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Personalized rings bring joy

ItsHot.com, the best custom wedding, engagement, eternity, cocktail, and everyday ring maker, can help you develop a unique piece from scratch. We have years of experience designing and crafting high-end custom rings for any occasion. Just provide us with a draft, and we'll bring your perfect custom-designed ring to life.

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Jewelry comes with jewelry appraisals and warranty

Jewelry comes with jewelry appraisals and warranty

Appraisal certificates can be scanned at any gold or diamond tester in the world for 100% authenticity of your product. Our items come with a 1 year warranty which covers labor to fix all manufacturing defects.

The perfect custom ring for your budget

To help you design your elegant ring we offer finest materials:

White diamond, black diamond, blue diamond, yellow diamond, pink diamond
Emerald, ruby, sapphire, topaz, amethyst, tanzanite, onyx, peridot, moonstone, garnet
Platinum, yellow gold, white gold, black gold, rose gold, sterling silver

Custom Eternity/Anniversary Bands

One of the best anniversary gifts for a wife or husband is a dazzling and unique custom diamond anniversary ring. Custom anniversary rings are a unique gift for married couples to give to honor their wedding. There are no rules for picking a style of anniversary ring, so make it memorable – consider birthstone anniversary rings, three-stone settings for a 3rd-anniversary gift, a yellow diamond eternity ring, or other endless options.

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Custom Engagement/Wedding Rings

Make your proposal special with our unique custom diamond rings. Select your diamond gemstone cut, type, and color, and personalize your band. We offer engraved diamond engagement rings for couples, matching wedding bands, and more. You name it, and we'll create the best custom diamond engagement rings within your budget.

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Custom Rings for Men

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Custom Rings For Women

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Bespoke Rings Reviews

Dec 15, 2021 by Ashuan Lindsey

"Easy check out process fast delivery and for the price it is a lovely piece wish the metal was a little sturdier as the ring does bend easy."

Mar 28, 2022 by Colin Simmons

"I used this for a wedding ring - it thoroughly satisfied. "

Mar 28, 2022 by Besma Bashir

"Use the ring everyday.. recommend the ring for everyone.. you won't be regret.. great quality. "

Mar 16, 2022 by Johnnie Warrior

"The ring is designed very well right size for me diamonds reflect light great"

Mar 21, 2022 by Emma

Uniquely designed diamond ring...

"I'm in love with the design of the diamond ring. It just looks so adorable. It's a truly fine piece of jewelry of great quality."

Mar 14, 2022 by Nick

Amazing set of diamond wedding...

"The diamond rings are amazing, they look 5-10 times more than their actual price. The overall quality of the jewelry pieces is incredible. We both love them!"

Mar 14, 2022 by Emily

Ring with adorable round diamo...

"This lovely ring looks so adorable. The design speaks for itself, it's just so elegant while being quite simple. Absolutely happy with the purchase."

Dec 26, 2021 by Megan

5 stars

"I received my engagement ring set delivered to my home on Christmas eve and I love them! Both pairs are pretty, charming and understated. I am giving 5 stars. Thank you!"

Dec 26, 2021 by Nicole

Luxurman halo cluster ring

"Absolutely in love with my ring! ItsHot company's customer service and guarantees are so comforting that I always feel like I’m making the right choice in investing in their jewelry items."

Dec 26, 2021 by Kevin


"The quality of the vintage ring is so good and the delivery was prompt. I absolutely love the design and would highly recommend it"

Apr 4, 2022 by Dorice Dominick

"The quality was good for the price I would recommend to anyone looking for quality rings and not spend a arm and a leg to get them"

Mar 14, 2022 by Paul Lescault

"Love the ring beautiful shine wear it every weekend"

Mar 10, 2022 by Martin

Diamond ring with cuban link d...

"I love this sparkly diamond ring. Truly happy with the purchase, as I was looking for a perfect complement for my favorite Miami Cuban chain for quite a while. It looks amazing, and these diamonds shine beautifully."

