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Rose Gold Jewelry

We are diamond jewelry manufacturers and offer lowest prices on rose gold jewelry. Buy rose gold rings, earrings, chains, necklaces, bracelets and pendants direct and save up to 85% off the retail price! Featuring a great selection of Rose Gold Hip Hop Jewelry with white and fancy color diamonds, most of our jewelry items are available in rose, white and yellow gold. For our full selection of available rose gold jewelry items please browse diamond jewelry categories on the left.
Customer Reviews for Rose Gold Jewelry
  • Review by: Betsy - DE, USA These earrings are incredible. I've received more compliments on these sparkling studs than any other thing I own! Wear them everyday.
  • Review by: Susie - TN, USA my granddad bought them for me and I didn't expect such a gift from him. Now when I look at them I remember him. I wear them very often.
  • Review by: Lucy - NY, USA the earrings are pretty. Love them so much. Love the sparkle and the simple design. They look so great. Very nice
  • Review by: Kimberly - LA, USA these Yellow Diamond Stud Earrings are ADORABLE, aren't they? I wear them every day and get tons of compliments from my co-workers and my friends! love them!
  • Review by: Sarah- GERMANY It s a fantastic ring !I like the yellow color of the diamonds. You can wear it any time and for any occasion.I recommend to buy it
  • Review by: Donna - DE, USA this ring is definitely eye-catching. It looks so amazing. Love the fancy color of the diamonds. looks fabulous on me. Received, and loved it - everyone else who saw it loved it too.
  • Review by: Jenna - FL, USA  Absolutely love this heart-shaped ring. it is my favorite and I think that it is very beautiful.
  • Review by: Victoria- UK loved the color of this amethyst gemstone at first sight& It makes this ring look adorable. Just love the heart shaped design. It is fabulous, wonderful and chic. I am just in love with it
  • Review by: Jocelyn - NY, USA I chose this ring for myself as a graduation gift. The design is fabulous!!