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7 Reasons to Get Onboard with the Rose Gold Jewelry Trend


Rose gold, one of the hottest trends in jewelry in the past few years, is, like Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way. With that said, there are a few things that everyone should know about the gorgeous new jewelry metal on the scene.

1. It Has Always Been a Popular Metal

Although only emerging onto the trend scene a few short years ago, the reality of rose gold is that it has a deep history. Often credited to Fabregé, the copper-infused metallic beauty was first used in Victorian wedding bands in the late nineteenth century. Only the wealthiest of the wealthy could afford a metal that had to be made with so much time and energy, so it has always had connotations of wealth and status.

Because of the fact that it is a copper blend, rose gold is also often noted for its historic durability. While all metal strengths are measured in carats, you know that the carats of rose gold jewelry will really hold up because its fusion makes it stronger.

2. It Looks Great in Natural Designs

Some of the most popular rose gold designs are more bohemian and less traditional. For instance, some common jewelry pieces that have rose gold in them are leaves and tree branches. This does not mean that whatever piece you get has to be natural-looking rose gold, it is just that rose gold conveys a natural beauty that these designs tend to bring out. However, you do not have to wear literal tree branches to make the most out of this rose gold natural beauty trend.

This can be even more subtle in that your piece of rose gold jewelry can be rooted in nature without having to be deer antlers or anything of the like. If you are buying a ring, look at the stones to see if there are any that look like leaves. You can also get a pendant necklace that has a pearl inside of a flower or a floral arrangement of stones for the same natural inspiration behind the aesthetic of the necklace.

3. It Looks Good With Warm Skin Tones

Rose gold looks good on everyone, but especially people with warm skin tones or warm skin undertones. This is seen in the color of the veins, especially if the veins are more purple in color on the wrist. The warmth of the rose gold brings out the warmth of the skin tone and helps the wearer glow to their absolute full effect.

Rose gold also looks good on people that pair it with warm outfits. This is what helps make rose gold the perfect fall accessory. Maroon, orange, yellow, brown, and white tops would all look great when paired with a rose gold necklace or bracelet. The warm touches of the rose gold complement the warm shade that the person is wearing and it all works together to create one cozy, cohesive look. This is not to say that rose gold is not good for other seasons. In fact, it can help bring warmth to a dreary winter look, or it can help a summer look pop even more than it already does.

4. It Pairs Well With a Variety of Stonesjewelry-unique-halo-ruby-and-diamond-circle-pendant-for-women-14k-gold-4ct-luxurman_mainro_1

Rose gold, like other good metals for making jewelry, looks good with a variety of different stones. It can help bring out the rich redness of rubies and complement the coolness of sapphires and emeralds very easily because of its warm tone. This means that, although not the most traditional of options to choose from, rose gold provides a new, special way to make any piece of jewelry pop.

This versatility with stones also means that rose gold is the perfect metal for a piece with multiple types of stones. This would be the ultimate metal to do a rainbow ring in that showcases colored gemstones and colored diamonds all in the same piece. It would be a piece of jewelry that could never be boring. A ring with diamonds and emeralds will look wonderful, and it will pop from any traditional yellow gold or silver ring. You can never go wrong with such classic materials, but rose gold provides an option that you had possibly not previously thought of.

If you like to play with colors and ideas like this, then even consider creating your own rose gold masterpiece! This way, you know that everything about the piece will be absolutely perfect. This can also help you decide whether or not to mix rose gold with other metals in the same piece, because rose gold is unique in that it looks good when paired with other metals. With most other metals on the market, it is noticeable and lacks a put-together feeling when all of your jewelry is not the same metal. But an accent of rose gold is the opposite, making that piece stand out as new and trendy and helping you look new and trendy too!

5. It Looks Good in Any Situation

Rose gold is so wonderful because unlike the other metals that have been on the jewelry scene for ages, it carries with it whatever feeling you want it to. It can look perfectly fancy when paired with a pearl necklace for a night on the town, but it can also look like a cute accent piece when paired with the bracelets that you never take off, either. This balance means that it can go well with any look that you choose to wear it with.

Rose gold also has an edge because it can be paired with other metals as part of the same outfit. This can help give you an artsy, trendy edge that other metals just can’t give you. No matter what outfit you decide to wear it with, it will help you look even more gorgeous than you already are.

6. Hollywood Wears It All the Time

Hollywood lives for this new rose gold trend. Everyone from Lauren Conrad to Blake Lively has worn a rose gold accessory not even just on the red carpet, but even just out and about. They love the fact that it helps make them look trendy, so they have worn it as every conceivable accessory imaginable. Mostly, they wear the engagement rings, but this has not stopped them from wearing necklaces, bracelets, and even dying their hair rose gold to look as trendy as they possibly can for award shows and for any day beyond.