Mar 10, 2022 by Joncarlos Barrow

"Wonderful piece still shines brilliantly almost 3 years later and great quality I accidentally ran over my ring and the piece is still looking great no diamonds of sapphires fell out from the piece gold did not bend or crack "

Mar 10, 2022 by Joncarlos Barrow

"Bought it for my wedding ring and am blown away by the piece bold and chunky yet subtle "

Mar 4, 2022 by Linda -Grant

"This ring is absolutely beautiful. The diamonds are clean and well cut for maximum sparkle. This ring will make an awesome addition to any jewelry wardrobe."

Feb 28, 2022 by Jane Poulton

"I love the ring and very happy it matches my wedding band set"

Custom Gemstone Rings

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What Are The Easy Steps to Make Unique High-Quality Ring?

We will assist you step by step through designing, sizing, and pricing to ensure your imagination becomes reality. ItsHot.com will also gladly work with you on adjusting your design and materials to fit into your desired budget.


We give you a platform wherein you can create your own designs. You send a drawing or a picture of desired pendant.

2. Materials Selection

You choose size, materials, and diamonds or gemstones. We make sure that design fits your budget and we can make it.

3. Modeling and Casting

We produce a beautiful 3D design model after only 20% down payment. You approve the design to start casting and setting stones.

4. Payment and Shipping

You get a picture of the ready order and pay the balance in full. We ship your pendant to you.

Design Your Own Ring

In order to achieve the most accurate and quality jewelry piece, please upload a photo/logo or describe to us details of your idea.

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Consult a Jewelry Making Specialist

Our team of jewelry making professionals are here to answer any of your questions with expertise and transparency.

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NYC Store


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24/7 live chat


Here are some frequently asked questions that customers have about buying their own custom ring from ItsHot:

How long does it take to create a custom ring?

In general, it will take 1-3 weeks to receive your custom ring. The average time to make a custom engagement ring is 2 weeks, but exactly how long it takes to make a custom ring depends on how complicated the design is, how many gemstones need to be set, how ornate the details are, and how long it takes to fine-tune the design to your budget. Overall, custom rings with very intricate details may require more minute adjustments throughout the design process that increase the time frame.

How much do custom rings cost?

Again, the price of a custom ring can vary greatly, depending on the type of metal and weight, gemstone and diamond grade, intricacies involved in the design, and the overall labor required. To estimate the cost of custom jewelry, it's a good idea to search for similar pieces of jewelry for sale online (similar karat purity, total carat weight in diamonds, size, etc.) or look at the ring cost factors in our jewelry education blog section. We will affirm the price after you have an estimate and a design idea.

Do I need to send you a complete ring design?

We will work closely with you in the design process, so it's not necessary to send a completely fleshed-out drawing. Please send us a sketch that gives us an idea of what you're envisioning, at least something that captures the main elements. Then, please book an appointment for a personalized consultation with one of our experienced designers, who will discuss the design with you before creating a more thorough 3D model of your custom ring.

Can I return custom rings?

Because ItsHot custom rings are manufactured to your specifications, our custom rings are not refundable and not returnable. All exchanges are final this is why we take great care to communicate with customers about their exact wishes.

For more information on our policies, check out our page on ItsHot Terms and Conditions.

Benefits of ItsHot Manufactured Bespoke Rings

ItsHot has a reputation of being one of the best places to buy custom jewelry online. Our 20 years of experience manufacturing and selling fine jewelry allows us to understand the details of the craft.

Our store is located in NYC’s diamond district, which gives our artists and jewelers an advantage in knowing how to find and select the best diamonds, cut them to perfection, and masterfully set them in custom pendants.

So whether you're looking for a meaningful gift for a mother, a gorgeous custom engagement ring, a cool personalized ring with diamonds, or just some more high-end custom jewelry to elevate your style, ItsHot is dedicated to making your dream come true.

Since we work in the wholesale jewelry industry, we purchase our materials and diamonds from a direct source, which cuts out the cost of the middleman. This is why our custom pendants have lower than expected prices compared to other fine custom jewelry.

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