101 Marriage Proposal Ideas

Roses are red, violets are blue; 
Jittery about the perfect proposal that will make your sweetheart say ‘I do’?

Well, it’s going to take more than just flowers to get you the ‘Yes’ that seals the deal for a blissful forever. The ‘proposal’, nowadays, is as majestic an affair as the wedding itself, if not more. Moreover, It’s really awe-inspiring to see so many contemporary couples breaking traditional gender roles associated with the concept of a marriage proposal. The ‘proposal’ is no longer a man’s prerogative. And rightly so! Why should you wait for someone else to decide when you are ready to take the next big step in your relationship?

Now that you have made up your mind to pop the million-dollar question, be 100% sure that it is not a spur-of-the-moment decision unless your partner is up for a little spontaneity. If you have already had a conversation with your to-be-fiance about their thoughts on a lifetime commitment, then all you have to sweat about is how to pop the big question.

Don’t worry! We’ve got your back on this one. We understand how nerve-wracking planning a flawlessly magical proposal can be, which is why we’ve compiled a list of 101 Marriage Proposal Ideas to set your gears in motion. All you have to do is pick an idea, sprinkle a little personality of your own, and serve it hot with a dash of love!

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Public Marriage Proposal Ideas

Who doesn’t love being the center of attention especially when someone makes you feel special in front of a whole bunch of strangers? Well, even if you aren’t the kind to love overtly OTT displays of affection, these public proposal ideas will surely change your mind.

1,2,3… Yes!

There can be no other setting better than an old-school photo booth to take the knee. True, it will be a bit tight but isn’t that perfect for a sweet, intimate moment with just the two of you? On a day out at the mall, stop by, casually, at a photo booth to get a souvenir to mark the day and just as the timer hits 0, drop down on one knee. Your partner’s reaction will be seized in time forever. To elevate this idea, let your families and friends in on your plan and ask them to show up at a given time outside the photo booth to celebrate the big moment with the both of you.

A Forever Af-fair

With so much merry-making at a funfair, it would be a great idea to add to it in your own special way. Take your unsuspecting fiance-to-be for a date at the fair, hog on some delicious food, and then head for the giant Ferris wheel to end the day. You can let the ride operator in on your little plan and request them to stop the ride when your cabin reaches the top. It might not be possible to get down on one knee, but you can always come up with some romantic lines to say while you present the bling box.

Chords of Courtship

In the words of the famed Leo Tolstoy, “Music is the shorthand of emotion’. And it truly is. Music aids in putting feelings into words when everything else fails. Ergo, what could be a better backdrop for a magical public proposal than a music concert? You can reach out to your favorite band ahead of time and request them to sing your song. After they finish the song, they can call you and your partner to take the stage to pop the big question. It’s highly likely that nothing else in the world would make your partner feel as special as this moment.

Spell It Out

As cliche as it may sound, spelling it out is the go-to option for those who want to put in minimal effort yet make a marriage proposal look as grand as possible. You might say that it’s just a bunch of alphabets put together into words. But, it doesn’t have to be so commonplace. There can be a million different options for spelling out the proposal of a lifetime. From asking your family and friends to hold up placards spelling out ‘Will you marry me?’ to putting individual alphabets inside balloons, it’s all just about creativity. 

Drums of 7th Heaven

Without a doubt, a public display of affection can make your partner feel so very special. But, imagine bringing in a brass band or a choir to help you pop the life-altering question. Wouldn’t that knock your sweetheart’s socks right off? Request the music group to belt out a love tune and cross your fingers. Hopefully, your partner will get on board with what’s happening. Just as they realize that the setup is of a wedding proposal, get down on one knee and present the shiny rock of love.

The Broadway Method

The world over, Romeo and Juliet are considered the epitome of true love so much so that all of us have grown up dreaming of a love so pure minus the tragic separation. Well, this idea is as close as it gets to give your partner a proposal that they won’t forget for at least an eternity. If you are the kind of couple who appreciate thespian pursuits, take your partner out for a Broadway show. The lights and the drama will already have your spirits soaring high. Let the managing authority know about your little plan and request them to let you take the stage after the curtain call. That’s when you take the knee and let the world know you have found the one.

Breaking News!

Okay, so you have found the love of your life and you wish to spend the rest of your life with that special someone. However, you are unsure about the idea of a perfect proposal. Fret not, sweet child! The easiest way to profess your love to the world is to put it in the newspaper. Isn’t that where all the important news goes? So why not go big to pop the million-dollar question? Buy ad space in a daily newspaper and give them the content you want to be printed. That’s it! If you think your partner might miss the big news, drop them hints.

Billboard Confessions

This one is another grand gesture that might burn a hole in your pocket but we promise it will all be worth it in the end. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to see their face on a billboard? Rent a billboard and request the owner to display your proposal on it. You can write something witty or just the simple ‘Will you marry me?’ followed by your partner’s name. Once your setup is in place, take your partner for a stroll down the city roads and as soon as they notice your question, get down on one knee and ask them the question in person. You can even request a passer-by to click a picture of the two of you with the billboard.

Meme It Up

‘If it’s on the internet, it’s there for posterity’; It’s really true, especially in the case of memes, considering their widespread reach to even the tiniest corners of the world. But, when it comes to proposing a lifetime of commitment, using a meme could be tricky. Firstly, make sure that your partner has a sense of humor because this idea is one that can very easily be misconstrued. Create a meme that conveys your message and start by sending it across to family and friends first. This way it will definitely be shared with your fiance-to-be in all haste.

Who Said It First?

Yet another idea that is really out there is to go live on national television to make your proposition to the love of your life. Yeah, it will take some networking to get yourself and your partner a seat in the audience of your favorite talk show. But, think about it, the professions of your love will be on TV for your future generations to see. To get this plan in motion, make sure that you let the managing authorities of the show know about your idea. You never know they might just organize a celebration too!

You’re On Tv!

You might think that reality shows like Big Brother or The Bachelor/ Bachelorette are a bad influence considering the unrealistic relationship expectations they set. All of us, at least once in our lives have secretly wished someone would follow us all day with cameras and we would be famous. Well, if it’s not possible IRL, you can certainly create a situation like this for your better half. Ask your partner to meet you at a crossroads and before you take the knee, tell them that they are on TV with secret cameras hidden in the vicinity when in reality they would be GoPro cameras that you placed on the poles.


Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis starrer Friends with Benefits is one of many movies that have redefined the way we would like to proclaim our love to our partners. Out with the boring, old cliches and in with the flash mobs! Well, “how will I arrange for so many people to help me”, you ask? Social media is the solution to your problem. Simply put up a post on your social media account where you think you would get legitimate responses. Or you can network till you find the right contact that can arrange a small flash mob for you. But if you are unable to find anything on social media, there are always professionals that can help out. There you have it! A flash mob to help you make your sweetheart feel like the only person in the world.

