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Anniversary Jewelry Ideas

Anniversary Jewelry Ideas Your Partner Will Love

It’s that time of year again where you are to celebrate the person that brings you more happiness than anyone else on planet Earth: your anniversary.

After loving someone so deeply for however long you have loved them, sometimes it can be hard to figure out what exactly to get this amazing person, but one thing is for sure: you can never go wrong with a good piece of jewelry! Below are just some anniversary jewelry ideas she is bound to love.

Diamond Earrings

Diamonds are always a girl’s best friend, and that especially holds true with diamond earrings. Timeless and versatile, the special someone in your life is bound to pair a beautiful pair of diamond earrings with all of her outfits so that she can have a piece of you with her everywhere she goes. One of the easiest ways you can make sure that she gets the most use out of her anniversary earrings is to buy her a simple pair of diamond stud earrings. She can wear diamond studs with practically every outfit in her wardrobe, so you know that she will wear them more than just once. You can get them in any metal that you want because people will focus much more on the beautiful, high-quality stone than the metal of the earring. This way, she can always think of her stud every time she wears these anniversary studs.

However, another type of diamond earring that is worth your anniversary investment is a diamond hoop. She can make a bold statement wherever she goes, a pair of dazzling hoops may be the way to go over a pair of simple studs. These hoops are just as classy as studs, but they make more of a statement. Hoops also work because, like rings, hoops are circles that can represent how your love for her has no end or beginning, simply just an eternal circle of love and devotion. And who doesn’t want such a cute, symbolic gift like that on their anniversary? No one.

Tennis Bracelet

Like she is your partner as you walk down the road of life together, she is your perfect metaphorical tennis partner. Show her that by getting her a women's stunning diamond tennis bracelet. Even if she has never picked up a tennis racket in her life, she will still appreciate the stunning beauty of this timelessly classic tennis bracelet. It will act like a beautiful little flourish on whatever outfit she wears, whether it’s jeans and a tee shirt or a formal gown. She’ll get tons of compliments about it, and whenever she does, she can proudly say that she got it as an anniversary present from you, the person she loves the most out of all the seven billion people on this whole wide world.

You may still be on the fence about this piece of jewelry, but you shouldn’t be. This bracelet can elevate her look from something casual to something simply chic and stunning with the simple addition of a bracelet. Bracelets, like rings and hoop earrings, are also circles, which goes back to the bracelet serving as a metaphor for your endless love for your partner in life. A diamond tennis bracelet tells her that you are thinking of her and always want her to look her fanciest and her best.

Cross Necklaces

This gift is one of my personal favorites on this list. Not only can this anniversary stand as a testament to your faith in one another and your faith in the relationship that you have spent such a long time building, but this anniversary can also stand as a testament of faith to your God. This is a gift that she will not cherish simply because it is a work of fine craftsmanship that you hand-selected for her, but she will cherish it because it shows that you hold her faith in high regard and that you support her in her faith.

A matching cross necklace for the both of you is a true testament to a shared faith, not just some gift that you are giving her because it is your anniversary. If you choose to do this as your gift and you get one to complement hers, then on the day of your anniversary, you can have an unveiling. Invite her friends to all come surprise her on the day of your anniversary and publicly promise her so many more years of a shared faith, and show the whole world that you hold her and your God close to your heart.

Having something that you both share is why you are here celebrating an anniversary in the first place, and having an item that you both can wear quite literally so close to your heart is something that she will hold more dearly than any old box of chocolates and bouquet of roses (although that would always make for a charismatic touch.)

A Watch

There would not be a cheekier way to celebrate the passage of time with your beloved lady than by getting her a wrist watch. This would be a very practical gift as well, giving you peace of mind that your investment into this anniversary present would not be just towards something frivolously beautiful, but towards something practical, yet also couture. Because it is something that she can actually use multiple times a day, every time she looks at the face of that wrist watch, she will remember the happy day that you gave it to her and the great time (pun intended) that she has had with you so far in this relationship.

Getting her a wrist watch also provides another opportunity for you to get a watch that complements hers. There are few things that would be more special to a woman than having something physical and beautiful that she can share with the person she loves and has devoted a portion of her life to. Any anniversary proclaims that two people love each other so much that they are willing to devote large fractions of their lives to one another, and wrist watches would allow you to be able to measure that fraction of life all the way down to the second.

A Customized Piece of Anniversary Jewelry

She stands out from the rest of the world in your eyes, so she should stand out from the rest of the world in the eyes of her friends and others, too. One of the most heartfelt ways to do that is to get her something that literally no one else on the planet has and get her a customized piece of jewelry that she can call her very own.

Now, you might be thinking that a cheaper way to do this is just to get her a monogrammed towel or a screen printed tee shirt, but those cheap, sometimes tawdry-looking items cannot possibly compare to the awe she would feel opening a box to a pendant customized by you just for her. Anyone can get any of the items I have written above for the woman they love, but the woman you love and have loved long enough to celebrate an anniversary with beautiful jewelry is different. She deserves something that took you time to create, something that you put more thought into than just clicking a box. She deserves this, and you know that. So don’t be afraid to get it for her because she is worth it and you both know it.

But it doesn’t even have to be a pendant! The beauty in investing in a customized piece of jewelry is that nothing else on Earth would be like it, just like no one else on Earth is like her. It will also hold a special place in her heart because not just anyone designed it, either. YOU designed it, one of the people she loves and cherishes every single day.

There is a huge difference in having the piece come from a collection that anyone can buy from versus having the piece come from a place in your heart, a place that really only she can touch. And that difference means the entire universe to her, just like she means the entire universe to you.

Hopefully this guide helped you realize the perfect piece of jewelry to get for your dearly beloved. No matter what darling piece you choose from this guide, she is bound to thank you lovingly and think of you every time she sees it in her jewelry box, and every time she wears it after that. And who knows, maybe next anniversary she will return the favor by buying you a nice piece of jewelry as well! Come back next year to find yet another perfect present for that perfect special someone in your life.

ItsHot LogoDenis Stepansky
Founder of ItsHot.com

Denis Stepansky is a founder of ItsHot, a diamond jewelry and watches store based in NYC. He has been in the jewelry business for about 20 years and owns such high-end jewelry brands as Luccello and Luxurman. As a jewelry expert, he has citations on well-known magazines and newspapers like Insider and Daily Mail.

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