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Out of the variety of purity levels, 14K gold is often the most popular. A 14K solid gold chain necklace is a luxurious statement accessory that can elevate any look—whether you’re buying a thin 14K gold chain for pendants or charms, or a thick Miami Cuban link chain to wear on its own.

14K gold offers many benefits—it’s the perfect compromise between style, durability, and price. 14K gold contains a higher percentage of pure gold than 10K gold, but lower than 18K gold. This gives it a range of benefits that are perfect for 14K gold chains and necklaces. It comes in three colors: rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. These colors all contain real pure gold but differ in the types of metals used in the alloys.

14K gold necklaces are fine pieces of jewelry; they make the perfect gift for men or women. They’re also a closet staple due to their versatility and variety. Here at ItsHot, we follow the latest gold necklace trends to provide new 14K gold necklaces and chain styles directly from the manufacturer. That’s right; we manufacture our real gold necklaces ourselves, so we can offer our fine gold and diamond jewelry for good prices, with deals up to 80% off.

Benefits of 14K Gold Necklaces and Chains

When it comes to real gold jewelry, 14K gold is the best all-around gold karat purity for a balance of beauty and practicality. Here’s out 10K gold compares to the other gold karats:

  1. 14K vs. 10K gold: 14K yellow gold is richer in color than 10K yellow gold, but not as rich as 18K yellow gold. The higher purity of 14K gold makes it better for sensitive skin and those with metal allergies. Although 10K gold necklaces are cheap for real gold, 14K gold necklaces have a higher value if you resell them. 10K gold necklaces are more scratch-resistant and durable, but 14K gold necklaces may require less intensive cleaning due to their higher purity.
  1. 14K vs. 18K gold: 14K gold jewelry is more affordable than 18K gold jewelry. 14K rose gold will be a richer rose color than 18K rose gold, but 18K yellow gold is a deeper shade of gold. 14K gold chain necklaces are more durable and scratch-resistant than 18K gold necklaces, due to their greater hardness. 18K gold is more hypoallergenic than 14K gold, but here at ItsHot, our 14K white gold jewelry is nearly just as hypoallergenic as 18K white gold due to its rhodium plating (rhodium is a hypoallergenic precious metal).

If you’re not sure which gold karat to get, 14K gold is a great option for a gold necklace. It offers a balance of properties and looks good in any color. A 14K gold chain with pendant is a stylish choice to elevate your style, as well as a thick 14K gold chain or multiple layered 14K gold necklaces.

Different Styles of 14K Gold Necklaces and Chains

From thin 14K gold chain necklaces to thick, heavy 14K gold chains, we offer a variety of gold chain necklace styles. All of our jewelry is crafted by experts and available in rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold, in both real 14K solid gold or real 14K hollow gold.

Here are some of the different types of 14K gold necklaces and chains for sale at ItsHot:

  • 14K Gold Singapore chains
  • 14K Gold curb chains
  • 14K gold Miami Cuban link chains
    • Iced-out Miami Cuban link chains
  • 14K Gold rope chains
  • 14K Gold mariner chains
  • 14K Gold Figaro chains
  • 14K Gold wheat chains
  • 14K Gold box chains
  • 14K Gold rolo chains
  • Unique 14K gold chains
    • Luxurman Designer 14K gold chains
    • Multi-colored diamond chains
    • Black diamond gold chains
    • 14K heart chain necklaces for women
  • 14K Gold Rosary chains
    • Black gold black diamond gold Rosary chains
  • 14K Gold diamond tennis chains
  • Custom gold chains and necklaces

We offer both 14K gold men’s and women’s chain necklaces for men and for women, as well as unisex styles that work for guys or women. You can shop our deals up to 80% off on 14K gold chains using search filters (filter by price high to low, or set a custom budget on the left side of the webpage).

You can filter your search by gender, width/thickness, style, price, diamond carat weight, and more.

Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

Since we manufacture our own gold chain necklaces, our 14K gold chains and necklaces are always made in the USA. This saves you shipping costs and assures you that we are experts in each one of our gold necklaces, chains, and pendant designs.

We have over 20 years of experience manufacturing gold chain necklaces, diamond jewelry, and hip-hop jewelry styles. ItsHot is a recognized store name in NYC’s diamond district; we have a reputation for unique gold chain necklaces and other jewelry that reflects the latest styles and jewelry industry innovations.