We Approve!

In the words of one of the greatest philosophers, Michael Novak, ‘Tradition lives because young people come along who catch its romance and add new glories to it.” In so many cultures around the world, it is customary to ask for the family’s blessings before proposing marriage to your partner. And why the heck not! It is such a sweet, respectful gesture, both towards your partner and their family. But before you go prancing to your sweetheart’s parents, make sure that they can keep a secret until you pop the question. Or to elevate this idea, even more, you can involve both the families in the proposal. Just hand them placards with ‘Will you marry me?’ written on them and ask them to hold them up at the proposal site.

Private Marriage Proposal Ideas

The most intimate of feelings are usually conveyed in the comfort of intimacy between two people. There is nothing else at that moment but the two of you. If you have made up your mind about settling down with the one you love, these private proposal ideas are surely going to help make it all the more special.

Boop The Snoot

The only acceptable third wheel in any relationship is a furry little friend that makes the both of you go weak in your knees. Even though presenting a love rock to your partner this way is bound to get you a ‘Yes’, you might need to train your pet to carry the ring to your partner. So, there are two ways that you can go about it; either tie the ring around the snoot or tie it on their collar. If you think your partner might miss the surprise, drop hints! As soon as they catch the hint, take the knee and watch your partner squeal over the cuteness.

On Cloud 9

Put the silver lining on your relationship with this next idea that will surely put the both of you on cloud nine. As cliche as a hot air balloon ride may sound, it definitely has the power to elevate the idea of some private intimate time together. And what’s better than being in the clouds to propose marriage to the one you love. Book a hot air balloon ride just for the two of you, prepare a small picnic basket filled with snacks that you can munch on but don’t forget the champagne. Pick the right moment and go down on one knee. To add to the celebrations, have your family and friends meet both of you at the landing spot. 

The Old Chestnut

Well, if you are trying to escape the ordinary, this idea might not be the one for you. But then again, test your creativity by making this commonplace proposal idea as unique as you can. Book a hotel room for you and your partner at your favorite romantic getaway. Now, you have two options; either make it an ordinary vacation and then propose on your last night there or go all out and plan each day to be a special one. Have a word with the staff at the resort/ hotel and let them know about your little plan. Ask them to leave your partner handwritten notes (written beforehand) in places where they would least expect it. You can have the notes leading to the big moment when you take the knee.

Souvenirs From Our Journey

The most beautiful things in life are not necessarily always associated with money. It’s the little things that actually make all the difference. This idea is your chance to show your partner in every way possible how much the little silly moments mean to you. Collect your favorite pictures of the two of you from your time together as a couple and create polaroid images of each of them. String them up to make a photo-curtain or just tape them on the wall in one of the rooms in your house. Have your partner come home to a surprise of a lifetime.

The Morning After Surprise

No! No! No! Don’t worry! This is not THAT kind of surprise. So, you guys have been together for a while now and the idea of spending your life with your partner has been the only thought at the top of your head lately. But you just don’t know how to pop the big question. Well, slipping on the ring on your partner’s finger while they sleep might be the easiest way to go about it, especially if you are on a budget. Just plan the breakfast-in-bed for the morning after with some champagne and their favorite dish. We promise that the moment when your partner realizes that there is a brand new shiny piece of bling on their finger will be priceless.

Melodious Matrimony

In the internet era, this idea is equivalent to sliding into personal DMs because music expresses all the feels when words fail. If you both share a similar love for music, executing this idea would be a cakewalk for you. All you have to do is pick the perfect song that communicates what you want to say and just add it to your partner’s go-to playlist. And then you wait for them to figure it out. To make sure that your better half notices this tiny addition to their daily music fix, let them know in a very nonchalant way that you put in a surprise for them on their phone.

Turn Up The Heat

Essentially, we are all just one massage away from a good mood. So, why not treat your better half to a day of relaxation at home with a body massage? The twist here is that the happy ending would be a happy flood of emotions. Set the mood by lighting candles, getting your partner’s favorite essential oils and dive right in. Go about the routine as you normally would but leave the left arm for last. When you get to the end, stealthily slide the ring onto your partner’s finger and just as soon as they notice the big rock of love, take the knee and say the four magic words.


Are you the kind of person who gives voice to your feelings in song form? If you just said yes, then, this idea was curated just for you. So, switch on your crooner mode, slip into your dancing shoes and plan a karaoke date with the love of your life. Once you are at your favorite karaoke place, offer to go first and pick a song that conveys the big question distinctly. Some all-time classics you can choose from – ‘Marry Me’ by Train, ‘Marry You’ by Bruno Mars, or ‘Sugar’ by Maroon 5. Your partner might just join you on stage to belt out a love tune of their own as a response.

Stuck on You

Well, this idea is just a more pronounced alternative to the ‘spell it out’ but with a bit more heart and soul. Considering how small post-its are IRL, this gives you multiple ways to get creative with them. Make a large heart out of them and place your question in the middle or simply put random notes on the refrigerator and make one of them the big question. The ball’s in your court. You can take this to the next level by getting your partner’s work colleagues involved. Put up your proposal on a bunch of post-its and create a display on your partner’s desk at work.

Wanna Build a Snowman?

In the words of Elsa, ‘Let it go, let it go, can’t hold it back anymore’. While the sentiment remains the same, the context is a few rungs up the ladder when it comes to proposing the idea of marriage to the love of your life. Book a romantic getaway for the both of you in snow-capped mountains if you stay in the hustle-bustle of a city. Once there, get your hands dirty and build a scene of a snowman proposing to another in the snow. Take your partner out for a walk and show them your masterpiece. When they begin to figure out what you are up to, go down on one knee and present your proposal.

A Blanket For Two

The idea of a date for a new-age couple is usually Netflix & chill. Escape the ordinary and travel back in time to an era when dates were all about packing a picnic basket and escaping to a park to spend some quality time together. This idea has been tried and tested through generations with a 100% guaranteed success rate. Load up a basket with your favorite treats, a bottle of bubbly, and take your partner for an old-school brunch date. Seize the perfect opportunity when your partner is not looking and take the knee. Have a professional photographer or a friend hiding in plain sight to capture the moment.

Sweet Nothings

When it comes to the love of your life, why be vanilla? Anyone can plan a picture-perfect dream proposal; But, do you have what it takes to nonchalantly slip in a marriage proposal into a regular everyday conversation? It would truly be a one-of-a-kind proposal if you pull this off. Let’s say that you and your partner have been in a relationship for a while now and you are thinking about taking the next big step. How do you do it? Have the love of your life sit down with you and ask them about what they think about this notion. You can start by describing a hypothetical situation where both of you are married and what your life would be like. If you get a positive reaction, you can get down on one knee and ask the magical question.

