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The Future of Hot Social?

Eventually, I believe as more users pour in the luxury aspect of the website will become very convoluted. Quickly this social site will turn into a riot of rampent memes. The color scheme will hopefully change or the option for alternate themes would be good. Purple is luxury, black and gold is good too with red detail. Other social media sites exude a bubbly, playful aesthetic, well I wish one would have a good app design with a dark background design then gold with diamonds. We should be able to share music (playable links as opposed to only clickable) to our news feed because they will add a semi proprietary aspect to social websites that were on the Myspace site but disappeared. It can become spammy, full of jargon, and lose the luxury aspect. The only way this company can make money and scale long-term is by ads and subscriptions specifically for higher luxury end brands focusing on quality as opposed to letting any business advertise. There should be a store that partners with wholesale jewelry and sells it at lower margins on this site for the everyman 
Posted in Engagement on December 6, 2021 03:51
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