Not only that, but Hollywood also helped create the fashion trend that is rose gold on rose gold on rose gold, which is wearing rose gold clothing with rose gold jewelry and rose gold makeup. Though you might think it drowns you out in soft pinks, but it highlights the life and rosiness of the cheeks and looks good on everyone. You can do this at home by wearing a pink shirt with all rose gold jewelry, like a nice bracelet or pair of pendant earrings, then doing a little bit of rosy highlight.

unique-14k-white-rose-gold-halo-diamond-engagement-ring-by-luxurman-1ct_mainwh7. It is One of the Most Popular Engagement Ring Metals

Lately, with the new trend of barn and bohemian-style weddings, rose gold has risen in popularity with the a-traditional wedding scheme. This does not mean that the metal cannot have traditional class or features, but instead can complement a wedding or a bride that is unlike anything that has ever come before it and is ideal for the bride who wants to stand out from all of the rest.

One reason that rose gold makes for such a good engagement ring is the fact that it pairs well with not just a classic white diamond, but it looks brilliant when paired with other accent gemstones around the diamond as well, or even colored diamonds. The metal also looks wonderful when it surrounds any cut of diamond or stone, not just one over the other. Round or princess, emerald or teardrop, any stone would be brilliant against the rosy background. Again, one of the best ways to be sure that rose gold works in your favor is to design it yourself, however there is a multitude of pre-designed rose gold engagement rings that your bride-to-be would absolutely be thrilled to flaunt.

Rose gold engagement rings even work if the bride’s jewelry is not all entirely rose gold. Not to be repetitive, but the versatility of this metal is absolutely unparalleled. It stands out on her hand apart from the simple silver necklace or pearl studs that she may wear on her big day, so do not let the fact that it may be her only rose gold piece of jewelry deter you from buying her such a beautiful, rosy engagement ring.

With all of this in mind, it is easy to see how rose gold became the hottest metal of the past few years. It is versatile, durable, and super stylish. No matter what jewelry piece you invest in, as long as it is made from rose gold, you know you are getting a high quality piece of jewelry.

How to Choose the Right Bridal Party Jewelry


The biggest thing about a wedding day is the aesthetic.  The look of the wedding party is absolutely everything because it is the one thing that will be seen in every single photograph, and one of the most important elements of that look is the jewelry that delights the wedding party. Here is a guide that should help make your wedding party look the best that it can on the big day.

Get Jewelry that Goes with the Theme

An easy way to decide on wedding party jewelry is to look at the theme of the overall wedding and look at the design elements of the jewelry and see if they match. For instance, a wedding held in a traditional cathedral by a traditional couple with a classic dress can appreciate classic jewelry that incorporates crosses and traditional designs on the hands and bodies of their wedding party members. Though in this example it was not subtle, even consider coordinating small elements. If there is going to be a dove release as part of the ceremony, then necklaces that look like open wings sitting atop open necklines would include the wedding party on the theme of flight towards a new life.

Another easy way to do this is by color association. If the bride is known for her red hair, for instance, then consider putting rubies near the faces of the wedding party members. This adds a fun, cheeky element to the wedding that everyone can see and appreciate.

A same-sex wedding might include jewelry from all colors of the rainbow to show their pride. The point is that having jewelry that goes with the wedding theme does not have to be limited to design. The limits of jewelry fashion only sit where you place them.

Remember the Importance of Variety

While making sure that the wedding party has cohesive jewelry pieces, unless you are absolutely sure that you want matching jewelry pieces on all members of the wedding party, then it is good to vary your jewelry pieces in your wedding party. Even if you want one element across the entire party to stay the exact same from person to person, be sure to vary other elements so the looks don’t look like cookie-cutter copycats of themselves.

14k-custom-fingerprint-round-diamond-eternity-band-435ct_mainwhAn easy way to do this with a classic touch would be to have matching pearl necklaces for each member of the party, then get earrings that have the same cuts, but different colors. That way, the members of the wedding party can have an element of individuality while also retaining some of their identities. This would work with rings or jeweled hair pieces as well.

The same pearl necklace idea can also work if you vary the bracelets on each of their arms, putting different gems on each member or completely changing the bracelet type with each girl. Let one stack bangles and a select few colored gems and let another have one chunky jeweled bracelet and let another still wear a simple silver chain. This gives the wedding party a healthy level of variety so that wedding guests’ eyes never grow tired when looking at them, or when looking at pictures years later. The wedding party members may also appreciate the pearl necklace idea because they can wear pearl necklaces often outside the context of the wedding as well, and everyone loves a multi-use jewelry piece.

