’s still important to know how to find good deals on gold chain necklaces, because you’ll be able to get higher gold karats, a heavier weight necklace, and diamonds or gemstones as well without breaking the bank.

Choose a Gold Type

What color gold chain is right for you? At ItsHot, we offer several colors of chain necklaces for men and women—yellow, white, rose, and even with a black rhodium finish with black diamonds. We also offer chains in other real precious metals: platinum, sterling silver, and black rhodium sterling silver.

How To Choose a Gold Color

To figure out which color is right for you, here are a few tips.

  1. Generally, for olive or darker skin tones, warmer tones (yellow, rose) really complement your complexion.
  2. The higher the karats of yellow (such as in this 14K solid franco chain), the warmer the color.
  3. You can also mix yellow and white layered chains for a stylish look.
  4. If you have a pale complexion, white may work better with your skin tone, though 10K men’s gold chains in other colors will also work.
  5. If you wear a lot of black clothing, gold chains might be the way to go.
  6. Rose gold is popular in men’s and women’s chains for a modern gold chain link necklace. It’s popular with many celebrities; New York rapper Nas is fond of luxury New York style as he’s seen wearing Egyptian Ankh cross pendant on a rose gold rolo chain, paired with a thick rose Cuban curb chain, similar to ours.
  7. If you wear a lot of light-colored clothing, rose and white gold may elevate the style.
  8. Black gold chains with black diamonds are a modern style of gold chain with an edgier, more cutting-edge look. These are growing in popularity for men and women.

It often surprises people that real gold comes in a variety of colors and purity ratios. This can significantly affect the price of the gold chain.

Some places will charge more for white and black than other colors, due to the added time it takes to plate the chains in rhodium. Rhodium is one of the rarest precious metals, so it can add to the cost of a gold chain. That said, here at ItsHot, we offer gold chains of the same style and composition in different colors for the same price.

Choose Your Style

These days, the different styles of chain necklaces are diverse, making now a better time than ever to choose a nice chain necklace, for men or women. There are thick, heavy solid curb chains; thin, sleek, and subtle chains, chains with finely crafted chain link details, or gemstone and diamond chain necklaces.

One of the things to consider when buying a gold chain necklace is what style and type of chain link you like. There are many different styles of chain necklaces. From traditional rope chains to the newer Miami Cuban link chains, there are styles for a man or a woman with any lifestyle and fashion preferences.

Choosing the right style gold chain involves picturing what will go with your clothes and lifestyle. You may want a big, chunky chain, like Kanye West, Kim Kardashian (one of our famous customers), and David Beckham frequently wear. Or perhaps you’re leaning towards more subtle gold chains, which are popular with many actors and actresses.

Here are some of the most popular styles of chain necklaces right now:

  1. LUXURMAN Solid 10k Gold Curb Chain For Men Comfort 4.5mm Wide

    LUXURMAN Solid 10k Gold Curb Chain For Men Comfort 4.5mm Wide

    Regular Price: $1,244.00

    Special Price $714.00

    As low as: $537.00
    Earn 3,570 ItsHot Reward Points
  2. LUXURMAN Solid 10k Gold Curb Chain For Men & Women Comfort 2.8mm Wide

    LUXURMAN Solid 10k Gold Curb Chain For Men & Women Comfort 2.8mm Wide

    Regular Price: $655.00

    Special Price $352.00

    Earn 1,760 ItsHot Reward Points
  3. LUXURMAN Solid 10k Gold Curb Chain For Men & Women Comfort 3mm Wide

    LUXURMAN Solid 10k Gold Curb Chain For Men & Women Comfort 3mm Wide

    Regular Price: $720.00

    Special Price $418.00

    Earn 2,090 ItsHot Reward Points

The curb link chain, or gourmette chain, is a category of gold chain link that includes many different variations such as the Miami Cuban link chain, and the Figaro chain. While the Miami Cuban link chain is the most popular type of curb link chain, the basic curb chain is still very popular itself.

