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Father’s Day Diamond Dad Watches Gift Guide

The perfect Father’s Day gift is a Diamond watch.
A Diamond watch is an all time classic accessory that can be dressed up or dressed down for any occasion and for any type of dad! Whether he’s into the finer flashier things, or prefers a glimmer – there is something for every style.
Check out some designer Diamond watches here at crazy unbeatable prices. Dad won’t believe it! 

This luxurious Rolex Datejust Mens Diamond Watch in Stainless Steel & 18K Gold with Blue Dial has a popular 36mm case and features 0.1 carats of sparkling genuine diamonds, a brushed stainless steel case, bracelet and 18k yellow gold bezel. This Rolex Diamond Watch for Dad showcases a blue dial and a date display at the 3 o’clock position. This classic piece is suitable for all occasions and is on sale now at only $6,045.00.

For the techy dad who likes a sleek new age look with some shine. This Gucci digital watch has all of the features he will love! This Genuine Mens Gucci Watch with Black Diamonds features 6 carats of black diamonds around the black tone stainless steel case, a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, a rubber band with a Gucci logo motif, and a digital dial code. This diamond Gucci watch showcases a fine Swiss-made quartz Movement and is water-resistant to 30 m (100 ft). On sale now for only $2,495.00 this watch is a Gucci go to.

For the flashier dad, who doesn’t love a bussdown? This watch is perfect for a man who loves big timepieces. An icy Large Diamond Watch for Men by Luxurman Escalade features an oversized 48mm 18k yellow gold plated stainless steel case and band and is fully paved 3.5 carats in sparkling white diamonds. The dial of this men’s diamond watch watch is paved in white sparking stones and showcases three white mother of pearl chronograph subdials and a date window. This fully iced out diamond watch comes in full retail packaging with two extra leather bands (white and black), includes 5 year factory warranty and is a fantastic gift for a special occasion for somebody who loves large watches. This piece is over 60% off at only $1,149.00!

For the gift giver looking for a more affordable piece, check out this gorgeous Luxurman design. Featuring genuine diamonds and high end engineering, this beautifully crafted watch is 80% off! At only $199, this forever piece is a beautiful gift for Father’s Day. 

For the big spender looking for a big saving, check out the rest of the Rolex collection. This watch is on sale now at $23,995.00. The lavish Mens Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date Custom Diamond Watch is made of solid 18K yellow gold and showcases 14 carats of custom after market set diamonds. Featuring a fully iced out look, this unique yellow gold Rolex watch has an exquisite custom dial encrusted with diamonds, rubies and opal. This mens diamond Rolex watch is secured with an 18K yellow gold hidden fold clasp and is conveniently water resistant to 30 m (100ft). 

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021

Mother’s Day is the day of the year where you can show how much you appreciate all Mom does for you and your family. But saying “thank you” with the best gift for Mother’s Day to the woman who gave the gift of life can be a daunting task.

Still, something so beautiful like picking up a Mother’s Day gift should not be difficult. Keeping that in mind, we have come up with the Mother’s Day gift ideas to bring a smile to your mom’s face. 

So without any further delay, let us dive right in.

Diamond watches

There are some classics that never goes out of style, and a Rolex diamond watch is one of them. For your mother who deserves nothing but the best, you should go for a diamond watch that showcases both elegance and vibrancy like the ROLEX Datejust Custom Diamond watch.

This watch features 2.7 carats of genuine diamonds and a green mother of pearl dial that can be the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Say no to the trendy flowers and box of chocolate on this special occasion and opt for the diamond watch that makes her stunned with joy.


If you are planning to buy for the most amazing woman in your life, jewelry is always a great choice. And the best go-to style piece of jewelry for Mother’s Day is a stylish bracelet.

The most visually pleasing Blue Sapphire and Diamond Bangle Bracelet can be the next gift for her. The sparkling blue sapphire gives the bracelet a glamorous look that she can easily resonate with. And the bracelet also goes perfectly with almost any attire she chooses to wear.


Speaking of jewelry, you can never go wrong with a magnificent-looking set of earrings on Mother’s Day.

There is nothing more pleasing than seeing our mothers happy knowing how much we care about them. And nothing shows more care than gifting her a thoughtful and gorgeous looking 14K GOLD CLUSTER EMERALD STUD EARRINGS.

This showcases 7 round cut emerald on each earring and is set within a vivid gold frame. The earrings feature an amazing and popular cluster design which your mom has surely wanted for a long time.

