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9 Diamond Earrings Styles

20 Diamond Earrings Styles

If you’re wondering why diamond earrings are so popular right now, it’s because the new popular diamond earring styles emphasize versatility, basic designs, and practicality for everyday wear. So the new “trends” in earrings are kind of the opposite of a trend—they’re styled to not go out of style.

This is great news for anyone who is picky about gifts, especially jewelry. More and more people don’t want to wear something just because it’s trendy—they want to invest in something meaningful that they can wear with ease.

Whether you like diamond stud earring setting styles, gold hoop earring styles, drop earrings, dangle earrings, etc—you’re in luck; all of these styles are in right now.

We’ve put together a buying guide for diamond earrings for men and women. We’ll cover diamond earring setting styles, different types of diamond earrings, earring mountings, tips for styling earrings, and more.

Earring Metal Types

The first thing you may wish to consider when choosing a pair of diamond earrings this year is the type of metal. In historical jewelry trends, certain types of metal have been more popular than others. 

Yellow gold earrings were the most popular type in the Victorian Era; rose gold first became popular in the Edwardian Era; sterling silver and white gold dominated the Art Deco Era; the 1990s saw a return in popularity of platinum earrings, and white gold dominated the jewelry of the 2010s. Now, in the 2020s, all types of precious metal are in style for earrings—the idea is that you choose the one that best expresses yourself and matches your personal style.


Platinum diamond earrings are a popular choice due to their luxury and durability. Platinum is a rare precious metal, and it’s strong enough to be used in jewelry with a high degree of purity; it typically has a 95% pure platinum alloy mix, making it great for those with sensitive ears. 

In the United States, platinum jewelry usually contains 85–95 percent pure platinum. Jewelry marked only “Platinum”, “Pt” or “Plat” contains at least 95-percent pure platinum.

The most common platinum purity marks are:

  • 850 (85% pure)
  • 900 (90% pure)
  • 950 (95% pure)
  • 999 (99.9% pure)

Platinum diamond earrings are durable—your earrings will last a long time. They maintain their bright white appearance easily, with basic regular diamond earring care

While platinum is similar to white gold in appearance, it doesn’t require a rhodium coating to look that way, so it won’t need to be re-plated. Over time, platinum will develop a patina finish, which many people like. If you prefer shiny platinum cleaning it regularly will keep it looking new.


Gold diamond earrings are another great choice for a precious metal for any diamond earring setting types. Pure gold is too soft for jewelry, so like the other precious metals, it's mixed with an alloy of other metals to give it durability.

The karat number defines the percentage of gold used in the alloy. For example, 10K consists of 46.6% pure gold, 14K contains 58.3% pure gold, and 18K is slightly over 75% pure gold, and 24 karats is 10% pure gold. Here is a gold karats comparison chart:


Parts Gold

Percent Gold

Other Marks





















Gold can be categorized into three main different colors, yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold, all gold colors are made from the same type of pure gold (Au). The differences in their colors come from the other metals used in the alloys.

Gold Color

Alloys mixed with Pure Gold


10% to 20% nickel, plus copper, tin, and sometimes platinum or manganese. Often coated in rhodium to hide yellow tint.

Red or Pink/Rose

Copper, sometimes others in small amounts


Silver and copper, sometimes others

Yellow gold diamond earrings are a more classic style—they pair well with yellow gold chain necklaces and yellow gold rings. Yellow gold diamond hoops are a long-time favorite, and they go great with street style.

Rose gold diamond earrings are a great modern choice for diamond earrings. Rose gold is becoming really popular for men’s jewelry. They’re good to pair with a rose gold diamond ring for women, or a rose gold diamond pinky ring for men to make a bold fashion statement.

White gold diamond earrings really bring out the color of a high-quality diamond. They pair well white gold diamond tennis bracelets for men or women’s tennis bracelets.

Sterling Silver

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Sterling silver earrings are a good affordable precious metal for diamond earrings. Always choose sterling silver, which contains 92.5% pure silver. Silver-plated and silver-filled earrings do not last as long, and if you have any precious gemstones in your earrings such as a diamond, you don’t want anything less than precious metals, so it will last.

Sterling silver will tarnish over time, but knowing how to clean sterling silver earrings can prevent this. Sterling silver is a better option than plated metals because if the earring ever gets bent or damaged, it’s easier to repair.


Another thing you’ll want to consider when choosing a diamond earring is the different variety of diamond earring settings styles and diamond earring mounting styles. These are the main types of diamond stud earring settings and mountings.