The interlocking design of a curb chain’s links makes it one of the most durable chains for men. Women also enjoy curb link chains, especially thinner widths (1mm). The thicker the curb links (8mm), the chunkier the chain, and the more flashy.

There are many ways to style a curb link chain to elevate your outfits. They are great for layering with other gold, silver, or platinum chains for a stylish statement.

Their links of a curb link chain are so durable because they’re independently soldered together, making them highly durable. For the strongest curb chains, opt for solid curb link chains.

  1. Miami Yellow Gold Cuban Link Curb Chain for Men 14K 2.5mm 22-40in

    Miami Yellow Gold Cuban Link Curb Chain for Men 14K 2.5mm 22-40in

    Regular Price: $1,859.00

    Special Price $955.00

    As low as: $615.00
    Earn 4,775 ItsHot Reward Points
  2. 9mm Yellow Gold Miami Cuban Link Curb Chain for Men 10K 20-40in

    9mm Yellow Gold Miami Cuban Link Curb Chain for Men 10K 20-40in

    Regular Price: $5,282.00

    Special Price $2,983.00

    Earn 14,915 ItsHot Reward Points
  3. Yellow Gold Miami Cuban Link Curb Chain for Men 14K 4mm 22-40in

    Yellow Gold Miami Cuban Link Curb Chain for Men 14K 4mm 22-40in

    Regular Price: $3,427.00

    Special Price $2,183.00

    As low as: $2,082.00
    Earn 10,915 ItsHot Reward Points

The most popular type of men’s gold chain link style is the Cuban link chain, which is also called the Miami Cuban link chain. It’s a type of curb link chain known for its signature flat, twisted, interlocking links. Although it originated in Miami in the 2000s, based on Cuban-style chain necklaces, the Miami Cuban link chain is now popular around the world, from NYC to Paris and Australia.

It’s one of the most prized types of chains for men due to its masculine structure. Its durability makes it an investment that will last you for years. Cuban link chains are one of the most popular styles of chain necklaces for rappers, who often compete with each other by wearing the most expensive, massive chains, often with custom pendants that reflect their personality or favorite cartoon character.

If you’re looking to make a statement with your jewelry, opt for iced-out Cuban link chains, encrusted in real diamonds to catch anyone’s eye.

Rope Chains

  1. Men's Solid 14K Yellow Gold Rope Chain by Luxurman 5mm 22-30in

    Men's Solid 14K Yellow Gold Rope Chain by Luxurman 5mm 22-30in

    Regular Price: $6,372.00

    Special Price $3,687.00

    Earn 18,435 ItsHot Reward Points
  2. Solid 14K Gold Diamond Cut Rope Chain 2.5mm, 18in - 40in

    Solid 14K Gold Diamond Cut Rope Chain 2.5mm, 18in - 40in

    Regular Price: $1,485.00

    Special Price $935.00

    Earn 4,675 ItsHot Reward Points
  3. Hollow 10K Yellow Gold Rope Chain for Men 2.5mm 22-30in

    Hollow 10K Yellow Gold Rope Chain for Men 2.5mm 22-30in

    Regular Price: $515.00

    Special Price $338.00

    Earn 1,690 ItsHot Reward Points

Gold rope chains are the OG chains that started it all. In the 1980s, rappers such as Slick Rick and Run-DMC helped popularize both hip-hop music and styles. Today, yellow rope chains are back in style, with a wider mass appeal than ever before.

Rope chains provide a lot of luster. The different angles on a gold rope make the links reflect the light in different ways, creating a stunning effect.

Rope chains are versatile because you can provide both a throwback look, or you can style them to be a modern classic. White and rose rope chains put a modern spin on this classic chain variety. These are a popular type of gold chain for both men and women. They come in very thick widths, like the 80s, or in thin and fancy widths.

Rope chains look great with pendants. Yellow rope chains are back in style, but if you want a more modern look, opt for white or rose gold rope chains.

Whether you’re paying homage to the old-school rappers’ chains, or you’re giving these classic chains a modern flair, a rope chain makes a great statement.

