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If you went around asking people to describe a chain necklace, you’d probably get all kinds of wildly different answers. One guy might immediately think of the gold rope dookie one worn by Jam Master Jay from Run-DMC; somebody else might start describing Al Pacino’s Gucci link mariner one in Scarface. A young woman might think of Kim Kardashian’s layered diamond choker and cross pendant chain.


Since the 1960s, artists and fashion-savvy people have been drawn to chain necklaces for personalized self-expression. While styles have changed a lot since then, the men’s and women’s necklaces that are in style today cover a large span of era trends and designs. The right person could pull off Jimi Hendrix’s layered medallion necklaces in 2021 as easily as back as.


The key to finding the best chains and necklaces for your style and personality is to learn about its different types, know how to style each jewelry necklace, and learn what materials (gold, silver, diamonds, etc.) work best for you.



When it comes to changing fashion trends, some things never go out of style: take, for example, men’s tuxedos, or expensive women’s diamond earrings. Other things don’t age so well, like the JNCO jeans of the early 2000s or safety-pin face piercings. The key to finding fashion trends that will last is finding versatile pieces.


Wearing a neck chain is a great way to show confidence and add something unique and personalized to your outfit. Since this type of jewelry today comes in many styles, sizes, and designs, it’s easier than ever to find something that’s not only in style, but matches your outfits and shows your personality.


A subtle, classic designer mariner gold chain, for example, will never really go out of style in men’s or women’s fashion, because they’re so many ways to accessorize it. You can always layer your necklaces, add pendants, or combine with other jewelry to keep it versatile.


The Best Place To Buy Jewelry

Whether you’re looking for subtle, elegant jewelry chains, or blingy statement necklaces, is the best place to get lasting, stylish, real necklaces. Our store is located in the Diamond District in midtown Manhattan, NYC. We’re surrounded by the hottest jewelry stores and New York celebrities. We have a lot of famous fans of our jewelry, including Kim Kardashian, Meghan Markle, Serena Williams, P. Diddy, Michael Jordan, and Akon.


One of the most reputable dealers of gold and silver jewelry, luxury diamond watches, iced-out rings and chains; we prioritize customer satisfaction. We offer customization for necklace length, color of gold, and diamond color. We offer a 1-year warranty from but Luxurman chains come with a lifetime warranty and lifetime upgrade guarantee and all our items come with unconditional 30 days money-back guarantee. If you want to buy real necklaces that are the hottest styles in streetwear, hip-hop, and luxury, we offer the highest quality craftsmanship for the cheapest prices possible.



At ItsHot, we’ve been in the high-end jewelry business long enough to listen to customers and follow what’s in-demand. We offer thousands of different jewelry options on our website, including the best styles of chains and necklaces for men and women. Here’s a guide to help you choose a necklace.


Choosing Tips

One of the first things to consider when choosing a necklace or chain jewelry is to think about what kind of links you’re drawn to. Different link styles and widths offer varieties for every personality.

Things to consider:

  1. The different styles of links

Varieties of curb chains, such as a Franco or Cuban Links, offer a mix of sleek Italian design elements with bold, masculine style. A Rolo chain is a great, sleek item that’s simple on its own. It makes great both women’s and men’s chains, since you can customize it with pendants or layering techniques.

  1. Qidth and length

Both long and choker chains are popular, and can have different uses. Kanye West’s statement jewelry chains tend to be longer, while the gold ones he wears on more casual occasions tend to be closer to choker-length. You can customize the length on our website.

  1. Materials (gold, silver, etc)

Although yellow gold was the classic for necklaces, this is no longer the case. Yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold, platinum, and sterling silver are all stylish choices for them. Yellow chains look great with black and darker clothing, white gold is great for lighter colors, and rose gold ones put a unique spin on any outfit. Chunky rose gold Miami Cuban link chains are great for men’s styles, and thin 14K solid rose gold ones are a popular choice for women’s rose gold necklaces. 

  1. Diamond necklaces (and what color diamonds)

Hip-hop jewelry has become a huge influence on mainstream fashion trends. Iced-out necklaces are an eye-catching choice. While white diamonds are a classic, we offer rarer diamond colors, including black diamonds, blue diamonds, canary yellow diamonds, and chocolate diamonds. You can customize your gold color and diamond color on our website.

  1. Meanings and symbolism

While you can buy simple gold and silver chain necklaces, a great way to personalize them is to choose pendants that are meaningful to you. We can create custom pendants, or you can browse our selection of unique gold and diamond pendants. We also offer religious and cultural jewelry including cross pendants, rosaries, Jewish jewelry, and Evil Eye jewelry.


Popular Men’s Items

Here are some of the popular styles for real gold and silver men’s chain necklaces we have at ItsHot.

We offer sleek styles, statement and layering jewelry ones. Our most popular styles for men’s gold chains are:

  • White, Rose And Yellow 14k Gold Rosary
  • 14K Colored Diamond
  • 14K Prong-Set Diamond Eternity
  • 14K Gold Fully-Paved Iced-Out Diamond
  • Black Gold and Black Diamond Men’s Rosary

We have beaded sterling silver men’s chains, thinner styles and thicker curb links. These are our best sellers:

  • Men’s Sterling Silver Franco
  • Sterling Silver Miami Cuban Link
  • Sterling Silver Bead Dog Tag

Popular Women’s Items

Here are the most popular styles for real gold and silver women’s chains and necklaces at ItsHot. We offer ladies’ styles as well as unisex styles that can be customized. Our best-sellers are:

  • 14K Solid Rose Gold
  • 18K Solid Gold
  • 10K Solid Gold
  • Black and Yellow Diamond

Many women also purchase men’s styles of chains and necklaces, generally at thinner widths. We offer simple sterling silver necklaces you can wear on their own or customize with your own pendants. We also offer sterling silver women’s necklaces with unique pendants. Here are our popular women’s silver necklaces for sale:

  • Sterling Silver Cable Links
  • Sterling Silver Box Links
  • Women’s Fancy Sterling Silver Box
  • Alhambra Diamond Necklace for Women in Sterling Silver
  • Women’s Designer Sterling Silver Diamond Arrow Pendant

Other Popular Items

  • Adjustable
  • Rosary
  • Gold Bead Dog Tag

The Best Selection

ItsHot is the best online website for high-end, real gold and silver chains for necklaces and New York style jewelry. Why? Because we offer the best prices (check out our clearance section for affordable real gold jewelry on sale), customizable options for personalized jewelry, and quality designs that are unique and stand out.


Our website is reputable, 100% authentic, guaranteed. It’s also easy to browse since you can filter all of our necklaces and chains by width, karats, men’s and women's, and more. You can customize all of our necklaces to your desired length. You can even create your custom one.

What is the top styles/types of Chains and Necklaces that are trending right now in 2022?

The top styles/types for Chains and Necklaces are: Mens Gold Chains, Womens Gold Necklaces Chains, and Sterling Silver Chains.

How much do Chains and Necklaces cost?

The average cost of Chains and Necklaces is $2,815.00.

How to choose Chains and Necklaces?

When choosing Chains and Necklaces, you should pay attention to the following characteristics: Price, Width, Carat Weight, Metal, and Diamond Quality.

What are the most popular Chains and Necklaces?

Updated on 06/30/22

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