Binge With Me Forever

Agreed, the way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach. But, that’s true for everyone though. Who doesn’t love a good, home-cooked meal? So, why not cook your sweetheart a scrumptious meal that will make them go weak in their knees? If you don’t stay together already, ask your partner to come over for dinner. Grab your kitchen tools and get started with their favorite meal. You can wait till dessert to pop the question by hiding the ring in the sugary treats. However, considering that the love of your life is already blown away with the effort you put in, anytime is perfect to ask them to marry you. If you’re thinking that your cooking skills are not up to the mark, hire a professional chef to cook for the both of you.

Unique Marriage Proposal Ideas

Sometimes decorating the proposal site with flowers is just not enough to entice an affirmative response from your partner. To help you quirk up the usual proposal, we’ve brought you a list of some unique proposal ideas that will take your cliche flowers & candles proposal to the next level.

Forever 101Hz

“Good Morning peeps! It’s a beautiful day at Forever 101 today and we have a special guest with us who has a very special request for someone equally special.” Doesn’t this sound exciting? This could be you! Get in touch with a local radio station and request them to give you a slot on your favorite radio show to profess your love to your partner. In all probability, the RJ will agree to your appeal. Let your friends and family know the time that you will be on air making the proposition so that they can be a part of the experience with you. Ask the RJ to get your unsuspecting fiance-to-be on call to know what they think about starting a new life with you.

Lights… Camera… I Do

For common folks like us, the notion of being a celebrity and the perks that come with it seem like a far fetched dream. It doesn’t have to be that way, you know? You can easily make your partner feel like a celebrity IRL. Collect photos, videos, and any other visual memorabilia from your relationship and spice it up using any video editing software to create a trailer for your life ahead. Begin the video by showing a montage of images/ videos celebrating the many milestones you have crossed together. Before the ‘The End’ title screen, create a shot with ‘Are you ready to take the next step with me?’ and get down on one knee when it plays. It would truly be a memory to be cherished.

You Flipped My Life

Meeting the ‘one’ most definitely flips your life in so many ways. To express your feelings towards such an ethereal bond, is there any other option better than a flipbook? You might say that it is so obvious but we believe that sometimes going the obvious route is the way to go. Get in touch with an artist (if you don’t know one in your social circle) and ask them to create a frame by frame portrayal of your ideal proposal. Here, you can take the creative liberty to design the sketch the way you want to. No matter how you show the proposal story in the initial pages of the flipbook, the last few pages should focus on the transition to the big question.

Every day is a Party with You!

Even though every day is a party with the love of your life, you still want to take the relationship to the next level, right? If you said yes, then read on because this idea of proposing a lifetime commitment is made for you. Plan a let-your-hair-down day and take your partner out for a night out on the town. Keep your favorite club on the itinerary where you can request the DJ to help you out with your proposal. Our recommendation – recce the place where you want to pop the question and speak to the DJ in advance, requesting them to allow you to take the mic to present the big question.

You Are My Serendipity

Fortune favors only the prepared. And damn right it does because for this next idea you will need to pull out the cheeseball attitude and just go with the flow. So here’s how you make this regular visit to the fortune teller a memory to be cherished for a lifetime. But before you go ahead and book an appointment, make sure that your partner is comfortable playing along even if they don’t believe in it. The usual predictions with any fortune teller can swing one of two ways – either something on the lines of meeting your soulmate in the near future or everything will go downhill. Well, the former is in your favor and when the fortune-teller gets to it, that’s when you reach into your pocket, get cheesy with it by saying ‘I have already found the one’ and present the ring to your partner.

Let’s Build Our Future Together

Contrary to popular belief, Lego sets are not entirely child’s play. There is a lot of effort that goes into building a Lego model, much like any relationship. Building your proposal with Lego bricks can definitely get you the ‘Yes’ you have been dying to hear. Lego bricks are sold in packs categorized by color and size so you can easily go to a store nearby and get a few packs that you would need. Once you have collected the basic things you need, you can either choose to spell out your proposal or create a ring box or even build a house and place the actual ring on the top of the chimney. Now, all you have to do is plan the surprise of how you will present your proposal.

Unexpected Surprise

Let’s be real! Who doesn’t love a good, jaw-dropping surprise? The cherry on the icing, in this case, would quite literally be the ring. You might think that hiding a ring in any object at your place shouldn’t pose a challenge. But you might want to consider the possibility that your efforts might go unnoticed without giving your partner a nudge in the right direction. Notice the items that your partner uses most definitely in their morning routine and then simply hide the ring in the vicinity or inside the container that they would reach for first thing in the morning. We’re sure you’ll hear squeals of excitement from the next room as soon as they find your surprise; that will be your cue to take the knee.

Spill The Tea

Someone very wise once said that when you wish for something with all your heart, the universe conspires to get it for you. Well, you do want to spend the rest of your life with your partner with all your heart, don’t you? Did you know that you get bespoke props that can help you elevate a plain-Jane proposal? Like this special coffee mug which shows a secret message when you finish your drink. Yes! Feels like a dream come true, right? We doubt that a marriage proposal planned on a budget can be done any better. Get one for your partner and serve them their favorite breakfast in bed and get ready for some celebratory morning action. *wink* *wink*

If You Win, You Get Hitched

Games are fun but not when playing with someone’s heart, as said by the Backstreet Boys in their classic, ‘Quit Playing Games With My Heart’. That’s the reason why we recommend creating your own cute little game to propose a lifetime of happiness together. Set up a date with your partner and suggest playing an ‘If you win’ game. You can take the liberty to incorporate elements of Truth or Dare, Taboo, or ‘Never Have I Ever’ or come up with something on your own. The main aim of the game should be to get your partner to win so you can present yourself and the ring as their reward. Aww!

Isn’t It Obvious?!

In the history of planning marriage proposals, this might be the easiest way to throw your unsuspecting fiance-to-be off the trail. Yes! Make it so obvious that they would be convinced that it is never going to happen. Ask your partner what they think about spending the rest of their life with you in a very casual conversation or you can even describe hypothetical situations that you see in your future together like how they would want to raise kids with you or a simple “where would you like to go for our honeymoon?”. During one of these conversations, drop down on one knee and present the ring. It would catch them completely off-guard and knock their socks off guaranteed.

Chalk It Out 

You don’t need to visit an art gallery to appear bougie. Streets are where the bougie is nowadays. So why not bring your marriage proposal to the streets as well? All you need to do is get a bunch of colored chalk and draw out your proposal on a street that both of you frequent on your daily commute. And if you think that you might get charged for vandalizing public property, go low-key; get a blackboard for your house or request your old high school to grant you permission to execute your plan.