Figaro Chains

  1. Men's Gold 10K Yellow Gold Figaro Chain 3.5mm 18-24in

    Men's Gold 10K Yellow Gold Figaro Chain 3.5mm 18-24in

    Regular Price: $837.00

    Special Price $437.00

    Earn 2,185 ItsHot Reward Points
  2. Yellow Gold Diamond Cut Figaro Chain for Men 10K 4.5mm 22-24in

    Yellow Gold Diamond Cut Figaro Chain for Men 10K 4.5mm 22-24in

    Regular Price: $1,134.00

    Special Price $826.00

    As low as: $809.00
    Earn 4,130 ItsHot Reward Points
  3. 14K Gold Figaro Chain 4mm, 20in - 40in

    14K Gold Figaro Chain 4mm, 20in - 40in

    Regular Price: $1,696.00

    Special Price $935.00

    Earn 4,675 ItsHot Reward Points

The Figaro chain is a classic type of Italian chain necklace. It’s a type of curb chain, but the key difference between a Figaro chain and a curb chain is the pattern of its links. The chain pattern of a Figaro chain necklace features one long link, followed by several smaller links, flattening with a twist.

The Figaro chain is known for its simple, elegant, and masculine appearance. The Figaro Chain gets its name from the Italian Opera The Barber of Seville, or Mozart’s famous piece, the Marriage of Figaro.

The Figaro chain is a good chain for a man who likes diverse styles of clothing because it’s easy to style with both t-shirts and formal outfits. The Figaro chain is a masculine style at thicker widths and an elegant chain for a more minimalist look at thinner widths.

One of the strongest chains, Figaro chain links are usually soldered individually, making them resistant to pulls and tugging. They’re strong enough chains to support heavy pendants.

Franco Chains

  1. 14K Solid Yellow White Gold Franco Chain 30-40in,3.5mm

    14K Solid Yellow White Gold Franco Chain 30-40in,3.5mm

    Regular Price: $4,965.00

    Special Price $2,659.00

    As low as: $2,359.00
    Earn 13,295 ItsHot Reward Points
  2. 14k Solid Gold Franco Chain in Yellow or White Gold 4mm Wide, 24-40in

    14k Solid Gold Franco Chain in Yellow or White Gold 4mm Wide, 24-40in

    Regular Price: $6,616.00

    Special Price $4,101.00

    Earn 20,505 ItsHot Reward Points
  3. 10K Men's Solid Gold Franco Chain 26in-40in., 3mm

    10K Men's Solid Gold Franco Chain 26in-40in., 3mm

    Regular Price: $2,645.00

    Special Price $1,725.00

    As low as: $1,663.00
    Earn 8,625 ItsHot Reward Points

The Franco chain is another type of Italian curb chain that’s popular right now. It’s similar to the Cuban link Chain, but the necklace has an extra four sides to make it a bit sturdier and more compact. The Italian designer created this chain by designing V-shaped links to add strength to a chain necklace as well as a distinct style.

Franco chain links have a pattern of tightly woven chevron links that not only look cool but make it strong for daily wear. It requires a highly experienced fine jewelry craftsman to make the best gold Franco chain necklaces, so you won’t want to buy a cheap Franco chain from an inexperienced seller.

Similar to Franco chains, Foxtail Chains have chevron links, but Foxtail chains are different from Franco chains by having chevrons on all four sides. Franco chains only have the v-links on two of the four sides. This means that you can style a Franco chain in two ways, almost like a reversible chain—choose between showing off the chevron side or the curb link side.

Cable Chains

  1. 14K Gold Cable Chain, 20 -40 inches long 2mm wide.

    14K Gold Cable Chain, 20 -40 inches long 2mm wide.

