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Large selection of custom-made earrings at a reasonable price

Our gorgeous custom made earrings are designed to feature a variety of high-quality precious metals, authentic diamonds, and gemstones for a unique style of your dreams. Some earrings are one of a kind designs while others can be recreated and customized.

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Jewelry comes with jewelry appraisals and warranty

Jewelry comes with jewelry appraisals and warranty

Appraisal certificates can be scanned at any gold or diamond tester in the world for 100% authenticity of your product. Our items come with a 1 year warranty which covers labor to fix all manufacturing defects.

Personalized earrings - fashionable way to wear your identity

Our jewelry consultants can assist you design your one-of-a-kind piece:

White diamond, black diamond, blue diamond, yellow diamond, pink diamond
Emerald, ruby, sapphire, topaz, amethyst, tanzanite, onyx, peridot, moonstone, garnet
Platinum, yellow gold, white gold, black gold, rose gold, sterling silver

Custom Men's Diamond Earrings

Whether you want to add some sparkle to your streetwear with men’s custom stud earrings, add some edge to your wardrobe with custom diamond hoop earrings, or create something totally unique—you can’t go wrong with a pair of authentic custom diamond earrings for men. From solitaire studs to pavé and cluster, we’re experts at making a plethora of diamond earring styles with a range of natural diamonds in different colors.

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Custom Women's Diamond Earrings

Though diamond drop earrings are lavish and elegant, few people possess their own custom diamond drop earrings. Here at ItsHot, you can make your diamond drop earrings just how you want them. Feel free to play around with different gemstone colors, create vertical customized name earrings, mix and match metals, and more—we’ll work with you to make the perfect pair.

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Custom Diamond Drop Earrings

Though diamond drop earrings are lavish and elegant, few people possess their own custom diamond drop earrings. Here at ItsHot, you can make your diamond drop earrings just how you want them. Feel free to play around with different gemstone colors, create vertical customized name earrings, mix and match metals, and more—we’ll work with you to make the perfect pair.

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Custom Diamond Stud Earrings

The sky is the limit when it comes to all of the possibilities for unique diamond stud earring designs. From dazzling blue diamond earrings to custom champagne diamond studs—everything is in your hands. Make the trademark custom diamond studs of your dreams, the earrings that will forever be associated with you.

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Custom Earrings Reviews

Apr 11, 2022 by Paul Lescault

"These earrings I loved at first but they were a little too big for my style but other then that they are great"

Mar 30, 2022 by martha smith

"I will wear the earrings when I wear my ring. I was surprised to find a piece that matched my ring after so many years. "

Jan 10, 2022 by Chanel Melton

"The quality of the earrings and diamonds unmatched for the price "

Nov 16, 2021 by Barbara Noel

"This "Love is a journey was a gift to celebrate a 40 yr marriage and has already given such pleasure. I have the fullyy set necklace, bracelet, ring and earrings...I was soo lucky to finally fin!d the ring at It's Hot so pround and appreciative of the style"

Dec 7, 2020 by Megan Collazo

"The earrings will be a gift for my husband for Christmas. Quality is great just smaller than I thought they would be"

Apr 29, 2020 by Gerard Moore-Khan

"Low price high quality. I really like these earrings alot"

Custom Pearl Earrings

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Custom Gemstone Earrings

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Easy Steps to Make Personalized High-Quality Custom Earrings

We will assist you step by step through designing, sizing, and pricing to ensure your imagination becomes reality. ItsHot.com will also gladly work with you on adjusting your design and materials to fit into your desired budget.


We give you a platform wherein you can create your own designs. You send a drawing or a picture of desired pendant.

2. Materials Selection

You choose size, materials, and diamonds or gemstones. We make sure that design fits your budget and we can make it.

3. Modeling and Casting

We produce a beautiful 3D design model after only 20% down payment. You approve the design to start casting and setting stones.

4. Payment and Shipping

You get a picture of the ready order and pay the balance in full. We ship your pendant to you.

Make Your Own Design Earrings

In order to achieve the most accurate and quality jewelry piece, please upload a photo/logo or describe to us details of your idea.

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Consult a Jewelry Making Specialist

Our team of jewelry making professionals are here to answer any of your questions with expertise and transparency.

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Here are some frequently asked questions that customers have about buying their own custom earrings:

How long does it take to create custom earrings?

In general, it will take 1–4 weeks to make custom jewelry, from start to finish. However, how long it takes to make custom earrings depends on how detailed and intricate the earrings are, how many gemstones need to be set, what type of metal is used, and the number of adjustments required to meet your budget. The longest step in making custom jewelry is typically the designing and modeling process, as it must be precise when using precious metals and authentic diamonds and gems.

How much do custom earrings cost?

Again, the price of a custom pair of earrings will depend on the metal type, purity, carat weight, gemstone and diamond grade, the difficulty of the design, and the overall working time needed. To estimate the cost of custom earrings, it’s a good idea to search for similar gold and diamond earrings for sale online (try to find the same karat purity, total carat weight in diamonds, earring sizes, etc.) and use that as an estimate. We will affirm the price after you have an estimate and a design idea.

Do I need to send you a complete custom earring design?

While we appreciate a sketch or picture of your earring design (which you can send via email) to help us know what you’re thinking about, you don’t have to send us a masterpiece or even an entirely complete design. After consulting with you, we will create a more thorough 3D design model before making your earrings.

Can I return custom earrings?

Because custom jewelry items are manufactured to your specifications and desired size, our custom earrings are not refundable and not returnable. All exchanges are final; this is why we take great care to communicate with customers about their exact wishes.

For more information on our policies, check out our page on ItsHot Terms and Conditions.

Benefits of ItsHot Manufactured Jewelry Items

Renowned amongst jewelry fans and celebrities around the country, New York City jeweler ItsHot produces the best unique jewelry for affordable prices. Our experience in wholesale jewelry manufacturing, urban and hip hop style jewelry, traditional jewelry styles, and sourcing fine gemstones makes us one of the best custom jewelry makers online.

Wearing custom-made earrings adds a personalized touch to every style, and here at ItsHot, our expertise spans a wide range of earring styles for men and women. From elegant custom diamond chandelier earrings to blingy customized name earrings or custom plug earrings—we do it all.

Our transparent services regarding budget, metal purity and gemstone quality make us a favorite amongst customers from all different backgrounds looking to buy the best custom jewelry for their budget.

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