Remember the 4 C’s (then Add One for Coordination)

When deciding on jewelry for a wedding party, or for any occasion, there are 4 C’s to have in mind as you shop:

  1. Carat. This refers to the size of the diamond. The weight of the diamond is measured in carats.
  2. Clarity has to do with the stones of the jewels in the jewelry pieces only. The clarity of a stone has to do with whether or not it has any imperfections or any cloudiness. If it isn’t very clear, then especially of it is a colored diamond or other stone, the color and the way the light plays off of the stone will not be as true as it could be. Clarity can also change as a stone ages. For instance, if you want to incorporate some old family stones into the wedding party’s jewelry, then that is a nice, sentimental touch. However, age and lack of professional cleaning and care can mean the stones are cloudy and don’t look like they used to. For this reason, maybe hide a gem in a shoe or sew it onto some clothing, but let some new, clear gems play properly in the wedding day spotlight.
  3. Color is an obvious one: the color of the stone and of the metal. You can always mix metals and stones in a wedding party, but if so, be intentional. Sapphires and emeralds look beautiful when paired on the same pendant, but they may not stand out as well as when they are next to someone wearing rubies and yellow diamonds as part of their ensemble. Unless the couple wants this artsy, rainbow look, be intentional about who wears which color of stone so that the party and the ensembles look cohesive.
  4. Cut dictates the shapes of the stones in the jewelry pieces. There are a multitude of types of cuts, but some include: round, princess, teardrop, emerald, square, heart, and even others. Cut, in the grand scheme of things, won’t make or break the wedding. But cuts can help with themes of pieces or can just help make a single person’s jewelry ensemble look cohesive. Some stones look better in certain cuts as certain pieces of jewelry than others. Teardrops make lovely pendants, but they aren’t as perfect for bracelets. Round stones are good for studs and simple rings, but standing alone, they probably won’t make a huge statement on a necklace, which is perfect for minimalist looks. Consider the cut of the stone and the kind of statement it makes when curating the wedding party looks.

One that deserves an honorable mention is the element of coordination. Like with

Planning around the theme and being sure that the elements of the jewelry pieces are varied goes hand in hand with coordination. This wedding party will look bad if you set each member loose with their own ideas and don’t get them all together until the rehearsal dinner. There needs to be an element of planning so that the pieces on each person are complementary and that holistically, the pieces are also complementary. For example, make sure everyone has necklaces that are the same length. Someone with a long chain, unless distinguished, like the matron of honor, will stand out like a sore thumb if the rest have chokers and short-chained necklaces.

anniversary-rings-unique-18k-gold-custom-made-wide-diamond-wedding-band-9ctDesign It Yourself

If you have the budget for it, this is the best option for making sure your wedding party looks perfect and you get exactly what you want. This way, you can talk one on one with a professional jewelry design team to be sure that the pieces fit the theme, look good with the wedding party outfits, and are made of the highest quality materials available. An artsy bride or couple will also appreciate the thought and effort put into just the wedding party jewelry alone.

This idea of self-design can also be incorporated with some pieces from existing lines. If you design some pieces for the wedding party and have them custom-made with the help of a jeweler, then you can also let each member of the wedding party select a new piece of jewelry from an existing line to pair with it. This is a great option for the person who wants a really personalized wedding party but also does not want to break the bank, either. This also allows for members of the wedding party to incorporate elements of antique jewelry that hold sentimental value, too.

With that, choosing jewelry for the wedding party should not feel like a chore. It should be one of the things that elevates this wedding from amazing to perfect. Accenting the right outfits, this will be the most beautiful wedding in history all thanks to good choices in jewelry. Coordinate, but remember that variety is the spice of life and the key element in a chic wedding. Invest in pieces that your wedding party will be proud to wear, not just feel obligated to. You have got this, and you are going to help make this the best wedding it could ever possibly be.

Watch Shopping? Read This First to Find the Right Watch the First Time!


When shopping for a watch, everyone wants to make sure that they are getting the most for their money and that they are making the best investment that they possibly can. But with a piece that is so important and, quite literally, encompasses so many moving parts and tiny details, trying to deduce what makes a watch valuable can be very difficult. However, there are a few things that a savvy shopper looks for to see the value in their wristwatch.

joe-rodeo-diamond-watches-chelsea-iced-out-watch-5ct-p-38750Choosing Jewels for the Watch

One of the hallmarks of style and class for any wristwatch, men’s or women’s, is by seeing whether or not the watch has jewels, especially diamonds on it. Watches that are encrusted with diamonds retain their value not just because of the multitude of stones, but because diamond watches look good with every type of outfit, from the highest up in the company to the most casual of street wear.

The Aesthetic that the Watch Commends

Watches come in their own aesthetics and styles, and each style of watch says something unique about the wearer.

  • A diamond watch carries with it value and luxury, adding class to any outfit. These are borderline jewelry pieces and are the nicest of watch gifts that you can get for someone that you love.

  • A digital watch carries with it a sense of urgency and mostly a lack of regard for style. People who wear digital watches are often in a hurry, needing to know the time instantly instead of having to decipher an analog watch face. Some of these can also be cheeky, often hearkening back to childhoods where you could not read a watch face, so they feature fun characters.

  • A watch with a leather band comes off as especially masculine, or if not masculine, then very natural and earthy. The super neutral tones that these often carry with them pair excellently with any metal or even wooden watch faces and they look great with jewelry. Gold jewelry pairs well with almost any leather band, but refer to the watch face and be sure to match metals if you plan on wearing an outfit with a watch as an accessory, but also plan on pairing it with other accessories.