Wall Of Memories

Following in the footsteps of the ‘Souvenirs From Our Journey’ idea, this one is a notch different. If you are the kind of couple that likes to document even the tiniest moments of your relationship, this idea should be a cakewalk for you. All you have to do is collect a bunch of photos from your journey together and put them up on one of the walls in your house. Get your partner to join you for a romantic date night in, take them to the wall of memories you created, and take the knee to pop the million-dollar question. Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy!

Say Cheese!

With Instagram fueling all social interactions nowadays, the chances of your partner being averse to getting their picture clicked are next to impossible. So, if you are planning to ask your bae the big question, a photoshoot is an easy sell. To make things easier, make it look as casual as possible. If your relationship anniversary is just around the corner, you have an excuse handed right to you. Ask your partner to meet you at the location, put on your best outfit, and get right to it. Let the photographer click a few pictures of the two of you, then seize the right opportunity and get down on one knee. Your partner’s jaw-dropped surprised reaction will be captured for eternity.

Destination Marriage Proposal Ideas

Do you have a favorite destination where both of you can escape to in a heartbeat? We recommend packing a bag and taking the first flight out to pop the million-dollar question. Take inspiration from these destination proposal ideas especially curated to make your proposing experience a mini pre-wedding honeymoon.

Home Is Where You Are

Sure, as classic as proposing at your favorite romantic destination may be, it is still quite commonplace. So how do I flip this idea into something that will be cherished for a lifetime, you ask? TBH, the banality of this idea is actually quite liberating; it gives you the freedom to pick up different elements from other ideas and just plonk them down here. Organize a quiet romantic getaway for you and your partner to your favorite destination; then, whether you want to pop the big question within the intimacy of your hotel room or amongst the picturesque views is entirely your call. But, don’t forget to make it a surprise.

Go With The Flow

Another platitudinous idea in the world of marriage proposals, a beach backdrop is still one of the most go-to options for a lot of couples to propose the idea of marriage. The scenic views not only facilitate a romantic mood but are guaranteed to get you a ‘yes’ from your partner. Get a sand artist to help you elevate this idea by creating beautiful sandcastles displaying the question. Take your partner out for a stroll on the coast, get your toes sandy, and then stroll down to the place where the masterpiece is made. As soon as your partner gets on board with what’s happening, take to the knee and ask them to marry you. 

Airbus L0V3

Running after your partner at an airport and then proposing to them may seem like a scene straight out of a movie, but it is far more exhilarating IRL. No, you don’t have to fight with airport security or break a bunch of laws to execute this idea. All you need to do is buy a cheap flight ticket to anywhere on the same day & same time that your partner is flying out and meet them at their boarding gate to ask them the four magic words. Make sure that you have a celebratory plan in place as well, whether it is at the airport itself or after your partner returns from their trip.

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

If anyone knows how to do proposals the right way, it’s the movies. No matter which part of the world a typical romantic movie comes from, a proposal in a film is more or less always preceded by a dramatic separation and then an epiphany where the male protagonist realizes how much he loves his lady love. Through this idea, you can step into the shoes of your favorite actor and enact out your favorite marriage proposal from a movie that is special to both of you. From ‘The Notebook’ to ‘The Proposal’, there are so many romantic comedies and romantic dramas that you can take inspiration from.

Western Influence

Incorporating a theme into the most basic of proposal ideas can amp it up a thousandfold. But, how do you decide which theme suits both yours and your partner’s personality? Well, to begin with, you can take inspiration from the things your partner likes. If you are still in two minds, here is one idea to get you started in the right direction. The desert may not seem like the most romantic destination, but it surely has picturesque views to make the perfect backdrop for your celebratory picture. Visit a local bar in the vast expanse of the wild west and request the staff to help you execute your plan. We’re sure they would be more than accommodating. They might even throw on their cowboy outfits to make it more authentic.

Lifetime Goals

No other entertainment activity has a public outreach as widespread as sports do. You must have experienced this first hand at any stadium where you’ve witnessed a game. What could be a better setting to implement this idea? Get tickets to your favorite team’s game and ask your partner out on a date. Get in touch with the management staff at the stadium and ask them to display your message on the screen during half-time. When your message is put up for the world to see, go down on one knee while both of you are still in the stands, the camera will surely pan on the both of you. Public display of affection of this magnitude indeed makes for a happy tear-inducing story. 

Royal Belvedere

When you are in love with that special someone, don’t you just want to scream it from the rooftops and profess it to the world? Well, it’s only natural to feel this way which is why this idea will make your dream come true. Besides the scenic views that nature offers, the next best thing is the city skyline. And if you are a rooftop, the rest of the city seems like a sky with twinkly lights. Find the perfect rooftop where you want to pop the question, decorate it with flowers, candles, and the whole shebang and invite your partner for a romantic date night under the stars. Even though it will be pretty evident to your partner as soon as they see the preparations you have made that something big is going to go down, don’t shy away from genuflecting and asking for your partner’s hand in marriage.

Bridge To Our Future

Bridges have always held a poetic semblance in the writings of so many renowned poets throughout the generations. So it comes as no surprise that a lot many people choose a bridge to propose a lifetime commitment. You can too! A lot of public parks in our country most definitely have a timelessly enchanting-looking bridge where you can easily genuflect and ask for your partner’s hand in marriage. The best part, you won’t have to take any special permission from the authorities. This idea is as economical as it can get while still having the much-needed romantic touch.


Living in the States, if you haven’t been to the happiest place on Earth, then what have you done in life? With so much merry-making, magic, and picturesque views around, proposing to the love of your life for marriage at Disneyland is nothing short of a fairytale. To take this idea a notch higher, you can even put on costumes from your favorite Disney story and turn it into a theme proposal. The most iconic location to pop the big question, however, still remains in front of the giant castle at sundown when there are fireworks in the sky and the castle is covered in the most gorgeous lights. And if you time it right, the fireworks show might just be all the celebration you need. 

One With Nature

As John Muir has rightly said, “In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks”. And you shall receive more than just a ‘yes’ if you know what we mean because this idea is way more than just going on a nature walk in a park. Book a getaway to a nature resort with treehouses for the two of you and bask in the picturesque views all around you. Waking up in the peace and quiet of a tree is all the backdrop you need to ask your partner to marry you. Don’t forget to carry the celebratory things you need after you take the knee.

I’ll Protect You Always

Do you also think of the iconic dance sequence from the classic song ‘Sixteen Going on Seventeen’ from the Julie Andrew starrer “The Sound of Music’ when someone mentions a gazebo? If yes, then this idea might just be the one for you. Even in the movie, the gazebo served as a shelter that was protecting Liesl and Rolf from the rain. Using a gazebo as a setting to execute a marriage proposal will speak volumes about how much your partner means to you and that just like the gazebo, you will always be there to protect them. Take permission (if needed) from local park authorities and cover a gazebo with twinkly fairy lights. You can even throw in arrangements of flowers to go all out. Invite your sweetheart for a romantic evening out and pop the question in this dream-like backdrop.

