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Gemstones Elaborated


Gemstones Elaborated:  Gemstones have proven themselves to be worthy alternatives to diamonds. currently stores a wide collection of gemstones embedded on beautifully designed jewelry. The store has gemstones of various colors and styles – lovingly reflecting the essence of every season and every month.

Physical Characteristics of Gemstones

1) Color: The physical characteristics of gemstones are explained with reference to the light traveling through them. Every gemstone, in terms of its color and Cut, Offers a unique visual effect. Diamonds are the purest form of gemstone, they are transparent and allow light to travel easily with minimum alteration. While translucent gemstones diffuse the light – making a frosted-glass-effect. Moonstones, Opal, and jade are some examples of translucent gemstones.

ladies designer gemstone ring    designer gemstone necklaces

Meanwhile, Opaque gemstones do not allow any light to pass through them – making them impossible to reflect any sort of optical effect. Such gemstones, (among the natural ones), have found quite a niche due to their rare occurrence in nature. Examples of opaque gemstones are turquoise, black onyx, hematite, etc.

2) Symmetry: Another characteristic that differentiates one gemstone from another is their symmetry. In its natural form, A gemstone occurring might look like nothing more than a rock, though with some attractive features. These natural gemstones, however, then go through expert and precise cutting processes – resulting in the diverse range of shapes, for diverse range of tastes. These shapes can be categorized into round, octagon, oval, cushion, triangle, marquise, radiant, trillion, heart, pear, baguette, and princess.

3) Hardness: The hardness of a gemstone decides the amount at which it can resist abrasion and scratching.

4) Toughness: The toughness of a gemstone is all about its ability to survive cracking and breaking.

5) Stability: The stability of a gemstone is measured on the basis of its ability to resist the effect of lights, chemicals and heat.

6) Durability: The durability of a gemstone is dependent on its hardness, toughness and stability. The more the latter is, The better is the durability.