  • A pocket watch, though almost novel in the modern time, can carry a sense of nostalgia. If you are seeking to curate a vintage look, or even an entire vintage closet, then a pocketwatch is a wonderful accessory to try to encapsulate that look in an easy, cheap way to get the spirit of that more than anything else.

Good Maintenance

Keeping a watch well-maintained and functioning is the biggest key in ensuring that a watch retains the value that it has. Not just internal maintenance for the watch pieces, but work done to the face of the watch is important to keep track of. Appearances are everything!

For a watch that needs to be revived or its value to be increased, consider having a jeweler add a new band or add gems to it to increase any value that it may have lost over time. This can breathe new life into any piece, not just a watch. However, a diamond bezel is a specific watch accessory that will give your watch ultimate value if it has little right now.

Other accessories such as a polished face and replaceable bands make the watch more valuable in the eyes of others, and any jeweler worth their weight in gold will be able to offer you multiple bezels and bands to go with your watch.

Brand Names

Obviously, names like Rolex and Cartier will mean that the watch has a higher value than just any name off the street. This does not mean that any watch that comes from a brand that is not Rolex or Cartier does not have any value at all, this just means that a name may carry the watch farther.

This can also mean that just one part of the watch has to have this “clout” as the kids say. Rather, invest in a Rolex watch face with other accessories from jewelry companies to truly make the watch your own without breaking the bank.

jacob-and-co-watches-five-time-zone-mens-diamond-watch-34ct-p-49107Look at Hip-Hop for Clues

Hip hop and the idea of “ice on the wrist,” made popular by rap and hip-hop music, is another way to see whether or not the watch has value. Diamonds, gold, and other metals and accessories appeal to especially the younger generations and help give the watch aesthetic value if nothing else. Just like gold chains, watches are a new, equally important addition to the hip-hop ensemble.

Hip-hop watches do not have appeal to just hip-hop artists and rappers, though, either. These watches, in fact, are merely distinguishable from typical men’s and women’s watches for a select few reasons:

  • They are almost always surrounded by a diamond bevel to make it glitter in the light or at least to give the feel of luxury.

  • The face is larger than a typical men’s or women’s watch.

  • The band may or may not be a typical metal band. It is never leather, but sometimes the band is “iced out.” All this means is that it is covered in diamonds or black diamonds. Colored gems are rarely, if ever, feature colored gems.

  • They can be digital or analog, although the most common type of hip hop watch is an analog watch.

  • The face is often “iced out” even if the rest of the watch is not. If it is not iced out, then it has a super shiny face that catches any light. The face is arguably the most important part of the watch and artists will often hold their microphones or adjust their jewelry and arms in order to make sure the face of the watch looks the best that it possibly can. Again, these watches are all about keeping up appearances.

These watches are perfect for making a statement or trying to incorporate something different into your wardrobe. They would look wonderful for presentations since they are designed to catch the eye and play off of any light, not just stage lights.

The Unique Nature of its Design

One way to guarantee that your watch has value is to design it yourself. This way, you can choose the materials to design it with and you know it has value to you because you took the time and energy to create a beautiful, handcrafted watch. This way, you can decide whether or not to add bezels or choose a design closer to hip-hop rather than the traditional watch faces that dominate most wrists today. You can never really go wrong with designing your own jewelry piece

It Is a Blend of Modern and Tradition

With the advent and perpetuation of the smartphone, watches seemed, at least for a time, on the brink of extinction. Rather than succumb to this fate, jewelers and watchmakers have worked to make watches with value and reverence for the past in mind. Valuable watches will carry with them an old world feel even if they have new world additions, like the flashy hip hop watches that populate rappers’ stages and wrists today. Watches gain value from being relics from the past that work with the pieces of today.

This also becomes important in pairing your watch with other pieces of jewelry. Because watches have value in their timeless nature, that means that they look great when paired with both new styles of jewelry and old styles of jewelry. A nice watch will look good with a pair of vintage-looking pearl earrings and a new diamond-studded choker as well.

One of the new ways to style a watch with an outfit, especially with younger women, is to stack the watch on the same wrist as a bunch of thin bracelets. Rather than cluttering the arm, this lets the watch stand front and center against a decadent backdrop of various types of metals and it really lets it command attention. This looks especially nice when coupled with simple, minimalist jewelry on the rest of the body, for instance nothing but a plain gold chain and studs to frame the face.

When choosing jewelry to wear with a watch, do not forget to match metals. This will help make your whole outfit look cohesive. This also gives you an excuse to buy more jewelry if your watch face is a metal that you don’t usually wear. When you wear it with your watch, you’re bound to love the look that you create with your jewelry, whatever that look may be.

Watches are one of the few truly beautiful and still relevant relics from the past. Timeless (pun intended) classics never go out of style, and watches are among those classics. These are just a few ways that you can decipher whether or not a watch has value, but this is not an end-all be-all list, and it can also depend on the personal nature of the watch. Sentimental value is, after all, the most important type of value to consider when evaluating a watch.