Memorial of our Love

From Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia to the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris, there is absolutely no dearth of world heritage sites that provide the most perfect backdrop for a marriage proposal. All you have to do is plan a trip to your favorite holiday destination, pack your bags and get going. Next, get some help from locals to set up the most magical proposal at your favorite historic landmark. You can choose to organize a romantic day-out for the two of you and then ask the big question at sunset. Or you can go for a nice, secluded dinner date for two with a view of the monument. Either way, with a piece of shiny bling added to this mix, it will be a memory to be cherished for a lifetime.

Genius Marriage Proposal Ideas

A foolproof proposal idea plus a stroke of genius is all it takes to get yourself a partner for life. Get inspired by our list of ingenious marriage proposal ideas and implement them in your proposal plan.

Write It In The Sky

Unbeknownst Hollywood movies set a lot of unrealistic expectations when it comes to romancing the love of your life. For movie stars to take to the sky in a private jet or a helicopter seems like just another Tuesday. But, this idea gives you a chance to be the knight in shining armor for your partner. Get in touch with a skywriter and ask them to spell out your marriage proposal in the clouds for the world to see. But remember to tell your unsuspecting fiance-to-be about the weather forecast on the day you plan to implement this idea and ask them to keep a close eye on the sky.

It’s Official!

The ideology making the rounds on social media these days is that if it’s on the internet, it’s official. So why should your proposal be displayed anywhere else? Take to your favorite social media platform to start a live stream inviting all your near and dear ones to witness this special moment. However, make sure that you do it at a time when it is certain that your fiance-to-be will be available. Sure, it will be tough to film and genuflect, but you can always ask a friend to help you with filming. Maybe your partner will also present their answer as creatively as you.


If you are the kind of couple that gets teary-eyed even at the slightest mention of something nerdy, this idea might be the match-made-in-heaven for you. Yeah, all you nerds out there might say that creating a website is a piece of cake but isn’t that the whole point? An easy-to-execute proposal idea that your partner will love and appreciate down to its core. If for whatever reason you cannot build a website from scratch, there’s always online stores where you can buy a template and then populate the field with your pictures and everything romantic you wish to convey to your partner. Don’t forget to make the big question the main highlight of the website.

Look! There’s Something On The Moon

Another accessory that you can use to facilitate your proposal plan is an eyepiece for a telescope that has ‘Will You Marry Me?’ cut out in the lense. Plan a cozy, stargazing date night on the roof of your house or in a park and bring your telescope along fitted with the special lens. Point the end of the telescope towards the moon and ask your partner to have a look. Voila! The million-dollar question you have been aching to ask is on the moon. Isn’t that romantic? Get down on one knee while your partner is still shell-shocked and get ready to pop the question as soon as they turn to look at you.

_ i_ _ / _ ou / _ a _ _ _ / _ e?

There was a time when the game of Hangman was all the rage, especially when someone wanted to pass the time. Well, you can bring it back. After all, everyone loves a good guessing game. Suggest playing a game of Hangman on a lazy Sunday in starting with some generic movie titles to ease into it. Just when your partner starts to get into the zone, present your question in the spirit of the game and ask them to guess. You can help them out by disclosing the vowels or just let them figure it out on their own. When your partner is close, take the knee and ask them in person to be your better half for the rest of your lives together.

Pay Luxury Tax

You’ve got to be living under a rock if you have never played the game of Monopoly in your life. Well, even if you haven’t, you can still use a Monopoly board to propose a lifetime of togetherness to your sweetheart. If you are crafty enough, you can create one yourself or just ask someone who knows their way around building tools to help you. Under the ‘Luxury Tax’ block on the board, carve out a small compartment to store the ring, present this board to your partner and suggest playing it. When either of you lands on the luxury tab spot, genuflect and present the ring.

Us Against The World

Did you know that one of the most risque, question-answer party games, Cards Against Humanity can actually help you slide in a life-altering question as easily as butter on a pancake? Yes! It’s true! You can even customize the cards to take this idea up a notch by putting in questions and answers associated with your relationship. Have your friends and family over and indulge in a game of Cards Against Humanity making sure that you get to play the ‘Make a Haiku’ happy ending card which will have the big question on it. When your partner figures out what is going on, go down on one knee and ask them to marry you.

You’re Selected!

So, your partner has plans of making it big in H-town and you, on the other hand, have plans to make it big with them. Well, propose to them in a way that they would never suss on your genius idea. Organize a fake audition. Being with your partner for a while now, you must be acquaintances with at least someone in the industry. Ask for their help and arrange an audition where your partner would be called to demonstrate their talent. You can even ask the judges to create a situation where your partner thinks that they would be meeting the higher authorities. But to their surprise, that person would be you. When you make your surprise appearance, go down on one knee and present the ring.

Field View

As far as grand, OTT, romantic gestures go, this one is in a field of its own. Quite literally though! And you don’t need to be a farmer to execute this genius proposal idea. It would be much easier if you are, but if you are not, you can request someone with a farming field to help out. Plow the four magic words into the dirt and then invite your partner for a ride on a crop-duster plane. Of course, you’ll have to arrange that too but we promise it’ll all be worth it in the end. When both of you are up in the air, pass over the special message in the field and ask your partner to be yours for a lifetime. There is no way your partner will be able to say ‘No’ after this.

Together Forever

When you are madly in love, don’t you just want to give your partner everything you possibly can? Well, maybe you can bring the world to them through this genius proposal idea. You might have to get a bunch of your friends and family involved, maybe even strangers, so be prepared. Request your friends or reach out to strangers on social media platforms to send you a picture of themselves posing in front of iconic places around the globe holding up a sign saying ‘Will You Marry Me?’. After collecting the pictures, compile them into a scrapbook or journal or you can even use them to create the website we suggested as an idea before and present them to your sweetheart. 

An Animated Future

All relationships have an origin story much like the characters from a comic book. Would we honestly relate to our favorite superheroes if they weren’t like one of us? Through this ingenious idea, you can step into the shoes of your favorite comic book characters and star in your very own story. Not only does this make for a creative way to pop the question, but it will also serve as a unique way for you to narrate your love story with your friends and family, maybe even your kids in the future. If you are an artist, then you don’t need to get in touch with anyone else to get the comic book created. In case you do need some help, you can easily find artists from all over the world who would be happy to create a comic strip for you for a small fee.

The Nuptial Agreement

Why wait for your partner to spare some time from their busy schedule? Take the proposal to their workspace! Of course, you’ll need a lot of help from your partner’s colleagues but the end result will be straight out of a movie. That being said, make sure that your partner would be okay with this extreme display of affection at their workspace. Now that you have the NOC to execute this brilliant plan, request the coworkers to keep you in the loop about your partner’s whereabouts. When they are not at their desk, sneak in, decorate their table with objects of personal significance and keep the ring in any box except the one from the jewelry store and stay hidden in plain sight to pop the question and then witness their reaction when they return.

