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Solid Gold Cuban Link Chains

Silver & Gold Cuban Link Chains including Miami Cuban Link Chains up to 50% Off

The concept of hip hop jewelry originated in the late 70s to mid-80s and gained popularity through the rappers of that era. Hip Hop jewelry like big, chunky Cuban link chains was a way for these rappers to announce their presence. Each piece of jewelry that they wore was a symbol of their accomplishments and success. Now, with the ever-changing genre of hip hop, the Cuban link chain has evolved too. Our dapper collection of Cuban link chains for men and women features an extraordinary range of gold Cuban link chains. From bejeweled to solid gold chains weighing up to a kilo, we have it all!
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Cuban Link Chains For Men And Women

If you think that big pieces of bling are your kind of accessories, then Cuban link chains are made for you. It takes a great deal of confidence to pull off a gold chain weighing almost a kilo. For a traditional look, we recommend going for a more tighter, flat link design which is commonly known as the Miami Cuban Link Chain.
Hefty gold chains that weigh more than half a kilo can be worn individually. But with the thinner chains, the key is to layer it up. You can wear multiple gold chains for men together to flaunt a flamboyant Kanye look. Or go choker style like Rihanna to give it a more feminine touch.

How do I select which cuban link chain to get?

If this is your first time splurging on a Cuban link chain and you don’t know how to select the perfect one for yourself, don’t worry, we’re here to the rescue. The two main factors to look out for while buying a Cuban link chain are – the size and length of the chain and the quality of gold used in the making.

Usually, the size and length of the chain would depend upon your personal choice and style. Our recommendation for men would be to go for a Cuban link chain that is 6mm to 8mm in thickness and 24 inches to 30 inches long. For the women, we suggest going for a sleeker Cuban link chain with a width of from 2mm up to 5mm and in 18 inches to 24 inches length.

As for the quality of gold, the higher the purity, the more your chain will cost. Any piece of highest quality jewelry made with 18K Gold consists of 75% pure gold while a piece made in 14k gold is a blend of 58.3% of pure gold and 10K Gold is a blend of 41.7% pure gold and other alloys. Therefore, the same size and width of the highest quality 18K Gold Cuban link chain will cost more than 14K Gold Cuban chain which in turn will cost more than a 10K Gold Cuban link chain. So if you are going by the cost and do not have allergies to any metals that can be mixed with lower gold qualities you can buy a 10K gold chain which is the most affordable option in gold chains offered in the USA. Or settle for the most popular option of a happy middle ground buying a 14K Gold Cuban link chain. You can shop online or visit our store located in the heart of New York to buy yellow gold, rose gold, white gold & diamond cuban link chains.

How can I care for my Cuban link chain?

Taking care of your Cuban link chain is a piece of cake. All you need is warm water, a mild soap/detergent and a few pieces of soft fabric.

  1. Soak the chain in a bowl filled with soapy water for a few minutes.
  2. Take a piece of a soft cloth and rub the chain gently while it is still in the warm soapy water.
  3. After you are done cleaning, take the chain out of the soapy water solution, rinse it in clean water and dry it with another piece of a soft cloth.

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