Buying a Bracelet? Consider These 7 Tips First


Whether it is just another day at the office or a girls’ night on the town, bracelets are a great way to add a bit of personality and sparkle to any outfit. A jewelry box staple, these beautiful works of art are sure to be the highlight of any ensemble, but with so many great options, where to begin? Use this helpful guide to find the perfect bracelet for any occasion.

Get a Versatile Piece

14k-gold-diamond-tennis-bracelet-round-diamonds-972ct-p-255_yeThis can look different for a lot of different people for a lot of different reasons, but the right bracelet won’t be just a one-time wear. See what’s already in the jewelry box and go from there. For instance, a diamond tennis bracelet is perfect for the woman who already wears a diamond necklace every day, or for the woman who prefers classic, simple styles of jewelry. A piece like that is also great because they can dress up drab work outfits and add yet another element of sparkle to a cute date night dress.

For someone whose jewelry box is full of various colors and textures and shapes, consider a fun bracelet of colored diamonds or colored pearls. Nothing else in that jewelry box is vintage or traditional, so don’t get a piece that doesn’t match all of that! A fun, trendy look is to take bulky, colored jewelry pieces and add them to a colorful outfit. This is great for days when it’s sunny because the beautiful natural light will bounce off the rainbow of gemstones and make for an eye-catching jewelry display.

No matter what’s in that jewelry box, unless shopping for a specific event like prom or a wedding, make sure the bracelet is one that will get a lot of wears before it’s time to get something new.

Look For an Accent Piece

This might require outfit planning, but colored gemstone bracelets especially can take an outfit, and a day, from good to great! They can add life to a black and white look, or add a bit of contrast to a monochromatic ensemble. The right bracelet is perfect for presentations because it catches the light every time the hand moves, so invest in a piece that will help investors pay attention to the presentation!

Another popular way to have accent pieces is to stack bracelets with bangles. Simple bands of a certain metal play well with big bangles of colored gems or colored glass. If this sounds fashionable, make sure to match metals with the rest of the outfit so the whole look is cohesive. Also, be sure that the small bands are all the same metal, too.

But don’t worry, because whichever metal seems best, there are plenty of options out there to choose from. Sometimes, this combination can even turn an arm into a bejeweled musical instrument!

What Are Celebrities Wearing

In order to get good inspiration on what’s popular right now, it’s not a bad idea to watch this past year’s awards shows and premiers. This can show whether or not vintage pieces are back in or whether that chunky diamond bracelet is a good investment (hint: it’s always a good investment!)

Awards shows also help bracelet buyers because they can show you the best things to wear with bracelets, as though part of a set. Maybe the bracelet you find is part of a matching set, or maybe you can buy some earrings and a necklace to go with it. Celebrities hire professional stylists who know what they’re doing and how to accessorize them, so if they pair a black pearl necklace with a ruby bracelet and ruby earrings, it might not be a bad idea for you to try that look out for yourself.

designer-diamond-bracelet-14k-494ct-p-41384_whGet Friendship Bracelets!

Making your own friendship bracelets is so 1985. Now that everyone has grown up, those new, adult friends might appreciate a disco ball bracelet instead. These are a great option for those who might buy more than one bracelet, such as those who will buy a friendship bracelet, because they’re relatively inexpensive. Disco ball bracelets are also probably the closest thing on the market to the traditional friendship bracelets that everyone remembers. They are made from large beads that look like disco balls all connected together that stay on the wrist because of a simple latch.

One cute thing about friendship bracelets that disco ball bracelets let you do is make them slightly distinct. For instance, a cute gift might be to keep the white diamond bracelet, get a friend the black lava bracelet, and say, “You’re the yang to my yin!” However the bracelet gets gifted, cute, customizable friendship bracelets can bring out the best in any pair.

Get More than One and Double-Wrist Them

While the stacking look is popular, another trendy thing to do is to get bracelets of complementary colors and wear them on both wrists at the same time. This especially helps if you see two super cute bracelets, but you would be heartbroken if you had to choose just one of the two of them. Black and white, red and green, yellow and purple, and orange and blue all work as complementary color pairings that would look great when worn on both wrists at the same time.

Don’t See Anything? Why Not Build Your Own!

If these run of the mill styles aren’t doing any favors for you, there is still hope! The best jewelers are always willing to work with you to make that dream piece, whatever it may look like. If this sounds like the route you’ll take, be sure to have the right metal, stone, shape, and look in mind. Drawing a picture might help both you and the jeweler visualize that perfect bracelet of your dreams.

Even if this isn’t the way you’ll go, below are some tips on the specifics to look for in whatever bracelet you’ll buy:

  • The type and carat of metal. The traditional metal types are yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, and copper. The higher the number, the stronger and more durable that metal will be, no matter what type. This also means the more valuable the piece!

