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The concept of hip hop jewelry originated in the late 70s to mid-80s and gained popularity through the rappers of that era. Hip Hop jewelry like big, chunky Cuban link chains was a way for these rappers to announce their presence. Each piece of jewelry that they wore was a symbol of their accomplishments and success. Now, with the ever-changing genre of hip hop, this type of chain has evolved too. Our dapper men's and women's collection features an extraordinary range of gold Cuban link chains. From bejeweled to solid gold chains weighing up to a kilo, we have it all!

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If you think that big pieces of bling are your kind of accessories, then Cuban link chains are made for you. It takes a great deal of confidence to pull off a gold chain weighing almost a kilo. For a traditional look, we recommend going for a tighter, flat link design which is commonly known as the Miami Cuban Link Chain. Hefty gold chains that weigh more than half a kilo can be worn individually. But with the thinner chains, the key is to layer it up. You can wear multiple gold chains for men together to flaunt a flamboyant Kanye look. Or go choker style like Rihanna to give it a more feminine touch.

How to choose a cuban link chain

If this is your first time splurging on a men's Cuban link chain and you don’t know how to select the perfect one for yourself, don’t worry, we’re here to the rescue. The two main factors to look out for while buying this type of chain are – the size and length of the chain and the quality of gold used in the making.

Usually, the size and length of the chain would depend upon your personal choice and style. Our recommendation for men would be to go for a chain that is 6mm to 8mm in thickness and 24 inches to 30 inches long. For the women, we suggest going for a sleeker one with a width of from 2mm up to 5mm and in 18 inches to 24 inches length.

As for the quality of gold, the higher the purity, the more your chain will cost. Any piece of highest quality jewelry made with 18K Gold consists of 75% pure gold while a piece made in 14k gold is a blend of 58.3% of pure gold and 10K Gold is a blend of 41.7% pure gold and other alloys. Therefore, the same size and width of the highest quality 18K Gold Cuban link chain will cost more than a 14K Gold one which in turn will cost more than a 10K Gold chain of this type.

So if you are going by the cost and do not have allergies to any metals that can be mixed with lower gold qualities you can buy a 10K gold chain which is the most affordable option in gold chains offered in the USA. Or settle for the most popular option of a happy middle ground buying a 14K Gold chain. You can shop online or visit our store located in the heart of New York to buy yellow gold, rose gold, white gold & diamond cuban link chains.

Caring tips

Taking care of your Cuban link chain is a piece of cake. All you need is warm water, a mild soap/detergent and a few pieces of soft fabric.

  1. Soak the chain in a bowl filled with soapy water for a few minutes.
  2. Take a piece of a soft cloth and rub the chain gently while it is still in the warm soapy water.
  3. After you are done cleaning, take the chain out of the soapy water solution, rinse it in clean water and dry it with another piece of a soft cloth.

The most iconic of all fashion statements to come out of Hip Hop style jewelry is the gold Cuban link chain. Bold, chunky, and eye-catching, such chains (also known as Miami Cuban links) are the embodiment of confidence and swagger.

Suchchain links are one of the most popular pieces of gold jewelry amongst some of today’s most famous celebs. While rooted in Hip Hop culture, these chains are by no means limited to musicians. Athletes, actors, TV personalities, dancers, and DJs all make up groups who are fond of such a link type. Whether you’re into Hip Hop culture, NYC jewelry, streetwear styles or more, here’s a guide to help you find the best Cuban link necklace for sale for the best price.


In the 1970s, hip-hop began to emerge amidst an environment of oppression and struggle. When emcee Kurtis Blow came out with the first certified gold hip-hop record, it’s only fitting that he celebrated his successful breakthrough by wearing gold chains on his groundbreaking album cover.

Run-DMC, Biz Markie, Slick Rick, and LL Cool J were a few other leaders in the industry to continue the trend of wearing chunky gold chains. It’s uncertain when the Cuban link style started to first gain popularity (first in Miami, FL), but it started taking center stage in 2012.

DJ Khaled started a Cuban chain “kilo war” trend amongst rappers to compete against each other in the weight of their large chains. This trend continues to surge, pushing celebrities to customize massive chains that are often iced-out in diamonds or featuring custom pendants.


In addition to paying homage to hip-hop culture, big Cuban link chains provide an excellent way for you to show your personality, style, and values. Wearing a gold chain is more than just materialism. Hip-hop is an art form that was established for the oppressed and the marginalized, people of color and lower income groups. Buying a gold chain symbolizes an escape from struggle.

ItsHot, a well-established NYC jewelry store, is one of the best places to buy gold jewelry. Our online store offers an enormous selection of men’s and women’s cuban link chain styles. Unlike other stores, we offer customization options for you to choose the color of your solid gold chain: we offer yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold.


When picking out a Cuban link chain, you’ll want to take into consideration the different styles, materials, and widths and lengths of chains (you can filter your searches on our website by these categories).

Longer chains are extra eye-catching, and shorter ones for men such as those worn by Kanye West; for more casual styles.


Heavy, flashy, and bold, these chains are the ultimate statement. Our 1.5 kilo gold cuban link chain made of solid 14K gold is thick and heavy. Perfect for parties and events, it’s not the best option for daily wear, as it can be more strenuous on your neck. 

Medium Thickness

If you like thick chains but don’t want the massive size and weight, options like our 9MM chains make for a great compromise.

Silver Tone

While gold is most synonymous with the original hip-hop chains, white gold, platinum, and sterling silver chains are just as popular these days.

  • Sterling silver chains are a good cheap cuban link chain option. Sterling silver is a classic precious metal that’s just as worthy of high-end street style as its alternatives.
  • White gold cuban link chains are one of the hottest trends in 2020. White gold is one of the most durable options for gold necklaces, and it’s effortlessly suave.

It’s almost always a better option to go for solid sterling silver and solid gold necklaces rather than gold-plated or silver-plated chains because they retain higher value and better longevity.

Rose Gold

A newer trend in gold chain styling, rose gold has already risen to prominence in the rap world. Worn by men and women alike, as on rapper Nas and Kim Kardashian (one of our customers), rose gold cuban link chains are climbing in popularity,

  • Our Rose gold women’s cuban link chains are a great blend of sophistication and boldness.
  • Men’s rose gold chains of this type such as our colossal rose gold chain and our 9.5mm rose gold chain are a great choice to show you’re at the cutting edge of street-smart fashion.


Diamond-encrusted solid gold cuban link chains take the standard chain of this type to a new level. 10K iced-out chains are a great option because 10K gold is extra durable, ensuring a protective setting for the round-cut diamonds.

We also offer designer chains such as Luxurman gold chains with diamonds that bring a stylized, glamorous appeal to the classic chain.

The Best Place for Shopping Jewelry

Endorsed by Kim Kardashian, and other celebrities such as Akon, ItsHot is one of the best places in New York to buy luxury necklaces and watches. An established seller of high-quality, 100% real gold cuban link chains, we offer an incredible selection online.

When shopping for a cuban link necklace for sale, you’ll find the best gold chains for the prices in our online store. In addition to cheap solid gold chains, we also have a clearance section with incredible deals. Competitors simply can’t keep up. Personalize your chains, pick your type of gold and your diamond color, and create custom pendants. We offer 24/7 customer service; contact us at for questions.

How much do Cuban Link Chains cost?

The average cost of Cuban Link Chains is $9,481.00.

How to choose Cuban Link Chains?

When choosing Cuban Link Chains, you should pay attention to the following characteristics: Price, Width, Carat Weight, Metal, and Diamond Quality.

What are the most popular Cuban Link Chains?

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