Chicken or Egg?

We know what you are thinking; You’re bang-on, this one is the quirkiest of all. But on the brighter side, you will get all the brownie points for creativity. The last place anyone would expect to find a piece of bling is inside an egg. Yes, you heard it right. But, as someone once said, we find the best of anything in the most unexpected places. Unless you are a herbivore, you should be able to find an egg in your fridge. Break one open as neatly as possible, empty out the contents and place the ring inside covered with tissue paper or cotton to prevent it from making noise. Next comes the tricky part that will need a lot of patience and precision. Using a transparent glue, patch it up and place it back. To get your partner’s attention, ask them to prepare breakfast for you and when they notice the defective egg, take to the knee.

Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas

Add a splash of creativity to your plain-Jane proposal with our list of creative marriage proposal ideas that will surely knock your partner’s socks off.

Journal of our Journey

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words; But what would you call a scrapbook full of pictures reminiscing your time together in your beautiful relationship? Well, we see it as a way to knock your partner’s socks off. A perfect blend of effort and care, this idea will make it pretty evident to your partner how much the small moments from your relationship mean to you. If you are the kind of couple that captures every moment that you spend together, creating the scrapbook should be a day’s work. Or if you think you are creatively challenged, simply request someone to help you with it. The way you present it to your unsuspecting fiance-to-be is entirely your call though.

The Prose of Matrimony

There is something mystical about poetry that makes everyone go weak in the knees instantly. Writing a love poem for your sweetheart might be all it takes for them to say ‘Yes’. Don’t worry about sounding silly. You can start with the basics and focus on rhyming the words to make sense in a sentence. Recite it to your partner in a private, intimate setting to maximize the effect. Get cozy and comfortable in the bed and recite the poem to them. There is no way that they won’t be blown away by the effort and love you put into writing it for them.

Amorous Opus

Like poems have a certain romanticism about them, love songs take the art of writing to the next level. With heartfelt melodies involved, a love song will leave a more lasting impression. If you are not feeling up to the challenge of writing and composing a whole song for the love of your life, seek help from professionals. Once you have the song ready, you can either slip it into your partner’s favorite playlist or even make it the background music for a quiet romantic date. Let your partner know that you created the song especially for them and then genuflect to present the ring.

Small Pieces, Big Picture

In the truest sense, your partner completes you in all the ways possible, then this proposal idea is the right choice for you. Adding to the list of props you can use to convey your proposal accurately, a jigsaw puzzle can be customized any way you wish. Contact any printing service in your neighborhood who would be willing to print out your desired picture on a jigsaw puzzle. It could be really cool if you click a picture of the ring and get it printed on the puzzle. Next, tell your partner that you saw a new jigsaw puzzle in the market that you want to try with them. We’re sure that midway through the puzzle will get on board with what is going on. That’s your cue to genuflect and present the ring.

Double, Double, Curl up & Cuddle

Festivals add to the merry-making and good vibes of the holiday season. If you are planning to propose to your partner, doing it in the holidays will only add to the joy. Even though this idea is in the context of Halloween, you can improvise if you are planning a different holiday proposal. Pumpkin carving is a tradition when it comes to celebrating Halloween. This season, do your pumpkin a little differently and carve out your proposal on one or more. If you have a pumpkin carving day with your family, use the backyard to display your pumpkins and then take your partner to the spot where you have placed them. After your partner gives you the jaw-dropped look, get down on one knee and ask them to marry you.

I Tag You

Putting your proposal on a product label might be the most obvious way of hiding it in plain sight unless your partner is one to read labels. Are you wondering how difficult would it be to get customized labels printed? If you have a color printer at home, it shouldn’t be a challenge at all. All you need to buy is a roll of plain white label stickers, choose the image you want to print out and hit ‘Print’ on your PC screen. You can customize any product bottle/ jar with these labels. Just pick the one product your partner uses on a regular basis and replace the label. You can nudge them to look closely if there is a chance that they might miss it.

Washed In With The Tides

Why stick to paper when you have the sand on a beach makes for a more widespread canvas where you express your love to your partner? If you are planning to use art to propose a lifetime of happiness to your sweetheart, you might as well just go all out with it. Look for a sand artist who would be willing to help out and a quiet, secluded beach where the crowd won’t be a problem. Reach the proposal site in advance with the artist and chalk out the design you want to create. You can stay back after the artist is through with his work and decorate the place with candles and flowers. Then, ask your partner to meet you by the docks for a romantic evening stroll and take them to see your artistic proposal. 

You’re my F1

There are just so many props in the market that can help you propose to your partner. This one, though, is solely for the geeky couple. A keyboard that has ‘Will You Marry Me?’ on the keys instead of the usual QWERTY keys. Gift this nerd alert keyboard to your partner as an anniversary present or birthday present to make the proposal seem less suspicious. However, we recommend taking the fun route; replace your partner’s home keyboard with this one and let them figure it out when they sit down to check their daily emails.

Sweep Me Off My Feet

As far as themed proposals go, the love story of our favorite Carl and Ellie from the movie ‘Up’ tops the list. However, don’t let this idea limit your flights of imagination to plan a movie-themed proposal. Get the costumes of Carl & Ellie from a local rental store and decorate your proposal site to look like a set from the movie. You can rent the costumes for both you and your partner and then leave your sweetheart’s costume on their bed along with an invitation for a date. Show up to the location dressed in your Carl attire and have the ring fly-in tied to a balloon. But, make sure that the wind is on your side if you are planning this proposal in an open space. 

Wanna Be My Player 2?

You might need to hold onto something for this next idea because it is bound to sweep you off your feet if you are a nerd. Yes! You guessed it right! This one comes straight from the Mushroom Kingdom. You can go one of two ways for this Mario themed proposal. Like the previous idea, inspired by the movie ‘Up’, you can get costumes of Mario and Princess Peach for yourself and your partner, or you can create Mario themed accessories such as a box designed to look like the reward brick from the game. Or you can put your own spin on this classic nerdy proposal.

Knock! Knock! Anyone Home?

You might be wondering why a classic, candle-walkway proposal idea made it to this list of creative ideas. It’s simply because we feel that there are just so many ways you can get creative with this commonplace way of proposing marriage to your partner. While the basics remain constant, the candle-lit walkway covered with rose-petals, the way you present it makes all the difference. You can mix and match a few ideas from this list like creating a wall of memories or theme it up or just do it the regular way. Call your partner and ask them to be home early. When the doorbell rings, don’t open the door, let your partner get in with their set of keys. As soon as they enter, they will have no choice but to follow the gorgeous pathway you have laid out to meet you in the bedroom for the big reveal.