  • The cut of stone, if the bracelet has stones. Round, princess, emerald, and teardrop are just some of the options you can have on your bracelet. It may even be fun to put multiple types of cuts on one bracelet for a piece with life and variety!

  • How many stones the bracelet will have. Decide whether you want a jewel-encrusted piece or a simpler piece that has a large cluster of stones.

  • The color / type of stone. Emeralds, sapphires, rubies, oh my! Don’t be afraid to even put multiple types and colors of stone on a bracelet to have a brilliant, multicolored accessory in your jewelry box. Do your research to see which one you think will be best for your bracelet because some people even believe that certain stones carry with them certain energies. Even if you don’t buy it, that’s always a fun conversation piece for when you wear the bracelet of your dreams.

  • The width of the band. Is this bracelet going to be thick or thin? If it’s thin, then don’t plan on putting many (or any) stones on it unless you want something like a tennis bracelet. If it’s thick, decide how thick and if it will be one single type of metal or more than one.

  • The clasp. Some bracelets are cute and creative in the way that they wrap around the wrist. Will it be just a simple, closed band? Will it be a hole that has to wrap around the hook? Will it be a closing segment and a ring? This is something that people might forget about if they design their own, but it’s arguably the most important part because it’s what helps the bracelet actually stay on your wrist!

Think of the Future

This might not come into play for a good long while, but the perfect bracelet won’t just be perfect for a year or two, but for generations to come. Vintage pieces often come back into style after fifteen or twenty, or even fifty years. This means that passing down a bracelet could become a tradition! Think about someone who might appreciate getting to have this bracelet and think about the things that make for good family heirlooms. Gold and other precious metals, as well as precious gemstones, retain their value over time, so buying a bracelet is always a safe investment.

Now the search should be less daunting. Instead of just searching blindly, now search with purpose for a piece that fits in your jewelry box but can also serve as a stunning accent piece. Even if you do not see that perfect bracelet anywhere else but just inside your mind, then that’s okay, because a skilled jeweler can make that bracelet a reality. That perfect bracelet is out there somewhere, it’s just waiting for you to find it or design it!

6 Sweet 16 Jewelry Pieces She Will Love


For so many girls, their sweet sixteen is that time in their life where they go from child to woman. It’s a huge party with lots of fanfare and, naturally, lots of presents. How will you make yours stand out? Well, what better way to welcome her into womanhood than with some beautiful pieces of jewelry! She will feel more like a lady than ever before thanks to your gift of a gorgeous jewelry piece that she can wear not only on her special sweet sixteen, but that she can also enjoy for plenty of years to come.

A Princess Cut Diamond Because She’s Your Princess

So, her sixteenth birthday is already pretty magical. She probably has a stunning dress and has invited everyone she knows into some grand venue for the party of their lives. This is her time to be a princess. Getting her a princess-cut diamond will make her feel like the royalty that she already is. This will be a gift that she can hand down to her daughter to celebrate her sweet sixteen.

princess-cut-diamond-platinum-stud-earrings-025ct_whWhen shopping for her perfect princess piece, keep in mind that of course it does not have to be a princess-cut ring. The options for you to get her a piece of jewelry that showcases this beautiful cut of diamond are truly endless! There are other types of jewelry pieces that perfectly feature a diamond in a classic cut, allowing it to glitter and glow in a way that few other cuts allow the diamond to do. Your princess can have earrings, a necklace, or a bracelet set with princess diamonds. No matter what you choose for the beautiful princess in your life, she is sure to love this cut of diamond.

A Classy Pearl Necklace

Pearls are timeless and classic and you can wear them for just about any occasion. This is a gift that can be worn for more than her sweet sixteen. This can be a staple to all of her big events, like prom and her wedding day. Think of how special she will feel putting on this gift, knowing that it carries not just the happiness of her newest happy day, but that it calls back to the special day that was her sweet sixteen as well.

Pearls are a good option because they’re affordable. You can have a pearl stud earring set for under $100. Diamonds, however, get much smaller for the price point. This is a good piece of jewelry for her to learn responsibility. If she loses a $50 pair of pearl earrings it will hurt a lot less than a $1,000 pair of diamond earrings.

Not to mention that if she doesn’t want to look too old school with just plain white pearls, there are colored options for her to make her stand out from the past. Black pearls, cranberry pearls, and off-white pearls will definitely catch her friends’ attention because so few teenagers recognize the natural, inherent beauty in pearls. The birthday girl will stand apart from the others in the crowd, keeping a classic fashion statement alive while adding her own colorful mix to it as well.

disco-ball-black-diamond-bracelet-550ct-14k-gold-p-48239A Disco Ball Bracelet

She’s young and so is her style. She will love a Disco ball bracelet. They are said to bring peace and awareness to the person wearing it. Disco ball bracelets are often made from unique stones that don’t break the bank like diamonds do: volcanic rock and crystals being among the most popular materials for disco ball beads everywhere.

