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Diamond Heart Rings

Customer Reviews for Diamond Heart Rings
  • Review by: Rosalin I love this heart ring, it is so pretty.
  • Review by: Erbe- USA Presented this to my moma on Mothers day… touching moments.. She loves it… Thanks ItsHot.com.
  • Review by: Sarah - WA, USA I was amazed when I got this pretty ring from my boyfriend! I love its heart-shaped design and bright sparkle. Love him:)
  • Review by: Nicole - CA, USA My boyfriend knew from the very beginning that I love diamonds... He presented this heart ring to me! Nothing could be better. Can't stop staring at it
  • Review by: Sierra - MA, USA Perfect diamond heart ring. It's beautiful and I have not taken it off since getting it. I love the diamonds and it goes perfectly with everything you wear. It's so smooth and easy to wear. I am so glad I got it. I loved it at first glance and it has proved to be one of my favorite rings.
  • Review by: Carlous Hall- United States Great quality
  • Review by: Caroline - NY, USA I have got this heart ring from my beloved man on St. Valentine's Day....I fell in love with it at first sight! It is very sparkly and cute
  • Review by: Alex- GERMANY love jewelry with the heart shape design. i have a nice pendant of the heart shape design, so this ring looks amazing with it.
  • Review by: Ariana - MA, USA I have received nothing but compliments wearing this ring! Beautiful sparkling diamonds... It is just stunning! I am always happy with the jewelry I get from my husband. I got this ring as a birthday gift this month. I loved everything in it: the style, the heart shape design and the dazzling diamonds! I would recommend it to everyone
  • Review by: liv6- Australia My boyfriend surprised me on St. Valentine's day by giving me this ring and I was speechless. It is gorgeous!