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10K & 14K Gold & Silver Rosary Cross Necklaces | Rosary with Diamonds

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  1. Item Code: 870110, Metal: Gold.
    From our real gold rosary necklaces collection: This super trendy Unique Rosary Cross Necklace for Men and Women in 14K Gold showcases highly polished beads intricately scattered on the golden chain. With a cross made of high...
  2. Item Code: 890954, Metal: Gold.
    This 14K White Yellow Rose Gold Rosary Beads Three Tone Necklace features an all time classic Rosary chain done in solid 14k gold with all 3 colors of gold: white, yellow and rose, this gold rosary chain weighs approximately 7...
  3. Item Code: 801260, Metal: Sterling Silver, Carat Weight: 1.75 ct.
    Hip Hop Jewelry: This Disco Ball Diamond Cross Rosary Necklace showcases faceted black beads and a 1.75-carats diamond cross pendant in sterling silver. This unique Disco Ball rosary necklace is a trendy, new...
  4. Item Code: 310488, Metal: Sterling Silver.
    This Sterling Silver Rosary Necklace weighs approximately 25 grams and showcases a timeless designs of beads with a cross and Jesus, the necklace also features black rhodium plating for a unique look. The beads are approximately 5...
  5. Item Code: 310481, Metal: Sterling Silver.
    This Black Silver Rosary Bead Necklace weighs approximately 46 grams and showcases a trendy...
  6. Item Code: 000031, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 10.25 ct.

    Custom 10K Gold Color Diamond Rosary Necklace

    Exquisite Custom Jewelry: This Color Diamond Rosary Necklace showcases 10.25 carats of sparkling black, white and yellow diamonds, each expertly prong or bezel set in highly polished gold. Featuring a unique design, a...
  7. Item Code: 310160, Metal: Sterling Silver.

    Black Sterling Silver Rosary Beads - Diamond Cut

    This Unique Black Sterling Silver Rosary Beads Necklace features a diamond cut design, weighs approximately 37-40 grams and is black rhodium plated for a trendy all-black...
  8. Item Code: 800974, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 115.55 ct.
    This Stunning 10K Gold Black Diamond Rosary Necklace weighs approximately 113 grams and showcases 115.50 carats of dazzling black diamonds. Featuring a luxurious design and a heavy black rhodium plating for an all-black look,...
  9. Item Code: 800672, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 18.75 ct.

    Hip Hop Black Diamond Rosary Chain Necklace

    Real Hip Hop Jewelry! This Black Diamond Rosary Chain Necklace from our custom diamond jewelry collection weighs approximately 61 grams and showcases 18.75 carats of sparkling fancy black diamonds, each expertly prong or bezel...
  10. Item Code: 800673, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 31.55 ct.
    This Black Diamond Rosary Necklace Chain from our custom diamond jewelry collection weighs approximately 76 grams and showcases 31.55 carats of sparkling fancy black diamonds, each expertly prong or bezel set in highly polished...
  11. Item Code: 004959, Metal: Gold, Carat Weight: 10.25 ct.
    This stunning Black Rhodium 10K Gold Black Diamond Rosary Chain Necklace from our custom diamond jewelry collection showcases 10.25 ctw of sparkling fancy black diamonds, each expertly prong or bezel set in highly polished gold....
  12. Item Code: 004893, Metal: Gold.
    Classic Gold Rosary Beads! This 14K White Gold Small Rosary Bead Necklace from our gold jewelry collection showcases a highly polished gold finish. This small rosary necklace is 26 long (chain) and features 2.5 mm wide,...
  13. Item Code: 004768, Metal: Gold.
    This heavy and beautiful Solid 14K Gold Rosary Beads Necklace showcases a highly polished gold finish. This classic rosary necklace is 21'' long from top to bottom and 35" long all together. With 9mm wide beads with a highly...

Praying with the help of prayer beads is the most common way we feel close to the Divine. Even scientists believe that repetitive praying is the most effective way of meditating. Counting the beads on a rosary while praying may seem like a boring task for some, but it doesn’t have to be. Our collection features the most stylish-looking prayer beads you would ever find. Made with precious metals and some even decorated with gemstones, our gold rosary necklace chains can be worn as an everyday accessory.

What goes into making our fine collection of rosary chain necklaces?

A variety of Gold Rosary necklaces crafted in 10K or 14K yellow, white and rose gold, as well as sterling silver rosary necklace. Tri color rosary necklaces also offered. Time to time we add into our selection some designs of pearl rosary necklaces. Additionally, we offer lots of bejeweled prayer beads that are made with white and black diamonds to add that bling factor and turn your chain into an accessory you can wear every day.

Black rosary cross necklace in gold is the most popular model on ItsHot among men, and women usually prefer silver or rose gold bead rosary style necklace with tiny cross, that looks elegant and modestly.

How much do Rosary Necklaces cost?

The average cost of Rosary Necklaces is $4,192.00.

How to choose Rosary Necklaces?

When choosing Rosary Necklaces, you should pay attention to the following characteristics: Price, Width, Carat Weight, Metal, Gold Color, Gemstone Clarity, and Gemstone Color.

What are the most popular Rosary Necklaces?

The Roots in History of Rosary

Having deeply set roots in many prominent civilizations like the Pagan, Roman, Catholic, Hindu, Islam, and Buddhism, prayer beads have been around for centuries. In the Roman Catholic tradition, the term ‘Rosary’ stands for both the string of beads as well as the prayer that is recited while counting the beads.
It is strongly believed that this term is not just associated with religious praying, it is also used by many to improve their focus in the form of meditation. Praying the Rosary can mean different things to each individual but the purpose of praying remains the same. It helps to give meaning to your life and a sense of fulfillment. It also improves discernment, makes you more empathetic and tolerant towards others and creates peace in your life.

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