If you are wanting to spend a little extra on this gift they are available with pearls or diamonds. Yellow and black diamonds are great diamond options. With this in mind, this presents an opportunity to bond with the sweet-sixteen-year-old while shopping together for the perfect disco ball bracelet for her. Teenagers love having their voices heard, so hearing out what she wants and shopping with her is a good way to make sure that her voice is heard on this most special of days.

Since these bracelets are among the most affordable options that you will find on this list, you have a unique opportunity: get a bracelet to match your sweet-sixteen-year-old. You can have something cute and simple that you can share and that she will be proud to show off with you.

Body Jewelry

As a young girl in today’s society, your sixteen-year-old has more than likely considered other piercings and body jewelry. While for some parents, this may may not be the best fit.  If you’re daughter has piercings, you will want to make sure she gets the highest-quality body jewelry possible so that she doesn’t risk infection from cheap materials.

You don’t have to have piercings to wear body jewelry.  It can entail a body chain, a toe ring, or a simple, stylish anklet. That way, even if you’re not in the market for a belly button ring, you can still get this sweet girl a piece of jewelry that isn’t the typical ring, bracelet, necklace, or earrings.

Using body jewelry is a good way to help her create a cohesive jewelry ensemble. For example, collaborate with a friend who can get her a rose gold ring, while you help and get a rose gold belly button ring or a rose gold necklace. She can wear these pieces separately, but also as parts of a cohesive look, which is a great skill that she can carry with her as she wears more jewelry going into the realm of womanhood.

A gift of body jewelry can set you apart from someone in the crowd that was at a loss for what to get her, so just grabbed a gold chain with the first letter of her name on it and called it a day. Gifts like that make anyone feel as though they were an afterthought or an obligation instead of the birthday royalty that they should be, and no one deserves to feel like that on their birthday, especially a birthday as important in the life of a teenage girl as her sweet sixteen. Get her something special because she has earned it for making it sixteen years in this crazy world.

A Simple Stacking Ring Set

Stacking rings have become all the rage, so your sweet-sixteen-year-old has also probably considered getting a set of stacking rings. A set of these rings will make her feel so “boujie,” as the kids say, because she will have a lot of high-end gems on her hand.

While a lot of the stacking ring sets available on the market are pretty simple in terms of their design, remember: this is for her sweet sixteen. Don’t be afraid to go all out! This stacking ring set could incorporate some of those darling princess-cut diamonds from earlier. This ring set can feature all sorts of precious gems that add a bit of sparkle and pizazz to the outfit of someone who has a sparkly, pizazz-filled personality. Since it’s her birthday, an idea that she might appreciate would be to incorporate her birthstone somewhere into the stacking ring set.

These are also great because they go with a lot of different types of outfits. It’s always nice knowing that you’re getting someone a gift that you will get to watch them enjoy, and a stacking ring set or a fashion ring is something that she is sure to get a lot of enjoyment out of. These are something that she will be able to wear at any age.

A Customized Jewelry Piece, From You, With Love

She is truly one-of-a-kind, so naturally it falls that you should get her something that is as unique as she is. When her friends and family ask  where you got her such a beautiful piece of jewelry, you can simply say, “It was made just for her,”. They can’t compete with or match that!

She will be floored that you designed a piece for her that no one else could ever have. This is a piece that she can wear on her wedding day, too. This may even be a peice that is passed down for generations, as it is a piece that future generations can not only remember her by, but remember you by as well. Imagine being responsible for a new family tradition; that makes the time and effort of sitting down and planning out a customized jewelry piece all the more worth it.

Although teenage girls all have different interests, these pieces are all a great choice. Your teenage girl will absolutely adore any (or all!) of the six pieces of jewelry on this list. Whether your daughter is into sports or is a girly girl, there is something here for her to love. Even better, this piece can be something your granddaughter loves too. No matter who you’re celebrating on this sweetest of sweet sixteens, a nice piece of jewelry is certain to be a crowd-pleaser for years to come.

3 Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect “Mother of Bride Jewelry”


The jewelry for the mother of the bride is just the step below the jewelry for the bride herself! Making sure that the mother of the bride is happy is the most sure-fire way to make sure that the wedding goes smoothly. But, like searching for bridal jewelry, trying to find the right pieces for her can be like trying to navigate an endless maze of cut, color, and metal options that just add to the stress of planning a wedding. Below is a detailed guide on how to make sure that jewelry shopping for the matron of honor is one less stressful wedding planning chore.

Get Her Something to Stand Out, but Go With Her Outfit

Jewelry and clothing go together like accents and languages. They work together to create something unique and telling. Find out her outfit plans for the big day. If she has a different dress as the matron of honor that works to separate her from the bridesmaids, then it should follow that her jewelry should also be different from the bridesmaids’ jewelry.

designer-pearl-necklace-with-diamonds-1796ct-18k-luccello-jewelry_1Perhaps she wears the same dresses that the bridesmaids do when she stands with them by the altar. If that’s the case, then jewelry will be the thing separating her from the others. If the bridesmaids are each wearing pearl necklaces that go with their dresses, the mother of the bride could have a necklace that has diamonds or even a combination of pearls with diamonds.