Love Doodles

The easiest way to impress someone is to put in the genuine effort that shows how much you care. This next idea is all about amping up the plain-jane doodles that you would usually leave for your partner. If you know how to handle paint, then get into your dungarees and paint the town red, literally! Find a bare wall that you can use as your canvas (and won’t get into trouble for vandalizing it) and go crazy illustrating your proposition. Since this idea is a bit elaborate, it is recommended that you start well in advance and pick a spot that is less likely to be spotted by your partner on their daily commute. On the big day, you can pretend to casually walk by the area and as soon as your partner notices the effort you put in, get down on one knee and ask them to marry you.

Adventurous Marriage Proposal Ideas

Embark upon an adventure of a lifetime by proposing to your partner in a way that is inspired by these adventurous marriage proposal ideas.

Key To My Heart

Treasure Hunts are fun, right? Especially when there is an actual treasure at the end of the laborious clue-solving. Send your partner on a treasure hunt adventure at the end of which they will get you as a reward. It will take a great deal of effort and request, in case you are planning to involve your favorite date-night places, such as restaurants or movie theatres. So, pre-plan this way in advance so everything happens in a timely fashion on the big day. Leave clues for your partner to follow all around town or in the comfort of your own home and let them embark upon this beautiful journey on their own. Show up at the location where the final clue will be handed to your partner and pop the million-dollar question.

Get Ahead; Get Hitched

Adventure sports are not the first choice for most couples when they are planning to propose to their partner. But, we promise it can be quite exhilarating. Wall climbing could be a great way to present your proposal to your partner. Get in touch with one of the indoor wall-climbing centers around your area and request them to hide your ring on one of the topmost climbing holds just before you start your climb. Nudge your partner to go first and keep an eye on them to find out the surprise. When you hear shrills of excitement from up there, take to the knee and pop the question as soon as your partner is lowered to safety.

The Leap Into Our Future

Summon up some extra courage for this next idea because it is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Presenting the proposal of marriage is as it is very nerve-wracking, add sky-diving to this notion and you might need an extra pair of pants on the big day. Planning a sky-diving adventure is not the main concern. Saying the words, ‘Will You Marry Me’ while free-falling from several thousand meters in the sky will be a challenge for sure. In case you feel you won’t be able to say it out loud at that height, say it to your sweetheart right before jumping out of the plane. Unless you want the ring to fly away into oblivion, make sure you leave it at the landing safe and secure in your bag to present it to your partner when they land.

Espoused In The Depths

Proposing to the love of your life amongst a bunch of strangers is yesteryear. Millennials these days take to more quirky ways of popping the big question. Proposing in the peace and quiet of the seas amongst the fishes is as quirky as it can get really. Plan a scuba diving trip for just the two of you to your favorite destination. Get into your wetsuits and head out to sea to explore the vast, open waters. Seize the perfect opportunity to present the ring to your partner. If you can, we recommend, sneaking it into a shell to make the proposal more befitting the environment. Of course, you’ll get your answer from your partner’s reaction underwater, but you can reiterate the four magic words on your way back to land as well to make it official.

Hitched At The End Of The Trail

If you ask any true Millennial about their favorite outdoor activity, you will get no other answer besides Hiking. The modern-day couples have found a new kind of solitude in hiking up a mountain to experience the view from the top. Imagine proposing marriage in a setting like this; lush green trees all around and a breathtaking view from a mountain-top. Wouldn’t that be just divine? Well, don’t think! Just do it! Your partner won’t even suss when you plan this like any other date. There is no pressure of dressing up or even booking a table at an expensive restaurant. Just carry the ring along with you, seize the right opportunity and pop the question.

Ride To Seventh Heaven

Larger-than-life Hollywood movies are to be blamed for influencing our brains to expect OTT marriage proposals. This next one is another one on that list. Despite the grandeur of a helicopter ride, it might burn a hole in your pocket. Nonetheless, book a helicopter ride for you and your partner that will fly you above your city. Along the way, try to recognize the major landmarks where both of you have spent some quality time together and reminisce about all the significant moments of your relationship leading up to this one. When your sweetheart is pre-occupied with the scenic views outside the window, pull out the ring from your pocket and ask them to marry you.

Turn Right! Turn Left! Say ‘Yes’!

If you think that proposing underwater is a cakewalk for you, try popping the big question while skiing on the waves. We guarantee that this will test your genuflecting skills in all the right ways. Get yourselves into your best swimwear and hit the waves at your favorite beach. While both of you riding the waves, bring out your inner gymnast and try to take the knee. If you are not 100% confident that you would be able to pull off this life-risking stunt, simply ask your partner to marry you in so many words. But, save the ring for when you get back to land. It would be tragic to lose the ring to the open waters.

At The End Of The Line

Adding to our list of adventurous proposal ideas is this one involving a zip line. There are a bunch of wilderness-exploring camps all over the States that will help you plan this cute proposal. Book a place for both of you at a wilderness camp and chalk out an itinerary where you can explore zip-lining. Once there, offer to go first and wait for your partner at the end of the line. As soon as you see them approaching, get down on one knee and slide the ring as they touch the landing pad. But, make sure to time it right so that your partner is caught completely off-guard as soon as they see you.  

Cross The Finish Line With Me?

As sweet and romantic as the end result would be for this one, it will take a lot of stamina to pull this off. Quite literally! Professional marathon runners will vouch for Google’s capability to track their route from start to finish. To execute this brilliant idea, all you need to do is use this technology to your advantage. Run around town to spell out the words ‘Will You Marry Me?’ and take a screenshot of the final route on your phone. If your partner is away from you, simply text them the image or plan to meet them in person at the end of your run and take the knee showing them the route you took. Eccentric and exhausting but definitely worth the sweat and tears.

Love Boat

Isn’t there something special about being in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by picturesque views with the love of your life? Well, this idea lets you enjoy just that. Hire a boat for a day, set up the most romantic date with flowers & champagne and take to the waters. When you’re surrounded by glistening waters all around you, take your partner up to the deck to enjoy the view. Then, seize the right moment to genuflect and present the ring. Your sweetheart will be spellbound in no time.

You Lift Me Up

Not so much a sport, but ever so adventurous is the art of picking fruit. Almost all vineyards allow visitors to pick the fruits fresh from the farm. With such a picturesque backdrop, who wouldn’t want to seize the opportunity to pop the life-altering question? Find out a local farm near you and request them to grant you permission to plan a romantic date for the two of you. After a day of frolicking, set up a quiet picnic blanket and genuflect. We’re sure your partner won’t be able to say to this.