Bezel Settings

Bezel settings are one of the best diamond stud earring setting types. They’re sleek and durable. They feature a metal band that wraps around the diamond. Bezel mountings are incredibly secure; they keep the diamond snug.

To keep the diamond more secure, the metal covers the diamond’s base, leaving only the top of the diamond showing. This reduces the amount of light that can shine on the diamond, so if you want the sparkliest diamond stud earrings, you’ll want a prong setting. 

Prong Settings

A diamond earring prong setting features three or four prongs that hold the diamond in place. More complex designs can have a higher number of prongs, such as eight prongs. This is a personal choice in terms of what look you like better—just keep in mind that a four-prong setting is more secure than a three-prong setting.

The prong mounting is a classic setting for diamond earrings because it shows off most of the diamond. Light can enter the gemstone from all angles, providing an exceptionally brilliant sparkle. Prong settings allow you to enjoy the beauty of a diamond the most.

Because they’re not as protective as a bezel setting or halo setting, you’ll want to feel the prongs on your diamond earrings to check that they’re sturdy when you put them on. If they get loose, they’re easy for a jeweler to repair if made from precious metals. If the damage is insignificant, the jeweler may repair your diamond earring for free.

Types of Prong Settings

There are three main types of different prong settings for diamond earrings:

  1. Basket Setting: Four thin prongs hold the diamond in place. It gets its name because from the side, the prongs and flat base of the mounting look like a basket. Because the diamond is at the center of the basket, the prongs won’t pull or stretch your ear piercing.
  2. Crown Setting: The crown mounting features thick prongs. From the side view, the prongs form the shape of a crown. The thicker construction covers part of the diamond, so it’s not as sparkly. It protects the diamond better, but with larger diamonds, it may droop down on your ear.
  3. Martini Setting: This is the earring setting that gives the diamond the most visibility and sparkle. It features three thin prongs that meet in a V shape to secure the diamond. From the side, the V shape looks like a martini glass, hence its name. Some people dislike martini mountings because they can stretch or pull their ear-piercing due to the angle.

Halo Settings

One of the most popular types of diamond stud earring settings for 2021, halo mountings consist of metal prongs that hold a center diamond, which is surrounded by a pave of smaller diamonds. The surrounding diamonds are set in an indiscrete metal platform.

Halo settings provide an interesting optical illusion—they make the center stone look larger than it is, and the diamond accents provide a lot of luster. If you want the most dramatic sparkle, a halo setting is a good choice for diamond earrings.

Another benefit of the halo setting is that it’s a great choice for affordable diamond earrings. You can save money because the total carat weight of the center diamond and the halo diamonds will be higher than a solitaire diamond stud of the same price. Halo setting diamond stud earrings look luxurious; they often look more expensive than they actually are.

Types of Earring Backs

Example of Dangle Diamond Earring Style

There are different kinds of backings for earrings. Some are more durable than others, and some are more stylish. Here are the different types of earring backings:


Also called as the friction back, the push backing is the most popular earring backing. We recommend it for durable, secure, and versatile earring wear. It has a quick on–off design, making earrings with push backings easy to put on and take off. A type of push earring backing is the butterfly earring back, which has a tiny hole that secures to the standard posts.


Screw-on and off backings are a good choice for securing your earring well. The screw-on back is a more secure earring backing. Screw-back posts are threaded, meaning you have to rotate the backing until it is secured when putting on your earrings. If you wear them daily, they can become loose over an extended time, so you’ll want to re-screw them every day if you decide not to take them off for a while.

Secure Lock

If you’re wondering, what is the most secure earring backing? The answer is the secure lock earring back. The secure locking back is the most protective choice for larger size stud earrings, especially heavier stud earrings. You can opt for secure lock backings with or without the plastic disc. The plastic disc makes the earrings tighter and harder to lose, but some people don’t like the look or feel of it.


Lever earring backs are sturdy and aesthetic. The lever backing clasps feature a curved wire, similar to a fishhook. This wire passes through your ear and connects to a hinged lever that secures on the back of your ear. Lever earring backs are one of the best earring clasps for hoop earrings, drop earrings, and dangle style earrings, including chandelier earrings.

Omega back

Also called the French clip back or English lock, Omega earring backs have a hinged, O-shaped lever at the back of the earlobe, at the bottom. The O-back closes on the post, keeping the earring secure. This type of earring clasp prevents the ear from bending down, so it looks good.

Hinged snap back

Hinged snap back earrings open at the hinge. The earring snaps into a latch via a curved metal post on the inside, typically at the center. These are also called latched back earring clasps.

