Women's Diamond Jewelry: Fashion Rings, Pendants, Bracelets, Earrings, Crosses, Hearts

Customer Reviews for Women's Diamond Jewelry
  • Review by: John - AK, USA
    Great ring! I totally surprised my girlfriend with it (now fiancee). She says she can't stop staring at it:) The ring is beautiful, the service was outstanding, and I'll definitely buy jewelry at ItsHot.
  • Review by: Taylor - VT, USA
    got this engagement ring from my fiance and it's so beautiful! It shines at every angle and looks so great on my finger! I could not be more happy! This ring is absolutely gorgeous! It also has a great quality. I am very very happy with my ring!
  • Review by: Kayla - MA, USA
    My boyfriend proposed to me with this wonderful ring and he impressed me a lot! I can't find the words to say how beautiful this ring is& I said yes without any doubts
  • Review by: Arianna - MA, USA
    I love my engagement ring:) It has such a luxurious intricate design and sparkling diamonds.
  • Review by: Bryan- Australia
    I have always been happy with the jewelry that I buy on Itshot. The ring was purchased as a birthday gift for my wife. She loved everything in it: the style, the shape and the dazzling diamonds! I would recommend this website
  • Review by: Mackenzie - NY, USA
    I love my fiance so much! He proposed to me with this classy oversized engagement ring. I love diamonds jewelry so this ring is my favourite now. The diamonds are really sparkling and beautiful. I was impressed when I saw the pic online and even more impressed when my man showed it to me
  • Review by: Gavin - NY, USA
    I bought this engagement ring for my girlfriend to propose to her and she absolutely loves it! It is a wonderful ring, the diamonds are dazzling and look really bright! This is just what she wanted and the price is good. We are very satisfied with its quality and will purchase from ItsHot again.
  • Review by: Riley - NY, USA
    My fiance proposed to me with this ring 6 months ago. I loved it at first sight and wear it daily. It is a great ring, I'm in love with its elegant look and really good quality... It is definitely beautiful, and I can't imagine having a different ring on my finger!
  • Review by: Stephanie - NY, USA
    This ring is beautiful! My now fiance proposed to me with it some weeks ago. The diamonds are sparkling and have a really nice size. The flower design is adorable and makes the whole ring look very classy, I was extremely impressed by its beauty! It looks better than on the photos
  • Review by: Vanessa- Australia
    I was amazed when I got this pretty designer ring from my boyfriend! I love its special design and bright sparkle. Love my boy
Women's Diamond Jewelry
5 out of 5 based on 23 ratings
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Women's Diamond Jewelry

ItsHot.com offers the finest selection of designer diamond jewelry and women's diamond jewelry at the lowest possible prices. From ladies diamond rings with top quality genuine diamonds and fancy color diamonds to diamond stud earrings, wedding ring sets and belly button rings, ladies diamond bracelets and diamond necklaces, our wholesale women's diamond jewelry collection will impress you with beautiful designs and affordable discounted prices.
Women's Diamond Rings
View our selection of Women's Diamond Rings White Yellow Gold. Most diamond rings are available in two-tone gold or solid white, yellow or rose gold.
Diamond Earrings
Browse our amazing collection of Women's Diamond Earrings. Many of the earrings, like most items in our Women's Diamond Jewelry collection are available in 10K, 14K or 18K white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or sterling silver.
Ladies Diamond Bracelets
Our graceful Women's Diamond Tennis Bracelets Bangles and gold charm bracelets feature the latest trends and classic designs encrusted with the best diamonds. So go ahead, adore!
Ladies Diamond Necklaces
Our Ladies Diamond Necklace collection features fabulous designs, impeccable craftsmanship, and a great variety of designer styles with beautiful white and color diamonds, each diamond necklace is masterfully set in lustrous 14 or 18 Karat gold.
Ladies Diamond Pendants
Elegant and luxurious Women's Diamond Necklaces Pendants are all you need to complete your style. Great selection of women's diamond heart pendants, crosses and circle pendants in 14k white, yellow or rose gold.
Fine Gemstone Jewelry
Choose a perfect piece of womens diamond jewelry from our Fine Gemstone Jewelry collection. Unique gemstone styles feature ladies rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings with luxurious emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and other fine gemstones.
Gold Diamond Body Jewelry
Enjoy choosing a perfect diamond body jewelry piece from our solid Gold and Real Diamond Body Jewelry collection, which includes exotic diamond navel rings, dangling belly button rings, 14K gold toe rings and diamond nose rings in popular designs.
Journey Diamond Jewelry
Our very hot and popular Journey Diamond Jewelry from our women's diamond jewelry collection. Dazzling Journey Diamond Earrings, Journey Diamond Rings and Pendant Necklaces in luscious white, yellow, rose gold and Platinum.
Pearl Diamond Jewelry
View our exquisite collection of Pearl and Diamond Jewelry, showcasing various diamond pearl necklace designs, pearl diamond rings with lustrous black and South Sea pearls, and simple yet elegant pearl stud earrings.
Vintage Fine Estate Jewelry
Our Vintage Fine Estate Jewelry is a collection of truly one-of-a-kind women's diamond jewelry items from vintage diamond rings, to pendants, bracelets, unique brooches, necklaces and other fine estate jewelry. Browse to find your perfect gem of a jewelry item today!

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