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30 Best Gold Chains to Buy in 2023

Best Gold Chains

If you haven’t been hiding under a rock, you might’ve witnessed the slow but significant changes in men’s jewelry and mainstream fashion. Jewelry styles for men, unisex jewelry, and women’s styles have reached a major turning point—they’re now focused on self-expression, individuality, personalization, and bold statement pieces.

It’s clear that the best gold necklaces in 2023 are without equal—gold chains. Gold chain necklace styles have been doing what other types of men’s jewelry fail to do—evolve, adapt, and become versatile.

We’re stoked that gold chain necklaces are getting the credit they deserve. Mainstream fashion stepped up its game in this decade, and it owes a lot to hip-hop, 90s streetwear, and New York City style. Here at ItsHot, we’re located in NYC’s Diamond District, and we’ve been on the cutting edge of the best men’s styles of gold chains.

To provide some of our insider knowledge to the many people developing an appreciation for gold chains, we’ve put together a guide on the best gold chains to buy in 2023 for your lifestyle.

The Significance of Gold Chain Necklaces

Gold chain necklaces have existed since ancient times; the richest man who ever lived, Mansa Musa, celebrated his wealth and reign over the Mali empire by decking himself out in the finest gold. The man was so rich that he gave gold out to random villagers when he entered a new town to conquer.

In the 1960s, artists and musicians like Jimi Hendrix used gold chain pendant necklaces to show off their personality, bringing back the appeal of gold chains to modern fashion. In 1980, rapper Kurtis Blow made an unforgettable statement with layered gold chain necklaces when he wore them on his album, which included the first rap song ever to go gold.

Once an art form of the marginalized and low-income communities, hip-hop style has increasingly become a major influence on high fashion. Rising from the ashes, the significance of gold chains is finally being understood. The purpose of jewelry isn’t to blend in with the crowd—it’s to express yourself, to make a statement about your accomplishments.

  1. Miami Yellow Gold Cuban Link Curb Chain for Men 14K 2.5mm 22-40in

    Miami Yellow Gold Cuban Link Curb Chain for Men 14K 2.5mm 22-40in

    Regular Price: $1,668.00

    Special Price $828.00

    As low as: $488.00
    Earn 4,140 ItsHot Reward Points
  2. 9mm Yellow Gold Miami Cuban Link Curb Chain for Men 10K 20-40in

    9mm Yellow Gold Miami Cuban Link Curb Chain for Men 10K 20-40in

    Regular Price: $4,594.00

    Special Price $2,524.00

    Earn 12,620 ItsHot Reward Points
  3. Yellow Gold Miami Cuban Link Curb Chain for Men 14K 4mm 22-40in

    Yellow Gold Miami Cuban Link Curb Chain for Men 14K 4mm 22-40in

    Regular Price: $2,990.00

    Special Price $1,892.00

    As low as: $1,791.00
    Earn 9,460 ItsHot Reward Points

The Meaning of Pendants for Gold Chains

Gold chains became popular again around 2018, although fashion-forward trendsetters have anticipated this sooner. Back in 2014, we introduced our first customizable pendants for gold chains. Our confident customers, which include famous celebrities, were buying gold chain styles that were unique to them.

As jewelry styles for men shift towards personalization and self-expression, gold chain pendants are rapidly gaining popularity, in part due to the influence of rappers’ over-the-top custom pendants. Even before Rick Ross started wearing a pendant of his own face, more subtle pendants, such as Rocky's boxing glove pendant worn by Sylvester Stallone have provided all sorts of meanings to provide jewelry that embodies various interests.

Popular pendant choices are cartoon pendants, cross pendants, or other religious jewelry such as evil eye pendants or Jewish pendants, and other objects or symbol pendants that represent something meaningful to you.

When choosing what pendant is right for you, you can look online for pendants for chains, or create your own custom pendant, choosing from different diamond colors, gold colors, and designs.