Diamond Ring

Whenever we talk about the diamond, the first thing that pops into everyone’s mind is a diamond ring. So why not gift your mother a unique cuban link White and Black Diamond right-hand ring on Mother’s Day?

The ring showcases an amazing marriage between the black and white diamonds with a very unique cuban link design. And you can also customize the ring with different color diamonds or gemstones of your choice like ruby, emerald, or sapphire. So it is without a doubt a Mother’s Day gift that mom will remember for years to come.


Last but not least on today’s list of Mother’s Day gift ideas is this amazing Gold pearl and diamond necklace.

Pearl showcases timeless beauty and stands for a symbol of perfection which your mother is. A pearl necklace is something personal. And this necklace with a highly polished gold finish with the perfect pearls will be a great sign of your care and love for your mother.

Pro Tips On How To Keep Your Custom Diamond Pendant Clean

Due to their unparalleled luster, diamonds are the most popular gemstones. That’s why men and women of all ages love to wear custom diamond pendants, as it is special and unique. 

Although diamonds are quite hard and meant to last forever. They can be damaged by chemicals and scratched by other objects. Moreover, natural oils deposited from the finger can cause dirt to collect, and can result in the loss of its sparkling appeal. Therefore, when one has the pleasure of wearing this precious gemstone, the desire to keep it clean is obvious.

If you are also wearing a diamond pendant and are worried about keeping it clean, we have got you covered. In this short but comprehensive guide, we will inform you on how to keep your custom diamond pendant clean and make it look sparkling for years to come. So let’s get straight into it.

Clean your diamond pendant regularly

One of the simplest ways to keep your custom diamond pendant looking beautiful is to keep it free of dirt, skin oil, and lotion. You can do this by cleaning your pendant regularly by soaking it in a gentle de-greasing solution. 

You can make the solution at home by adding a few drops of mild dish soap to water. After that, soak the diamond pendant in that solution and use a soft, clean toothbrush to scrub it clean. 

However, make sure the toothbrush you are using is new and is reserved for cleaning jewelry only. In the end, scrub it against a soft chamois or flannel cloth to keep it sparkly.

Limit exposure to cosmetics

Usually, wearing a diamond pendant can catch cosmetics and other substances, but avoid them whenever possible. To limit the exposure, make sure to put your diamond pendant at last when getting ready in the morning.

Moreover, do not keep it on the bathroom shelf where you often use your deodorant, hairspray, perfume, and air freshener, as it can damage the diamond’s sparkle and brilliance.


Avoid harmful solutions

When cleaning your diamond pendant, make sure not to use a harmful solution such as abrasives or chlorine. These solutions can erode the metals used for diamond setting or dissolve the metal completely. Moreover, these metals are also known for discoloring the jewelry. Therefore, to keep the diamond clean and look beautiful, avoiding these harmful solutions is the best bet.

Use an Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaners are one of the best tools to remove encrusted dirt on the diamond. Sometimes using this tool becomes salient to avoid damaging the jewelry during cleaning.

By sending low to high-frequency sound waves, ultrasonic cleaners cause vibrating solutions to remove grime and dirt. However, it can displace stones or shake loose stones from their place, so be sure to use this according to the recommended method.


Have your custom pendant cleaned professionally

Taking your diamond pendant to the professional is always the safest way to get it clean. Thanks to the expertise, a professional will use the best techniques such as ultrasonic cleaners or steam to bring it back to the original shape. 


Looking for a professional to clean your gold or diamond pendant? Contact us now!

What Affordable Luxury Gift You Can Grab From ItsHot.Com To Make Your Valentine’s Day Special? Jewelry and Watches is a high-end luxury brand that retails in store, but mostly e-commerce.

Are you looking for an ideal Valentine’s day gift? We are at your service! Gifts are all about giving precious things that have a true sentimental value. The idea of gifting something on such a day of love is so true that many people choose buying diamond jewelry for their loved ones. We have got our top selection of gifts that can make your Valentine’s day a memorable one forever! Read ahead and pick out the best assortment of jewelry items that are liked by your other half as well. 

Diamond Watches: 

Watches have always been a staple in our daily outfits no matter what the occasion is. We still wear watches daily even though we often check the time through our cellphones. The kind of style element watches add to our outlook makes them an accessory we can’t give up on. But what about Diamond Watches? In our collection of diamond watches, check out this highlighted Diamond Rolex Two Tone Rose Gold Oyster Perpetual DateJust topping at a whopping 20 Carat diamond weight.