Wild at Heart

Imagine a dark black sky filled with bright stars in the wilderness. Doesn’t it sound like a dream? Well, it could definitely be a dream come true for both of you. This one is especially for the couple who likes to be fit as a fiddle. However, if you are not particularly fond of the wild, you can still give this a try to change things up a bit. Plan a hike to a nearby lake or forest where you can easily set up camp after a long day of walking. Pitch a tent at a spot that you both like and get settled in. Find a romantic sunset spot where you can take to the knee and ask for your partner’s hand in marriage.

Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas

Romance to a relationship is like salt to food. If you are planning to propose a lifetime of togetherness to your partner, do it using one of these romantic marriage proposal ideas that will leave your partner feeling weak in their knees.

Walk Down Memory Lane

If you are planning to incorporate this idea into your proposal, you have to do it right to the T. Surely, the first time you met the love of your life was super special for you; the time, the location, even the smallest of details like what your sweetheart wore, conversation you both had, etc. Take a walk down memory lane and plan your first date all over again; The whole shebang, from the location to wearing similar clothes, in case you don’t have the exact same ones. The fact that you remember even the tiniest of details will be enough to blow your partner’s mind, but we still recommend seizing the right moment and taking the knee.

New Year, New Us!

Decided to spend the rest of your life with the love of your love? Start a new life together with the beginning of a new year. What could be better than proposing to your better half during the festivities of the holiday season? You save a bunch of money and everyone is already in the mood to celebrate. Just plan a night out on the town like you normally would for a new year celebration and slyly slip in your proposal in the midst of the fun & frolic all around. You can even merge this idea with a few others from this list to make it all the more special and extravagant for you and your sweetheart. It will surely be a new year you won’t forget for years to come.

You’re The Sweetest

There is absolutely no way anyone can run out of sweet gestures to do for the one they love, especially when you are planning to spend a whole lifetime together. Every culture has a tradition of celebrating a piece of good news with something sweet, so why not propose to the love of your life with some sugary treats? Get in touch with your favorite bakery and ask them to spell out the words ‘Will You Marry Me?’ on a dozen cupcakes or chocolates or even write it on a piece of paper and stick it inside a fortune cookie. Then, you can either personally bring the box of life-changing goodness to your partner or get it delivered to them if they are away from you.

Dive Deep Into My Future

Whoever thought of using the divers at an aquarium could be one of the ways of proposing to the love of your life was truly a genius. All you need to do is be aloof about this surprise plan, that’s it! No planning required to decorate the proposal site, your outfit or even making a booking at a fancy restaurant. Just carry the ring in your pocket and plan a casual day date to the aquarium with your fiance-to-be. Let the staff at the aquarium in on your little secret and show up at the exhibit with your partner. The divers will be able to take care of the rest.


Do you remember the golden age when ‘Orkut’ and ‘MySpace’ was a thing? Every teenage couple from the early 2000s would tell you that updating your relationship status on your social media profile was the only way to make it official. Bring that trend back and take to your social media accounts and update your relationship status to ‘Engaged’. Tell your partner that something seems to be off about your account and you would like them to have a look at it. As soon as they figure it out, present the ring and say the four magic words out loud. You can take the liberty to get as corny as heart desires.

You Light Up My Life

Taking inspiration from the ‘Spell it out’ proposal idea, we thought why not use fridge magnets or fairy lights instead of the plain old placards or balloons. The intimacy level of using fridge magnets is way higher than asking your family & friends to hold up a bunch of placards. All you need to do is get a bunch of alphabet fridge magnets and put them up on your refrigerator to spell out your proposal. Then it’s a waiting game till your partner notices something different. To elevate this idea you can even get a bunch of emoji magnets and arrange them to look like a marriage proposal. Nudge your partner a little if you feel that your efforts will go unnoticed.

Home Is Where You Are

If your partner feels like home, you know you have found ‘The One’. Regardless of whether you are physically together or in opposite corners of the world, the moments that you spend together feel divine. For this idea, pick a favorite spot that is special to both of you, be it the couch in your living room or a gazebo in a city park where you had a special date, and just dive right in. Since the place is extra special to your relationship, just being real and in-the-moment would be enough to get the ‘Yes’ you have been aching to hear. You can always make it a lot more grand but there is something really unique about keeping it simple.

Walk To The Votive

Candle walkways have a very red-carpet feel to them. It can instantly make anyone walking by feel like a million bucks. Plan this in a fancy hotel room or in the comfort of your own home, it will definitely make your partner feel like a celebrity. First, buy a bunch of candles and place them in a way that they form a walkway. Sprinkle some flowers all over the path you have created. But don’t forget to invite your partner to the party. It’s a marriage proposal after all! As soon as the love of your life enters the room, play some mood music and get down on one knee. We promise your partner’s reaction would be priceless.

Surprise!!! We’re Engaged!

This one is a twisted fun idea down to its core. So, your birthday is just around the corner and your partner is planning a full-blown surprise party for you. But, you have been sneaky and are already aware of this little secret your partner has been keeping from you. What do you do? You plan a surprise proposal party for them instead. Invite all of your partner’s friends and family to the party on the same day and same time as your partner’s surprise party. With all your favorite people in the same room, seize the opportunity and propose a lifetime of blissful togetherness to your sweetheart.  

If music is the food of love, play on!

In the history of exceptional literature written through the generations, Shakespeare has always been considered the King of Love. TBH, there cannot be a better proposal for someone who lives and breathes books. With so many famous quotes available on the internet, pick your favorite and incorporate them into your proposal. Text one quote at a time to your unsuspecting fiance-to-be or recite the lines to them personally. Anything Shakespeare will leave their heart aflutter. Throw in some costumes from the Shakespearean era for some added effect.

Just In Time

Your hectic daily routine leaves you little to no time for your private life? Plan a proposal to suit your lifestyle. We’re sure your partner would understand. Text your sweetheart to meet you at a restaurant or outside their office or down by the riverside on short notice. When they show up, be prepared with the rock of love to pop the million-dollar question. Because why wait to plan an elaborate proposal when you can do it as easily like this. Don’t forget to bring your partner some flowers though! Everyone loves some sweet-smelling fresh blossoms. 

Pour Some ‘I Do’s’ On Me

Rain doesn’t have to be about the mud and wetness. Make the better of the rainy season and plan your proposal amidst the romantic nature’s shower. Bring on the cheese and text your sweetheart on a beautiful rainy day that the droplets of water remind you of them and ask them to meet you at a local city park to enjoy the weather. When they show up, spend some time taking in the rains, jumping in the puddles or splashing water on each other. As soon as the cute-couple mood sets in, take the opportunity to genuflect and present the ring.

We truly hope that this article has helped you gain some clarity on how to approach the idea of proposing marriage to the love of your life. So, go on and get into your Slay King/ Queen mode and just go for it! Don’t forget to tell us about your extra special proposal story. We would love to hear from you.