Whether you’re looking for the best gold chains in 2023 to wear on their own, layered with other chains, or the best gold chains for pendants to really personalize your style—we’ve got all of the best gold chain necklace varieties in style now.

Our store ItsHot is located right in the Big Apple, and since NYC sets the pace for the latest streetwear jewelry trends and gold chain styles, we’re constantly in the loop when it comes to knowing what’s in style. We provide the best price men's gold chains — including special deals and sales available online.

That said, we’ve ranked gold chain necklace styles in terms of popularity, versatility, and style guide. Hopefully, our gold chain buying guide will provide everything you need to choose the best gold chain for your personality and lifestyle.

Best Gold Chains for Everyday Wear

everyday gold chain style

What gold chains are good for daily wear? As long as you choose the right style and size of gold chain, gold chain necklaces are a versatile and durable choice of jewelry for men or women to wear with every outfit.

The best gold chain types for wearing every day need to meet the following requirements:

  • Durable, choose the strongest chain necklace types
  • Versatile to wear with many outfits
  • A suitable length and width to suit your lifestyle
  • Reflects your personality

That said, these are the best gold chain necklace types to wear every day:

Curb Chain

  • All types of curb link chains are strong and durable
  • Variety of widths to suit your style
  • Popular gold chain for men and women
  • Great daily wear chain for pendants
  • One of the most popular gold chain styles in 2023
  • Shorter length Cuban link chains are versatile for daily wear
  • Strong, bold chain links provide confidence to your style
  • Yellow gold Cuban link chains look great with plain black shirts
  • Choose 14K solid gold for the strongest gold Cuban link chains

Figaro Chain

  • The Figaro chain is highly durable, especially at solid 14K gold
  • Looks good for men or women in unisex styles
  • Great alone or with a pendant
  • Finely crafted Figaro chains add a luxurious touch

Box Chain

  • Box chains are very versatile for daily wear
  • For best price gold chain necklaces for daily wear: sterling silver box chain
  • Great gold chain for women and men alike
  • Choose thicker widths for box chains with pendants

Rope Chain

  • Rope chains come in a variety of widths, for every style preference
  • Durable type of chain for pendants
  • At thicker widths, masculine appearance
  • At thinner widths, a more elegant appearance
  • One of the shiniest real gold chain necklaces due to the ways it reflects light

When looking for the best gold chains online to wear every day, opt for 14K gold if you can, or sterling silver if you’re not planning on putting a pendant on it. Higher gold karats contain more pure gold, so their maintenance is a bit less than lower karats, such as 10K gold chains.

An important thing to keep in mind when wearing a gold chain every day is to keep up with its maintenance. Know how to clean a gold chain necklace, and keep up with it regularly to keep your gold chain looking new with every outfit.

Best Romantic Gold Chains

delicate gold chain

The best romantic styles of gold chains can symbolize love, or exude sex appeal. Whatever you’re going for, some gold chains are more romantic than others. Here are the best romantic gold chains for women and for men:

Romantic Gold Chains for Women

Valentino Chain

  • Valentino chains are delicate gold chains for women that are also stunning
  • Subtle appearance, beautiful flat, iridescent gold links
  • Add an elegant and flirty look to dresses, simple tops, and formal styles

Heart Chain

  • Heart chains have heart-shapes in the gold links, symbolizing love
  • Cute and elegant style of gold chain
  • Great anniversary gift for women or gift for your girlfriend

Sterling Silver chains

  • Sterling silver chain necklaces are cheap and great for meaningful pendants
  • Best romantic pendants for chains: heart, key pendants, journey, colored diamond, or custom pendants for women.

