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Pink Diamond Earrings

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Diamonds are no longer considered too much of a rare gemstone. In days of the past, mostly only women would flaunt diamonds, that too on special occasions to make a lasting impression in society. Today, diamonds have become a part of our everyday lives. Men love them as much as women. With the introduction of colored diamonds, we now have a lot more options to choose from. Explore our collection of stunning pink diamond earrings to match your personality.

What goes into making our stunning collection of pink diamond earrings?

Our collection of pink diamond earrings come in all shapes and sizes. Ranging from 0.30 ct to 2.4 ct in weight, you can opt for stud or drop earrings studded in pure 14K gold available in rose, yellow or white. Our finest craftsmen work hard to make the most extraordinary pieces that are bound to turn heads.

How much do Pink Diamond Earrings cost?

The average cost of Pink Diamond Earrings is $1,716.00.

How to choose Pink Diamond Earrings?

When choosing Pink Diamond Earrings, you should pay attention to the following characteristics: Price, Width, Carat Weight, and Gemstone Clarity.

What are the most popular Pink Diamond Earrings?

Our Experts Suggest...

Diamond jewelry doesn’t really need much work when it comes to styling it. If you are wearing a pair of diamond earrings, they are bound to stand out in a crowd and have people gushing over their beauty. We would like to bring some fun facts to your attention too so that you can get the best wear out of your favorite pair of pink diamond earrings.

Be careful while pairing your diamond earrings with jewelry crafted with other gemstones. Any other jewelry should be kept very minimalistic, since the diamonds can overshadow your other accessories very quickly.

To help your diamonds shine their brightest, we recommend that you go for black or darker hues. This will attract the attention to the earrings you are flaunting. While styling your hair, make up your mind whether you want to feature the earrings or you want to incorporate them into your look. If you decide to go for the latter, we suggest you let your hair down. If you want the world to see the beautiful investment you made, you can go for a tied up look by sporting a half updo or a messy bun.

As part of our collection, we have the Men's Pink Diamond Stud Earring made with a 0.3 ct stunning pink diamond studded in 14K white gold for the men who want in on the accessorizing fun.

Updated on 09/15/22

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