White and Black South Sea Pearl Diamond Jewelry

Pearl Diamond Jewelry

Our south sea pearl and diamond jewelry features an array or classic and contemporary designs. Crafted in 18k white gold with top quality white or black pearls and accentuating high quality white diamonds, our pearl jewelry is unique and timeless. Choose from the finest collections of freshwater pearl jewelry, black pearl jewelry, and south sea pearl jewelry to find those perfect diamond and pearl earrings, pendants, rings, or even a black pearl necklace.
Customer Reviews for Pearl Diamond Jewelry
  • Review by: David - MA, USA Actually I was looking for a chain for myself and somehow I came across this Necklace and understood that I must buy it for my beloved wife. And I did and I don't regret it. It looks perfect on her graceful neck!! She looks like a princess when she puts it on. It's a high end necklace. I am very happy that she loved it
  • Review by: Danny - GA, USA I have just received this necklace on my birthday from my husband. I was very excited with this gift. The necklace is very delicate and classy, the diamonds and the nice pearl are very beautiful. this item is very elegant, it can be saved for the perfect evening (in my case I wear it when me and my husband go out somewhere). Great quality!
  • Review by: Melanie - ME, USA My daughter told me she wanted a pearl ring for Christmas and she loves it. I love it too... I may purchase one for myself. Great quality
  • Review by: Avery - DE, USA I love it! as soon as I got the ring I never stopped looking at it... It looks very delicate and chic on my finger& definitely one of my best buys:)
  • Review by: Katelin - TN, USA how could I not notice this beautiful diamond ring??!!! Of course I wanted to have it immediately:) Just got it 2 days ago and can't express my happiness. A delightful ring!
  • Review by: Diana - MA, USA These Gold White Pearl Stud Earrings look so cute!I wear them with pleasure
  • Review by: Rebecca - NC, USA wanted pearl earrings for a long time but I had no time to go to a store and purchase them so I did it very quickly on your website. They came very fast and i loved them. Thank you itshot
  • Review by: Allison - NY, USA I purchased one pair of these pearl earrings for myself and one for my sister! We are so happy with this purchase! The earrings look very nice!
  • Review by: Shannon - MA, USA love shopping at itshot. This pearl ring is gorgeous.
  • Review by: Naomi - NE, USA Elegant and classy earrings! I love when they sparkle in the sun