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Black Diamond Earrings: Black Diamond Stud Earrings and Black Diamond Hoop Earrings At Discounted Prices.

Fashionable and inexpensive, black diamond earrings showcase a unique look while combining polished sterling silver, white, yellow or pink gold and enchanting fancy black diamonds. From classic solitaire stud earrings with black diamonds to checkered white and black diamond earrings, now you can choose from hundreds of black diamond earring styles from jewelry at lowest prices, guaranteed. To view our full collection of diamond earrings for men and women, please click here.
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14K Gold Black Diamond Stud Earrings Prong Set 2.00ct

14K Gold Black Diamond Stud Earrings Prong Set 2.00ct


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Whether you’re spending a night out on a luxe NYC rooftop bar, celebrating your birthday in style, or turning heads as you walk down a famous avenue during your luxurious vacation—exquisite occasions demand black. Of course, black leather jackets, the little black dress, black ties, black denim, and black boots are known to add refinery to any occasion, but black diamond earrings are seriously underrated.

For an exceptionally striking take on sophisticated style, consider buying a pair of men’s or women’s black diamond earrings to bring an entrancing and stately sparkle to your outfit. Black diamonds are a bit of the black sheep of women’s jewelry—they’re far less popular than white diamond earrings, or other colored diamond earrings.

That being said, black diamond earrings are a perfect choice for people who like to express themselves boldly and to add intrigue to their look. There are many unique black diamond earring styles out there—we offer an exceptional array of black diamond studs, hoop earrings, dangle earrings, and more. You may just find that black diamond earrings have been missing from your life for far too long.

Benefits of Black Diamond Earrings

Black diamond earrings are a sharp way to add contrast to your look. The color accentuates your facial features, especially if you pick a metal color that complements your skin tone or style. There are many different combinations you can choose when matching black diamond earrings to your other jewelry or to your outfits.

Another benefit of wearing black diamond earrings is to stand out from the crowd. Black diamond earrings are not the most popular choice; many people are unaware that natural diamonds even come in black. Due to their lower demand, you can find black diamond earrings for cheap prices compared to white diamonds.

For the man or woman who seems to have everything, black diamond earrings make a great gift for her or him. Even if they’re a fashion god, it’s unlikely that they’ll have one of our unique black diamond earring pairs (or single studs) in their collection. They’ll cherish this meaningful jewelry gift that they can wear with anything.

Different Styles of Black Diamond Earrings

Whether you’re looking for simple pair of men’s black diamond earrings, or a unique black and white diamond drop earring for women, we’ve got you covered. Here at ItsHot, we have a large inventory of natural real black diamond earrings for men and women.

Here are some of the different types of black diamond earring styles we offer:

  • Black diamond stud earrings for men and women
    • Unique black diamond stud earrings
    • Black and white diamond stud earrings
    • Single diamond stud earring styles
    • Multicolor diamond stud earrings (yellow, black, blue, white, pink diamonds etc)
  • Unique black diamond stud earrings for women
    • Flower black diamond studs
    • Butterfly black diamond studs
  • Unique black diamond stud earrings for men
    • Diamond-shaped black diamond studs
    • Black and white checkered diamond studs
  • Black diamond hoop earrings
    • Black diamond huggie hoops
    • Men’s black diamond hoop earrings
    • Women’s black diamond hoop earrings
    • Black and white diamond huggie hoops
  • All-black gold diamond earrings
  • Unique dangle earrings/drop earrings with black diamonds
  • Iced-out pavé black diamond earrings

We offer 1ct and 2ct black diamond stud earrings for guys and ladies, as well as black diamond hoop earrings in both men’s and women’s styles. We offer round black diamond studs in cluster designs, pavé earrings, princess cut black diamonds, and solitaire black diamond studs. We also offer square diamond stud earrings in cluster designs, pavé styles, multicolor diamonds, and more.

If you’re a fan of all-black diamond earrings, we have options for real gold coated in black rhodium to emphasize the black diamonds. Looking at styles is easy—filter your search by gender, carat weight, metal type, size small or big, and more. We offer both our men’s and women’s styles in 10K and 14K gold in white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold.

High-Quality Materials

With over 20 years of experience manufacturing fine diamond jewelry, we know diamonds inside-out. We provide lab certificates showing the diamonds’ authenticity, grade, metal type, and more. Our stunning AAA quality black diamonds are cut to ideal standards to glisten magnificently.

All of our ItsHot real black diamond earrings for men and women are made with real 10K and 14K gold or real sterling silver. Our all-black diamond stud earrings are coated in real rhodium for a sleek look—rhodium is also one of the most expensive precious metals, and it’s hypoallergenic, corrosion-resistant, and highly durable.

Because we manufacture our own diamond jewelry, we’re able to offer deals on black diamond earrings at wholesale prices. Even our new inventory is cheaper than you’d get at a standard middleman retail store—so why ever set foot in a chain jewelry store again? Plus, our black diamond earring designs are truly unique.

Tips for Choosing Black Diamond Earrings

Black diamond earrings are a great closet staple to elevate your style every day. When deciding how to pick black diamond earrings for yourself, or if you’re getting them as a cool jewelry gift for him or for her, here are some tips to find the best earrings to express your personality and unique style.

Choosing Metal Color for Black Diamonds

Black diamonds really pop in 10K or 14K white gold or sterling silver, perfect for refined street styles, formal wear, or casual clothing. If you have white gold or sterling silver chain necklaces, opting for white gold or sterling silver black diamond earrings will bring together your whole look.

In rose gold, black diamond earrings look even more unique and intriguing, adding a modern touch to any outfit. They complement all skin tones, and look great with a rose gold chain necklace or rose gold rings.

Yellow gold black diamond earrings look the most luxurious—they have a more culturally rich look, like something Ancient Egyptian royalty might wear. They pair well with men’s black onyx rings for men or women’s black onyx rings in yellow gold. Yellow gold black diamond earrings also look particularly luxurious on darker skin tones.

Choosing a Style

One of the most popular black diamond earring styles is the black diamond stud. A pair of screw-back studs is a great secure and durable piece of everyday wear diamond jewelry to elevate simple styles to statement styles.

Black diamond hoops are a newer trend and a great way to complement streetwear styles. We offer black diamond huggie hoops for smaller hoop earrings, as well as larger hoop earrings. To get that mysterious and edgy all-black diamond earring look, consider our rhodium-plated gold black diamond earrings.

Black diamond dangle earrings are a unique women’s earring style that’s fit for those who would rather set the trends than follow them. A pair of designer black diamond flower earrings make for a great gift for confident women to celebrate a special occasion or achievement.

Add Contrast to Your Style

Black diamond earrings provide a touch of elegance and edginess that you just can’t beat. Few other earring styles can compare to the pop of black and shadowy sparkle that natural black diamond earrings provide.

Feel free to browse our black diamond earrings using our search filter. You can mess around with the search filters to search by price, carat, diamond quality, metal, and more. We provide a 1-year warranty and a 30-day return policy on our diamond earrings, as well as responsive customer service.

We are available 24/7 for any questions about our black diamond earrings—contact us through our live chat feature, or email us for quick responses from qualified experts. Or, if you’re in New York City, stop by our store in Manhattan to talk to us there and check out our famous inventory.

How much do Black Diamond Earrings cost?

The average cost of Black Diamond Earrings is $685.00.

How to choose Black Diamond Earrings?

When choosing Black Diamond Earrings, you should pay attention to the following characteristics: Price, Width, Carat Weight, Metal, and Diamond Quality.

What are the most popular Black Diamond Earrings?

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