It is always nice to put a symbolic touch into your jewelry choices, even if no one else ever notices. You notice, and that’s all that matters. Those minor but meaningful details are the things that help make weddings so much more magical than every other day in a person’s life. Even if the differences are subtle, they should be there.

If you have all of your bridesmaids wearing jewelry of one color, maybe white or whatever the wedding colors are, then getting the mother of the bride a piece of jewelry that is a different color is a great way to distinguish her from the other wedding guests. You can get her jewelry that is a different shade of the same color, or get her a piece of jewelry that is complementary to the jewelry of the bridesmaids.

Complementary colors are colors that literally sit opposite of one another on the color wheel, and there are three pairs of complementary colors: green and red, yellow and purple, and blue and orange. Whichever primary color is left out of the secondary color in the pair is the complement of the secondary color, if you want a fancier definition. This allows for there to be a more noticeable difference between the mother of the bride and the other primary members of the wedding party.

Of course, you should only be considering these sorts of things after you figure out the color of her own outfit. Don’t pair colors that don’t work well together, for instance making her a washout of green and orange might not look the best in the wedding photos.

Think About Her Own Taste in Jewelry

This is the step that is going to involve you the most effort of the three because it requires you to get to know the mother of the bride if you don’t know her already. You can decipher her taste in jewelry by simply noticing what she wears with her outfits. This way, you can be sure that you get her a piece of jewelry that will work not just with the outfit she has planned for the wedding day, but with all of her outfits. She will appreciate a versatile necklace more than some fancy bracelet, although she would probably appreciate it very much if you bought her both.

Don’t just ask her what her preferences would be for the big day, let her reminisce about some of her favorite jewelry pieces from the past. It can be amazing to see how nice vintage jewelry pieces look good on such important days, especially as a contrast from some of the more modern pieces that guests and bridesmaids will undoubtedly wear simply from their own jewelry boxes. Plus, vintage jewelry is in, so it could even serve as a theme for the entire wedding party if that is something that the happy couple would like.

When you talk to her about her taste in jewelry and embark on a trip down memory lane, it might be thoughtful to invest in a piece of jewelry that will remind her of her past. Ask her what she wore on her wedding day so that she can relive some of the happiest moments of her life with you and consider getting her a piece of jewelry that hearkens back to that happy day.

designer-jewelry-chandelier-ruby-diamond-earrings-by-luxurman-14k-gold_mainwhSome pieces of jewelry that she probably wore never go out of style, like a simple pair of pearl earrings or a classy bejeweled bracelet. These timeless classics are sure to go with whatever the lovely mother decides to wear on the wedding day, so getting her a classic, versatile piece is a move that you know can be for the win.

One of the best ways that you can ensure that you will find the piece to go with the mother of the bride’s taste in jewelry is to take her shopping with you. This could be especially useful if you do decide to use vintage jewelry pieces in the wedding because she may have lived through some of the times when those pieces were actually popular.  

Her input is valuable when it comes to modern jewelry decisions, too. She has a good eye for deciding if a gemstone pendant is too much when paired with a chunky bedazzled bracelet, or if it is just the right amount of personality for one wedding outfit.

Nothing solidifies a relationship quite like someone in the relationship buying jewelry for the other, so there is no real way for this trip to go awry!

Get Her Something to Go With the Bride’s Jewelry

For the mother of the bride, the wedding day can be a very difficult day because her daughter is growing apart from her in a very public way, and that can be hard to deal with. So in order to make sure the mother of the bride can feel confident about her relationship with the bride and the happy couple going forward, you can get her something that goes with a piece of the bridal jewelry set. It would also be precious to see the mother of the bride and the bride herself sporting the same bracelet, for example, just with differently colored gems or a different colored metal. That way, both matron and bride can be sure that even though they are different, they always share something, and they always will share something until the end of time.

Plus, think of all the cute wedding photo opportunities for the mother of the bride and the bride herself as they sport the same piece of jewelry!

Even if the jewelry piece is something small, it will still mean a lot to the mother of the bride. Even the smallest stud earring that she can share with her daughter will be a lovely memory that they can pass on to new members of the family that come about because of this lovely wedding.

It also stands that this jewelry can be something borrowed that the mother of the bride gives the bride on her wedding day. That way, the bride can wear a super classy bracelet, but not have to worry about keeping up with her mom’s new favorite piece of jewelry throughout her first years of marriage, either, and Mom gets to be happy with her new piece, too!

If only planning the rest of the wedding was as easy as following the above guidelines. Hopefully, this article will help you have one less thing to worry about so that you can enjoy the happiest day of your life in absolute peace of mind. It puts the happy couple in good standings with this woman who has a lot of influence in the relationship and is part of the reason that this relationship can even exist today.