Romantic Gold Chains for For Men

Mariner Chain

  • The mariner chain (or anchor chain) is one of the strongest gold chain types
  • Masculine style, classic type of gold chain for men
  • Unique link styles add intrigue to a simple outfit
  • Pairs well with business-casual outfits

Franco Chain

  • Rolo link chains are one of the cheapest real gold chains for pendants
  • Great for layering chains, since it’s so cheap you can add it to your gold chain collection for affordable layering styles
  • Simple appearance won’t take away from the significance of a pendant

Romantic gold chains make excellent gifts for your significant other or a close friend. You can choose plain gold chains for a romantic touch to an outfit, or choose meaningful pendants, such as initial pendants, to represent your interests or relationship.

Best Delicate Gold Chains

  1. LUXURMAN Solid 10k Gold Curb Chain For Men & Women Comfort 2.8mm Wide

    LUXURMAN Solid 10k Gold Curb Chain For Men & Women Comfort 2.8mm Wide

    Regular Price: $574.00

    Special Price $298.00

    Earn 1,490 ItsHot Reward Points
  2. Solid 14k Gold Herringbone Chain For Men & Women Imperial 5mm

    Solid 14k Gold Herringbone Chain For Men & Women Imperial 5mm

    Regular Price: $1,144.00

    Special Price $574.00

    As low as: $435.00
    Earn 2,870 ItsHot Reward Points
  3. Hollow 10k Gold Rope Chain For Men & Women Sparkle 2.5mm Wide

    Hollow 10k Gold Rope Chain For Men & Women Sparkle 2.5mm Wide

    Regular Price: $223.00

    Special Price $154.00

    As low as: $111.00
    Earn 770 ItsHot Reward Points

If you’re a minimalist and you prefer simple gold chain necklaces to wear with your outfits, delicate gold chain necklaces are a perfect choice. These necklaces can be paired with a subtle pendant, or worn on their own for a truly simple style. Delicate gold chain styles are popular with men and women.

Singapore Chain

  • A gold Singapore chain is deceptively simple—its structure is extremely strong and durable
  • One of the best thin chains for pendants
  • Even 10K gold Singapore chains are strong, making them a cheaper gold chain so you can spend more on the pendant
  • Elegant style of gold chain necklace, perfect for formal styles
  • Fancy link chains come in a variety of widths and styles
  • Delicate but interesting options
  • Unique chain links made from real gold by expert craftsmen

Wheat Chain/Spiga Chain

  • Wheat chains are strong enough for daily wear
  • An exceptionally strong type of gold chain link
  • Great lightweight chain to go with any outfit
  • Resistant to kinks, not easy to break
  • Great for women’s pendants and men’s pendants

Snake Chain

  • Snake chains are a popular type of gold chain for women
  • Elegant, great for formal styles
  • Pairs well with bracelets and layered chains
  • Great for charms

Foxtail Chain

  • Gold foxtail chains are a cool and underrated type of chain
  • Delicate style with bold design
  • Perfect unique chain for small pendants and for charms

These are just some of the best delicate gold chains. There are many more simple types of gold chain links that are strong enough to support pendants and wear daily. For example, thin curb chain necklaces, Forsantina chains, and the best gold plated chains are elegant and strong.

Coolest Gold Chains

Kanye West

Whether you’re wearing casual clothing, formal wear, street style, or your own unique combination—these are some of the best gold chain necklaces to add an element of coolness to any look. Cool in design, cool in their history, or cool in pop culture, these gold chain styles are among the best gold necklaces for self-expression.

Bead Dog Tag Chain

  • Bead dog tag chains provide a military chic style with an interesting history
  • Longer length of chain goes well with casual styles
  • Cool, masculine look if paired with a dog tag/ID tag pendant
  • Durable enough for a variety of pendants

Gucci Chain Necklace

  • The Gucci link chain, also known as the puffed mariner chain, is really popular and unique
  • Al Pacino wears a Gucci chain in Scarface, so it’s a cool chain for movie buffs
  • Recognizable Italian design that’s really in-style in 2023
  • Rose gold Cuban link chains give a modern look to the popular Miami Cuban link necklace
  • Popular with many celebrities, including rappers and influencers
  • Versatile color to elevate any outfit

Black Diamond Chain Necklace

  • Black diamond chains are unique and unusual
  • Black diamonds are the hardest material on Earth—they may have come from space
  • Some people think black diamonds are cursed, but we think they’re cool

Rosary Chain Necklaces

  • Gold rosary chains are cool-looking and meaningful
  • A stylish way to show off your faith or appreciation of hip-hop jewelry
  • Wide range of styles and prices, perfect for every lifestyle

Any gold chain necklace is cool if you know how to style it, but these choices have an interesting background even before adding any of your own meaning.

