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  • Review by: Alec - NC, USA shopping at ItsHot is a real pleasure for me& I purchased a lot of rings from here& and when I had to buy a wedding band for myself I knew where to do it& .this ring caught my attention because of the size and of course the sparkle& it is a magni
  • Review by: Austin- Canada A fabulous ring. I love the sparkle of the diamonds and a fabulous design. I am so happy to have it. Thanks itshot
  • Review by: Ashley - MA, USA I usually wear rather big rings and while looking for my perfect ring I came across this fabulous ring.... It is exactly what I was looking for..... I love to wear it and it definitely stands out
  • Review by: Elizabeth - NY, USA I fell in love with this ring at first sight but I couldn't afford myself buying it so my fiance insisted on him buying this amazing ring and I didn't resist. :)
  • Review by: Isabel- CANADA diamonds - are girl's best friends! Stunning combination. the First time I wore it the compliments were numerous. although I normally don't like wide bands, this ring feels very comfortable.
  • Review by: Bob - WA, USA I like big and wide rings, so I'm very lucky to have found this one& Thank you itshot for the good service
  • Review by: Audrey - OH, USA I'm glad I have bought exactly this diamond ring for myself. It looks sparkling and attracts everybody's attention
  • Review by: Maria - NH, USA I was looking for a wide diamond ring and finally found it on your website. I'm satisfied with the quality and price. The design is great and the diamonds are shiny! Thank you so much
  • Review by: Ethan - NY, USA Me and my beloved wife are together for 35years and are still in love and to prove it I decided to make her a present. I didn't buy her jewelry for a long time so now I decided to change the situation. She was so amazed by this ring that even now she is still staring at it! It looks great on her finger. The diamonds are of high quality! thanks for having fine jewelry on your website