Continuous hoop

The continuous hoop earring back has a post that slides into a hollow end of the hoop. This makes the earring look like a continuous circle. This provides the earring with a sleek, geometrically pleasing appearance.

French wire

French wire backings, also called fishhook backs, have a curved wire that passes through your earlobe piercing to keep the earring, typically a dangle earring, in place. This is a popular type of earring back for dangle earrings.

Earring Types

There are many different styles of earrings with different designs, mountings, and settings. These are the most popular different types of earring styles:


A basic staple earring that goes with everything, diamond studs are the smallest and simplest earring design. Stud earrings consist of a diamond, gemstone, or metal accent that sits on the earlobe like an island.

The diamond can come in many shapes; the most popular diamond stud shapes are round, princess-cut (more of a square shape), pear, and emerald. The stud is attached to a post that goes through the ear and is held in place with either a screw or slip-on back.

  1. Small Diamond Cluster Earrings Studs 0.25ct 14K Gold

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Hoop earrings

Another classic earring, hoop earrings have a timeless retro look. Hoop earrings are in style right now and have many modern spins on classic gold hoop earrings. For a young and streetsmart look, opt for large, thin hoop earrings, or thicker diamond hoops. Thinner hoop earrings are more reserved and elegant for elevating any type of outfit. Hoop earrings can be made with plain metal or set with diamonds or colored gemstones for a luxurious touch.

Huggie Hoop Earrings

Huggie hoop earrings are an updated version of the classic hoop earrings. They are smaller and more compact—these thick little hoop earrings “hug” the earlobe. For a modern, younger look, opt for huggie hoop earrings with diamonds. For added impact, they can be set with diamonds or other gems. Huggies usually hinge for easier insertion and removal, making this chic design one you will definitely want to add to your collection.

J-Hoop Earrings

Another type of hoop earring, J-hoops have a half-circle design. The back of the earring is open, so it’s not a closed loop. The part of the earring looks like the letter J. The difference between J-hoops and huggie hoops is that J-hoop earrings don’t go all the way around; from the side view, you can see the J-shape. Other than that, they look very similar to huggie hoops.

Drop Earrings

Drop earrings are a category of earrings that “drop” below your earlobe and dangle from the ear, though the basic drop earring does not move very much, unlike other types. They are an elegant set of earrings, making them popular with royalty.

Drop earrings dangle from the ear. There are short drop earrings that dangle a few centimeters below your ear, ranging to long shoulder-length drop earrings. Most drop earrings are solid in structure, but sometimes, a gemstone may dangle at the bottom. If the gemstone on the drop earring is pear-shaped, it’s called a teardrop earring.

Dangle Earrings

A dangle earring is a type of drop earring, but with more specifications. All dangle earrings are drop earrings, but not all drop earrings are dangle earrings. But diamond dangle earrings typically hang below the earlobe and move, unlike stiffer drop earrings. 

There are numerous styles, sizes, and designs of dangle earrings. They can range from short and simple dangle earrings to large dangle earrings with tiered layers, even approaching shoulder-length. Long, waterfall-esque diamond earrings are also called string diamond earrings, or “shoulder duster” earrings, although we hope you’re washing your clothes enough to avoid accumulating dust there.

Chandelier Earrings

Perhaps the most elegant type of earrings, chandelier earrings have an interesting history as well as design. Invented in the Middle East hundreds of years ago, they entered the realm of luxury earrings when French designers during the French Revolution decided to add diamonds on them. 

The finest diamond chandelier earring designs must be crafted by an expert; it requires the highest quality of craftsmanship to maintain both extravagant detail and durability. These lavish earrings are aptly named—they’re perfectly suited for wearing at ballrooms with rich red carpets, exquisite sculptures, and chandeliers. 

Chandelier earrings draw attention and capture the imagination. They’re not meant for everyday use—they’re meant for unforgettable moments, such as formal occasions or luxury dinners.

Day and night

Day & night earrings first became popular in the 18th century, when designers were experimenting with creative and unique earring designs. They feature a mechanism or simply a wire that allows the long dangling part of the earring to be detached from the ornamented top. These diamonds consist of various parts, so there is more than one way to wear them.

Typically, the upper part is similar to a stud earring, such as a solitaire diamond stud. You can choose to wear the separate detachable part with it, or without it. This is why they’re called “day to night” earrings; you can wear the simple part during the day for practicality and convenience. When you’re prepping for a luxurious night out, just add the glamorous part and you are jet set.