    Regular Price: $743.00

    Special Price $468.00

    Earn 2,340 ItsHot Reward Points
  2. Men's 14K Gold Cable Chain, 20in-40in long, 3mm wide

    Men's 14K Gold Cable Chain, 20in-40in long, 3mm wide

    Regular Price: $1,890.00

    Special Price $1,190.00

    As low as: $1,130.00
    Earn 5,950 ItsHot Reward Points
  3. Ladies 14 karat Solid Gold chain 16 to 18 inches long

    Ladies 14 karat Solid Gold chain 16 to 18 inches long

    Regular Price: $282.00

    Special Price $171.00

    Earn 855 ItsHot Reward Points

Cable link chains are the simplest style of gold chains. Cable chains for men and cable chains for women are equally popular and fashionable. Their design is ancient—it’s lasted so long because it’s an extremely strong chain necklace design, and it looks great in a variety of styles.

Cable chains are both practical and functional. The cable chain link pattern features a row of identical links that connect to each other, giving the chain durability for everyday wear. Its durability means that many people consider it the best gold chain for pendants. If a cable chain link breaks, it’s easy and cheap to fix.

The cable chain comes in many widths, so you can find both cheap cable chains, and 14K solid cable chains, to suit any style and budget. The cable chain is an excellent chain for layering gold chain necklaces, which can really spice up your look. Some cable link chains have two strands of chains, a popular women’s style for a layered look.

Choose a Gold Karat Weight

Gold chains come in many different purities of gold. 24K (pure gold) is too soft to withstand its form in jewelry, so it’s mixed with other metals in an alloy to give it strength. The karat number defines the percentage of gold used in the alloy.

For example, 10K consists of 46.6% pure gold, 14K contains 58.3% pure gold, 18K is slightly over 75% pure gold, and 24 karats is 10% pure gold. Here is a conversion chart between karats and the percentage of pure gold:

Karat Gold

Parts Gold

Pure gold 

Decimal part gold

Normal European stamp/hallmark

Normal American stamp/hallmark

9 kt

9 in 24





10 kt

10 in 24




10k, 10KP

12 kt

12 in 24





14 kt

14 in 24



582 or 585

14k, 14KP

18 kt

18 in 24




18k, 18KP

22 kt

22 in 24





24 kt

24 in 25



999 or .99999


Because pure gold is a relatively soft metal, so the higher the karat, the less tough the chain is. The lower the karat, the harder the chain. However, choosing high karat gold means that the chain is more hypoallergenic, and it is more durable in terms of maintenance.

For an everyday chain, we recommend choosing 14-18k gold. These are easier to keep looking good, and they have a higher resale value.

If you’re on a budget, 10K solid gold chains are also good for daily wear; you’ll just want to know how to care for gold jewelry and how to clean it regularly. If a 10K chain starts to lose its luster, it won’t look as good as a 14K gold chain or higher. For more information on metal purity and hallmarks, check out our precious metals comparison guide.

Consider Gold Chains with Gemstones

The most popular chain styles now often have diamonds or different colored gemstones. These can add some color or sparkle to a chain necklace, and enhance your personal style.

Gold chains that are covered in diamonds are known as iced-out chains. These are luxurious and extravagant—they’re the perfect chain for making a statement and telling a story of your success. There are many statement diamond chains with real gold and encrusted diamonds:

  • Wide Cuban Link Chain: A unique statement piece that can make even a plain black t-shirt look like the hottest drip. Cuban links are popular with rappers for their bulk and masculinity. This chain is 14K solid gold, weighing close to a full kilo with 60 carats of genuine diamonds.
  • Diamond Franco Chain: A timeless Italian design, this 10K solid iced-out Franco chain is impossible to ignore; it gives off a confident, stylish vibe.
  • Miami Cuban Link Chain: Few possess a chain like this 10K solid iced-out frosty chain. A unique addition to the classic Cuban link, its clasp is also fully paved in diamonds. Get it in Rose Gold for a look similar to the one Tyga wore in L.A.
  • Color Diamond Gucci Link Chain: Nothing quite says “bling” like this solid 14K Gucci link chain with 29 carats of four diamond colors: white, blue, canary yellow, and black. A stunning conversation piece everyone will want to talk about.