Best Glamorous Gold Chains

man wearing a gold chain

If you want a gold chain to wear as a statement piece, these are the best bold, chunky, or iced-out gold chains to catch everyone’s eye. Putting on a glamorous chain is a way to show off your confidence, success, and individual style.

Color Diamond Chain Necklace

  • If you want to stand out, colored diamond chains are a great way to draw attention to a diamond chain
  • Real gold and real fancy colored diamonds
  • Unique color-block pattern compliments statement outfits
  • Works as a statement piece on its own
  • Diamond Cuban link chains are the ultimate fashion statement
  • Popular with rappers and celebrities around the world
  • For extra glamor, add a diamond pendant or customize your own pendant
  • Heavy, real gold hip hop chains with real diamonds, ultimate luxury item

Black and Yellow Diamond Chain for Women

  • Gold chain made with real black diamonds and yellow diamonds
  • Black diamonds are rare and unusual
  • Great to elevate any outfit
  • Conversation piece

Jesus Piece Gold Chain

  • Adding Jesus pendants to any of the best gold chains for pendants makes it a statement piece
  • Popular in hip-hop style
  • Made famous by the Notorious B.I.G.

Best Cheap Gold Chains

cable link chain

If you’re on a budget, these are the best real gold chains under 500 dollars. Saving money on gold chains is important if you plan on spending a good amount of money on a gold or diamond pendant. These are cheap gold chain necklaces that are high-quality and unbeatable in price. Great cheap gold chains to give as a gift to a friend or significant other.

Gold Bismarck Chain

  • A real 14K gold Bismarck chain is on sale, and it’s under $300
  • Highest degree of craftsmanship in an affordable gold necklace
  • Lobster claw clasp is durable and keeps the chain secure

Diamond Cut Curb Chain

  • Diamond cut curb chain features diamond-shaped gold links
  • Sleek, masculine style
  • Real 14K gold is available in three colors: rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold
  • Amazingly cheap price for such a chain, it’s on sale at wholesale price

14K Thin Anchor Chain

  • A real 14 gold anchor chain is a strong chain with a quality design
  • Both sleek and strong style
  • Great chain for pendants

Rose Gold Moon Chain

  • 10K real rose gold bead chain with moon cut links adds a stylish flair to the typical bead chain
  • Great trending 2023 style gold chain
  • Good for men and women
  • Perfect for dog tag pendants or rose gold pendants
  • This real 14K gold cheap Cuban link chain is a thinner style of Miami Cuban link chain
  • Masculine design that’s also good for a minimalist look
  • Excellent gold chain to wear every day or with a pendant

Finding the Best Price Gold Chains

Whether you’re looking for cheap gold chains, or iced-out diamond gold chains, you don’t want to overpay. Here at ItsHot, we offer all of the best gold chains in style right now for unbeatable prices.

You can trust our inventory to be regularly up-to-date with the latest gold chain styles and the best prices available. We keep in touch with the market values of gold chains and diamonds, so you won’t overpay. Even our cheapest gold chains are real and made by experts with years of experience in fine gold jewelry making.
For tips on saving money when buying jewelry, check out or gold chain cost guide.

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Denis Stepansky is a founder of ItsHot, a diamond jewelry and watches store based in NYC. He has been in the jewelry business for about 20 years and owns such high-end jewelry brands as Luccello and Luxurman. As a jewelry expert, he has citations on well-known magazines and newspapers like Insider and Daily Mail.

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