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ItsHot Customer Reviews

“Beautiful ring but make sure you ask them to make the prongs large to fit your stone. It’s extra but it’s made for a .5 carat stone. Have them mount your stone because they’re amazing!”

Paul (12th Feb, 2019)

“More thank expected”

Ziad (12th Feb, 2019)

“Love it and fast delivery.”

Brandon (12th Feb, 2019)

“I love love love my new necklace.... The shipping was excellent. The tracking was easy. And delivery was customer friendly.... Thanks.”

Latoya (12th Feb, 2019)

“The loop was too small ”

Neamon (12th Feb, 2019)

“Nice!!! Beautiful Chain, came in a nice box. I will be making more purchases in the future. Thanks🙏”

William (12th Feb, 2019)

“Very satisfied with my purchase and would definitely recommend anyone to purchase quality jewelry with its”

Kevin (9th Feb, 2019)

“Very beautiful! ”

Tumish (7th Feb, 2019)

“thank you very much!”

Аминат (7th Feb, 2019)

“My husband loves his new bracelet. It had to be made to order and it was worth the wait because he's really happy with it; especially because he's a Dallas Cowboys fan and the bracelet matches the teams colors. However, the one complaint he just mentioned today is that the bracelet kept getting caught on the sleeve of his sweater.”

Chantell (7th Feb, 2019)

“I would definitely recommend this. Shipping was fast and easy. Item was in pristine condition upon arrival. ”

Craig (7th Feb, 2019)

“Very fast dispatch and delivery. They were just as they looked like in the picture. I am very happy with my purchase. ”

Maria (7th Feb, 2019)

“Nice small piece. Fits with a 3mm rope chain perfectly.”

Robert (7th Feb, 2019)

“I wanted a nice ring for my birthday, and this ring caught my attention, and It was the right purchase , cause I was looking for nice , and got luxury , quality and class! Itshot is were it's at !”

Kemrah (6th Feb, 2019)

“I’m happy thNks. Very nice. ”

Michael (6th Feb, 2019)

“Very nice. Thanks. ”

Michael (6th Feb, 2019)

“Thank you very much! very beautiful”

Муслим (6th Feb, 2019)

“Very beautiful ring ”

Tim (5th Feb, 2019)

“It’s lovely”

Margaret (5th Feb, 2019)

“It is very nice ”

Jared (5th Feb, 2019)