If you want something more subtle, there are simpler styles of diamond chain necklaces:

  • Eternity Diamond Chain: High in brilliance and polished, this eternity diamond necklace stands out from other men’s diamond necklace chains in its stunning showcase of 25.03 dazzling carats of round diamonds. Customize with 14K yellow, rose, or white gold with any color of diamonds.
  • Black Diamond Chain: The heavy black rhodium plating provides an elegant, mysterious appeal with added durability (as if diamonds could get any harder). Layer with other black diamond chains like Rick Ross, or add your own custom pendant like Meek Mill.
  • Luxurman Tennis Chain: A unique spin on the classic men’s diamond tennis chain; it contains a row of inline diamonds that are each held by three prongs, maximizing their brilliance and texture. Rapper Drake enjoys a similar look.
  • Fancy Blue Diamond Chain: Bezel-set white and blue ice diamonds add a unique flair to this classic diamond chain. Add a custom diamond pendant to personalize the look.

You might also consider a diamond Rosary chain necklace:

  • Black Diamond Rosary: 115.5 carats of black diamonds adorn this 10K rosary, with a rhodium plating for an all-black look that has endless options to pair with designer streetwear.
  • Black Diamond Chain Rosary: Another black rosary, this 76-gram necklace features 31.55 carats of fancy black diamonds in prong and bezel sets, giving it a unique look.
  • White, Yellow, and Black Rosary: This rosary features large faceted beads, a current trend in men’s jewelry, with a 10K cross pendant with yellow, black, and white diamonds, making it perfect if you wear these colors often.

Colored Gemstones

Although white diamonds and colored diamonds are the most popular gemstones for a chain necklace, necklaces with colored gemstones—such as rubies, sapphires, and emeralds—are becoming more popular. In upcoming years, new styles of gold chains may feature more precious and semi-precious gemstones.

If you don’t want colored gems on your chain, you may still wish to customize your chain necklace with a personalized pendant with colored diamonds or other gemstones.

As fashion moves forward, men’s jewelry, as well as women’s, is becoming more and more about self-expression and personality. Whether you opt for something like black diamonds or your birthstone, choosing colored gems for your gold chain necklace is a unique way to present your personality or tell a story.

Make Sure the Clasp Is Reliable

Although the clasp of a chain necklace isn’t the most exciting part of a gold chain, it is important. It’s one of the most underlooked things that people make the mistake of ignoring when buying a gold chain necklace.

The clasp of a necklace matters a lot because it’s what keeps it secure around your neck. There are all different types of clasps out there. Some are more functional than others, and some are more for style.

It’s easy to replace a gold chain necklace’s clasps, but it’s a good idea to start off with choosing a gold chain with a good clasp. So what is the best type of clasp for a gold chain?

In general, the lobster clasp is the best option. It’s both secure and easy enough to open and close for daily wear. Unlike cheaper clasps, it won't open unexpectedly and cause the chain to fall off. When the clasp breaks, you risk losing or damaging the chain.

Choose a Place to Purchase a Gold Chain

Where is the best place to find a gold chain necklace? Back in the 1980s, to find a chain necklace, you’d walk into a high-end urban brick-and-mortar store. Today, you can still shop for chain necklaces in-store—a good place to buy a diamond tennis bracelet would be in New York City’s Diamond District, where our ItsHot store is located.

However, not everyone lives near the Diamond District, and brick-and-mortar jewelry stores don’t always have the best selections or deals on diamond tennis bracelets. Shopping online is the best place to buy cheaper gold chain necklaces, specific to your style needs.

Tips for How to Find a Gold Chain Online

How to Find a Gold Chain Online
    • A gold chain costs on average $1,000
    • The process will take about 30 minutes

Shopping for gold chain necklaces on sale online is a great way to compare prices. Online, it’s easy to compare prices and styles of necklaces side-by-side, so you can make the best decision when it comes to metal type, diamond cuts, carats, and color. To make finding the best gold chain necklace for you even easier, shopping online allows you to filter your search by carat, metal, gender, and price range.