This dazzling watch has 21 Carats with a polished stainless steel case that is fully paved with diamonds. This men’s watch will be the perfect gift to give to your man and make him feel loved on Valentine’s day. 


Women’s wrists are delicate which look even prettier with a sparkling, beautiful bracelet hanging loosely around them. Bracelets are an ideal day or night time to bring in the extra oomph into your daily wardrobe ideas. In our bracelets collection for women, we have the Diamond Tennis Bracelets in White Gold, Yellow Gold, and Rose Gold colors is the top pick for shopping for your lady this Valentine’s day.

This 1.5 Carat diamond bracelet in prong settings has a display of flawless craftsmanship bracelet. 


Why not have your earrings be a statement as well? When your ears sparkle with a beautiful pair of designer diamond earrings from underneath a portion of your hair, you’ll shine and looks finely amazing. We have a huge collection of diamond earrings including these Designer Chandelier Diamond Earrings for women in our collection will be an ideal choice for you to grab this Valentine’s day. These are statement earrings showing 2.5 Carats of high-quality round diamonds to bring out the finest craftsmanship that we have in all our products. 

Diamond Ring:

We can’t forget our beautiful rings that make our hands look many times prettier and fancy! A ring on Valentine’s Day is HUGE statement, and we have one of the biggest and brightest collections to shop from! Rings are always a style statement that says a lot about the wearer based on where they are worn and what kind of rings are there on a hand. In our beautiful collection of diamond rings, let’s talk about the 14K Gold Large White and Black Diamond Ring with 12 Carats of dazzling black, and white diamonds in round cut shape. But a seducing gift for Valentine’s Day!



A necklace gift for Valentine’s day can never go wrong. You can always choose any chain and gift it to your loved one, man and woman alike. We have to present our Herringbone Chain Necklace, which is perfect to be carried daily. This unisex chain is solid 14K gold. It is a smooth texture chain that is 5mm wide and sits very naturally on the collarbone.


Go enjoy our HUGE collection of 20,000+ pieces, you will be sure to find something you love, for the one you love.

New Year New BLING! Our Favorite New Iced Out Watches

It’s 2021, can’t you tell? Can you read the time through all of the ice on your watch? If so then there aren’t enough diamonds! Only kidding. We LOVE diamond watches at so much that we have one of the LARGEST collections of iced out watches available. In this article we’re going to show off some of our favorite new big bling watches that you just won’t be able to stop drooling over!


Go big or go home! This BEAUTIFUL Patek Philippe 18K Rose Gold Watch wows with 25 Carats of baguette and round diamond, both rare cuts. Because of the unique design, diamond shape, and clarity this watch tops our list at an impressive $150,000.000. This brown dial design paired with the 18k rose gold creates a classic look for this Patek which can be worn with a high variety of looks.


We love the perfect mix of gaudy and classy – that’s what having a diamond watch is all about right? This sleek AP Royal Oak 18K Rose Gold Watch gracefully boasts 22.75 carats in sparkling diamonds. The white moon phase face provides that edge of uniqueness that makes this statement piece even more of a conversation piece.


It’s time to dive into Rolex, who can deny the classic name? A guaranteed showstopper in any setting. Showing up with this much ice on your wrist will definitely steal the shine! This Rolex diamond watch is a two tone Oyster Perpetual flaunting 18 Carats and 18K gold. This unique watch has a fluted gold face with white round diamonds masterfully set on the bezel, sides, lugs, and Jubilee bracelet.


We have to give it up to the modest Rolex with the iced out bezel and a two tone design. This classic look is clean around the arm with that perfect accent of sparkle around the bezel that really makes the Rolex design POP! When the classic iced out bezel only is what the look calls for, there is no denying you can always turn to the DateJust. The additional diamonds artfully placed in the face bring out an fine attention to detail. This Rolex DateJust sports a 1.2 carat weight with a full bezel set.


Let’s get back to the bussdowns! That’s why we’re here. This highlight comes from our very own Luxurman collection. These watches are masterfully crafted, paved with genuine diamonds and feature Swiss Quartz movement. This fully iced out piece, similar to the Rolex, totals a 1.25 carats.


Grand Finale to our iced out list features a brilliant Breitling Super Avenger watch skillfully decorated with 24.85 Carats of genuine diamonds. This diamond watch is the ultimate mariner style bling. With an eye catching blue mother of pearl face and fully set bezel with two round diamonds in place of the hour markers, this bold watch is a new year game changer.