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Customer Reviews for Shamballa Style Bracelets
  • Review by: Raymond - LA, USA
    elegant and classic design. This Disco Ball Necklace would be an excellent present for my woman:)
  • Review by: Abigail - AZ, USA
    love the combination of the white and black diamonds and I also like the thing that I can wear this bracelet almost with everything:)
  • Review by: Olivia - AR, USA
    A very fashionable disco balll bracelet! It looks cool on my wrist! I love wearing it
  • Review by: Emma - AR, USA
    I am very happy with this disco ball bracelet. it looks really nice... It is trendy... wear it with my casual wear and sometimes I wear it on special occasions
  • Review by: Olivia - FL, USA
    I got this trendy Disco Ball Black Diamond Bracelet as a present gift .I love it
  • Review by: Irma- Australia
    A unique jewelry item. wear this bracelet every day. Goes perfectly with everything
  • Review by: Hannah - NY, USA
    My beloved man really surprised me with bracelet.... It is very trendy and I love the black diamonds and the pave setting type..... I am happy to own it
  • Review by: Julia - MA, USA
    love this bracelet....It looks so fancy...
  • Review by: Isabella - MA, USA
    Words fail me! I just love this Hip Hop Disco Ball Black Diamond Bracelet!My friends also love it and want to buy the same one
  • Review by: Kaitlyn - UT, USA
    a very trendy accessory! I love it
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Shamballa Style Bracelets

Shamballa Style Bracelets Shamballa Bracelets are the hottest items of jewelry right now. Shamballa Style Jewelry has its roots in simplistic design: Hand woven beads that aided in meditation have literarily exploded on to the fashion scene. Shamballa style bracelets and necklaces are coming fast to the forefront of high fashion. Celebrities like, Jay-Z, Rick Ross, T.I. and Lil Wayne have forced designers to take this seemingly unassuming Buddhist tradition to their limits. Creating styles with black and white diamonds, rubies and sapphires, Shamballa Jewelry owes its original success to Hip Hop culture but has become a force in its own right and have taken on mainstream. Shamballa bracelets are worn by many celebrities that aren't in the hip hop scene such as pop singers and athletes. Beyonce, basket ball all stars Michael Jordan and Lamar Odorn as well as many other celebrities who love the simple yet intricate design of these bracelets are often seen wearing the spiritual shamballa bracelets.

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