That said, not all online jewelry stores are equal. Many stores don’t provide options to select your color of gold (rose, yellow and white). Furthermore, not every store keeps up with the latest styles and customer demands. You wnat to know what to look at when buying gold chains online to tell if the seller is trustworthy or not. Here are some tips for buying gold chain necklaces online

Necessary Items:
  • Internet access
  • Computer or smarphone

Choose from a Reliable Manufacturer

You can get a quality gold necklace cheaper if you buy from a store that manufactures its jewelry and sells it direct-to-customer. Many stores that sell chain necklaces take them wholesale from a manufacturer, so they have to increase the price of each individual item to make a profit. Stores like us here at ItsHot.com manufacture much of our jewelry ourselves, so we can sell it to you more cheaply.

Purchase From An Expert

Not all stores that offer chain necklaces are experts at creating or determining quality jewelry. It’s a good idea to look for stores that show they have expertise in jewelry making and selling. Look to see if a store also sells loose diamonds directly to consumers or provides wholesale gold jewelry. This means that the store not only sells to customers but other stores as well, so it’s harder to get away with poor-quality jewelry. This also means that the employees are used to handling fine metals and diamonds. If the seller is also the manufacturer, they know exactly what their jewelry is made of and the quality of its production.

Check Reviews

Looking at customer reviews on the chains an online store offers can give you a good sense of what to expect in terms of quality. Even if there isn’t a review on the particular chain you’re looking at, if the other reviews are good, the craftsmanship quality should be consistent. Be wary of stores that lump reviews for all products together or have a 5-star review on every item. It’s normal to find jewelry with no reviews yet—it can be a good sign that the store updates its inventory often.

Make Sure the Assembly Is Strong

Even if you choose high-quality diamonds and real 14K gold, poor craftsmanship can produce a weak construction for your chain necklace. You want to make sure the jewelry makers are experienced and have the expertise to know the best way to create chain links and to keep them secure and durable.

Prioritize Customer Service

When buying gold chain necklaces online, you want to pick a store that you can trust. They should provide easy opportunities to ask questions and contact them. At ItsHot, we have 24-hour customer service, e-mail contact, a phone line, and boxes provide for asking questions about any piece of jewelry. In addition, our 1-year warranty and 30-day return policy provides security so you can shop with confidence.


Here at ItsHot, we’re one of New York City’s choice jewelry stores for many celebrities and trend-setters, and we offer a vast inventory of chain styles online. By prioritizing customer service and updating our jewelry inventory regularly according to customer demand, we hope to set an example for other online stores to follow. We pride ourselves in our customer service and the craftsmanship of our chain necklaces.

Choose a Chain Length

Chains come in many lengths, and you can customize many styles to your preferred length when buying one. You might be wondering, what length of chain should I get?

The length of chain that you choose to wear will have a different effect on your overall look. For example, a 16-inch chain sits closer to the neckline and rests above your collarbone. The most common length, the 18-inch chain, rests on your collarbone.

The longer chain lengths will lie on both your skin and onto the clothing, which can create a more dramatic effect compared to the more subtle look of a shorter chain.

You can see on the chain length size chart where each different chain length will fall on your neck, chest, or abdomen when wearing it.

Tips for Choosing a Chain Length

Here are some style tips for different chain lengths. Figure out which length of chain necklace will go the best with your wardrobe.

  • Short, choker-style chain necklaces go with just about anything, short of a suit and tie. It’s unusual to wear them under a turn-down collar or a dress shirt, but if you can pull it off, go for it. Wearing a choker chain above low collars will make the chain stand out, showing off its full size.
  • Mid-length chains that end around the base of your neck are typical for simple, plain gold metal chains. You can show off more of the chain links visibly with a T-shirt an open shirt collar as opposed to a dress-shirt collar.
  • Long chains (or cords) are good for pendants and charms. The ornaments you attach to them will really help to elevate casual outfits. To wear a long chain with effortless style, opt for a V-neck or a collared shirt with few open buttons if you want the pendant to be visible.