Our 14K gold necklaces are never gold-plated or filled; we believe that this is best in terms of quality, durability, and value. If you buy a 4K gold diamond chain necklace, we provide a diamond certificate of authenticity that shows the grade of the diamonds. We cut and set our diamonds to ideal standards, only placing them in finely crafted necklaces.

We even offer cheap 14K gold necklaces and chains that are hard to beat elsewhere. We famously offer wholesale gold and diamond jewelry for customers and retailers. We provide a 1-year warranty and a 30-day return policy on our gold necklaces.

Tips for Choosing a 14K Gold Chain Necklace

Whether for yourself or as a gift for a special man or woman in your life, it’s important to choose a 14K gold chain that suits the personality and style of the individual. Gold necklaces and chains tell a story about you; what do you want your story to say? Here are some tips for buying a 14K gold chain necklace:

  1. Which link style do you like? Sleek and masculine varieties of curb chains, such as a Franco chain or a Cuban Link Chain, offer a mix of boldness and subtlety, depending on the width you get. For women’s chain necklaces, you may consider something like a wheat chain or a Rolo chain necklace, which is beautiful on its own for its simplicity or with a charm or pendant.
  2. Decide on your chain width and length. Both long chains and choker chains are popular and can provide different fashion statements. Statement-piece chains tend to be longer and eye-catching, while 14K gold choker chain lengths are more suitable for daily wear. You can customize your chain length on our website.
  3. Chain materials (gold, silver, etc) 14K Yellow chains look great with black and darker clothing; if you want a yellow gold chain, 14K is a more luxurious choice than 10K. White gold is great for matching with lighter-colored clothing or other silver-tone jewelry; it’s also the best hypoallergenic option for 14K gold. Rose gold necklaces and chains add an interesting appeal to any necklace, whether you opt for the color in a chunky Cuban link chain or a more delicate rose gold necklace.
  4. Diamond necklaces (and what color diamonds) Hip-hop jewelry has become a huge influence on mainstream fashion trends, and iced-out necklaces are one of the most popular new chain necklaces trends. While white diamonds are a classic but we also offer unique colored diamonds, including black diamonds, blue diamonds, canary yellow diamonds, and chocolate diamonds. You can customize your gold color and diamond color on our website.
  5. Think about meanings and symbolism . Basic 14K gold chain necklaces are great closet staples, but to add a personal touch, you may wish to consider buying unique pendants or charms for necklace chains. We can create custom pendants, or you can browse our selection of unique gold and diamond pendants. We also offer religious and cultural jewelry, including cross pendants, rosaries, Jewish jewelry, and Evil Eye jewelry.

If you’re interested in the different styles of gold chain necklaces and their pros and cons, you can research them before you buy to figure out what you like. For the best gold necklace chains in style right now, check out our blog post on the 30 best gold chain styles to buy right now.

If you’re looking for cheap gold chain necklaces, check out our real 14 gold chain necklaces for under $300. You can sort by best-sellers, price low to high, featured, or newest styles to help narrow down your selection.

Check Out Our Styles and Deals on 14k Gold Necklaces

ItsHot is one of the most renowned online websites for high-end, real gold chains for necklaces and pendants. We offer competitive prices (check out our clearance section for affordable types of other real gold jewelry to add to your wardrobe), and unique gold necklaces that stand out for their craftsmanship and aesthetics.
For tips on how to wear a gold chain and figuring out the right gold chain length, check out our gold chain style guide. Enjoy browsing our New York City gold chains online; if you have any questions, contact our experts on our 24/7 live chat feature or email at sales@ItsHot.com. You can also stop by our store in Manhattan if you’re in town.

What is the top styles/types of 14K Gold Necklaces and Chains that are trending right now in 2022?

The top styles/types for 14K Gold Necklaces and Chains are: Women's 14K Gold Necklace Chains, Men's 14K Gold Diamond Chains, and 14K Gold Rosary Necklaces.

How much do 14K Gold Necklaces and Chains cost?

The average cost of 14K Gold Necklaces and Chains is $2,948.00.

How to choose 14K Gold Necklaces and Chains?

When choosing 14K Gold Necklaces and Chains, you should pay attention to the following characteristics: Price, Width, Carat Weight, and Diamond Quality.

What are the most popular 14K Gold Necklaces and Chains?

Updated on 05/20/22

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