Clip Ons

You can still wear earrings even if your ears aren’t pierced, or if your piercing is healing or closed up. Clip-on earrings don’t require a piercing to wear. They are popular for anyone with unpierced ears, including children. 

To attach a clip-on earring to your ear, you simply apply a little pressure to the earring on both sides of the earlobe, until it clips on. Different types of clip-on earrings include screw backs, magnetic back earrings, and earrings with sliding springs. Choose high-quality clip-on earrings to avoid losing them from falling off.

Diamond Earrings

In addition to the most popular earring styles, there are gemstone earrings that provide an added flash of eye-catching brilliance. Here are some of the best diamond earrings at affordable prices available online (and in our New York City Store, located in the Diamond District):

  • Diamond Stud Earrings
  • Diamond Hoop Earrings
  • Diamond Solitaire Earrings
  • Diamond Halo Earrings
  • Diamond Cluster Earrings
  • Princess Cut Earrings
  • Pave Diamond Earrings
  • Diamond Huggie Earrings
  • Diamond Drop Earrings
  • Diamond Chandelier Earrings
  • Diamond Heart Earrings
  • Colored Diamond Earrings
  • Blue Diamond Earrings
  • Pink Diamond Earrings
  • Yellow Diamond Earrings
  • Multi-Color Diamond Earrings
  • Designer Diamond Earrings
  • Black Diamond Earrings

For more tips on buying cheap real diamond earrings, or any luxurious diamond earrings to fit your budget, check out our guide on choosing the best place to buy diamond earrings.

Gemstone Earrings

Example of Hoop Diamond Earring Style

The 2020s are the time for colored Gemstone Earrings New styles of colored gemstone earrings are gaining popularity, so keep your eye out for the latest developments in this type of earring.

Pearl Earrings

Pearl Earrings are one of the most popular types of earrings right now. The pearl earrings today aren’t your grandmother’s pearls—they combine old-school grace and elegance with modern design innovations.

There are many ways to style pearl earrings. You can choose more of a statement pearl earring style, like Zendaya (who happens to be one of our celebrity customers), or opt for a more minimalist pair of pearl earrings like Meghan Markle (who happens to be another one of ItsHot’s celebrity customers).

Gemstone Hoop Earrings

How could classic diamond hoop earrings become even more luxe? By featuring diamonds and colored gemstones. Check out our men’s/unisex diamond hoops, as well as our diamond hoop earrings for women if you’re not interested in colored gemstone hoops.

Birthstone Earrings

There are 12 birthstones for every month, so a way to get on board with the new earring trends of personalization and uniqueness, consider getting earrings with your birthstone on it, or a loved one’s birthstone.

Some popular birthstone earrings include:

  • sapphire earrings
  • ruby earrings
  • blue topaz earrings
  • emerald earrings

There are many other types of unique earrings with gemstones. When deciding between diamonds or colored gems, why not choose both? Most of our gemstone jewelry also contains diamonds, which are set in expertly crafted precious metals.

Colored Diamond Earrings

  1. White Yellow Blue Diamond Earrings 0.30ct Silver

    White Yellow Blue Diamond Earrings 0.30ct Silver

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Another way to choose a more unique diamond earring set is to choose colored diamond earrings. Blue diamond studs, yellow diamond studs, black diamond hoops, pink diamond earrings, you name it. Diamonds come in more colors than many people realize. Many colors of diamonds are even rarer than white diamonds.

It might surprise you that black diamonds are both rarer and harder than white diamonds, and what’s even more surprising is that they’re one of the cheapest diamond earring types! You can buy black diamond earrings including black diamond studs for men, black diamond hoops, and unisex black diamond earrings for cheaper than white diamonds due to their lower popularity. That said, as black diamonds become more popular, who knows if they’ll one day be more expensive.

The Choice is Yours

These are the main styles of popular earrings right now, but these groups include many different variations within them. To know how to figure out what size earrings to get, check out our guide on earring sizes for pictures and earring size charts.

Here at ItsHot.com, we have a vast inventory of unique diamond jewelry that’s in style, and continually updated. Our physical store is located in New York City’s diamond district; our location and regular celebrity buyers give us an advantage in knowing the latest diamond jewelry styles to provide our customers.

If you have any questions about our vast selection of diamond earrings for men or our many types of earrings for women, you can always shoot us any questions by contacting us here at ItsHot.

We have a 30-day money-back guarantee return policy, as well as a 1-year warranty, which is handy in case you buy earrings for a gift and they’re not what they wanted.

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