You can always send your chain back to us for a readjustment if you don’t like the length. However, if you can avoid the trouble by buying the right length in the first place, it saves time.

Choose a Chain Width

Choosing the best width for a chain for your style is important. Pictures don’t always show one style of chain at every width, so it can be hard to visualize what it will look like when you’re wearing it if you haven’t taken any measurements or done any research.

If you’re a bit uncertain about how to style a chain, or you’re buying your first gold chain necklace, a 2-6 mm width is a good start.

If you’re looking for a chunky chain necklace that falls in the legendary ‘bling bling’ category, opt for a chain width of 12 mm or wider. Chain width and length always go hand and hand. So, make sure that they’re proportional to each other. The three points mentioned below will explain this further.

  • 1-6 mm – This necklace width ranges from discreetly thin to the standard width of most men’s necklaces, and it can easily go under your shirt.
  • 6-10 mm – This width works well for pendants and chains outside of your shirt.
  • 10+ mm – Necklaces of more than 10 mm (the thickness of recent iPhones) are worn to garner attention, so if you want to impress someone, bang on, man.

If you add a pendant, ensure that it fits the chain and isn’t overpowered by its thickness. Heavier pendants need proportionate chains to hold the weight, while lightweight pendants and charms can go on thin chains. Check out our guide to the strongest gold chain types to choose a durable chain for a pendant, if you’re considering getting one.

Make Sure a Gold Chain Is Real

chain necklace

You don’t want to get ripped off and find out that the gold chain necklace you bought is fake. To be certain you’re buying a real gold chain necklace, you’ll want to know how to tell real gold from fake (or gold plated, gold-filled).

How to Tell if a Gold Chain Is Real

Whether yellow, rose, white or black gold, chain necklaces should have some kind of hallmark designating the gold’s purity. There are several ways to tell if gold is real.

  1. Look for a Hallmark: This is the first way to tell if the gold chain necklace you’re buying is real or not. A hallmark is a small stamp on gold jewelry that indicates the gold’s karat weight. Depending on the location, there will be different hallmarks.
  • In the United States., the hallmark describes gold purity out of 24 (i.e. 10k, 18k, etc.). In Europe, the number will be a decimal percentage (1.00 would be pure gold, .916 would be 22K, .75 would be 18K, .417 is 10K, etc).
  • Some manufacturers produce fake gold with hallmarks, so it’s not always a definitive test—if the chain necklace seems lightweight or cheap in design, conduct further tests.
  1. Look for a Letter Mark: If the gold chain has the letters GP, GF, or GEP stamped or engraved onto it, it is not real solid gold. GP means gold plated, GF means gold-filled, and GEP means gold electroplate. 
  • Gold plating and gold-filled is real gold, but it’s often thin and far less valuable, so an unusually cheap price could be an indicator. It’s not considered true gold.
  • Hollow gold, on the other hand, refers to real gold that has been hollowed out to make jewelry more lightweight. Look for solid and hollow gold for the most valuable jewelry.
  1. Do a scratch test. Applying slight pressure, scrape the gold chain necklace across an unglazed ceramic plate, applying slight pressure. If you can see a gold mark left on the ceramic, then the gold is real. If the mark is black or grey, then it is fake.
  1. Observe the chain closely. You can often get a good sense of the gold chain’s authenticity by how it feels. Quality craftsmanship can be felt and seen.
  • Do the individual chain links appear individually soldered? It’s probably real.
  • Does the chain look like it was molded poorly in a factory? It might be fake.
  • Does the gold chain have a good weight to it? It might be real solid gold. If it seems a bit on the lightweight side but seems to be real gold, it may be a real hollow chain. This is still good news.

Before testing gold, make sure to research different testing methods and the risks involved. There are ways to combine different tests to gain a better understanding of the gold’s authenticity, but some tests may damage metals that aren’t gold.

If you’re still uncertain, many jewelers test jewelry for free to determine if your gold chain necklace and its diamonds/gemstones are real or fake.

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